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    Episode 62: Pursuing What You Love Every Day Pt. 2 – with Katya Libin

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    Today, We’re Continuing to Talk About Support for Mama Entrepreneurs.

    Being a entrepreneurial mama requires a supportive community in order to stay sane and be successful.

    In last week’s episode, I introduced you to Katya Libin and today we’re continuing our conversation about how she helps women just like you find the support they need.

    In This Episode:

    Katya Libin is the Co-Founder of Heymama; a global community for entrepreneurial mamas.

    After attending college with the intent of becoming a lawyer, Katya quickly found herself being one of the top sales staff at an emerging tech company working with brands like Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and American Express to name a few.

    After she unexpectedly found herself pregnant while all her friends were still partying it up in New York City, she realized she felt alone in her personal life and unfulfilled in her professional one.

    After meeting her current business partner, and fellow mama, she discovered that a connection to other business-minded mama’s was what she had been missing.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, Katya talks about the need to have confidence as both an entrepreneur and mother, why we shouldn’t be intimidated by the unknown, the importance of democratizing information, knowledge, and experiences, and more!


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