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    Episode 40: Why Being a Loser Is So Good [the value that losing provides]

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    You’re going to fail at some point.
    Do you want to know why that’s actually a good thing?

    We would all love to believe that our business will be a success from day one. But the reality is… that’s just not the case.

    You will have failures in your business, multiple times.

    The good news?

    Repetitive losses in your business don’t make you a loser. They make you an expert.

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    Why you should tune into this episode –

    If your business or launch isn’t going exactly the way you’d hoped-

    Or if you’re one of the delusional people who believe your business will be immediately successful-

    You can’t miss this episode!

    Losing helps you build better teams, execute your strategies more effectively, have better communication skills, increase your drive to succeed, and appreciate the wins.

    When you tune in you can expect – 

    To learn the Four Values which losing provides, and how losing makes you better, stronger, and more strategic.


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    Resources Mentioned:

    The Start-Up J Curve: The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

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