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    Episode 08: Part 2 -The Surefire Way to Returning Clients & Raving Fans


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    What we’re talking about today:

    In today’s episode, I am picking up where I left off last week by discussing another key factor in turning your clients into raving fans who’ll come back to you time and time again. Yay! Love them!

    What can you expect from this training?

    I’m explaining why going above and beyond through creating an experience that’s personal for your clients, will make them love you and help you stand out among your competition!

    On top of the tips in this Episode, I’ve got you covered by providing the Sure Fire Clients Worksheetthought provoking questions to ask yourself about your clients, and examples to make their experience awesome!

    Why is this important for your business?

    Making the experience personal for your clients is how you build a relationship that makes them excited to work with you and eager to continue down your sales funnel. Experiences build relationships, and relationships build trust… When they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

    Plain and simple.

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