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    Podcast Guesting Strategies To Establish Thought Leadership – with Angie Trueblood and April Beach (Episode 273)

    Podcast Guesting Strategies To Establish Thought Leadership - with Angie Trueblood

    This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 4  of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™

    Who is this episode for:

    Coaches and consultants who are ready to level up and become know, and are looking for higher level strategies to use podcast guesting to increase sales and expand their reach.


    This episode is part of our “Becoming Known” Series of curated shows and cherry picked experts to level up your brand and establish thought leadership in your space. 
    Today, we’re detailing a higher level strategy to use podcast guesting to grow your business. We all know that podcast guesting is a great way to be seen, but what we’re talking about today surpasses the basics of “how to pitch”. 
    Our guest expert Angie Trueblood (The Podwize Group), unfolds powerful strategies used by thought leaders to expand awareness of their expertise that you may not have considered. In this show Angie shares insider thoughts to approach shows, why you should reconsider your signature talk titles based on your objectives, how to research hosts and analyze if they’re a good fit and how you could actually be holding back your brand from growth based on your guesting strategy. 
    Don’t miss this episode if: 
    • You use podcast guesting as lead generation
    • You need to rise above the noise in your niche
    • You’re a coach, consultant or expert and it’s time to separate yourself form the everyday work and start moving to leadership
    • You have been pitching the big shows and it’s not working 


    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Understand immediate changes you need to make to your show titles based on your objective
    2. Rethink your biggest wish list shows and search for off-grid podcasts with more power for your brand
    3. Choose one action to implement that will move you towards faster recognition to become known
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:45] April: Hi you guys. Welcome to episode number 273. I am excited to bring this show particularly, It disrupts the way that most people are taught about podcast guesting.

    [00:00:59] April: So we’ve talked about [00:01:00] podcast guesting a lot here on this show, but this is for those of you that are really, uh, interested in working intentionally to use podcast guesting to become known. This is for those of you who are either new in business, but really this is primarily for those of you guys who are scaling companies.

    [00:01:16] April: All right? This show we talk about strategies to become known and establish yourself as a thought leader, not just to go on shows that have a ton of listeners, and, uh, hopefully get a couple of downloads of your PDF freebie. We’re beyond that and we’re talking about the Nick’s level of using podcast guesting for thought leadership and become known.

    [00:01:37] April: On this show. So if you are an established business, you’re in the process of scaling, you’re a coach, an author, a speaker, a consultant, a a niche service expert, and you want to make sure everybody knows that you are the the leader of a different way of thinking in a different space, or you have a methodology or you have a program that’s really leading [00:02:00] the way.

    [00:02:00] April: If you still feel like perhaps you’re that best kept secret, this is the show for you to listen. At the end of this show, you are gonna be given very specific implementation steps. We actually have an implementation section at the end of that, so make sure you hang out for that and you’re gonna know which shows are the right ones for you.

    [00:02:18] April: You’re even gonna rethink your podcast pitching topics, and we’re gonna talk about the power of networking and where to look for the right host. And the right shows for you. My guest today is a very good friend. We’ve been friends for quite a few years now. Since I’ve had this Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast.

    [00:02:38] April: She has truly sent us the best guests that are, are just ready to deliver you guys gold. As a matter of fact, have you’ve been a listener for years? Quite a few of our amazing guests have come from this incredible woman and her team. This is Angie Trueblood that’s chatting with you here today on the show.

    [00:02:53] April: She’s the founder of the pod group and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, and she uses her entrepreneurial [00:03:00] spirit, innovative thinking, and super connector powers to deeply support business owners who are using podcast guesting as the core. Of their business growth. Now, Angie, on a personal side, is super passionate about normalizing the voices of women in leadership positions, which she feels privileged to play an active role in through her work and kind of a funny little thing, Angie and I are both like, Bird watching dorks.

    [00:03:28] April: So over Christmas we were like sending each other these pictures of these like bird feeders that have cameras in them that you can like identify the kind of bird that’s eating on your bird feeder. Uh, so there’s just a little bit behind the scenes of, of how much we geek out. When we talk, whether it’s about ridiculous, uh, bird feeders or finding you guys the right shows to become known.

    [00:03:49] April: So if this is what you’re looking for, I promise you I don’t talk about bird feeders with her on this show. Just sharing a little behind the scenes with you guys, uh, then we’re gonna dive into it today. All of the [00:04:00] show notes can be found by visiting sweet life 2 73. This is episode number 273.

    [00:04:08] April: The show notes will contain the transcription. All of the downloads, the links to connect with Angie and the summary of what we talked about. So they are pretty valuable. If you haven’t been to our show notes, uh, it’s, it’s kind of a, a hidden patch of gold if you haven’t tapped into that. All right, so if you guys are ready, let’s go ahead and dive in with Angie Trueblood.

    [00:04:30] April: Hey you guys. I’m so glad that you’re here. I am here with my friend Angie Trueblood. And Angie has really been, uh, the guide for us in podcast guesting, as well as her company actually sends the best, my favorite podcast guest over, over to us. Anytime we get something from Angie and her team saying, Hey, listen, you know, you, you should really, I.

    [00:04:53] April: Person. We stop everything that we’re doing and we check it out. So today we’re talking about, and we’re continuing our [00:05:00] series on becoming known. This is episode number 273, and we are diving into the very specifics of why podcast guesting and how podcast guesting can advance your mission to become known.

    [00:05:14] April: And what we’re really gonna dive into today are some things that you probably don’t hear on most shows. How to be a podcast guest or expand your reach through podcast casting. So we’re gonna pull back the curtain, especially for those of you guys that are a bit more advanced in entrepreneurship and help you understand how do you po use podcast guesting to scale your company.

    [00:05:36] April: Angie, welcome. Thank you so much for being 

    [00:05:38] Angie: here. Thank you, friend. It’s so good to see you. 

    [00:05:41] April: I know, I know. We’re on video now, you guys Yeah, if you, if you aren’t watching us on video, I, I, as I said to Angie, we’re doing video, but we actually don’t have it up yet. , uh, we will by then, this will be on YouTube, so you should check it out on YouTube as well.

    [00:05:54] April: So, Angie, you know, when we talk about podcast guesting, it’s. obviously not a big secret. [00:06:00] The podcast guesting, there’s a great opportunity to become known. Mm-hmm. , but what, what are people not being told? What, what is the flow of the masses and what do we wanna talk about to dis today in a way to not necessarily disrupt that, but help our listeners to rethink and maybe catapult above the masses who, who are trying to be podcast.

    [00:06:23] Angie: Yeah, I think it’s a great question. Um, I think the primary thing that we see not happening in the industry is not enough focus being spent on being strategic with who people are pitching, and there’s a myriad of things within the pitches, but I think from a higher level business growth perspective, Really identifying the types of audiences that are going to move your business forward.

    [00:06:50] Angie: Also, identifying the types of hosts that are gonna help you be known and become an authority in a particular space are really important [00:07:00] pieces that I don’t always see happening out there in the podcast. Pitching and guesting conversations. Right. 

    [00:07:07] April: There’s so much pressure to, you know, be on EO Fire or you know, be on, um, online marketing Made Easy and be on these huge shows, and PR coaches teach you to work your way up to those shows.

    [00:07:21] April: But I love the conversations that you and I have about the fact that those shows aren’t really the winning places for many people who need to become known in established thought leaderships. What? You know, why is that? . 

    [00:07:36] Angie: Well, it’s interesting, um, a lot of the bigger shows candidly, are changing their model.

    [00:07:43] Angie: I mean, we could go on about this forever, um, but some of the sh show, the shows are charging to have guests come on. And to me that kind of shifts the intent of the podcast from getting in front of audiences to it being more of like a sponsored collaboration. So that [00:08:00] to me, for some of the bigger shows, is a whole different ball of wax.

    [00:08:05] Angie: I mean, I would say the niche piece of it, and that’s what we do really well. And I think it’s because internally I am a very big nerd. I love research. My background is in science. I just hired someone. She’s from a PR firm. They serve tech companies. So we’re a little nerdy over here at the Budweis Group

    [00:08:23] Angie: But really digging in and seeing. , what are some of these shows that might not have millions of downloads, but have a really engaged audience in a particular vertical? So for me, I even, I almost shift my verticals of who we positioned me as a guest on, like who we outwardly reach out to. Last year I had a big focus.

    [00:08:46] Angie: I wanted to guest on shows that were hosted by podcast producers so that I would have a relationship with producers so they could refer their clients. To us. It has worked in the sense that I’ve created [00:09:00] relationships with a lot of producers, but I’ve also found that a lot of people who have their own podcasts are a little cash strapped, especially if they have a producer and they’re not always willing to come up off of it, you know, to have another level of service provider.

    [00:09:17] Angie: But it was a great mm-hmm. experimentation for us. Um, where I see the best benefit is really identifying these niche. Complimentary service providers, so for your listeners who are scaling, they know who they serve, they know what they do for them. Finding people who serve that same audience but in a different way is really key to getting in front of an audience and actually having a really good shot of having your pitch accepted.

    [00:09:45] April: Right. . It’s a such an interesting strategy. And, and, and I think that there, there, like I said, there’s so much pressure about wanting to be on these really big shows, but what you’re saying and what we talk about is [00:10:00] the gold, like, you know, they, for that, like the riches are in the niches. Well, the podcast is actually, is the same thing and I love that, that.

    [00:10:06] April: I love that you’re talking about that. So our listeners really need to establish their goals in who the decision makers are. So as you guys are listening to this and, and trying to identify how to apply this to your business, I want you to think of your buyer. I want you to think of the person that is going to be making a decision.

    [00:10:26] April: About whether or not they buy your services. If you guys are listening and you’re still in what we call that scale level where you’re selling your coaching and your programs to other individuals, then where are they and where are they not being inundated in, you know, fire hose with people just like you, right?

    [00:10:47] April: Let’s 

    [00:10:47] Angie: talk about that. Yeah. I mean, a great exercise for your listener to do is make a list of the clients that you’ve coached before. I’m sure many are in the hundreds, so the ones that really [00:11:00] stand out in your mind that you were really successful, you saw breakthroughs. And you also enjoyed it. Also, if they send referrals your way, that’s a bonus too.

    [00:11:10] Angie: So make a list of those clients that you’ve had before and then really describe their industry. That’s one thing we do with all of our clients on our intake call is tell, I don’t wanna know that they’re 25 to 35 years old and interested in wellness. Like that’s cool, but tell me. If it’s a b2b, cuz we work with a lot of B2B clients.

    [00:11:33] Angie: Who are they? Like describe them, what industry are they in? Are they copywriters? Did you have this one client who was a Facebook ad strategist? And whatever you did for them was amazing. . Then we wanna find niche shows that are possibly talking to Facebook ad strategists or service providers, like virtual assistants, or, we have a client right now and she helps C-Suite leaders really kind of take [00:12:00] their style and use it as an asset to showing up authentically.

    [00:12:04] Angie: She works with hospital CEOs and law firm partners, so. Finding shows that are talking to attorneys and women in non-traditional spaces, really. So you gotta figure out who are the people that you love working with? Let’s start there because you obviously connect with them. So showing up on a show that is speaking to an audience of those people, they’re gonna pick up on your energy and then when they come to chat with you, you’re both gonna have that.

    [00:12:34] April: right. What a great example and thank you for sharing about your client and this triggers me to wanna share with you guys. So one of the things that the Pod Wise group helped us with is making a list of shows where people who want to license their content, In or create a certification program are listening.

    [00:12:56] April: And so these other shows, it’s not all online business. I have an [00:13:00] online business podcast. Right. Like Yeah. You know, pitching me on another podcast. It’s kind of a lot like mine doesn’t Yeah. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Right. But where are those other places? What are those other podcasts or what are those other genres, if you will?

    [00:13:15] April: Mm-hmm. that, uh, that my higher level clients that are moving. Licensing content to companies and other businesses, um, might be listening. and they might not even be in the online business space. Yeah. And so that was a really good exercise for us to go to. They could be corporate consultants, you know, that, that want to do this.

    [00:13:37] April: So that was a really good exercise. And so that’s, go through that process like Angie said, and really identify and kind of break that mold that you’ve been told in. You know, just pitch to the big ones. Do the, what is it called? Like the PR ladder where you get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And although that’s, , but sometimes the gold and we’re, we’re seeing this kind [00:14:00] of across the board.

    [00:14:00] April: It’s been a trend for the last eight 18 months that the bigger shows, the bigger programs, so that, you know, people just don’t really wanna be there anymore. They wanna be known. They wanna be in spaces where their people are, where they don’t feel like just a drop of water in the ocean. And so this totally aligns with that.

    [00:14:16] April: Okay. So let’s kind of switch. Yeah, 

    [00:14:18] Angie: go ahead. Well, a lot of the well known shows are catering to beginning business owners. So depending on what your service is, they’re not at a point unless you have a DIY offering. They’re not at a point they will. I mean, rightly so. I did it when I was new in business, but they are there to get as much free content as they can while they’re getting everything lined up.

    [00:14:41] Angie: But if you have packages that are multi thousands of dollars, you, I. I mean people that are business owners like you and I and your listeners, like, think of the shows that you are listening to. Are you listening to online marketing Made Easy? Maybe, but I’m not Anyone. Not anymore. . [00:15:00] Yeah. So you wanna, that’s why the niche piece is so incredible, because no matter what stage of business you’re in, who doesn’t wanna listen to a podcast that’s telling the ins and outs of your specific industry?

    [00:15:14] April: Right. Right, right, right. Yeah. Okay. So hopefully we have you guys rethinking what shows you’re pitching. Angie, I wanna I want you to speak, um, for a minute. You talked about it a little bit before about networking, but when, when we’re talking about becoming known, which is the purpose of this series, how can we use networking through podcasting to become known, uh, you know, regardless of of where the show is Now, let’s kind of switch gears a little bit into, to, to.

    [00:15:43] April: Area of gold that I don’t think that people talk about often enough. 

    [00:15:46] Angie: Yeah, I mean, it is one of my primary networking tools. I am currently most active on other people’s podcasts and LinkedIn, and it really just has to do with you seeing these interviews as an [00:16:00] opportunity to develop a relationship with a host that exists after.

    [00:16:05] Angie: The podcast interview goes live. So that’s the first piece of it is, and it comes back again to strategically choosing the types of shows you’re gonna be on. Maybe the show that you’re pitching is not hosted by, uh, someone that has a giant audience, but if, you know, they’re super connector. We’ve pitched shows recently to where the show is really not that big, but they, the host has a massive LinkedIn following, and so, That’s awesome.

    [00:16:34] Angie: Like let’s get connected with that person because you can interact with them and their network. So the host is one piece of it, and then you can drive listeners to actually connect with you, right? So I think that’s the beauty of podcast guesting and one way to stand out is to show up as a human, to show up as craving relationships and wanting to connect with others and guiding people, like at [00:17:00] this point in the interview.

    [00:17:01] Angie: Your listener knows that I’m active on LinkedIn, right? So it would be a natural thing after this interview, like connect with me on LinkedIn, send me a DM if you have a question about what we’re talking about. So that’s really two pieces, is encourage the listener and talk to the listener. Have them being active, participant in the conversation.

    [00:17:21] Angie: And then, I mean, the host is just priceless. 

    [00:17:25] April: Right. Oh my gosh. That is so smart. And I feel like, um, especially just a side note with LinkedIn and how active you have been on LinkedIn. I have, I have seen your networking on LinkedIn and how much you’re doing on there and it’s just, it’s just been a real game changer for you and I know a lot of other people as well.

    [00:17:43] April: So, um, definitely do connect with, with Angie on LinkedIn. We’ll make sure her LinkedIn profile information is in the show notes. Okay, so today we’ve talked about rethinking, becoming known through podcasting. We have talked about rethinking what everybody’s [00:18:00] saying about wanting to be on the big shows and really hunting for the gold in specific areas, specific niches.

    [00:18:06] April: And you talked about doing so in such a way that establish. Thought leadership in a space. Mm-hmm. . Um, how would you help our listeners understand or define thought leadership is defined in so many different ways. Um, but is there a specific strategy or a specific, how do I wanna ask this question? So it’s useful for our users.

    [00:18:30] April: If somebody says, I wanna be known as the x Y. Yeah. As a person who helps them connect to the right podcasts, what are your first steps to help them accomplish that goal? 

    [00:18:45] Angie: A lot of times what we do is elevate the talk topics that they typically. Bring to us. Uh, we recently had a jumpstart client where we create the strategy, the pitch list, the template, everything, and hand it over to them for their team to pitch.[00:19:00] 

    [00:19:00] Angie: And she came in, so she’s an operations consultant and she came in and had previously pitched herself occasionally. And there was a ton of how-to topics. And I went through and I was like, Nope, you’re not at this level anymore. Nope. The people you wanna work with don’t want to know this stuff. . So a lot of it is about up-leveling.

    [00:19:20] Angie: When I started pitching myself, it was all how to mm-hmm. , here’s like the five things to include in a pitch. It was very how to now we’re elevating into what’s the impact that guesting can have? How can you repurpose and not work yourself to death creating content? So think about to be a thought leader.

    [00:19:41] Angie: It really does. Revolve around having a different idea of your industry or a unique perspective that others don’t have. For us, it’s all about the relationships and the long-term impact it can have. Um, so I would encourage you listener, as you’re especially looking in the scale [00:20:00] phase and looking to connect with pretty high level decision makers.

    [00:20:04] Angie: Get yourself out of the how-to topics, like get yourself into the, this is what’s going on in our industry. This is the impact that the work that I do can have, and this is how we can impact your business, your company, your clients. Wow. 

    [00:20:20] April: That was. everything right there. Um, , I think if it, if you guys are here and you need to hit rewind and re go back 15 seconds, like three times and listen to what Angie just said because now we have wrapped it together in, in a very powerful fireball for you is change the shows you’re looking to pitch yourself on.

    [00:20:42] April: If you’ve been going after the masses. Look for hosts that are very industry specific and where your decision makers are, where your buyers. Know your buyers know if you’re going from the newbie buyer to the advanced [00:21:00] buyer. And finally, and this is gold. Seriously, this is amazing. Thank you for sharing that.

    [00:21:07] April: Change the topics that you are pitching. If you wanna level yourself up as a thought leader in your space. Get away from the basic how-tos, which might be. Um, what do they, what do you call it? Click bait, , you know? Yeah. Might be click bait ways, three 

    [00:21:22] Angie: topics to pitch a podcast . Right, right, right. 

    [00:21:24] April: Uh, and instead talk about things kind of like we’re talking about here in this show.

    [00:21:29] April: This show is not titled How to, how to Grow Whatever Your Business Through Podcast Casting. We did those shows four years ago. Right. Yeah. Now we’re talking about how to rethink podcast guesting and what people aren’t telling you about podcast guesting to truly establish thought leadership in your space and become known.

    [00:21:48] April: And Angie is our go-to person. I think I’ve made that really clear. Um, just really appreciate her work. Um, it, I also will say this, if your business is to the level where you have [00:22:00] teams pitching, Angie’s company is really great with that . Okay? So also if you’re listening, if you’re self pitching, that’s awesome.

    [00:22:08] April: Like keep it up, keep, keep up the work. Make sure that you’re being mindful about your pitching, and we’re gonna connect you with Angie and resources to do this if you’re to that place where you have your other, your teams. Pitching and you’re building teams to pitch you. Um, that’s really what we lean on a lot for Angie, and a lot of our higher level clients do that as well.

    [00:22:29] April: So, okay. Let’s, let’s wrap this all up. What, uh, what did I not ask you in this consideration of, of using podcast guesting to become known at a higher level that maybe I should have? Was there something that I didn’t cover that we would, we would be doing our listeners a disservice if, if we didn’t quickly hit.

    [00:22:47] Angie: I mean, I think a lot of it is then you get the interview and you show up to record. How can you stand out? How can people who are listening develop an understanding of who you are and how you serve? [00:23:00] And it is about storytelling. It is about sharing some of the specific examples that I shared today about the operations client, about the client that has, you know, working with attorneys.

    [00:23:12] Angie: Get a couple of those. Like I took notes before we popped on live because I knew the angle and the direction that our conversation was gonna take, and so you need to be prepared to create some depth to your stories because just sharing what you think. It doesn’t trigger the audience to picture you as a thought leader, but when I have clients that serve CEOs of hospital systems, that seems to elevate what I do and who I do it for.

    [00:23:44] Angie: So, especially as you’re stepping into thought leadership, have some higher level stories, higher level examples, kind of on cue in order to give more descriptors to your answers of question. 

    [00:23:58] April: Great, great. And, and people [00:24:00] connect so much better through stories as for sure as well. And, uh, and you. More credible for sure, even though we know you’re already credible.

    [00:24:08] April: Otherwise you wouldn’t be here listening to this show and figuring out how to do this. So we, we all know the three of us know you are super credible. We just wanna make sure everybody else that hears you knows that, that you’re super credible and you’ve helped other people before. 

    [00:24:20] Angie: Um, yeah, well, and stories.

    [00:24:22] Angie: I mean, that’s what I wanna listen to when I listen to a podcast. I don’t, I don’t need another how to at the moment. I need like, just gimme examples. I wanna hear what other people are doing. 

    [00:24:31] April: Right. I love that. I love that. All right, well thank you so much for being on the show today. Okay, so implementation.

    [00:24:37] April: Next steps. How do people connect with you? What, what is the best way? And guys, we will drop this in the show notes as well, but take a pause here for a second and go and connect with Angie where she’s about to 

    [00:24:51] Angie: tell you too. Yeah. How is that the best place to. Any way to connect with me is over on the website, the pod wise

    [00:24:59] Angie: It’s pod [00:25:00] wise, with a z slash hi there, and there will be links to learning about our services. We have them if you want us to pitch you, if you want us to prep what you or your team. Pitch you and we even have strategy sessions. Um, for those of you who are looking for like the actual pitch, because I know that is always a question I get even though we were not talking about it.

    [00:25:22] Angie: Um, there’s a download there so you can see pitches that my team and I have actually sent and my links for LinkedIn are there as well. So all the places that you might wanna connect depending on where you are in your journey is at the pod wises 

    [00:25:37] April: resources of gold. You guys, . All right, Angie, thank you so much.

    [00:25:41] April: Thank you for being my friend and somebody I know always tells me the truth about anything that we’re talking about in podcasting. Thank you for sending us some of the top notch best guests who have been here on this show. And thank you for pouring out so much gold to our listeners and always just freely giving first, and I just really 

    [00:25:59] Angie: appreciate [00:26:00] you for that.

    [00:26:00] Angie: Yeah, same too, friend. Thanks for having. 

    [00:26:03] April: Of course. All right guys, well, there you have it from the insider herself, Angie Trueblood with the pod Wise group. So let’s talk really quick about your implementation steps. First of all, I use Angie. I love her. Obviously she didn’t pay to be on this show. I asked her to come on here and be part of this becoming known series because I know she’s so incredibly valuable for you as.

    [00:26:25] April: Been for us. So definitely check out what they are doing over there, whether or not you’re in a position to work with them, get in their ecosystem because you’re gonna be glad you did. So let’s talk about your implementation steps after this show. What are we gonna do to implement? So here’s really quick wrap up for you.

    [00:26:44] April: This was a big concept we. It was a change of thinking to what you might have done before regarding podcast guesting. So pick one thing that you are going to do or think about or strategize from what we [00:27:00] talked about in this show. I can tell you right now as a team, we’re gonna be going back and making sure the titles of the shows that I am speaking on, the titles of the topics are, are, are not these basic topics.

    [00:27:12] April: based on our audiences that we work with. Now we’re gonna revisit our topics, which of course Angie and our team help us do as well. I think that that was a, a huge piece of gold in this show, but it depends on who you guys are trying to reach, right? So if you’re trying to reach those people that are new to your space, whatever it is you do, then those how-tos are amazing.

    [00:27:36] April: If you’re trying to use this show to establish thought leadership for yourself, then let’s rethink the topic. So you are pitching in what you’re saying on the, on the shows that you become a guest on. Let’s help you to make sure that you are helping others rethink, and therefore that’s gonna level you up more towards thought leadership in your space.

    [00:27:57] April: And of course, solve the, uh, [00:28:00] the, the goal that we’re talking about here, which is becoming. So if that, if you’re good to go and you think your titles are great, what else can you do? You can start researching shows that are very niche specific, very, uh, not necessarily very smaller shows, but smaller shows that have a good engagement.

    [00:28:19] April: Check out their social media handles. Check out, their LinkedIn. LinkedIn has just been so hot, especially for the last couple of of months, especially the last 18 months. So find out how much interaction is happening with those shows. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a gazillion downloads, if they have an interactive audience in, like Angie said, a host that has a bigger following that has a relationship with our listeners.

    [00:28:42] April: That could be the, the gold target that you’re going after as far as podcast guesting. That’s your implementation wrap up. Thank you so much for listening to this show. I’m April Beach. If we don’t know each other, it’s so great to meet you. Uh, you can find all the information that we shared from this [00:29:00] episode by going to

    [00:29:05] April: This is episode number 273. And all the other resources we have for you are at All right, you guys have a fantastic day. Talk to you soon.