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    Episode 46: The Template to Design Your Year for Profit, Family, Impact & Travel

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    The Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s Yearly Calendar

    It’s taken me 15 years to perfect the art of being able to plan out an entire year of my business ahead of time.

    Today, I’m sharing what I learned over all that time so you can know how to do the same thing!

    Why You Should Tune In?

    While planning out an entire year ahead of time can benefit everyone, it’s especially critical if you’re planning, launching, or have already launched your business but feel a little over the place.

    Here is a little secret for you …

    In order to create a life-first business, you actually have to put your life first.

    I know that can seem scary when you’re not making money yet or not hitting your financial goals but it’s incredibly important to the success of your business.

    What better way to put your life first than by actually scheduling right into your business?

    In addition to helping keep your priorities straight, planning all of 2018 ahead of time, will help you stay focused, know exactly what to work on and when, allow time for professional development, and have more control over your schedule.

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    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, I teach you the five steps to design your 2018 to help you start the year off right and stay that way all the way through December 31st.

    Want to get a jump on planning 2018? Click here to download April Beach’s Life-First Yearly Calendar:

    “April Beach’s Life-First Yearly Calendar

    SweetLife Entrepreneur April Beach

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