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    Episode 111: Simple Steps To Create The Systems You Need For Profit And Productivity – with Kate Erickson

    Kate Erickson SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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    Take a listen to Kate’s entire podcast season on creating systems for your business.

    Episode Highlights:
    1. Five simple, yet effective steps to create systems that build efficiency and profitability in your business.
    2. The three options you have for making the completion of a task more efficient.
    3. The importance of actually outlining the process for completing tasks.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    Kate Erickson is a creator, engager, and implementer at Entrepreneurs On Fire, which is an award-winning podcast where John Lee Dumas interviews inspiring entrepreneurs every Monday and drops value bombs every Thursday. She is also the host of the podcast, Kate’s Take, and co-author of The Podcast Journal.

    Kate is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow.

    I’ve personally been learning from Kate for years and one of the things I love about her is her ability to break things down in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

    If you’ve been trying to build a business but you don’t have the systems in place to gain traction, Kate’s simple strategies are sure to help.

    How to Take Action:
      1. Take a listen to Kate’s entire podcast season on creating systems for your business.
      2. Complete the five steps Kate listed in this episode and let me know on Instagram how they’ve helped you become more efficient and profitable.
      3. Join me in my business mentorship and mastermind, The Committed.

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    Entrepreneurs on Fire and Kate’s Take Podcasts

    The Podcast Journal

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