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    Episode 60: Overcome Video Fears & Master Facebook LIVE – with Sarah Tomes

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    Today, We’re Talking About Utilizing Facebook Live Videos.

    Making pre-recorded videos can be intimidating and, for a lot people, the idea of doing live videos can be downright terrifying.

    Once the camera turns on, we can become a big ball of insecurities. But, here’s a little secret … no one is going to judge you as much as you judge yourself.

    Your audience wants your content and they want to see the real you presenting it.

    In This Episode:

    Our resident Facebook expert, Sarah Tomes, is back on the show to ease some of your fears around going live.

    She’s also giving us her top tips and tactics for how to best utilize Facebook live videos to grow your audience.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, Sarah talks about when and where you should go live, why you should be interacting with your live viewers, how you can use your live videos to re-target the viewers, and why you should practice going live in a group you’re comfortable with before you going live to your audience.

    Join the SweetLife Facebook Community and practice going live in a safe space.


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