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    Episode 100: StartUp Stories: From The Trenches of Entrepreneurship

    This episode contains explicit language.

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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    Episode Highlights:
    1. My appreciation for you, my incredible audience, for helping me reach the milestone of 100 podcast episodes.
    2. Four mini-interviews with amazing women who’re in the trenches building their businesses.
    3. The program of mine that one guest said she wished she would’ve gone through before spending 15K on various coaches and programs over the past several years.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    The first thing I need to say is thank you. Thank you for continuing to tune in. For sharing the show with others. For connecting with me on other platforms. And, for sharing how much this show means to you.

    I thought long and hard about how I wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone and then I realized, it had be about you.

    This show wouldn’t have reached 100 episodes if it weren’t for you, my amazing listeners, and the only way I can celebrate that is by sharing some of your stories.

    The four women featured in this special episode are your sisters. They’re in the trenches building their business just like you.

    You’ll hear from Kelly Bond; who talks about “rewilding” herself. As a former extreme athlete turned mother and entrepreneur, she’s finding her way back to her wild side and creating a business that will help other women do the same.

    You’ll also hear from Monica Miller. Monica has been in business for a few years but is choosing to completely pivot her ideal client avatar and utilize a local market to grow her online business.

    You’ll also hear from Paty Mariposa. The last year has seen Paty turn a hobby into a business, epically fail at her first big launch, and then have her most profitable week-to-date.

    Lastly, you’ll also hear from Ali Zabel. While in business school, Ali never dreamed having children would become a priority over her career … until she held her baby in her arms for the first time and realized she needed to design a business that would fit her newly aligned priorities.

    How to Take Action:
    1. Check out my ICA Masterclass.
    2. Check out each of these amazing ladies’ websites and share their business with anyone you feel would benefit from their services.
    3. Follow these incredible women on social media using the links below and let them know how much you enjoyed hearing their honest accounts of building their businesses.

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    Links Mentioned:

    Kelly Bond’s Website

    Grow Her Wild

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    Monica Miller’s Website

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    Paty Mariposa’s Website

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    Ali Zabel’s Website

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    Ali Zabel on Pinterest

    April Beach on Instagram

    The SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast on Instagram

    April Beach’s ICA Masterclass

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