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    Episode 250: The Ultimate Guide To Design Your Perfect Coaching Business – with April Beach

    Sweetlife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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    Grab the FREE Ultimate Guide to Online Business Models and Virtual Services

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    This is a great show for entrepreneurs and companies who want to level up and stop copying others. Listeners who tap into this show want to get the formula to choose the perfect online business offers, courses, masterminds or coaching programs that give them the life they want.


    This episode kicks off a series called  “The Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Business Model; For Experts, Coaches and Consultants”. In these shows we unpack the process of intentional business design, offer engineering, and business architecture to build a business for high-profit, deep impact, lifestyle results. 
    In this kick off to the series we discuss what business modeling is, who needs to go through this process and why this process is the fastest way to get the life and business you’re working hard for. You’ll also get April’s 7 Questions That Lead To Your Perfect Business Model and Offer Types. 

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. Know how to use the power of business modeling to get what you want
    2. Access April’s 7 Questions That Lead To Your Perfect Business Model and Offer Types
    3. Understand where in your business you may need to make changes and alter your offer model

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the suede life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, April Beach Hi guys. I’m so excited to talk to you today. This is one of my favorite topics. Actually, we’re going to be moving into my favorite topic for the next couple of weeks on the show.

    We are kicking off a series here on this wheat life entrepreneur and business podcast that is all geared towards helping you make sure that you are designing your offers and your business structure and your business model correctly in a way that works for you. And this is such an important time to do it. It’s the end of the year. We’re about to roll over into 2022.

    And so I want to make sure that you’re fully equipped to see the business model, the offer structure and the business design. That’s going to equal that lifestyle and the profit that you want moving forward. And so the next couple of shows are totally dedicated to helping you tap into the ultimate guide, the ultimate database for you to design your perfect business model.

    And so that’s what we’re talking about. Kicking off today’s show. This is episode number 250 here on the podcast, and I’m April beach host of this show. Thank you so much for being a listener to us. We’re going to be rolling on five years of producing here and just a couple of months. And I just appreciate you guys so much. So first of all,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your listenership over the last four and a half years. So this show sharing the show with your friends. We don’t have any advertising here intentionally on the sweet life podcast. I hate listening to podcasts and they’re like, hang on just a second. Let me share somebody. Else’s unrelated message so I can make more money.

    Totally drives me crazy. And so we intentionally have refused advertisers here on this show, and we will continue to do that because our goal is giving you business trainings and coaching that you can take to the bank. And we would really appreciate if you’d share this show with your friends and if you have never done so before, if you could just please leave us a review on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts,

    that would just really mean a lot to us. So thank you so much for tuning in I’m April beach. As I said here at the host of this show and founder of this wheat live company and everything we do as a company is working with entrepreneurs like you to design your business. Your suite of offers your customer journey, roadmap, your signature offers in your programs to deliver high profit deep impact lifestyle freedom.

    So if you would like to work with us to apply, to join our business growth programs, please cruise over to sweet life And I would love to personally meet with you. Okay. So back to today’s show here is what you can expect. Again, this is episode number 250, and there is a very important tool that goes along with this episode in the next couple of episodes,

    that tool is an 18 page, totally free 18 page ultimate guide to online business models. And so before we get started, you can grab that guide in two different, very easy ways. First of all, you can go to sweet life, click on the podcast and go to this episode. It’s right there at number 250, and there will be a link for you to download the ultimate guide.

    Totally free to grab that. Or if you’re on the go, you can text the word guide, very simple, just lowercase the word guide, and you want to text it to this number. That number is 8 0 5 2 4 5 0 8 8 0. So just text the word guide to that number and I’ll send you a link so you can go download it there. Okay. There’s going to be an important tool moving forward because the ultimate guide summarizes all of the business models,

    the most common business models for coaches and consultants and experts in service-based businesses in the online space and why this is so important as I’m literally saving you 20 years of time by giving you this guide, I have ran a business model and every single one of these most common ways. And so I break down in this guide, the structure of that business model,

    everything from courses to masterminds, to live events, to membership communities, to group coaching programs, I break it all down for you, but then I also tell you exactly how it’s going to affect your life because it’s all fine and good and dandy, right? When we see it structurally on paper, but in the end of the day, I’m a lifestyle business designer and you went into entrepreneurship to change your life.

    So let’s make sure that the business model you’re choosing is in fact, going to equal that lifestyle that you want. So I literally drop in 20 years of online business experience to you in this one ultimate guide. So you can see the structure of the business model, and I’ll tell you exactly what it’s going to look like for your life here on the next couple of shows.

    We’re going to be really diving in more to specific business models and having a conversation about them in depth. So again, go grab that ultimate guide. It’s totally there for you and getting you not, it will save you decades of time. That’s why I created it. Okay. So in this episode, this is what you can expect. This is a great show for those of you guys who want to level up and stop copying what others are doing.

    Maybe you’ve joined a lot of programs. You have somebody said, oh, you should launch a course or, oh, you should host a membership community. And it’s not really worked out for you, or you have thought about doing those things, but you’re not exactly sure whether or not that’s going to be the right solution for your business. So when you tap into this show,

    you are going to get this formula specifically here on this one episode for how to choose a perfect online business offers courses and masterminds. And I actually give you my seven questions to ask yourself that lead to your perfect business model and offer types. So I’m going to tell you those seven questions to ask yourself as well, to get even more clarity. And I’m going to dive into some of the actual workshopping that we do inside the ultimate guide.

    So if you’re ready for that, let’s go ahead and dive in together. Okay guys. So here we go. Episode number 250. This episode kicks off a series called the ultimate guide to your perfect business model for coaches, experts, and consultants. And these next couple of shows unpack the process of intentional business design, offer engineering and business architecture to build a business for high profit,

    deep impact lifestyle Results. And so let’s go ahead and kick off this series together and let’s start with just the basics. Okay. So the first question we’re going to talk about in answer is what is a business model? I was just speaking and teaching at a retreat in Costa Rica last week. And I was teaching on business model and business design. And I asked the women in the room,

    you know, who can explain to me what a business model is in. Nobody could answer that question. And so if you’re sitting here and you’re listening, you’re thinking, oh gosh, I don’t really know what a business model is. You’re not alone. All right. So let’s kind of start at the basics and it’s actually not, is overwhelming and complicated as it may seem.

    So the term business model refers to your plan for making a profit by the types of products and services that you sell. Also known as your business model is the way that you serve your clients and make money. So examples of common business models for coaches and consultants and service-based providers and experts are coaching one-on-one group coaching, online courses, membership communities, masterminds,

    retreats, live virtual events, and more, those are types of business models. So as we dive in, especially over the next couple of weeks, when I’m talking about, Hey, how to find your perfect business model, what I’m really saying is, should you relaunch a course? Should you launch a membership community? Should you have a mastermind? Should you be doing live virtual events?

    Should you have a retreat? Those are all the questions that I would love for you to have more information to answer for yourself. And that’s why we’re doing this series. So if that sounds good, let’s keep going. So the next topic that I want to talk about regarding business modeling is the power and the importance and the depth of how your business model affects your life.

    And if you know me, this is not a surprise. If you don’t know me, let me make it really, really clear. I am a life first business designer. That means that for my own companies and for people that I work with, the very, very most important thing is like saying, Hey, listen, this is all great to make money,

    but money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. So let’s make sure the business we’re engineering is in fact and give you that lifestyle that you want. And that’s my superpower. That’s my area of expertise. I want you to know that your business model is a primary driver to the life you want to have, but the reality is you guys, very few entrepreneurs are actually aware of that.

    They just think I’m going to be happy. When I, when I launch a course and sell a thousand seats, or I’m going to be happy when I have a successful mentorship program, that’s not it at all. The way to happiness is business model design. And then we reverse engineer it into high sales, but it really starts with picking the right business model.

    If you do not have the right business model for your life, you are not going to find that happiness that you hoped to find in entrepreneurship. And this is for you if you’re brand new in business, but I’ll be honest. The majority of clients I work with have been in business for years and years, and they’re ready to scale their business. And they really want to intentionally make sure the programs they’re building in the future are done really well and mindfully,

    and are going to give them the results they want. So whether you’re new or you’ve been doing this for 10 years, this is something that I want to make sure that you’re aware of the power and the importance of this. You’re a business model directs the cadence of your year, your quarter, your month, your week and your day. So your business model is going to determine how you flow through your year and your quarter and your week and your day and your months and your time and all the things it drives,

    what you do, who you do it for and how you do it. And so let’s make sure you really, really love those things. And then it also drives your time and your schedule and the expectations that others have of you. Those are all the things that your business model does. And so it’s incredibly important that we’re picking the right one for you.

    So designing that perfect business model is our super power. And that’s why I’m going to geek out on this over the next couple of weeks, because it’s pretty much the primary gem and Juul that we start working with clients on when they come into our business growth and mentorship programs. And so I want to make sure that you are tapping into this as well.

    Okay. And then the next question that we need to answer is what business models are available to you? The most common business models for coaches, consultants, mentors, experts, especially over the last 17 years are online and virtual coaching and consulting, whether that’s one-on-one or one on group, we also have online courses and those courses are either evergreen, which means they’re available at any point in time,

    they’re prerecorded, or they can be taught live. We also have memberships and communities masterminds, low ticket item grabs that business model we’re going to dive into. And I’m really excited to unpack that business model, where everything is just like a, a smaller mini offer and a mini price. And then of course are also wide virtual events and in-person retreats or in-person events,

    product based business models, which we are not just so, you know, really clear up front. We are not diving into product based business models because this podcast is strictly designed for service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and experts. But we are going to be talking a little bit about products within the business models. And so those are the most common online business models and they are constantly evolving and as they evolve,

    one of the things that’s happened over the last couple of years is the business models. We’re now designing with our clients are hybrid offers starting in around 2016, we started designing what’s called hybrid models. So it’s a combination of some of these primary models that we talked about. We’re also going to be talking about hybrid offers and really how to engineer the perfect hybrid offer here on the show in the series as well.

    So those, those are the business models that are most common. Now, there are so many cool outside of the box, things that are happening. And as things like virtual reality come into play in different technologies. These are going to continue to grow, but here in the show, we’re going to start with the core business models for online coaches, consultants,

    and service-based providers. So you can consider those and how they would scale with your business. And so the next question is really to ask yourself, what’s happening right now in your space, you are an expert in your field or you’re becoming an expert in your field. And so what is available? What are people commonly buying or what are, how are the ways services are being delivered in your field right now?

    And so, first of all, I want you just to take a second and do like a mental inventory of how other people are buying your type of services currently in your area of expertise and whether or not they have, or maybe they don’t have a type of business model that you might want to create for yourself, just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that you can’t create it.

    So I want to encourage you in that. So what business models are available to you truly depends on first of all, the content that you’re delivering. So your content is going to dictate your business model, that’s rule number one. And that’s also the number one mistake of not doing that, that coaches and consultants make is not letting the content drive the model,

    what you’re doing, what you’re teaching is going to dictate the best way to deliver that to people. So the formula, and this is the formula I teach, and it’s so fun to teach it. The formula is connecting the way you want your lifestyle to function and your area of expertise in your content. And that’s going to give us your perfect business model.

    And so let’s go ahead and move forward a little bit. How is it then that we take this business model and really start designing it for you? So your business model can be one for one product or service that you offer. And you can have a suite of offers in your business. So collection of services and programs in your business, and each of them can have totally different business model.

    You don’t have to just have one. So we’re talking about business modeling and we’re relating this to one program or one offer one signature offer, which I love to teach on. As you guys know signature offers and signature programs, or you can have one business model for all of your offers. And if your offers or your coaching programs take people through a long-term journey of progression in working with you,

    you can have one business model. That’s actually broken up into different phases of growth that people would continue to grow with you. That’s how our programs work. And that’s some of the ways that we’ve been engineering our programs for and with our clients. And it’s really powerful because when we’re doing that, we’re creating a longterm roadmap and a client journey that keeps clients with you for years and years and years.

    So we have a ton of clients that have worked with us for over 10 years. The reason why is because we’re constantly developing the different step to keep them growing more and more and more, and you can have one business model that is all of the steps in a longterm journey. Or we can just talk about one business model for one offer of yours.

    So I want to make sure I’m sharing that distinction for you. If you’re thinking, wow, is this business model just for one program or one coaching program or one offer, or is it for everything you choose? It can be either or so here’s some questions. And I want you to break down these questions and I want you to think about them.

    And this is how we’re going to end this week’s episode, just processing these, these questions are also put in a worksheet for you in the ultimate guide to business models. So make sure you download that, but I’m going to share them with you so your brain can start processing them right now, as we wrap up this week show. So I want you to answer these questions as if it were five years from now.

    If you can’t figure out five years from now, go to three. If you can’t figure out three years from now, I want you to go to the next 18 months. Okay. But start out as far as you can. And I want you to imagine yourself there. If you’re building a business with intention for time, freedom, geographic, freedom,

    and freedom to scale your services in a way that’s really going to make you happy. These are important questions to ask yourself, question number one. How many hours per week do I like to work? So again, try to focus five years from now, maybe three, you have to come in close enough and you can do 18 months. How many hours per week do you really like to work?

    How many do you want to be working in the future? How do you really love to serve your clients? So I want you to ask yourself, how do I really love to serve my clients? Do you like meeting with them? One-on-one do you like coaching in groups? What really fires you? How do others love working with me? So do you have a team working with you in the future or is it only a solo gig?

    That’s question number three, question number four. Do you move and travel or do you stay in one place again? This is in the future question. Number five. Do you work at home or do you work in an office? What does that really look like to you? What’s the number six. What are you really good at? We had ask yourself,

    what am I really, really good at? And what content are you delivering in your signature program? Or you’re going to drop her. And then of course you need to ask yourself, what does my perfect client actually really need from me? So how did they need me to work with them? How do they need me to show up for them? And those are seven key questions of starting the process of business model design.

    And there is an eighth question in there that is the most, most important question of all. And that question is in the worksheet for you. So make sure you go ahead and download that. Now, like I talked about over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be diving into this entire series, all about business modeling, all about business architecture and design.

    I love this. We have done a ton of shows on this over the last five years, because this is my area of expertise, but I’m super excited to do them in a series for you. So you can go through and follow with me and process them as we go. And each episode is going to focus on one business model type, and I’m going to give you the pros and the cons of that business model type.

    And I’m going to tell you the lifestyle Results of that particular business model and whether it help you figure out whether or not you’re you would love that. So my goal is to save you literally at least five years of time, launching the wrong kind of offer in this show. And you’re going to be able to go through and choose which one’s going to be right for you.

    So you can stop copying what others are doing and truly design a business. That’s going to give you the profit and the life that you want. And the reality is this, though, your business is totally going to change just as you change. So by fully considering your longterm business model, revisiting it and revising it as needed for your life and as your life changes and taking control of the circumstances by pre-planning and building services that can scale.

    You’ll always have a business it’s built around your life, not your life around your business. And of course, because you know me, I’m always on a plane. I love to travel. If you’re like me, or if you want to be like me, if you’re building a business, when the, with the intention of time, freedom, geographic,

    freedom, and freedom to scale your services in a way that makes you happy, then these are the episodes to make sure you’re tuning into. And frankly, that’s what our business growth programs are designed for. So if you love to work with us, then you are more than welcome to apply. You can cruise over to sweet life and you can check out our wave makers program,

    our, your signature offer masterclass and our business launch programs as well. We would love to hear from you and connect with you and really work through the process as to whether or not working with us is the right fit. And of course you have these podcast episodes to eat up and take to the bank. Thank you so much for tuning in with us this week.

    This is Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, episode number 250, and all the show notes can be found by visiting Sweetlife and simply click on podcast. And that is also where you can download the ultimate guide to business models. And last thing again, you want to get it by text, just simply text the word guide to the number 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0. Okay. That’s it for today?

    Have an awesome week. And I will talk to you soon.