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    Next Gen. Kick Off: Preview of New Shows, Guests, and More! – with April Beach (Episode 266)

    Next Gen. Kick Off: Preview of New Shows, Guests, and More!



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    This quick trailer is for our amazing listeners and those to come! Thank you! 
    The SweetLife™ Entrepreneur Podcast is back and delivering proven business trainings for coaches, consultants, experts, authors and speakers who are ready to scale their business online. We’re committed to another 5 years of helping you create leading online offers, programs, courses and services that scale your business past a million. Including how to license your content, courses or trainings, how to build certification programs and how to market, gain PR and become known as the leader in your space. 
    Get a unique and unfiltered view behind the scenes with online business leader, April Beach and her trusted leading friends, to build your business for high profit, deep impact, lifestyle freedom. 

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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:45] Hey you guys, we are back. Welcome back to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast. Year six. I absolutely cannot believe it. Uh, first of all, thank you so much to our amazing listeners who have been sending me messages for the last year [00:01:00] where I took a little bit of a break. And if you are a listener to this show, you know, I share with you all behind the scenes.

    [00:01:06] So I’m gonna catch you up on what’s been happening and I am gonna let you know. All the amazing things that we have in store for you coming in the next year for the next five years of the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. But step number one, if you have not subscribed to this show, please click the subscribe button wherever you are listening.

    [00:01:26] If you have been a previous subscriber, you’re gonna have to resubscribe because Apple loves to boot us out of shows we haven’t listened to in a bit. And so that would be really appreciated, um, to make sure that you’re also not missing out on all of the things that we have. If you and I do not know each other yet, I’m April Beach.

    [00:01:43] I have been the host here on this show for five years I’ve been coaching businesses. I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs and mentoring businesses online for lifestyle entrepreneurship for high profit and deep impact and deep purpose for a total of 26 years, you guys . [00:02:00] It’s been a really, really long time.

    [00:02:01] With an expertise in online business scaling for the last 17. So you are truly in the right place if you are looking for trusted strategies that you can apply to your business. I’m an online business architect and I’m an offer engineer, so what that means is I help coaches and consultants and authors and speakers scale their business online by creating million dollar programs.

    [00:02:24] Courses, trainings, as well as licensed package programs and certification programs for high profit, deep impact lifestyle freedom. So let’s talk a little bit about that. And first of all, I just wanna say thank you guys so much. As you know, I took a little bit of a break after having Covid in the beginning of this past year, and it had a little break.

    [00:02:45] Turned out to be, uh, a year. So let’s get very real for a minute. I was, Totally burned out on being here every single week. I can be real honest with you guys. And so the first [00:03:00] thing that I want you to do is think about things in your business that used to just totally light you up. And you may be doing them and you may be feeling a little bit burned out on them.

    [00:03:08] And I want you to think about what that could be in your business. And I want you to clean house a little bit, just like I. Because when we set out to do things that fire us up in the beginning and it feels like a job at the end, then that gives us pause to stop it and just decide maybe we need to take a little bit of a break.

    [00:03:27] So my little break turned into a long break, which was a beautiful time, as you guys know, because I share a lot of behind the scenes. I travel five to six months a year with my kids. I did that again this year. My kids are. You guys are not even gonna believe it, especially those of you who’ve been listening to this show forever.

    [00:03:43] They are 20, 18 and 16 now, so time does fly and uh, it was just really a beautiful opportunity for me to reset and think about what this show actually means to the online business space, what it means to me as a leader in a mentor and a teacher, [00:04:00] but most importantly, what this show is delivering to you and why.

    [00:04:05] We want to keep producing this show. I, uh, always say nobody needs more content. They need a transformation. And so before I dove back into committing to do the next generation of the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast, I really needed some time and space to find what I felt like I wanted to bring to the table for you guys this year as well as, and the years to come, as well as the things that I felt were important.

    [00:04:34] For you. And so let’s go back and do a little bit of a history for those of you who’ve been listening to the show for a while. In the beginning we started out and every single thing was get your business online, building your first funnels, launching courses, I mean, just amazing online business foundations.

    [00:04:53] and that was way back in 2017, right? So in the beginning we started talking about those things, but now your [00:05:00] businesses have grown. So for the next generation of the Sweet Life Podcast, we are gonna be focusing on scaling companies online, scaling entrepreneurs, those of you guys that. Are not only hitting consistent con 10 K months, but we’re actually working on building programs where we can license them to other companies and other businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    [00:05:21] And having an ecosystem of offers that surpasses seven figures in your business. So for you, the next generation of the show is gonna be completely dedicated to scaling companies online. If you are here and you’re still in that launch phase. Please go back and utilize and listen, the 250 episodes that we dropped in this show for the last five years that are all about leveling you up to get you to this place.

    [00:05:49] Because those are amazing and they’re powerful, they’re trusted, and they’re proven, and they are for you to eat up and utilize. And for those of you guys who are scaling your business, I’m so excited to move forward with you [00:06:00] into the next generation of the show and continue to help you level up your.

    [00:06:05] And your decision making, creating a business that truly leads to the life that you want while you’re making the impact. And of course, extracting your genius to create results for other people. So this is a little preview for you of what’s to come. First of all, everything, all of the show notes, all the amazing tools we give here on this.

    [00:06:26] Can still be found by visiting sweet life and simply click on the podcast. Previous listeners, you guys know that with some of the shows, we actually drop totally free masterclass with certain episodes when you opt into them that week. We have given away thousand dollars masterclass to our listeners that subscribe when they opt in the week of that show.

    [00:06:50] So we’re really known. Dropping information for you to actually implement the things we’re talking about each week. So make sure that you’ve subscribed and make sure that you click over [00:07:00] to for all the show notes, all the places to opt in, and of course, getting text messages, updates as well.

    [00:07:07] So let me give you a little sneak peek into what’s to come. As I thought about. How best to support you. I wanted to make sure that we’re consolidating our work here together on this show. So we are going to continue to deliver high value, but shorter time episodes. That’s the first change you’re gonna see here on the show.

    [00:07:29] The second is that we are grouping together our shows into series. So if you’re working on something in particular or you have an objective, I have already laid out the entire. Content show plan for the entire year, you guys, and I wanna give you a sneak peek of what’s to come for the first episodes.

    [00:07:48] After these new ones drop, we are leading into completely helping you become known. We’re talking about becoming known with your method and your frameworks and your value positions. Pitching, [00:08:00] pr, pitching, large scale media to help you become known. Podcast guesting stages and speaking local events. We’re even talking about how to network in your local area to become known after becoming known.

    [00:08:14] Then we are diving into million dollar offers, and I have a whole entire series plan for you on how to build a million dollar business with an ecosystem of offers that works for you, including how to do the math and make sure that you are assessing the profitable offers that you actually want to do versus what people out there are just saying, you know, you hear all the time, like lunch of course, or do a membership.

    [00:08:39] That doesn’t work for everybody, right? So we’re gonna be diving back into business models online offers in the series we actually did, going even deeper, right before I took a pause in this show, all about million dollar offers. It’s an entire million dollar offer and million dollar business model series, including masterminds, retreats, hybrid programs, content licensing, [00:09:00] certification programs, signature offer engineering, even low ticket offers, and so much more.

    [00:09:06] that is going to bring us through weeks and weeks of value that you’re gonna immediately be able to take into your business and apply. And I can’t wait for you to do it. So I promise to be quick. So I’m gonna be quick. Thank you so much for listening to this show. Again, this is just a hello and I missed you.

    [00:09:23] and message from me letting you know, first of all, thank you for giving me the time and the space that I needed to really assess this show and what, what it meant to me so that it could mean a lot to you. And I just appreciate you guys more than you know I missed you , and uh, that is, it’s been a real pleasure being able to take time off and have that space.

    [00:09:46] But I am super stoked to be back. You here. We have a new intro for you and, uh, this. New Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast should bring another level of energy and profit to your business. [00:10:00] That is my commitment to you, and thank you so much for being here. I’ll see you in the next episode.