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Episode 32: Reset & Refocus Entrepreneur Challenge

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It’s Time to Reset and Refocus

I took seven weeks off from my business this summer, to travel with my kids. Now that they’re heading back to school, it’s time to reset and refocus. I actually do a complete reset every August. It’s part of my #lifestylebusiness system.

I’ve you’ve taken time off, or your business just isn’t where you thought it would be by this point in the year, I highly suggest you reset and refocus with me!

… And that’s what we’re talking about on this week’s SweetLife episode!

Why You Should Tune In?

As an entrepreneur, you’re solely responsible for the growth and success of your business. It’s critical to make sure you’re in line with your goals and make adjustments when needed.

I truly believe a successful entrepreneur never stops learning.

Not only does that apply to new systems, platforms, and skills… This also applies to learning and assessing your own business status and growth needs.

What Can You Expect?

I breakdown the five different core areas of resetting and refocusing and why they’re so important. You’ll learn about each and why they all affect your overall business goals.

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