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    Episode 70: Part 1: How to Find the Connection Between Your Personal Style & Brand – Intro with Clarissa Grace

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    What Does Your Style Say About Your Personal Brand?

    I’ll be honest … I’m more comfortable in flip flops and a bathing suit than I am in what most people would consider appropriate professional attire.

    I even had a PR person tell me they couldn’t work with me because my personal style fits in more at the beach than in the board room.

    It’s just who I am.

    But … is that negatively impacting my businesses?

    In This Episode:

    I first met Clarissa Grace about a year ago and I’m thrilled for you to meet her as well.

    Clarissa has a passion for fashion and, at one point in time, she even had her own thriving clothing label.

    Now, Clarissa helps female entrepreneurs find their dazzling core of confidence by merging their personal style with their personal brand.

    In this episode you’ll learn:
      1. How the tragic experience of losing both her father and son in a two-week period shaped Clarissa’s career and future
      2. How Clarissa knew she wanted to create her current business around her family and her ideal lifestyle
      3. Why the topic of blending your personal style with your personal brand is so incredibly uncomfortable for me

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Clarissa Grace’s Website | Waking up in Paris

    Clarissa Grace’s Ultimate Female Entrepreneur Style Guide


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