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    Episode 30: Organize Your Thoughts to Get S*** Done

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    It’s officially August so we’re switching gears from the relaxing summer topics we’ve been discussing, and diving back into business building strategies. 

    Do you have too many ideas?

    You’re a creative… and you’re never lacking new ideas and problems to solve. This is what makes you a great, typical, entrepreneur. It’s also what is required to successfully develop unique, innovative products that people want and will rely on.

    But if you’re someone who always has new ideas for your business (floating around inside your head), to the point where it becomes overwhelming and you’re not sure what to do first…

    This episode is for you.

    Why is this important for your business?

    Having too many ideas isn’t a problem –

    It’s when you’re spread too thin, that creativity can start to slow you down. If your amazing ideas are sidetracking you, you’ll relate and appreciate this episode.

    Multitasking, in business development, is not your friend. Learning how to focus and organize your thoughts and ideas will allow you to see which ideas you should follow, help you become much more productive, and help you find consistent work hours.

    What can you expect? 

    In today’s episode, I explain how the Splashdown technique helps me organize my thoughts and how you can utilize this technique as well. Give it a try.

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    Splashdown Worksheets

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    Resources Mentioned:


    The ONE Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast | Episode 06: Create & Dominate Your Block Calendar


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