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    Episode 251: The Ultimate Guide To Launch Online Courses – with April Beach

    251 SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    Who This Episode is Great For:

    This is a great show for entrepreneurs and companies who want to level up and stop copying others. Listeners who tap into this show want to get the formula to choose the perfect online business offers, courses, masterminds or coaching programs that give them the life they want.


    This is the second episode in our series called  “The Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Business Model; For Experts, Coaches and Consultants”. In these shows we unpack the process of intentional business design, offer engineering, and business architecture to build a business for high-profit, deep impact, lifestyle results. 
    In this show we break down the structure of online courses and how to use them to grow and scale your business. We talk about the history of online courses, why many today are failing, the types of online courses you may want to consider and how to use online courses the correct way to increase profit. 

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. Know the two primary ways online courses are delivered
    2. Know what audiences are currently buying online courses
    3. Know if online courses should be part of your business model architecture

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