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    Episode 39: Turn Your Passion Into A Profession – The Kajabi Story with Travis Rosser

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    Want To Create an Online Course but Hate Technology?

    It’s no secret I kill technology. I don’t have a technological bone in my body and this was made very apparent when it was time to create my first online course and membership website. I struggled for years and wasted thousands of dollars … until I discovered Kajabi.

    Kajabi is a platform that helps entrepreneurs create, market, sell, and distribute their knowledge online. Having been one of Kajabi’s first customers several years ago, I am extremely excited to bring you this interview with it’s Co-Founder, Travis Rosser.

    Travis started his entrepreneurial journey selling oranges as a child on his family farm and has worked his way up to creating a platform that has allowed other entrepreneurs to generate more than 500 million dollars in revenue!

    He’s also a father of three boys who’s based his entire corporate structure and culture around his family life so he never has to miss a moment with his children.

    Why You Should Tune In?

    I know from experience just how costly fighting technology can be. I also know from experience just how profitable knowledge-commerce is.

    Online courses and membership websites create passive income and it’s widely known that passive income leads to more time and freedom to live the life you want.

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    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, you’ll get to hear Travis’ full entrepreneurial journey, my story of struggling to make other platforms work in the beginning and how Kajabi saved me, why Travis protects the company culture he’s worked intentionally to create, and how Kajabi can help you stop being afraid of technology and start making money selling your knowledge.

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