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    Pinpointing Potential Buyers for High-Paying Licensing Deals with April Beach and Emily Hall (Episode 291)

    Pinpointing Potential Buyers for High-Paying Licensing Deals



    In this podcast episode, we’re lucky to have Emily Hall join April Beach and share her invaluable strategies for licensing courses or trainings to companies. The central focus here is on picking the best potential buyer for your program. Delve deep into the world of licensing your courses to companies with these two leaders sharing step-by-step in terms everyone can understand. In this insightful discussion, they cover crucial industries to consider for licensing, ranging from government and educational sectors to startups, non-profits, and healthcare. 
    As you listen, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to identify potential buyers and leverage your network effectively. The conversations are loaded with insider tips, practical examples, and key takeaways, offering you a roadmap to successful licensing deals. Whether you’re planning on licensing your program or seeking to expand your reach, this episode is a must-listen that promises to equip you with strategies and insights to amplify your success in the course licensing realm.
    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    • Explore beyond corporations. Government, education sectors, startups, non-profits, and healthcare organizations can be surprisingly lucrative for your course licensing venture.
    • Never underestimate the power of networking. Talk about your work. You never know who might be in a position to connect you to a great opportunity.
    • Tailoring your program to align with the objectives of these organizations can lead to successful licensing deals.
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    Full Show Transcript:



    [00:00:43] April Beach: Hi everybody and welcome back to the show. This is episode number 291, and so all of the show notes and everything we’re gonna talk about here can be found by cruising over to sweet life Click on the podcast and just remember the number 291.

    [00:00:58] April Beach: I’m April Beach. If we haven’t connected [00:01:00] before. I help specialists, subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors. Scale their business online by developing million dollar programs with lifestyle freedom. And so if that’s what you’re looking for, everything we talk about here on this Sweet Life Entrepreneurial podcast is designed to give you proven strategies and steps to accomplish that.

    [00:01:19] April Beach: So thank you so much for joining us here. Let’s kind of unpack who this episode is for. So we’ve been talking a lot about licensing and what licensing is and how to take the courses and the trainings and the content and the frameworks that you have already created. You’ve already been using them in your consulting business and actually allow other companies, To deliver them and actually license them to other companies.

    [00:01:45] April Beach: Giving other companies, corporations, small businesses, even micro entrepreneurs just like you. The ability to distribute your trainings, whether internally to their teams or externally is part of their pro, is part of their products. It is a huge. Not [00:02:00] great secret because I’m trying to make it not a secret.

    [00:02:02] April Beach: And everything that we’ve been doing in this series here on the show for the last couple of episodes is introducing experts like you to this possibility. And so we’re moving from really what is licensing, what is the program, how to do it. Now we’re moving into how to. Sell it. And I brought in our very own Emily Hall.

    [00:02:23] April Beach: Emily is an absolute expert when it comes to selling programs to other companies. She comes in and she works with our clients and handles our clients’ development of their sales processes as well. And so if she was certainly the best person to bring into this show and introduce you to, and so. We are gonna unpack in this particular episode, who to actually sell it to.

    [00:02:47] April Beach: It’s a question I get all the time. You know, you guys say, April, I have this great course, I have this great training, but how do I know who wants to buy it? I’m used to selling it b2c. Now I’m thinking of selling a b2b. [00:03:00] What companies are out there that would want to buy my training, especially some of you guys have amazing niche trainings, like off the wall, super specific, and we’re gonna be giving some case studies of very specific niche trainings.

    [00:03:13] April Beach: And in this episode we’re gonna unpack how to actually go through the process of identifying. Who to sell it to. So Emily is coming in here and we’re also unpacking for you the top five industries and the types of programs that they are buying. This is very important for you to understand. So as we’re walking through, we’re telling you how to connect with companies, how to reach out.

    [00:03:36] April Beach: How to skit the ball, rolling to sell your programs to companies, but also what the top five industries are looking for in the programs are buying right now. This is a really powerful episode for you and on top of it, we of course have an amazing bonus training. If you have not dove in yet, cruise over to licensing launchpad.

    [00:03:56] April Beach: And let you can go to licensing It’s a [00:04:00] little mini training on today’s show, we’re only covering five different industries. In licensing launchpad. We unpack for you 10 top industries in exactly all the programs they’re buying. And we even give you the names of the positions of the people.

    [00:04:14] April Beach: In these companies and who to reach out to, to connect with to sell your program too. So we’ve done all that work for you already. You can cruise over to licensing to get started, and of course, listen to this episode. So let’s go ahead and dive in with Emily Hall. All right, you guys. Welcome back to the show.

    [00:04:33] April Beach: I am super excited about our next expert who’s actually hanging out here with us for the next couple of shows. It’s been long awaited that Emily Hall and I have been trying to get together and record these podcast episodes for you. First of all, this is not just a podcast episode like every single one of our.

    [00:04:51] April Beach: Episodes, I guess we dropped. This is really a training and it’s really important for you all to understand that you should be taking notes here [00:05:00] cuz what Emily’s about to walk you through. People pay thousands and thousands of dollars for this information that’s gonna, that she’s gonna guide you through on these next couple podcast episodes.

    [00:05:11] April Beach: So if you are again in a place where you wanna license your trainings and courses to companies, you’re really ready to scale your business. Uh, listen up. Today we are talking about. Actually who to sell your program to, who to license your program to, who to license your training from a B2B perspective.

    [00:05:30] April Beach: And so I’m so pleased to bring in Emily to guide us through this process and this conversation. And Emily. You’re always in there working with our clients. You guys, our clients are really lucky. If you wanna be one of them, you know where to find us because Emily literally rolls up her sleeves with our clients all the time working through these sales processes, and I wanted to give you guys a taste of how amazing she is.

    [00:05:52] April Beach: And the biggest thing that everybody asks is how do I sell it? How do I sell my license program to another company? Who do [00:06:00] I sell it to? And it kind of just seems like this huge barrier in block, especially for experts and coaches and consultants coming from the coaching space and this is very different.

    [00:06:10] April Beach: It’s actually much. More simple in my opinion, but talk us through this process. What does it look like? How does one even determine who is the best buyer for their program?

    [00:06:23] Emily Hall: Yeah, like you said, it’s a really, really common hangup. You know, especially if you’re already selling B2C, you know who that audience is, you know who that individual buyer is, and when you try to identify companies with those same profiles, it’s, it’s not apples to apples.

    [00:06:36] Emily Hall: It’s apples to oranges for sure. And so figuring out who to target can be a really, really hard spot. So what we really encourage our clients to do and what we help them kind of go through is, A little bit of a, a narrowing down process. So we start with, based on your program, based on your course, your workshop, your training, whatever your material that you’re licensing is, are there any immediate industries that you know would [00:07:00] benefit from?

    [00:07:01] Emily Hall: The transformation that you provide in terms of financial success. So financial success is gonna be kind of that initial hook that most companies are gonna be looking for. There’s obviously layers of reasons that companies say yes to buying programs, but the financial benefit of that, um, is one of the biggest ones.

    [00:07:18] Emily Hall: And you wanna look at that through two perspectives. The first one is the internal, benefit. So how will it help their employees be more productive, be more engaged, be more. Happy, be more successful in what they’re trying to accomplish. And then whoever that company’s client is, their customer, their end user, whatever services they’re providing, how can your program help them be more successful in how they deliver their services?

    [00:07:47] Emily Hall: So looking at the internal financials, so how does it help their staff? How does it help their employees? And then also how does it help their customers? So figuring out. Just out of the gate, are there any industries, any companies, , any, you know, [00:08:00] specific organizations that really makes sense out of the gate for that. That’s kind of the first thing that we look at that can help to narrow it down because there are a million places to take your program

    [00:08:09] Emily Hall: and it’s hard to know where to start.

    [00:08:10] April Beach: Right, and I love that you said that too, because we’ve used that language a lot here on the podcast recently about how to. Pick what programs you wanna license. And we’ve talked about, you know, is your program something that is internally facing or externally facing? And you’re right, both certainly benefit both. But the first thing, if you guys are listening to this and you have a course or a training that you want to figure out how to license other companies, you’re tired of selling them directly yourself.

    [00:08:39] April Beach: And that’s exactly kind of what Emily is saying here. Now, not just identifying the product, but going in and now identifying. How it benefits the company internally and externally as well. I think that’s, I think that’s brilliant. Not just the actual hardcore product itself, but the, the extenuating benefits for sure.

    [00:08:57] Emily Hall: Yeah. Yeah. Um, so the second thing, kind [00:09:00] of the second step, second tier of this is to look at your own experience. You know, you didn’t, you’re not brand new to your expertise. You’re not brand new to doing this. So what industries do you have experience in? What networks are you connected in that would.

    [00:09:15] Emily Hall: Lead to a stronger, easier, smoother connection into a specific industry, into a specific organization. A lot of times that’s a really strong way to start leveraging those relationships using the networks that you’ve spent, you know, years building as a professional to help you launch into this. B2B side of licensing, um, is a really, really smart way to do it.

    [00:09:35] Emily Hall: You’re not starting from scratch, you’re not reaching out for cold calls, you’re leveraging the assets that you’ve got. Um, a lot of times programs can go into lots of different industries. So being able to kind of choose that lowest hanging fruit, if you will, of, alright, what, what can I do to get the most success?

    [00:09:49] Emily Hall: Immediately get that social proof, get that sale, get that, get that success, get those results for those clients, and then be able to move on to the next one. Um, so that’s kind of that second side of it is [00:10:00] what. The company, what they need, what will benefit them, and then also what’s gonna be easiest for you.

    [00:10:05] April Beach: Yeah, and that’s so interesting too cuz so a lot of our listeners haven’t been part of corporate for a long time, or they might not, na, they might not have established corporate relationships. I remember the first time I sold my like, First big deal, license package. It was to, uh, an industry that I had never set foot in in my life.

    [00:10:26] April Beach: And I remember, I remember thinking, oh my gosh, I feel like such a, such a fish outta water here. But I know a lot of our clients, uh, that still then go on to sell programs into industries where they have zero experience or they have zero connection. And so, I love what you teach our clients like there are shortcuts to do this.

    [00:10:47] April Beach: If you don’t have established relationships, you don’t have established connections, you actually have shortcuts on how to find the best industries that actually align with your program. [00:11:00] Uh, can we dive into that a little bit here for our users too?

    [00:11:03] Emily Hall: Yes, yes. There are definitely five main industries that we see program sales being the most successful in. Uh, the first one is, um, a little bit of kind of the broad category of corporations and what we look at within those are, you know, tech companies, financial companies, insurance companies, maybe professional services, things like that. Really large organizations that are providing services directly to customers. So those, um, industries tend to really, they tend to be large. They tend to take a longer time to close cause you have more, um, More

    [00:11:37] April Beach: levels than red tape.

    [00:11:39] Emily Hall: Yes. Yes. Lots of hoops to jump through for sure , but they tend to be some of the biggest, and so they tend to have the largest payouts. And so it’s really, and they’re very established.

    [00:11:50] Emily Hall: They’re very, uh, Um, easy to understand how they work. They’re very similar to each other. And so once you kind of dial in your value proposition for one company, you can [00:12:00] very easily take it to different companies that are similar. So that is one that’s really, really successful , especially for. Yeah, it’s just, it’s a very, it’s a very, very successful industry.

    [00:12:12] April Beach: Right. And I know that our listeners are like saying, okay, when you say like, big deals, like big sales deals, um, you know, we love dropping numbers for you guys here on the podcast. I know that we have current CR clients right now that are in deals with big industries for over a million dollars for one course.

    [00:12:28] April Beach: What other numbers have you seen, Emily, when we’re talking about. Licensing your training and program to these larger corporations. What are, what are some of the sales numbers that you have seen with program selling in the past?

    [00:12:40] Emily Hall: Yeah, it can be, it depends on the, the specificity of the course really and how many people in the organization it applies to. It can be as little as, you know, two to 500,000 up over in the multiple of millions, just depending on what segment of the organization it’s targeting, what area of their team, um, is going to be using it [00:13:00] or what segment of their, um, end users or their customers are gonna be using it. But there’s definitely a really broad range there.

    [00:13:06] April Beach: Right. I love how you said as little as two to 500, 250 to 500,000. No big deal. Yeah. We’re talking, we’re talking about one training guys, one course. So we really, we really wanna let you know that this is feasible. People are doing it, our clients are doing it. You can be doing it too. Uh, okay. So that’s one area is the per professional training, like the larger corporations, our purchasing programs.

    [00:13:29] April Beach: All the time. Yes. What is another industry that is, that you wanna share with our listeners?

    [00:13:36] Emily Hall: Yeah, so while those organizations typically have pretty large budgets that are pretty flexible, um, one that they surprisingly have larger budget budgets than people realize is the government and education side of things.

    [00:13:49] Emily Hall: So we see a lot of people find success selling to government organizations and educational entities, uh, because governments and educational. [00:14:00] Organizations. They have, they have set budgets, they have money that they have to spend, they have grants, they have bonds, they have all these pools of money that have to be spent.

    [00:14:07] Emily Hall: And so being able to really tap into those and build relationships is so helpful. The other great thing is once you get into one, they tend to refer to each other. So it tends to be a really nice domino effect of using multiple sales after that initial, um, that initial deal closes. Of, you know, other similar organizations in other states or other parts of the country or other regions or other, you know, departments wanting a similar transformation.

    [00:14:32] Emily Hall: They, that referral network within government and within education is really, really strong. So it’s very, very beneficial to tap into that industry.

    [00:14:41] April Beach: That’s fascinating. Um, and again, we do, you know, you and I are both working collectively with clients that have government deals and education deals. And so what I’m hearing you say, and what I’ve heard you say to our clients as well, is that they literally have the money and they actually have to spend it.

    [00:14:58] April Beach: So it’s not, it, [00:15:00] it, they’re there, they’re looking for programs constantly to fit into certain areas, both education. And this is, you know, these are primary education, secondary education and government, and they are always looking for curriculum and programs. Uh, and, and they do have the funding for that.

    [00:15:16] April Beach: So that’s exciting for, for you to hear. Um, hopefully exciting for you listeners to hear as exciting. It is for me to have her tell you that. Uh, okay. So number three, we talked about. Larger corporations. We talked about government and education. Now what is the third industry that we often see programs being sold into?

    [00:15:37] Emily Hall: Yeah. So the third one is, um, actually the startup world. And by startup world, I mean not necessarily your, you know, bootstrapping entrepreneur or your, you know, brick and mortar small business. I’m talking about the startups that go through the funding process, go through the venture capital, whole chain of barriers? Yes. Um, to try and get up and grow. [00:16:00] Those organizations have, uh, they have a lot of cash, so especially depending on where they’re at in their funding stages, they have cash to burn and they have to spend it in specific ways. So being able to tap into those, um, that part of the industry, that startup industry.

    [00:16:15] Emily Hall: Of companies, um, is really, really helpful. If you were able to help them reach their next funding goal, help them reach their next milestone of rolling out, building, launching, scaling their product. There are different levels of funding that are unlocked at different levels. So if you can help an organization get to that next place in a way that saves them money, saves them time, makes them look good, it’s gonna be a much, much easier sale.

    [00:16:39] Emily Hall: So you see a lot of success in startups with programs that help companies accomplish those things.

    [00:16:43] April Beach: Oh, that’s so exciting. Okay. Uh, industry number four.

    [00:16:48] Emily Hall: Yes. So this one is a little bit of a surprise and it’s a little bit, it, it, it works in a very specific situation, but the fourth one is actually the nonprofit world. So [00:17:00] nonprofits like to, uh, they’re there to help people. They have big hearts. They have a mission, they have employees that are engaged. Everybody is, is working towards something. And while they don’t necessarily have a. Like a, a budget the size of maybe a government entity or a big corporation, they have a vested interest in furthering their mission.

    [00:17:23] Emily Hall: So if your program aligns with them seeing success in their mission, it’s going to be very helpful. They also have to be very transparent. With how they spend their money, where they spend their money, things like that. And so being able to, you know, they have caps on how much they can spend on salaries typically.

    [00:17:39] Emily Hall: So they’ve got, you know, cash that they want to put back into their programs, back into their business to further their mission. So if your program aligns with that and you’ve got those good relationships, you’ve got that good track record proving that you can get that result for them. That’s, it’s a great place to be.

    [00:17:55] April Beach: Fantastic. I love that. Uh, and we have also seen success with our [00:18:00] clients in that area. Uh, and I think that you were part of some of those deals, or you were around in some of those deals last year for a couple clients who were going through and it was, it really was surprising to me. I’ll be really honest.

    [00:18:11] April Beach: To see exactly how much nonprofits we’re spending on programs. Um, and certainly encouraging to see that in, in their desire to purchase programs that help them accomplish their mission is, it’s a, it’s frankly blows my mind. I’ll be really honest. Um, makes me really happy cuz our clients are making money and the, and the organizations are really happy, but it, it still surprises me.

    [00:18:36] April Beach: To see how much the money that they will actually spend on, on the right types of programs. So that’s awesome. Okay. Uh, and then number five, what is the last one?

    [00:18:46] Emily Hall: The fifth industry is actually healthcare. Healthcare is massive and there are so many different segments of it, and they have money to spend, they tend to be more heavily regulated.

    [00:18:58] Emily Hall: So you are, [00:19:00] depending on your program, it may have to be compliant with certain things. Um, but healthcare organizations have. They have a mission, they have things that they’re trying to accomplish. They need to take care of their patients. They need to take care of their staff. So if your program helps them to deliver better care, keep their staff happy, save them money in the long term, they’re willing to spend that money to save that money in the long term, especially on the scale that most healthcare or healthcare organizations operate at.

    [00:19:24] Emily Hall: Being able to see that, um, that really high r o ROI on the, that return on their investment in your program. They’re, it’s worth it to them. It really is. And so being able to, you know, help in any one of those areas, increase that quality of care, increase their patient outcomes, help their staff be more engaged, help with their retention, help with their success, um, and then ultimately save them money through either one of those things or just money saving efforts in general.

    [00:19:52] Emily Hall: That’s going to be, It’s, it’s a really, really great place to be, and once you get into healthcare, it’s easier to go into other areas of healthcare. So that’s also a [00:20:00] really nice part of it. It’s very similar to government and education that way. Um, it’s a, it’s a, they tend to be a tighter, um, industry and so it’s, it’s easier to roll that into referrals with other organizations.

    [00:20:11] April Beach: Yeah, that’s fascinating. And I remember my first program, my first big program that I ever sold, um, all my whole package and course and content and everything to, um, was to, was to a healthcare corporation, um, which was actually to a hospital. And interestingly enough, their desire to buy it was marketing.

    [00:20:31] April Beach: Um, they, you know, cause they were, they were patient fo facing classes and courses and content that I was selling. And this hospital wanted to compete so badly and they wanted to be the go-to hospital in their city. And that was really valuable to them to bring in all of my trainings and programs and content.

    [00:20:52] April Beach: In a way that they had exclusivity to it and they paid me for that exclusivity that nobody else had it. And they really [00:21:00] wanted to increase the number of patients that were going to their hospital for a specific reason. And I remember actually being really quite surprised at that. So also, you guys, if you have programs that could be patient facing as well.

    [00:21:14] April Beach: Um, for, for healthcare, uh, certainly that’s another opportunity for, for, for you guys as well. And I can speak from experience. So let’s kind of do a quick recap. So the whole entire purpose of this episode, and we’re doing some mini episodes here to really help people get great information fast. So the whole purpose of this episode is really identifying who do you sell your licensed program to, who do you sell your training program to?

    [00:21:41] April Beach: And you talked about obviously making sure that. Our listeners understand the benefit in who really benefits, whether it’s internally and externally. And then you talked about definitely the path of lease resistance is going to people you already know your network, you already know who do you know, who have you worked with in the [00:22:00] past?

    [00:22:00] April Beach: Who do you know that maybe in a C-suite level? Um, so certainly that is the fastest way. If, however, you’re honestly like a lot of our clients who haven’t worked in, in C-suite. And they want to sell their programs. You just went through the top five industries and the types of programs they buy all the time in what they’re looking for.

    [00:22:24] April Beach: And you said, um, you covered number one, financial tech and, and just overall corporations. You talked about what they were looking for, their drivers and what type of programs. They’re constantly on the hunt and they’re constantly purchasing. And then you went in to talk about. Government and education.

    [00:22:41] April Beach: And again, we have a lot of clients with programs in government education and who are building programs for government and education. And to me, that whole thing is so fascinating. I’ll share one case study really quick that a few years ago we had a client that taught, um, how to do, uh, how to create great videos on social [00:23:00] media.

    [00:23:00] April Beach: And she literally taught how to do reels. And it was fantastic. And her program was actually licensed by two different universities in their marketing departments. And it was so specific and it was so niche, but those universities only taught like macro marketing. They weren’t talking about like micro marketing on a certain platform level in her program was really valuable.

    [00:23:22] April Beach: And so those are, you don’t have to have something that is more traditional, but we see very niche specific programs being licensed by. Universities and organizations. Y you know, it’s just, it’s fascinating to see what they’re looking for and they’re constantly trying to innovate. You talked about number three, you covered startups, um, funding.

    [00:23:42] April Beach: That was just brilliant. Number four, you covered nonprofits, and number five, you covered healthcare. What is like a final closing thought that you want our listeners to. Walk away with when it comes to who to approach, who to sell your program to. [00:24:00] Any final last words of wisdom on this?

    [00:24:03] Emily Hall: I would say never underestimate who’s around you in your life. So if you’re planning on licensing your program, start talking about it. You never know who. Knows somebody who knows somebody who’s neighbors with somebody else that can get you an introduction. It happens all the time, and it’s so surprising, and it’s such an untapped resource, just being able to talk about it.

    [00:24:25] Emily Hall: The more you talk about it, the more you’re on people’s minds, the more you might get, you know, you, you’re. Office neighbor, if you are in kind of a, a more general, i, I work in a, um, a, like an executive suite situation. So my, all my office neighbors run their own businesses and we talk about things all the time and they’re all constantly like, oh, how you’re working on this?

    [00:24:45] Emily Hall: Or You have a client, this, I have an introduction here. I know this person. I can, I know the head of this organization, or I worked with this nonprofit a year ago. You never know who knows who. So being able to just keep talking about it and. Keep, really keep yourself top of mind. You just never know what’s going to [00:25:00] come of it. So never underestimate those initial conversations.

    [00:25:03] April Beach: Oh my gosh. That is great advice. Um, and just to put a bow on that, that it’s not just theory. Uh, one of our clients, she went for a walk with her neighbor, told her neighbor what she was doing, and he was the one that created the introduction for a contract she has on the table for 1.5 million.

    [00:25:22] April Beach: Right. Yeah. So I mean, literally this guy she’s lived across the street from for 20 years, she really didn’t know exactly what he did and they started talking and that was where that conversation led to. So that is awesome and hopefully super inspirational for our listeners. Um, thank you so much for tuning into this show, you guys. Emily, thank you so much for being here, and let’s go and dive into the next episode.

    [00:25:50] April Beach: Okay, what a great episode. So this is our implementation time. Now you heard from Emily about what the industries are buying, and you also heard me [00:26:00] unpack for those of you guys that might not have any corporate connections, like I didn’t have any corporate connections and frankly, the.

    [00:26:05] April Beach: A lot of our clients don’t have corporate connections. Maybe you have never worked in a corporation before like me, and so when you go to start selling your trainings and programs to other businesses, perhaps in other industries that you haven’t worked in, I understand there may be some intimidation with that in this entire episode.

    [00:26:22] April Beach: Was giving you the confidence to let you know, listen, if I could do it, believe me, anybody can do it, and we are here to help you do it, and it’s not as big and hard and as intimidating as you think. So choose one thing to take action on from this episode. First of all, if you haven’t gone back and listened to the previous episodes, 290, 289, 288, you know, really back in the episodes of what is Licensing, how to Package your course, in your training program to sell it to other entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits.

    [00:26:52] April Beach: Then maybe that is your action item, or if you’re ready to take to the next step and build your first licensing [00:27:00] action plan. Cruise over to licensing Dive into that little mini training where we’re gonna take you through the steps of understanding what you have to license, what is valuable, the street value of that.

    [00:27:14] April Beach: And we’re gonna unpack for you the top 10 industries and all the programs that they are buying in addition to who exactly to reach out to in each company to start the sales process with. So we’ve done all that work already for you, and you can cruise over to licensing launchpad. Dot com and get access to that.

    [00:27:33] April Beach: And of course, if you are ready to dive into licensing, you can also apply to work with us where you can actually work with Emily as well, where she comes in and works with our clients in making sure your whole entire sales process is ready to go. Cruise over to sweet life and you’ll find where you can apply to work with us in Amplify, which is our licensing accelerator.

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