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Hi there! I’m April Beach… Entrepreneur Activator and Consultant.  In this group I post and support you personally. If you’re ready to grow your service business and LAUNCH A LIFE YOU LOVE… you’re in the right place.

I make the confusing simple, I make strategies clear, and I give entrepreneurs a plan to “Go To Market” faster and more productively.


You’ll Love This Group If

  • You’re ready to be your own boss, or grow your company
  • You’re a coach, consultant or service provider
  • You want a virtual business and laptop life
  • You feel like you’re called to make an impact and do more
  • You’ve had too many distractions are are ready to focus and reach your goals
  • You want to dominate your 20 hour work week
  • You want time and geographic freedom
  • Your want a purposeful business, not a hobby
  • You love rich life experiences
  • You love giving first, giving back and want to build a business that leaves a legacy
  • You’re driven, motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to build, launch and grow your dream business
  • You’d love to connect with other like minded business women across the world, who are walking the same walk
  • You want free expert trainings and support from an business strategist with over 14 years entrepreneur coaching experience and dedication

You’ll Hate This Group If

  • You want to sell your programs, products or grow your list from our members
  • You’re a bitch, judgmental or rude
  • You want to “spy” on competition – {Don’t be that girl. If you’re not confident enough to trust your own instincts, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. Plus stealing other’s IP is illegal and you’ll be kicked out}
  • .You’re never active, don’t post {ever}, and this group is just a holding place on your maga-group membership shelf
  • All of the above is at my discretion alone
  • If you’re a business coach you are welcome to join, however no promotions, links or posting to promote your services allowed

Posting Guidelines

  • There are so many of you that need each other! Connect! That’s the purpose of this community!
  • I love it when members go LIVE. This is a great, safe place for you to practice and for us to get to know you better. See THEME days for LIVE challenges!
  • Help each other out! Don’t be a benchwarmer, those people never make a difference.
  • No posting or promoting your own business without a purpose. Post in response to someone else’s need only please.
  • *No posting to other business consulting or coaching

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