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Episode 98: The Most Important Thing You Need To Understand About Your Business


Sweetlife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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Episode Tools:

Take the self-assessment to find out which phase of the SweetLife Entrepreneur System™ you’re in

Episode Highlights:
  1. An explanation of why my SweetLife Entrepreneur System™ roadmap is the most important thing for your business
  2. A breakdown of each of the five phases of the SweetLife Entrepreneur System™
  3. How to use the knowledge of what phase you’re in to help guide your business decisions and actions
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

The SweetLife Entrepreneur System™ is a roadmap consisting of five phases that will help you create your SweetLife Project™ (aka: your business life plan) and take your business from idea to impact.

This is the most important strategy discussed on this podcast for your lifestyle freedom business.

I use the SweetLife System™ when working with my private clients and now I’m sharing this system with you. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of what phase you’re currently in and the knowledge to spring forward into the next one.

How to Take Action:
  1. Take the self-assessment
  2. Get your copy of the SweetLife Entrepreneur System™ roadmap
  3. Declare your current SweetLife System phase on Instagram and tag me

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