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    Episode 194: What (Really) Is a Leading Offer or Program? And Why Does Your Company Need One? – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    Who This Episode is Great For:

    This show is for experts, entrepreneurs and businesses who:
    A) Want to know more about creating your Leading Offer
    B) Want to understand the fundamentals of what a Leading Offer or Program really is and isn’t
    C) Want to know the two types of Leading Offers and determine which type may be best for them


    This show is part of a series called: How To Create Your Leading Offer™, Program, Service or Process. What really is a leading offer or program? Spoiler alert, it’s not just a common service you slap the Leading Logo on. No… your leading offer, program, course or process is something that sets your company apart. So, if you’ve been wondering how to create a leading offer or program this episode is for you. 
    Experts, entrepreneurs and small businesses are always striving to be known, but there’s one true way to lead a niche and profit, and that is by developing a unique leading offer, program, process, service, course, membership, system, event, or deliverable which makes it clear for others to understand what you do, creates profitable results for your company, helps you become known and gives your clients incredible results. In this episode we dive into part 1 in discussing “What (Really) Is a Leading Offer or Program and Why Does  Your Company Need One?”


    1. Know what truly is and what is not a true, authentic leading offer or program
    2. Understand the 2 types of leading offers or programs
    3. Be able to identify which type of leading offer or program your company should create first

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    Full Show Transcript:

    <inaudible> You’re listening to the suede life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hi, you guys. Welcome to another episode of the Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast. I’m super glad you’re here because we are diving more, a little bit more step-by-step each week into one of my favorite topics to talk about.
    So two weeks ago, we started talking about creating your services and making sure that what you’re selling in, what you have available to your audience is in fact selling right now, we talked about your primary offer and your primary programs and doing any sort of pivoting based on the crazy 2020 and how it has been. And we also talked about making sure that your services are solving an immediate problem for people.
    Well, on this week’s show, we’re diving in more and discussing what really is a leading offer or program. And why does your company need one? And this is kicking up a brand new series that we’re doing here on the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast called how to create your leading offer program, service or process. And I’m super excited to geek out on this with you.
    This topic is actually my Ninja skill and my zone of genius. And so over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you case studies from leading offers and programs. My clients have built over the years to inspire you, to see what’s possible in the huge result that you can make in your business by creating a leading process program or system.
    And so this particular episode, we’re starting out and we’re answering the question, what really is a leading offer or program, and why does your company need one? And this show is for those of you, whether you are established businesses or you are brand new to this space, this show is for you. So that means that your business is anywhere from phase two to phase five of my start to scale business system.
    If you aren’t sure what phase of my start to scale business system that you are in, you can just pause this episode real quick and go take a very short, quick question forward slash forward slash quiz. And what that’s going to do is it’s going to tell you what phase of business you’re in on my start to scale up business system. And it’s going to give you a list of things that you should working on and focusing on right now in your business.
    If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you know that I try to attack the episodes based on the business phase, so that if you’re in phase two, you know, that this particular show in this training is for you. Or if you’re in phase four, you might want to opt out and not listen to certain shows. But today is particular show is for almost everybody across the board,
    in any phase of my start to scale up business systems. So that means whether you’re new, whether you’re just launching or you’re ready to scale for you guys that are offline companies going online. This is a perfect episode for you to listen to this episode is for experts, entrepreneurs, and businesses who a want to know more about creating a leading offer B.
    You want to understand the fundamentals of what a leading offer or program really is and what it’s not. And see, you want to know the two types of leading offers and determine which type might be best for your company. If you want to know the answers to those questions, stay with me here in this show. And as a super, very special bonus tool to this episode,
    I’m inviting you to check out my leading offer masterclass. This is a class I first launched way back in 2015, 16, 17, and I am bringing it back. I’m so excited about it. It’s a step by step training to extract your expertise, expand your reach and explode your sales. And you can find all the details about your leading opera masterclass by visiting leading
    And when you add your name to the list for interest in joining the, your leading program masterclass, I am going to give you tools that you can use right now. So you don’t even have to wait. You can get started right away, and I’m going to give you number one, the components, it’s a list of components that every winning and leading leading offer should have.
    And I’m going to give you a really short six minute video helping you kick off your creation of your own leading offer right now immediately. So again, that’s the awesome bonus that comes with this episode, and you can find that by going to leading, okay, this is episode number 194. Let’s go ahead and dive into the show.<inaudible> Okay.
    Diving in here, we’re going to answer three really important and foundational questions for you regarding a leading offer and a leading program and helping you to determine really what is the right path in your business. And first of all, what really is a leading offer or program? So that’s question number one, what really is a leading offer or program? The long is a true leading offer is a program service method or a process that you extract from your own IP,
    your own intellectual property, your expertise and your experience. So what, you know, what you’re good at, what your ju your zone of genius is what your zone of excellence is in that gives your clients predictable transformational results. So let me simplify that for you, a true leading offer or program is a process in which you create again, from your own IP that gives your clients predictable transformational results.
    And it makes you known in your space. That is the official definition that I’ve given to a leading offer. And it, hopefully that will help you to understand exactly what it is and what it isn’t. But let’s go ahead and dive into it even more, a leading program, or offer, extract your expertise. It’s derived from your intellectual property. So it’s pulled from your experience in winning and in failing in a certain area in order to be a winner,
    and to be an expert in something, we have to usually fail at it quite a few times until we figure out the ways to overcome it. Your leading offer is the result of that. It’s a ways you’ve overcome something. It’s a ways you’ve gotten yourself or other people really awesome results in a certain area. So your leading offer is pulled from your experience.
    It’s nothing like anyone else’s. So your leading offer isn’t like anybody else’s because it contains your unique skillset, your systems, and your processes as true leading offer also disrupts your niche. So it improves or simplifies or changes the way things have been done to give better results, a leading offer, or a true leading offer and program provides predictable transformational results that people can count on.
    And a leading offer a program meets your profit goals that your company has set. And it is something that you want to be known for. That’s what a real true leading offer program is. So let’s kind of talk about the flip side of that. What it isn’t a leading offer or program is not a copycat of popular programs that everybody else is doing.
    It is not what just happens to be selling. And what’s trending right now in this space. And it’s not something you choose just because it happens to be your main offer. In fact, a leading offer is not something that gives people the same results in the same way that other programs and companies are doing it. So your leading offer program should be uncommon,
    but it can solve a common problem, but the way you go about doing it, the way you go about understanding how to get people results is your intellectual property, your IP, your methodology. So again, a true leading offer extract your expertise into your methodology by creating your own unique content that becomes your program. It is not something that just happens to be selling it.
    Isn’t something that is the first offer, just because it’s your first offer. Doesn’t mean it’s your leading offer just because it’s your only offer. Doesn’t mean it’s your leading offer. It shows leading offer leads the way in certain aspects and the goals that you set forth in your business. So now you might be asking yourself, Oh, okay, well, what,
    what does that mean? And how do I know what type of leading offer to bill once you understand what type of leading offer you’re building, then you’re going to understand the goals that your business is going to set for that leading offer. So now let’s go ahead and I want to share with you the two types of leading offers or programs, they are a foundational leading offer or program or an influencing leading offer or program.
    So the two types are foundational or influencing. This is a system that I created. It’s part of my service creation system that I watched about 10 years ago in once you understand which one you fall into, either influencing or foundational, then this is going to help you get more clarity. So I want to impact this with you here and break out the two types of programs,
    a foundational leading offer. This is ideal for new businesses entering the market or established businesses going from offline to online, a foundational leading offer introduces you to the marketplace. It gets you on the map, and it helps you as a business owner to simplify your services and your systems, a foundational leading offer can be your first online offer. If you are going through the scaling up or the scaling online process,
    or again, going from offline to online to grow your business, or it can be the first program or service that you’re introducing as your company is emerging, maybe into a new marketplace, whether it’s online or offline, a foundational leading offer can have huge profit results. Okay? So just because your business might be new, if that’s the arena you fall into,
    or just because you might be new to online, it doesn’t mean that your foundational offer can make you a lot of money. It doesn’t mean it has to be some rinky dink offer. We just call it foundational because it’s setting the expectations for a new marketplace for you. It’s setting the foundation for how you’re first going to become known in a certain space.
    So can have huge profit results, but they’re usually they usually are simpler programs. You know, they usually are not sometimes as robust or as long or as intricate as an industry influencing leading offer or a program. And this is because a foundational offer helps you as a business owner to gain confidence in what you’re doing and to test out your new marketplace, a foundational offers a great way for you to say,
    Hey, listen, this is my area of expertise, and this is my experience. I want to go ahead and introduce this to a space and test it. So that’s also what a foundational offer does. And foundational offers are designed as that entry point and an introduction for both the company and the new client base to clearly understand the results you provide. So again,
    this is new to online. This is a new company that could be starting from scratch, or it’s a program or a different way that you’re testing as far as delivering results to an established market base. That is a foundational leadingoffer in influencing leading offer makes you known as the leader in your space influence in leading offers are ideal to be created by experts.
    So for those of you with extensive experience in getting people results based on your methodology. So an influencing leading offer is for those of you who have tested your content or your program numerous times in the past, even if it was one-on-one or an indifferent settings, you have tested your content. You’ve come up with your methodology and your system after feedback and time and testing,
    and you’ve gotten your clients amazing results, and it’s time to expand your reach and your methodology to impact your industry and more people for good. That is an influencing leading offer. And so I want to share those two kind of basic paths. There are two, I call them tracks either foundational or influencing with you. And this is part of my leading creation system that I started teaching entrepreneurs about 14 years ago.
    And once you identify, Hey, you know what, right now you could have an established business and you want to just launch your first online program or your first online course. It doesn’t have to be a 1216 week course. You know, you could just start out with a foundational offer foundational program online. It’s going to dive into the water of this new marketplace and test out what you’ve been doing with your clients,
    maybe offline to see how well we can scale it to online. That’s a great example of a company who is ready to launch a foundational leading offer. This influencing leading offers. For those of you guys who are experts, your speakers, your writers, you are coaches or consultants of some kind, and you’ve gotten amazing results for clients in the past. And you’re ready.
    You know, that the way you go about doing things is a bit, or maybe drastically different than the way other people get results. You have tested your content. You’ve created your content you’ve created, or you’re ready to create a system that disrupts your niche and extracts your expertise, your zone of genius, your intellectual property. And you’re ready to create content and build and create a leading offer or program that takes people from point a to point B.
    And you know, that you want to be known as a leader for doing that. If that is you, you are ready to create your influencing leading offer. So those are the two different types of leading offers. And I just wanted to help businesses get clarity on that. And this is why we’re embarking on this new series, because this is a primary way.
    My company helps businesses succeed is in creating your offers and your programs. And these are all the common questions that I get. And so I wanted to make sure I was pouring into you guys, our podcast listeners, and making sure that you have these answers as well. So what happens next? Next, we need to be able to identify what type of leading offer or program your company should create first.
    And so the first question is how do you identify, what type of art for program should I create? Is it influencing or is it foundational? So first in order to answer that question, let’s identify whether or not you have a current offer that could become your leading offer. We never want to totally recreate the wheel. We always want to pull from your current assets,
    from your current expertise, from all the work you’ve already done. We want to take a look at what you’ve already done, as well as what you want to become known for. Let’s just pause for a second and answer that question to yourself. What do I currently have or do, or content I’ve created that I am amazing at that I want to become known for.
    And I really want to kind of explode this area. So that’s a first question to really identify and ask for yourself. Again, we don’t always want to start from scratch. The best thing we can do as business owners is using the things we’ve already created and turning them into something even better. So ask yourself is my current service or offer that I have something that I want to become known for in my space.
    Does my current offer include my unique intellectual property or methodology, or am I copying someone else’s system? You cannot create a true, accurate, legitimate, genuine, proper, authentic leading offer. If you have just copycatted somebody else’s way about getting people results, a true leading offer takes your intellectual property and your unique methodology in turns it into your leading system or a process.
    Okay. And then the third question to ask yourself is when people think of my business, is this what they automatically think that I do? Do they automatically think, Oh, I’m thinking about, you know, Jody, she’s great at whatever highlighting people’s hair that could be her leading offer. So, you know, do people automatically already think of, of what you do as your leading offer,
    or do we also, in the process of creating your leading offer need to reeducate your marketplace is your leading offer an area that you haven’t tapped into yet that you haven’t established yourself as an expert. Yet, if that’s the case, then we’re going to be creating a foundational leading offer for you. So step number one is to identify whether or not you have a current leading offer.
    Do you already have a leading offer? If you already have a leading offer, then we need to have a conversation about marketing it and positioning it as a leading offer that it should be. But in most cases, most companies do not. In fact, leading offers are something that is very rarely talked about. When we talk about building courses, we talk about building membership sites and writing books and speaking on stages and marketing on LinkedIn,
    none of that can happen until you extract your content in that you create your leading methodology, your leading system, into your intellectual property, that is yours and only yours. It’s your methodology. Then we talk about what business model you build it into. Are you going to launch a course or a group coaching program or a mastermind? All those answers come later.
    The first thing is identifying whether or not you have a current leading offer. So if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re driving the car, just answer, do you have a leading offer right now, or one that you would like to really emphasize and become your leading offer or not step number two, determine what you want to become known for what lights you up,
    what makes you happy to do what expertise do you have that is within your established zone of genius. So we want to tap into who you are, your expert skills already to develop your leading offers and your programs. And then number three, choose if you’ll be creating a foundational or an industry influencing leading offer. Those are the three steps. Those are your three action items from this podcast episode.
    And next week we are diving into the prerequisites of creating a leading offer. So next week, we’re continuing our series on how to create your leading offer program service, or process and episode number 195. I’m going to extract and share with you the prerequisites to building your leading offer or program. So what do you have to know first? What do you have to do first?
    What are the principles that have be in place before you’re ready to actually develop your leading offer or program that’s going to help you lead in your space? You understand the fundamentals of what leading offer or program truly is. These three steps. We talked about identifying whether or not you have an offer, determining what you want to become known for, and choosing if you’re creating a foundational or industry influencing leading offer,
    we’ll help you start the process of the work to create your leading offer. So your company can become known. And in addition to this whole series, right? So excited, I am giving you a huge tick start to get your leading offer program process, or system off the ground faster. So the bonus for this episode, don’t miss it. You guys,
    I haven’t done a bonus, this awesome, honestly, and a really long time in this cause I know you need it. And I just want to pour into you. And this is my area of expertise. So I have so many tools and resources to give you in this area. I really want to give it to you. So the bonus for this episode is I’m giving you a short six minute video explaining what we talked about on this episode,
    more in depth. Plus I’m giving you the blueprint of the components that every leading offer should include. So you’re going to get a list of components that are included in every single true, authentic, accurate, proper, legitimate, genuine leading offer. It’s a list and you’re going to be able to go through. And especially if you have an offer right now,
    and you’re wondering cautious, this is my leading offer. You can literally go through this checklist and your leading offer or any leading offer needs to contain these components. And I’m giving you that totally free as a bonus to this week’s episode. So cruise over to leading to grab all that there. Plus you’ll be able to add your name to the wait list for my,
    your leading offer and program masterclass coming back again soon. I’m so excited to teach this again, and I promised you, I would share with you some case studies of clients, who I have helped to develop their leading offer in the past. So I want to share these with you at the end of every single episode for the next couple of weeks, just to help get your wheels spinning and share with you what is possible in your space.
    So the first person I’m so honored to highlight is her name is Eloise. She is the creator of the serenade program. And I worked with Eloise to create the first of its kind wellness and management program for surrogates. It was absolutely out of this world. We built this program about seven years ago, and she still leads the industry for surrogacy wellness internationally through her company,
    family inceptions, international. It’s amazing. And then the second case study I want to give you is my client Lori out of Switzerland. I’ve worked with Lori for a while and Lori has created baby secrets. Baby secrets is her leading program. It’s a corporate benefits and wellness coaching program that includes classes and local resources for expats who are expecting children. And Lori is out of Zurich.
    She’s absolutely beautiful. And I will go ahead and put links to both of these programs in the show notes so that you can get your wheels started to turn. So you can see one program. This is international wellness program, and the other one is smaller. It’s a corporate benefits and coaching program. The sky’s the limit, your leading offer. Your leading program can be anything starts with extracting your area of expertise,
    your intellectual property, and giving your clients predictable transformational results that no other business champ. And I’m excited to help you do that. So again, the bonuses for this episode go to leading You’ll be able to download the blueprint of the components of a leading offer. Watch that quick six minute video, which has even more than we talked about today.
    And you’ll be able to add your name to the wait list to join my, your leading offer and program masterclass, which is coming soon. And of course all the show notes. And the quick recap of this episode can be found by visiting Sweetlife forward slash one 94. All right. So great to talk to you guys. I hope you’re having an awesome day and this message and these action steps find you wherever you are,
    and they inspire you to create and become known for the area in which you’re called. Have you have an awesome day talk to you soon?