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Episode 108: Stop Consuming, Start Creating, and Mother Like a Boss – with Kendra Hennessy

Kendra Hennessy SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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Episode Highlights:
  1. The importance of setting boundaries for consumption time and creation time.
  2. The biggest problems that result from not setting proper boundaries.
  3. Kendra tips for setting boundaries in your work and life and how for sticking to them.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

Kendra Hennessy is a mother of two, a home management expert, the Founder of Mother Like a Boss, and the Host of the Mother Like a Boss podcast.

Kendra’s mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult and tedious parts of running a home smoother through systems, routines, and mindset shifts.

In this episode, Kendra and I take a deep dive into the importance of having boundaries both at home and in your business. This is especially important when it comes to being specific about when you’re going to consume information and when you’re actually going to create things for your business because, as Kendra says …

“If you’re in consumption mode, you can’t be in creative mode.”

How to Take Action:
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    3. Say no to at least one thing this week.

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