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    Episode 216: The Untapped Power of a Thank You Page – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    Who This Episode is Great For:

    New online entrepreneurs who are new to building high-converting funnels or offline businesses newly tapping into online marketing. 


    There’s much to learn about tech when you’re launching your business and terms like “funnels”, “lead magnets”, and “email automation” are common topics of discussion. Many of these topics we cover extensively on this show. But, on this week’s podcast episode we’re talking about one specific component that is often overlooked when creating a new lead’s journey into a relationship with your business; the Thank You Page.  
    Many companies overlook the power of what a well designed “Thank You Page” can do for your business. But not you… because in this episode we’re covering the role of “Thank You Page”, what should be included in yours, specific uses for “Thank You Pages”, and the two primary “Thank You Pages” that every company needs! 

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. Know the two “Thank You Pages” every business needs
    2. Understand the purpose of a well designed “Thank You Page”
    3. Have your wheels spinning for what should be on your “Thank You Pages” to make them awesome.

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate, you guys are welcome Back to the show. This is Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, episode number 216. And today we’re diving into the untapped power of a thank you page. This episode is really great for those of you guys who are in phase two of my start to scale up system also called the sweet life entrepreneur roadmap.
    This basically means that you are in the launch phase, and if you aren’t sure what phase of business design launch growth and development you’re in, you can cruise and take a quiz a really short one, but it’s going to give you a lot of insight by visiting Sweetlife forward slash quiz. So today’s show is for those of you guys who are in phase two.
    So if you’re a new online entrepreneur or you are new, so you’re going offline and coming online and you’re tapping into online marketing. This is a really great show for you because here’s the deal. There is so much to learn about the tech when you’re launching a business in terms like funnels and lead magnets and email automation are common topics of discussion. If you’re new and you haven’t noticed that yet,
    those are terms you’re going to hear quite often. And many of these topics, we actually cover extensively here on this show. But on this week’s podcast episode, we’re talking about one specific component that’s often overlooked when creating a new leads journey into a relationship with your business. And that is the welcome. Thank you page many companies actually overlook this, having a well-designed thank you page can do crazy,
    powerful things for your business. And so I want to make sure that we are covering the power or the untapped power soon to be power of your thank you page. And here’s what you can expect from this show. At the end of this episode, you’re going to know the two primary, thank you pages that every single business needs. You’re going to understand the purpose of a well-designed thank you page.
    And you’re going to have your wheels spinning with what should be on your thank you pages to make them super awesome. So if you’re ready to dive in with me, let’s go ahead and talk about, thank you pages. You guys. Okay. Let’s go ahead and start chatting all about thank you pages. So all of the show notes and everything we’re discussing today can be found by visiting Sweetlife
    simply click on podcast. This is episode number 216, and if you haven’t actually cruise to our podcast website, yet, it’s really powerful. You can actually search by any key phrase or any business topic. And our website will pull up the exact place in the exact episode from four years of podcasting, where we talk about whatever it is you’re looking for.
    So of course the show notes from today’s show are going to be in there, but it is also a really powerful business library that we have for you over there. So cruise to Sweetlife and just click on podcast and all of that’s there for you. Okay? So in today’s show, we are talking all about thank you pages. A thank you.
    Page is one of the most underused tools to convert cold leads to super fans. Seriously, most businesses have no idea how powerful thank you page could be. And so they don’t even include them in their funnel. Most businesses overlook. Thank you pages altogether, but not you. And that’s why we’re here having this conversation today. So if you’re here, you’re still listening to me.
    It means you are a new online entrepreneur or you’re an established business, and you’re looking to tap into online marketing and funnel strategy. So welcome. I’m super glad that we’re connected here on today’s show. You’re definitely in the right place. So let’s go ahead and start with some basics. First of all, where is this? Thank you page located, you know,
    where is the thank you page live that we’re talking about? So this particular thank you page that we’re referencing on today’s episode lives after someone enters their name and email to receive your lead magnet. So on last week’s show, we talked all about lead magnets. So if you’re unfamiliar with what a lead magnet is, lead magnet strategies actually stop listening to me right now.
    Please turn me off, shut this episode down and go back to episode number 215, and I will be waiting right here for you actually at, even the spot we paused for you to tap back into this episode after you listened to two 15, but I want to make sure that we’re building upon the online marketing foundations. And so if you aren’t familiar with lead magnets,
    please turn me off, pause this episode and go listen to last week’s episode number 215. If you know exactly what I’m talking about with lead magnets, let’s carry on. So here is the flow or the journey of how people get to this specific, thank you page that we’re speaking of here today. So the very first stop to get to this. Thank you.
    Page is actually your landing page, your landing pages, the short page that you design that talks about your lead magnet or whatever it is that you are giving away for free on that landing page, there is a form and your cold lead we’re talking specifically about, well, they could be a little bit warm leads, but people that really don’t know who you are yet lands on this page.
    They decide that they’re going to trust you, that they’re going to give you their contact information, which is really, really powerful to share their contact information with you in order to receive whatever it is you’re giving away for free or low cost or paid costs, which we’re going to kind of get into that a little bit later, they fill out your form and then what happens.
    So most businesses, when they fill out this form, we’ll just have like a little button that pops up that says she thinks form submitted, or go check your email, or we got ya. And then maybe it’ll even keep them right there on that same page, but not you. This thank you page that we are speaking of should live after that form has been submitted.
    And it is a free standing thank you page that we want to send people to next. Okay. So the first thing is where is the thank-you page located? Following that journey? We just talked about, it goes landing page form filled out. Thank you page. All right. Are you with me now? Let’s just take a little squirrel moment here.
    If you’re wondering how to build this easily and well, we love Kajabi. Kajabi builds these pages and sews them all together for you. And if you’d like a good job, you free trial with a whole bunch of business boosters, then just simply go to April forward slash Kajabi. So I’m just going to put that plug in here, cause you’re probably wondering how do I even build this?
    And I’ll also put those in the show notes for you as well. So step number one is where this where’s the thank you page located step number two or point number two I’d like to make today is really talking about the untapped power of this page. So here’s, what’s happened. Your lead has trusted you enough to share your, their contact information with you.
    They have said, Hey, you know what? I trust this person is going to give me something of value. And so this thank you page is an opportunity for you to confirm they’ve done the right thing. It’s really, really important. And it is essential, especially in today’s online business environment, to have an opportunity to confirm that trusting you was a very good choice.
    And so what this thank you page does, and we’re talking about the untapped power of it. It’s an opportunity for you to say, Hey, you have done the right thing. I’m a good person. We’re a good company. And you know, thank you for trusting us. You did the right thing. We’ve got you. It also gives you an opportunity to talk to them.
    Okay? So we’re going to dive into how to do that here in just a minute. And it gives you an opportunity to give them a shortcut to the best way to work with you. This is not a sales pitch. These are tripwires and upsells. It’s just an opportunity to introduce somebody to your leading offer. The very best thing you do. And here’s why this is important.
    There are some people that will come to you and they don’t feel like going through your whole funnel. They just want you, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. The cost. You’re so amazing. They know they need your help and they just came upon you through this free thing. You’ve given away with your lead magnet, but why make them crawl through the deep sand to go through the whole process of having to get your emails and then having to see the next thing when frankly,
    they just want to buy you. So this thank you page is an amazing opportunity to just very simply just say, if you aren’t yet familiar, this is our leading service, or this is our leading program. And just give them an opportunity to just check it out immediately from there without having to make them crawl through a sales process and our way of sales process.
    Because frankly, those people that know that they just want to hire you or buy whatever it is that you’re selling. Just want to do that. Now they want to save time. They want to save money. They like you let them buy. So the untapped power of this thank you page is just introducing them very clearly to your leading program or service or offer whatever it is that you do when this thank you page is built correctly.
    The next opportunity you have with it is to create a relationship with your new audience. And this is a really cool time to put opportunities on this page to ask about them. People love to share about themselves and the struggles they’re facing or the problems, you know, that they might be having, or even the victories that they’ve had. And so this thank you page allows you to really build a relationship with this new audience and introduce them to the whole entire world of your business and really listening as well.
    And so the first thing you need to do when we’re talking about the untapped power of this page is really decide the job of this page. What do you want this page to do for you and for your company and in the relationship that you’re building with your new audience, how does it fit into the overall feel, the culture, the feeling that you want people to associate with you and your company when they’re first introduced to you.
    So now let’s talk about what are some of the awesome things that we can actually put on this page. Cool things to consider to put on your thank you page could be a welcome video from you explaining what they just got. And so when we’re talking about, you know, the fact that they’ve just grabbed something of yours, a free asset that is going to give them some knowledge,
    so a short welcome video explaining what it is. They just got congratulating them for grabbing it and letting them know what are the next steps that are going to come. If you’re emailing the asset to them, then didn’t say, Hey, you know what? In about three or four minutes, check your email for me because that’s going to be where this XYZ lead magnet is that I promised you that was coming your way.
    So a video is an amazing opportunity to put on this page so they can see you and they can hear you, and they can really get to know you better. Also, you can include in that video or in, in writing in the copywriting on this page in introduction to your next step program, this is what I was just talking about a minute ago.
    It isn’t a full sales page into your next program. It’s just a shortcut. It’s just saying, Hey, and if you’re recording a video, you can say, Hey, you know what, by the way, this is our leading program. And if this happens to be what you may be struggling with, I just wanted to let you know that this is also available to you.
    And so there’s nothing pushy is just saying, I just wanted to let you know that here’s this awesome resource that could be perfect for what you need right now. And just very simply include a button to that next level program or your leading program, or maybe a wait list for when you’re going to open your new pro your next program up again, also cool ideas to put on this.
    Thank you page. And of course it’s all relative to how you need this page to function is possibly even a short questionnaire to embed on this page. Again, people love talking about themselves. So what if you put a little teeny quiz or a short question you’re on that page asking how you can help them asking, you know, what is the number one thing that they’re struggling with and why they chose to receive the asset,
    the lead magnet, or the help that you are providing possibly even how they found you. Now don’t make this be worked for them. You don’t want it to feel like you are fishing for, you know, research. This is not market research. You can even make an anonymous where, you know, it doesn’t even have their name and email address.
    It’s just saying, what is one question that we can answer for you? And it’s just giving them an opportunity to really share about themselves. So however you approach that, it’s also a really cool opportunity for you to consider that could be on that. Thank you page. And then also you could include a link to schedule a call with you. If a call is how you convert those leads to buyers,
    scheduling a call is always a great kind of call to action. You know, no pun intended for them to connect with you. So you can, you can put a link to your online calendar on there. You can embed your calendar on there. And you know, you can include a link to schedule a call. Here’s the deal. We don’t want to have too many calls to action on this.
    Thank you page. It’s usually a schedule, a call button. If that fits in with your business, an opportunity for them to check out your next level of program and simply some sort of relationship building tool like a questionnaire, or just a place where you can interact with them, whether that’s connecting with you further on your social media or following you on clubhouse or even sharing their clubhouse handle so you can follow them back.
    There’s some really cool things and untapped power that this thank you page can provide, especially when we’re talking about relationship building and relationships are what sell. And so one of the things I don’t really recommend you put on this thank-you page, however, is the download of the lead magnet that you provided. We really still want that to be delivered by email. If you are utilizing email marketing for sales,
    here’s why we need them to go check their email and open it from you from your email address to confirm that you are a safe sender. And if they don’t do this really the first time, especially if they’re new to being added to your email marketing list, they might not ever receive emails from you. Your emails might end up in their promotional folder or their junk folder forever.
    And that’s never a great thing. So my recommendation is to actually not deliver the asset right there in the thank you page, give them the instruction that the asset is going to be sent to them by email. And in the meantime, here’s some things that you two can chat about, or here’s some other resources that you have available to them right here.
    And now, while you’re waiting for that email to be sent. And then one of their things I wanted to chat with you about in today’s show are two, thank you, pages that every single business needs. And so we have covered the basics of a general thank you page that somebody would get to after they opt into your lead magnet, after they land on your landing page and they fill out your form and they receive the amazing free thing that you have given them.
    So depending on how much you have a bandwidth, one opportunity is to create one thank you page where it can be used for all of your opt-ins. So this main thank you page could be for all of your opt-ins. Instead of doing a specific video, you can do more of a general video like saying, hi, I’m April. Welcome to the Sweetlife company you have just received,
    or you have just requested to receive the free tool that we talked about. And I wanted to let you know, that’s coming to your email in just a few minutes while we’re waiting for that. I just wanted to pop in here and say hello to you and say, thank you so much for visiting our business. This is what we do. And so I’ve crafted the language,
    that video to be very general. So it, depending on your bandwidth is not entrepreneur, how many people you have on your team, how tech savvy you are, if you only have the capacity right now to build one, thank you, page, build a general like that. Still make sure you include a link to your next level program, possibly a link to schedule with you,
    but just keep it really, really general. And that that can be used for any sort of opt-in or lead magnet that anybody would receive as you continue to add those assets into your business. The other thank you page that every single business needs is a thank you. Page, welcoming somebody to your paid program. This is very, very, very important.
    So anytime somebody purchases your services or your membership, or your course, or your group coaching program, or purchases a package, a design package, or a health coaching package or whatever it is that you sell, we want them to immediately be directed to a thank you page, confirming that their purchase of your program was an amazing idea. So I highly highly recommend that you have a general thank you page for your primary lead magnet,
    but then you also have a thank you page specific to the paid program that somebody has just bought for you. Those are the two thank you pages that every single business needs. And by creating these, you are going to build an even deeper relationship with your audience and make crazy super fans that are following you forever, because they know that you’re honest that you value the relationship with them,
    whether they have paid you before or not. And then one last advanced tip for you. If you have the basic thank you page, you have your thank you page for your paid programs created. You can create specific thank you pages for each opt-in for each free lead magnet that you give away. So if you have very specific primary kind of core assets that you give away in your business to generate new leads,
    you can create specific thank you pages for each one of those that only speak to what that particular asset is about. That’s an advanced online business funnel strategy. That’s where we definitely want you to be, but I understand that we have to kind of start somewhere. So going back to the basics, just starting somewhere, number one, create a general thank you page for any sort of free opt-in number two,
    create a thank you page for your paid program, your leading offer that somebody is buying. And then when you’re ready, you can go back and create more. Thank you pages for each one of the lead magnets or opt-ins that are offered within your business. Again, from a tech strategy, I’m going to tell you right away, my favorite place to do this is in Kajabi,
    but we have clients that build these funnels in numerous different platforms. From click funnels to WordPress, there are tons of different options on the tech side for you. So here’s my tip to you. You have to just know how it works, even if you’re hiring somebody else out, make sure that you are choosing a tech platform that you are comfortable and confident with in the end of the day.
    Again, even if you’re not the one that’s doing it, you need to have confidence in your business, and you need to understand the flow of what’s happening in the backside of your company as the CEO. So whatever tech platform you choose, please just make sure that you personally like it. I can’t emphasize that enough. All right, you guys, so that’s a wrap on today’s show is a really quick show,
    but today we talked about the untapped power of a thank you page and how by creating a thank you page. After somebody opts into your free asset or purchase your program, it gives you an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with them and create super fans forever. In that most companies don’t do this. We talked about the purpose of a well-designed thank you page and how it confirms that somebody made a good choice,
    either giving you their contact information or choosing to buy from you. And we talked about different ways for you to get your wheels spinning of what can be included on that page could be a video. It could be a short little quiz or questionnaire. It could be a button just introducing your leading offer. It could be anything that you feel like fits in with the culture in the feeling and the relationship that you want to build with your new leads.
    Don’t underestimate the power of this page. And I highly recommend if you don’t have one created that you add that into your lead funnel today. All right, this was episode number 216 here on the sweet life entrepreneur podcast. I love chatting with you guys, all of the show notes, all of the business resources we have for you can be found by visiting
    Have an awesome day. And I’ll talk to you again next week.