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    Episode 67: Your Personal Brand, The Compass For Your Future – with Andrea Wenburg

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    Your Business Has A Brand, But What About You?

    Entrepreneurs spend so much time thinking about their business’ logo, colors, fonts, website design, social media, etc. but almost never think about their own personal brand.

    Your personal brand impacts your business’ identity.

    In This Episode:

    My dear friend, Andrea Wenburg is back on the show to help us better understand why we need to focus on personal brand as much as our business brand.

    Andrea is the Host of the Voice of Influence podcast and the Founder of the Voice of Influence Academy; which I’ve personally had several clients go through and can’t rave about enough.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, Andrea and I answer three questions

    1. What is a personal brand?
    2. Why do you need to pay attention to your personal brand?
    3. How can you craft your personal brand?
    Take Action:

    Enroll in Andrea’s Voice of Influence Academy before the doors close on April 27th!

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