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    Neuroscience and Money Mindset for High Achieving Entrepreneurs with April Beach and Danya Douglas Hunt (Episode 309)

    Neuroscience and Money Mindset for High Achieving Entrepreneurs



    Who is this episode for? 
    Established entrepreneurs (in Phases 3-4 of my Start To Scale Up Business System”)  who are scaling to 7-8 Figures
    What is the science behind mindset? A lot of coaches teach mindset but don’t fully know, or teach neuroscience. When you understand it’s not “woo woo” and mindset strategies are backed by science, it can help you to implement for faster results. In this episode, Danya Douglas Hunt unpacks what’s behind mindset and takes listeners through actionable steps to close milliondollar deals, sell more of your consulting or coaching services, and utilize proven processes to push yourself through barriers that may have been holding you back, whether you were aware of them or not. 
    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    1. Change your mind about “mindset” if you were never a big fan
    2. Understand more about the importance of neuroscience for your life and business
    3. Have actionable steps that can push you to higher profit in your business
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:47] April: Hi, you guys. In this episode, we are diving into the science behind mindset. It’s a very special episode. As you know, I’m not a mindset coach and frankly, I think there’s a lot of mindset coaches out there that just have you chant things and do things over and over again. And now I am a believer that envisioning things and setting your projection on things works.

    [00:01:09] April: I actually know that there’s science behind it and I don’t. think that science is talked about enough, science is uncovered enough, and I kind of geek out on science. And so I’m super excited to bring Dania Douglas Hunt onto the show today. So if you’re a high achieving entrepreneur, you value mindset coaching, or you want to tap into mindset coaching to reach eight figures or seven figures. This episode is for you.

    [00:01:40] April: This is not for beginner coaches. This is for those of you guys that you’re good at what you do and it’s time to push you through to the next level. You value mindset, but you really want to know that there is science behind it. And when you know the power of neuroscience.

    [00:01:56] April: and money mindset strategies like we’re going to uncover in this episode today, then you’re going to understand why it’s important for you to tap into that and really bring it into your business and into your life overall. So this is a jam packed episode with Danya Douglas Hunt. Now, Danya was a former Olympic athlete trainer turned mindset coach for seven and eight. figure entrepreneurs, because when we look at peak performance athletics and entrepreneurships, we have tons of similarities and we have some of the same blocks as well. Danya is actually part of our expert dream team that comes in and works with our clients every single month. We’re so glad to have her.

    [00:02:37] April: And I’m going to admit when my clients were begging for her to come in and she’s a friend. And so we brought her in as part of the team. And at first I was like, I don’t need this. You guys have better believe that I am the one up front and center. Every single time Danya is in there, she kicks off every single month. for our clients and our wave makers program and our, our amplify and our scale programs. And she’s just a rock star.

    [00:03:03] April: So in this show, we’re going to unpack, like I said, the neuroscience behind mindset, and she’s going to take you through very practical strategies. So you know where you might be blocked and what you actually want to do in order to hit that next level. By using neuroscience and money mindset strategies. And so if you’re ready for that, let’s go ahead and dive in. All right, you guys. I’m so glad you’re here with my friend, Danya and we’ve talked about her. I’ve been warming up to this episode. And if you don’t know, Danya you’re definitely going to want to be connected with her after this show.

    [00:03:36] April: You know, when we talk about mindset, that isn’t something Danya, like you and I laugh all the time. April is not a mindset coach, right? So, so, so where, where do my people get fed? Where do our clients get fed? Where do our clients. Keep getting that fire within to go to the next level. And our secret weapon is Danya Douglas Hunt. I’ll be real honest. So I’m really excited to have her here on the show. Welcome to the SweetLife Podcast. I’m so glad you’re here.

    [00:04:07] Danya: Thank you for having me. Yeah, it’s, we always have such fun conversations because. You’re an expert in what you do in business strategy. And I unpack all the personal strategy that helps implement your strategy and take action. So it’s a, it’s a great combo. It’s fun to have conversations and I’m pumped to be here. Let’s, let’s create some shifts and help people play bigger.

    [00:04:25] April: Right. Right. So in the truth of the matter is I remember when I, when I first brought you in, I’m like, Oh my gosh, my people need this so badly. And you guys, if you see the video recordings of when, when Danya is in there every single month, who is the one that’s like front and the center on the edge of her seat to all the stuff, implementing the shit, all of it. Yes. It’s yours. Truly. I’m like, Oh man, this is so good. I needed this so badly. So you know, the reality is I’m like, I’m good. I don’t need this. I’m just going to, I’m just going to help our clients. I’m just going to get this for our clients. Uh, uh, uh, uh. I do not miss one of those.

    [00:05:00] April: So, uh, I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve learned so much from you also. So today we’re going to talk about money mindset, right? And this is, there are so many big shifts on a relationship with money and all these other things. But you know, like what our clients are doing, some of our clients are sitting at the table selling what has been a 99 course now for half a million dollars. And it requires. A different understanding, a different belief to do that. Yeah, and that’s where you come in.

    [00:05:33] Danya: Yeah, and so I just want to echo back to what you just said about even being on the calls. Like, I think a big misconception is people think first mindset works just like, Oh, think positive. No, it is about getting your subconscious mind and your nervous system on board to your desires.

    [00:05:49] Danya: And real quick here, your brain hates change. It can’t predict it. Even though consciously you’re like, I want the million dollar a month. I want this. If you have not got your subconscious mind or nervous system on board to that, your brain’s going to perceive whatever your desires are to be a threat. And so then what happens is, as you’re working towards your goals, have fun, burning out, feeling stressed out, not being fulfilled on this hamster wheel, because your mind is not actually helping assist you to get there.

    [00:06:14] Danya: It’s trying to protect you from that thing it thinks is a lion. So as people are scaling their businesses, the, some of the most vital work you can do is mindset work, nervous system regulation, because of how the brain operates. And so it’s like, Oh, I’ve got, I have lots of money. I know most people who actually need the money mindset work are people who have lots of money.

    [00:06:33] Danya: Just going to say it because what tends to happen when you get money. So first there’s like, Oh, I just, when I’m going to get the money, I’ll be happy. That’s a false misconception. But then you get the money. What happens having this experience where it’s like, okay, now I sold a hundred K offer or I’m making half a million dollars a month.

    [00:06:48] Danya: Your nervous system is freaking out because now we’re worried about what people are going to think, or if I’m going to lose it, or whether she was going to drop, or we’re looking at how we’re operating. And it’s like, I want to scale the next level. But I can’t possibly work harder or put more time in.

    [00:07:00] Danya: And so then a lot of us almost build these traps for ourselves, but just based on our perceptions and beliefs around money, we think we have to do with what’s possible required of us. And we maybe have the accolades, but we’re not feeling fulfilled, or we’re not present with our families or taking time off.

    [00:07:14] Danya: And so it’s this. It’s this beautiful amalgamation of, as you grow and scale yourself, you’re going to grow and scale your business naturally. And most people focus just on the strategy, which is absolutely vital. You need that like law of action. We live in a 3d world where we need to have strategy, take action.

    [00:07:30] Danya: However, the intention, the energy. Behind those actions is what’s going to dictate your results. And most of us aren’t aware of what’s actually creating those results or creating our experiences of money. So I look at entrepreneurs I work with, just like the Olympians I used to work with. Olympians are really good athletes.

    [00:07:49] Danya: They’re good athletes, right? And they’re looking to increase and optimize themselves to the next 1%, the next 0. 5%. In my mind, the entrepreneurs that work with are just like Olympians. They’re the Olympians of business space. You’re constantly looking to optimize, refine, do things better, easier, like, and it’s just this constant evolution.

    [00:08:07] Danya: However, if our mind and our body aren’t on board, it’s a lot harder, a lot more stressful, a lot more unfulfilled. You’re going to have, as things hit the fan, like maybe your launch fails or a client. Sue’s you, or there’s a Facebook ads account that gets hacked down. If you don’t have the mind and body regulated to that level of what you’re calling in and where you’re going, it’s going to be a really stressful, unenjoyable journey.

    [00:08:29] Danya: So that’s where I come in. And I just wanted to echo that. Cause like people are like, Oh, just mindset. No, it’s not that it’s so much more than that. And it’s going to help assist you to your goals way easier and faster.

    [00:08:39] April: Yeah, I’m so glad that you said that. And one of the things you said was about, you know, being nervous about making more money.

    [00:08:44] April: And, and I remember that like around a decade ago, I used to think that, you know, I used to have these preconceived beliefs that, you know, everybody with money is a total asshole. And I didn’t want to be that person. Um, and then. I thought, Oh my gosh, I don’t even want to make that much money because I don’t want that responsibility.

    [00:09:01] April: That seems like so heavy to me. Like the more money I make, and I remember this feeling of just being weighted down and it was probably a good five years of intentional work that I had to actually push through that and change. All of that that you were saying, I probably wouldn’t have taken me five years.

    [00:09:18] April: Had I, had I known you back then, but yeah, all of those things are so true. And I think one of the, one of the coolest things that I have learned in the process of, of having you come into our client ecosystem is all the science behind this is understanding, you know, who we were. In the past and how that affects us today and how, yes, like, Oh my gosh, you see this and you, your, your mind, your body thinks lion and all of these, honestly, back to the basics of why instead of just, Oh, we’re just going to manifest something, you know what I mean?

    [00:09:57] April: Serious science behind this and I’m a science geek for the, for the millions of college classes that I did take and zero degree to show for it. Every single class I took was a science class because I’m a science dork, right? And so I think also when we’re talking about mindset, that really helps me in your expertise because you bring in all of the science behind it.

    [00:10:18] April: Yeah, totally. Factual it makes sense. It isn’t just putting fairy dust in the air and hoping and believing and jumping off a cliff, right? So I I just I just have to say that um, so when what are the problems so so we’re talking about Looking and moving forward getting to the next level our listeners. Our clients are getting to the next level Yeah And there are issues getting there that isn’t just strategy. What, what’s the deal? What’s the problem?

    [00:10:50] Danya: Yeah. So first we, I will keep it short and tight. First, we need to recognize, understand that our subconscious mind is something that’s responsible for 99 percent of everything we do.

    [00:11:00] Danya: So let’s put this into context though, because I need anchoring down. What the heck does this even mean? Right now, my heart’s beating. I’m not worried about my heart beating. It’s doing it on its own right now. I’m talking to you and words are coming out my mouth and somehow my tongue is moving and air is coming out and sounds.

    [00:11:13] Danya: And you’re able to perceive that and listen and interpret that, right? That’s subconscious mind. Um, me driving is now automatic. I just drive and I don’t have to think about that. So your subconscious mind is a supercomputer that runs everything we do or. And it’s necessary because if we had to sit here and think about how to move my finger or my lips, like we would just be oversimplifying the data.

    [00:11:34] Danya: The thing is though, most of us don’t recognize that our subconscious mind that runs everything is programmed from a young age and it continues to be programmed based on what was around us, what was modeled, what we heard, what we listened to. And so many entrepreneurs right now, whatever age you are, Are running your businesses with like your five or eight year old mind.

    [00:11:52] Danya: Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my five year old running my business. Like it’s not helpful. And so a big part of what happens as we’re developing from zero to seven is we don’t have that critical factor to reject information. So when it comes to money, just even to have awareness. Because unless, until you make the con, the unconscious conscious, we can’t change it.

    [00:12:11] Danya: So a big part of where we start with entrepreneurs is let’s just bring awareness to where is my money stores? What are my money beliefs? Well, guess what? So much of that is shaped around you. And you can look at like my sister’s four year old is already making connections with money of like out money for this.

    [00:12:25] Danya: And this is, you know, it’s like your brain is constantly making interpretations and taking experiences and taking almost like pictures of snapshots that are being stored as like a picture in the brain. Um, Yeah. And so if we ever had an experience that, um, causes emotional turmoil as a young age, whether we remember it or not, your brain is constant scanning the environment and filtering it through like the 4 billions of bits of data, filtering it through your own identity, your beliefs, your values, and your senses and past experiences to present you with, um, the whatever, five or seven bits of information.

    [00:12:57] Danya: So most of us are in our businesses as five year olds or eight year olds. And so let’s, let’s get some, um, awareness here. Think about when you grew up, what did you potentially witness or experience about money for some, it’s like you witnessed parents fighting. Maybe divorce was caused because your brain’s been a connection of money.

    [00:13:17] Danya: It’s not, it’s not actually that, but maybe your brain thinks that, um, made interpretation of that. Maybe, um, you heard things like, we don’t have the money. We can’t afford that. You have to work hard for money. Maybe you watch things on TV, your coaches, or you experienced like, so beliefs and identity gets shaped from a young age.

    [00:13:33] Danya: And we can just look back and say, what was kind of happening in and around my early childhood around money, conversations, experiences, um, events, listening to things and recognize until we uncover that and reprogram that that’s going to be continuing to run the show. So that’s where I want to start with people is recognizing what’s actually causing us to create those results.

    [00:13:55] Danya: Now we talked about even before in the show, what does create results? So if we put results on the far right hand side, that’s like the end of, if you’re looking at me right now, I’m wearing, okay, this gold chain, that’s the result. There’s a cause behind this result. So there’s law of cause and effect. Okay.

    [00:14:12] Danya: So the effect or the result always has a cause behind it. I maybe saw this on my dresser and I was like, I want to wear a gold chain. So it was an amalgamation of me looking at it, maybe seeing how I wanted to feel that caused me to put on this gold chain. And now the effect is I’m sitting here in front of you, April, with this gold chain on.

    [00:14:28] Danya: Make sense? Yeah. Now look at our bank account. That’s the effect. Look at everything you have in your external reality. That’s the effect. That’s the result. What actually creates those results though is first action and strategy and behaviors proceed results. Okay. So strategy, business, Facebook funnels, email marketing, whatever.

    [00:14:47] Danya: So that comes before the results, the effect. Well, what comes before strategy, business, um, action behaviors is our state. Our vibration, our frequency, how we’re feeling, okay? Because people are like, Oh, I don’t care about my feelings. Your emotions are causing you to do or not do something. That’s the role of them.

    [00:15:06] Danya: It’s take action, not take action. For example, the sensation of hunger makes you go get food. The sensation of being tired makes you take a nap. The sensation of anything is causing you to do an action. So if we are in a muddled state. Like maybe we’re like disempowered. We’re worried about people, fear of judgment.

    [00:15:24] Danya: We’re about to do something new and we’re in fear, scarcity, whatever. That state, we tend to take very different actions. which get us very different results versus if we’re in a really empowered state, I’m badass, I’m confident, I got this. I tend to take very different actions or behaviors and they get different results.

    [00:15:40] Danya: So your state is, can dictate the ripple effect of results, but what comes before your state? It’s going to be the thoughts. Now, how many of us have thoughts and repeat, like, Oh, I’m not good enough, or like, I can’t do this, is this even possible? Is this even worth it? Just on loop. Well, where did those thoughts come from?

    [00:15:56] Danya: Right? Like, thoughts and state mirror ourselves very closely. We can think of thought, I have to do this, and it causes pressure in our body. Or, I get to do this, and it causes expansion in our body. Okay? So, words, thoughts, science proves this, have frequency. They’re energetic and their frequency, what I’m thinking, what I’m verbalizing is going to shift and cause my state to shift and change, which guess what actions and results, but then what comes before our thoughts are subconscious, our mind, our identity, our beliefs, our values that was programmed in.

    [00:16:27] Danya: And we can look at even the site of genetics where it’s passed down generationally. All of that right there comes before our results. So most entrepreneurs are just folks on the action, working hard, doing it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, When entrepreneurs typically come to me, it’s because they’ve hit a result or a plateau and they’re like, Oh, no matter what I do, how hard I work, I’m still getting the same thing.

    [00:16:47] Danya: Or they’re at this point where there’s like, I can’t possibly work any harder, but I want to scale my business. And so now we look at, okay, most of us are only focused on the last two elements is behavior, actions, and results. And we really need to start unpacking under the hood of like your state, your thoughts and your subconscious mind and getting that on board.

    [00:17:05] Danya: Because once we have this on board, the results are a natural by product. Right. If I’ve got a belief of money comes to me freely and abundantly, or like it comes in easily and I’m not in scarcity and fear, I’m going to get very different results. And not only that your subconscious mind’s job is first and foremost survival to protect you.

    [00:17:22] Danya: So if it goes against anything you believe to be true, deep down inside, your brain’s not even going to show you it. It’s going to, it’s going to try and help protect you from that line, even though it’s not a line anymore. The second thing is your brain’s job is always trying to find evidence to prove you right.

    [00:17:35] Danya: So if we have a belief that rich people are a holes, guess what you’re going to see? Rich people are a holes. If you have a belief that rich people are kind and generous, you’re going to see rich people are kind and generous. Your brain’s job is to literally prove you right and protect you. And so as we’re looking at this kind of conversation, start to understand, like.

    [00:17:53] Danya: What are my beliefs about money? What did I hear growing up? What are potential the programs running on autopilot in the background? I didn’t choose. I learned that are creating the result. I have right here right now. If you’re not sure, look at your results. Look at your bank account. Look at how you feel about money.

    [00:18:07] Danya: Look at your, are you able to be present? When you have downtime or so like a fear of like, Oh, but it’s going to drop and I can’t take time. Like I talked to one entrepreneur and the thought of taking five minutes to herself caused her a massive anxiety and panic attack. We know it’s not going to kill her, but there’s some perception, some belief that’s driving that behavior, which gets the results of now burning out.

    [00:18:30] Danya: So hopefully that kind of impacts of like, it’s not just it, both of them have to work together. Cause you can’t just kumbaya and just do subconscious programming. You have to take action. You can’t just sit here and be like rainbows and butterflies. No, but so many of us, the question I want everyone to start asking yourselves is what’s the intention behind this decision or action.

    [00:18:49] Danya: Is it rooted in fear, scarcity, worry, proving myself, validation, whatever, or is it rooted in alignment, expansion, abundance, et cetera, because whatever energy it’s in is going to come in the result as well. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t like you don’t get all the money. And here’s where I’ll make a caveat to that.

    [00:19:07] Danya: How many of us have gotten the money and they were like, Oh, that’s going to make me feel safe and secure. Right. And in fact, it either makes it the opposite, like, Oh no, I’m going to lose it. Or now it lasted for a second and you’re like, how do I repeat this? How do I do this? And it’s like this next, next, next thing.

    [00:19:22] Danya: There’s a lot of sneaky ways how money, beliefs, and identity can show up. And it first starts at the awareness of checking into your place and ask yourself questions and, or look at your results and based on your results, you can kind of backtrack of what’s the belief of identity that created this result.

    [00:19:37] Danya: And if you want things to be, here’s the thing too, it’s like money doesn’t have to be hard or stressful or like, like laborious at all. It can be easy and fun and enjoyment, not with our current level of programs and beliefs though. So that’s how we’re going to pack that. Did that long answer your question of like, just some stuff there about some neuroscience, but also some understanding of where we can leave the scientists like for a few mindsets.

    [00:20:01] Danya: It’s just what actually creates our results.

    [00:20:03] April: Right. And, you know, a couple of things that you said that was, it was really interesting that actually. reminded me of, uh, of entrepreneurs when they’re just for starting to hit those consistent 10 K months. And you said something, you know, do you believe it’s gonna happen?

    [00:20:17] April: Or are you so stressed out that you’re trying to prove to yourself? And I think that the majority of entrepreneurs why hitting those consistent 10 K months and then you get to 20 and then you get to 30. And I think one of the things that’s so hard about that Is it they are like, I have to do this. Am I going to do it?

    [00:20:36] April: It’s such a it’s not a deep rooted belief that of course this is going to happen. It’s I need to prove it to myself and I need to prove it to everybody else. And I have this big thing I have to prove. I just spent an hour on the phone with a guy yesterday who’s I have to completely monetize my podcast so I can quit my nine to five in 30 days.

    [00:20:55] April: And you know what I mean? I mean, half of me was like, please don’t like bet the mortgage on this. I was really honest. I’m like, okay, dude, let’s kind of like come back down to earth. You know what I mean? But in the same stage too. He had no doubt that he was going to do that and he just needed the strategy behind it to do it, right?

    [00:21:14] April: Yeah, that’s actually very rare. Most people I talk to that are still, you know, that are just trying to they’re like, oh my gosh Well, I have to do this because what if I can’t quit my job here, then they’re they’re deep rooted in fear Um, and in fear of failure and in in that they have to prove to themselves.

    [00:21:29] April: So I just, I, I, I see that all the time. I, I actually don’t very often see the guy I talked to yesterday. He’s like, I’m going to do this. I usually see nine out of 10 people are like, please, like, you know, Hail Mary, can I figure out how to do this? Um, so, but

    [00:21:49] Danya: Can you what you just said too, about what actually happens to our brain when anger and pressure take over.

    [00:21:55] Danya: Yeah.

    [00:21:55] Danya: Cause like. I can’t tell you how many, like, especially like my A type personality is like, look, this is my edge. This is, I need this edge and pressure. Now I understand, like I worked with Olympia athletes and I work with very driven entrepreneurs. I get it. What’s the intention behind that pressure and anger though?

    [00:22:15] Danya: Because if it’s rooted in like, actually this helps me focus and get in flow state, that’s different. But if it’s coming from like anger or fear or stress or anything that’s causing us to go into any sort of, and we know we can, I’m not gonna lie to ourselves, like it causes us to go in any sort of disempowered state or proving state or like scarcity state.

    [00:22:31] Danya: I really want everyone to hear this. When you go into anger and fear, you are literally becoming dumber. I’m just gonna say it. So those two emotions or those two sensations in the body, From a neuroscience perspective is literally shutting down that the access to the parts of your brain that would help you get out of the situation or perform better and see the creativity and solutions and intuition, et cetera, to prepare your legs to get strong or your job to get stronger to run.

    [00:23:00] Danya: So going back to the physiology, we have the same nervous system and subconscious mind as animals. It works incredibly well for animals. What differentiates us is our conscious mind. So, whenever we signal, and let’s just talk about what even this is, anger and fear are an emotionally, uh, emotionally physiological response to a perceived threat.

    [00:23:20] Danya: Perceived threat. Most of us are having perceiving threats of what people are going to think of us. Oh no, the traffic. Someone just cut me off. Or, um, what is, if I have this money, what if I now lose it? And we’re constantly signaling this low level fight or flight response in our body. Now for animals, it works fantastic because it turns on and it turns off right away.

    [00:23:40] Danya: Humans can perpetuate the fight or flight state, which is causing anger and fear in our body, which literally again signals fight or flight, which my legs will become strong. My jaw will become stronger and my parasympathetic system. So I’ve got fight or flight, which is sympathetic. Let’s kick on right away from lion or parasympathetic, which is all about healing, digestion, restoration, um, accessing, seeing possibilities, solutions, et cetera, creativity.

    [00:24:04] Danya: If fight or flights kicked on, which for most entrepreneurs, it’s kicked on all the time, low level. There’s like a thousand tabs in the background. They’re just constantly causing this, like fight or flight state. Great. Well, I know that most entrepreneurs are working well, but just like Olympic athletes, there’s like, we’re looking for the next 1%.

    [00:24:20] Danya: Imagine what it would be like if we could close down the thousands of tabs. That are causing like this, the perceived threat of like something that happened to you when you’re three years old. Now the thought of this email coming through, Oh my gosh, I left a mean comment. Oh my gosh, my bank account dipped a second.

    [00:24:32] Danya: Okay, my revenue dipped to 20%. All of that is signaling fight or flight in the brain, which is causing your legs to become strong and your jaw to become strong to run away from a threat that’s perceived. And you’re tapping it, you’re taking out your resources that actually can help you optimize and be more efficient as a leader, as a CEO, as a visionary.

    [00:24:50] Danya: So, for those of us who are like, but I need that edge and anger, I just want you to imagine every time you have that feeling or sensation or thought, your brain’s thinking there’s a line in front of you. And so your legs can become strong and your jaw becomes strong. But it’s not useful for humans. It’s not designed for a sophisticated world.

    [00:25:06] Danya: So can we get to a state where we can release that so we don’t have looping thoughts on repeat and we don’t have that physiological sensation happening? Yes. And that’s where we go and uncover some stuff of like, what’s causing the signals in my brain to say, there’s a line, run. Otherwise, we’re just not accessing so many resources that are going to help us even operate better, more efficiently, getting out of situations and possibilities that will help us.

    [00:25:31] April: Yeah. That’s a perfect segue into giving our listeners like some steps to implement because every single one of our listeners has been in that state, you know, as much as we would all love to admit it, we’ve, we haven’t been scared or we haven’t been stressed out. That’s a lie. And how do we respond to that?

    [00:25:49] April: And you know, that you’re like, this is what Dan coaches me on. You guys like, about, like, I always like need that edge just ’cause I, that’s my background. That the adventure edge. I love putting myself in dangerous outdoor situations. ,

    [00:26:03] Danya: I know, I feel like when we hang out, it’s gonna be bad. ’cause we’re both like, let’s go, let’s just jump off this thing.

    [00:26:07] Danya: Let’s just do this, let’s jump off this clip. Right?

    [00:26:09] April: Yeah. This, this looks, this looks like an adventure, you know? Yeah. And, and I do. And, and I need that. Mm-hmm. , I need that.

    [00:26:17] Danya: I’d ask you though, like, so some people only have that it gets them in flow state that’s different. Yeah. And this is like totally focused, like fear, like anger state, right?

    [00:26:28] Danya: So if it’s causing a physiological response to my body where I’m feeling stressed or there’s lots of energy and whatever, just recognize your brain is seeing whatever’s in front of you as a lion. And now you’re, you’re literally becoming dumber. Or is it priming me to be? So a flow state where I feel expansive and I feel like let’s go.

    [00:26:44] Danya: It’s different. And only you’re going to know the intention energy behind it. But most people are like, go to the fight or flight anger, like bro state. Like, so it’s, it’s a nuance. I appreciate that, especially with athletes, but here’s the thing, even athletes, you don’t want, like, let’s say you have a boxer.

    [00:26:59] Danya: You don’t want your box to be angry. Cause they know you, what happens when people become angry or, or trigger that the thought can trigger anger. We, JAWS become like more pronounced, you know, like you narrow focus and you can almost predict the moves that they’re going to do because it’s like their brain is just shutting down and focusing on like survival right now.

    [00:27:17] Danya: So even athletes are in combat sports, you want them to be as clear minded and open and calm and not triggering fight or flight. You’ll know if you’re triggering fight or flight based on your physiology, um, because it keeps you open to accessibility of seeing creativity, solutions, intuition, et cetera.

    [00:27:32] Danya: So only you’re going to know April if it’s like, okay, is this like triggering that for me? And, or is it no, it’s actually keeping me in a calm flow state and it’s helping me and only you’re going to know that.

    [00:27:43] April: Yeah. And for me, it’s always flow state. And I mean, it has been since I was a little girl. And, and that’s really a good thing for you to point out because I just assumed that, well, of course it’s going to put everybody else in flow state too.

    [00:27:54] April: Even the people that haven’t experienced it before. This is so funny. Okay. This is a total, this is a total reveal behind the scenes. So little sidebar. So I host these entrepreneur adventure retreats and fun. What we do is the first day is I always take people like up into the mountains and like out of the element and we’re pushing ourselves to some sort of extreme.

    [00:28:15] April: Like nothing is like super dangerous. Um, but it’s usually things that people just don’t do every single day. Right. And honestly, the people that actually joined me on the first adventure day, usually here, especially when we do them in Colorado, they’re so much more successful in their business. Strategy the rest of the weekend.

    [00:28:32] April: But now that you say that, and we do like ice baths and all these things right now that you say that, um, I just assumed everybody would get in flow state. Maybe, I mean, I have these retreats planned for next year and everything too. We’re going to go be doing this really cool outdoor thing. And then business strategy.

    [00:28:48] April: Maybe I should make sure that you’re there. So for that, because I just thought, Hey, this is going to be great. Everybody’s going to tap into flow and it’s going to be awesome. But maybe I’m totally doing people a complete disservice, just assuming everybody’s going to be, well, historically everybody has.

    [00:29:05] April: So. Thank you, God, that everybody’s been okay so far. But now that you say this, I guess just because that is me, this is my experience, it’s always tapping into flow. But you pointing out that that might not be the case for somebody else is like. A lot of people.

    [00:29:22] Danya: Oh shit. Yeah. And I want to, let’s bring this back to, it’s like, it’s never the external situation that causes the feelings or thoughts in our body, but rather how our mind is perceiving and processing data.

    [00:29:36] Danya: And so oftentimes if we’re perceiving a threat, it’s going to cause us to go into that fear or anger response, right? So because look at it, some of us can have lots of money. And have like no fear response and other people can be like, Ooh, lots of fear response. So is it the money that’s causing it? No, it’s my perception based on my own identity, my beliefs, my past experiences that are causing me to have some sort of like blip of data that’s not processed through.

    [00:29:58] Danya: So for you, you’re like, yeah, cool plan. Just paraglide off the mountain. Great. For most people, they’re going to be like, what the F? Like they’re literally sphincter is going to tighten up and they’re going to want to vomit. Because it’s not the external that creates that. It’s my perception of that, that’s actually creating the experience within me.

    [00:30:14] Danya: And that’s, if we’re like, um, well, how do I know what that perception is? Then that’s when we start to uncover and unpack kind of like, there’s probably some past blips or past experiences that your brain still thinks is going on. That hasn’t. Processed through yet. And so can we clear those things?

    [00:30:28] Danya: Absolutely. But everyone has a different perception, but it’s never the actual external thing that’s causing that within us. It’s how our mind is perceiving data and reeling it back through our own identity, beliefs, and experiences that causes the sensation in our body. Make sense?

    [00:30:40] April: And I’ll be sharing you with you, our retreat calendar for next year.

    [00:30:44] April: Uh,

    [00:30:45] Danya: yeah, that’s kind of mine, but what you’re doing as well, though, what you’re doing April as well, is you’re exposing them, right. To like, I know even cold plunging. That can be a very different experience for people. But so for everyone here, let’s get some, some intangible. What happens if I do have a perceived threat?

    [00:31:00] Danya: What happens if I do? I mean, I’m scared of doing something. So use the power of your mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or not real example, movie, or let’s say, I’m going to send you a video and you’re watching this video on a Tik TOK or something, and then the spider jumps out of your face, how many of us have thrown the phone or like, right.

    [00:31:16] Danya: Okay. But the spiders in your phone, it’s not coming out. We know that consciously, but our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and not real. We’ve watched a movie and like, Oh my God, felt heartbreak or felt scared. Okay. So use that to your advantage. There’s two ways you can start kind of edging yourself as your comfort zone.

    [00:31:33] Danya: So for those of you who are thinking of scaling, going on stage, whatever that is, that’s causing that emotional physiological response. Here’s two ways you can hack it. One, prime your mind. So you can spend five minutes tapping into your senses of living the experience as if it’s habit. Get your mind on board.

    [00:31:47] Danya: Create a mind movie. Get your senses involved. Just like the movie you watch, your brain doesn’t know what’s real or not real. So create the experience because if it perceives it as change, it’s going to see it as a threat. So now if you normalize it in your brain over and over again, when you go to do the thing, your brain’s going, Oh, you’ve already done this before.

    [00:32:03] Danya: Okay. So it’s not a threat. It’s not a lion. The second thing you can do is start, start taking small baby action steps towards it because who the heck is going to move towards a lion that’s in front of you that’s trying to kill you? No one. So as I take small actions towards whatever thing is scary or presumed to be a threat, you’re telling your subconscious mind that this must not be a lion because why the heck would I take action towards it?

    [00:32:25] April: Totally. Totally. Um. It, and it also makes me now, now I want you to take our clients through this month, like, like creating that mind movie for them sitting, sitting in there in sales conversations. So I’m like, okay, let’s do, let’s create mind movies of sales conversations.

    [00:32:43] Danya: This worst case scenario too. And this is a thing too. Cause look, you’re, if you have a fear, expose the fear, what am I worried about happening? Well, great. Let’s just experience it because you’re going to recognize you’re not going to die from it. So I remember I had some people go through sales calls and what am I going to say the wrong thing? What if the hand can be great?

    [00:33:00] Danya: Let’s do the worst sales calls possible. Let’s say the stupidest shit possible. But just to show your brain, okay, they hung on to me. It’s not a big deal. But until you uncover the fear and expose it, and then almost like, not saying we have to do it, it’s not exposure therapy, but you’re just showing your brain, there’s, it thinks there’s a lion and it’s not a lion.

    [00:33:16] Danya: So what’s the fear? Can I uncover that fear and go to worst case scenario, even just in my mind, you don’t even have to do it. Like, let’s say I’m speaking on stage and my pants fall down. Okay. Then it’s not saying you’re going to manifest and bring that in. However, what you’re doing is you’re showing your brain.

    [00:33:30] Danya: It’s not a lion. It’s not going to kill me. So yeah, we can do some fun stuff around like, what’s our fear about sales calls? Let’s, let’s just show you it’s not gonna kill you.

    [00:33:39] April: Let’s play it out. That’s awesome. Okay. So as we, as we wrap up, let’s give our listeners like three different action steps that they can do from this show to actually understand where their current state is and how they can go about Changing that because there’s so much education on this podcast.

    [00:33:58] April: You guys please follow Dania. Um, she’s just absolutely incredible. As I know, you know, cause you’re still here listening to this, but let’s they’re like tuned out. This guy’s crazy. Like, Oh my gosh. Um, let’s break it down into some simple action steps that somebody can do right now as they are turning this podcast off and they’re going that they want to create some change.

    [00:34:21] Danya: Beautiful. Okay. So first step is awareness. So what I want everyone to do is just to have the awareness of like, what are our current external results? What is that your bank account, your environment, what you have and stuff. And now I want you to ask the question of like, what potentially is the belief or identity that’s created this result?

    [00:34:37] Danya: Knowing it all comes back to that. So if I can start to say, okay, where am I currently at right now? And what paradigm has been created from my own internal blaze? That’s going to give me awareness of where I am. Then I want everyone to look at their, where they’re going, where they want their desires. And I want you to ask yourself, what would the version of me be?

    [00:34:56] Danya: What would I believe about money? What’s possible business, et cetera. If I already had that, because if we don’t know where we’re at and we don’t know where we’re going, this is a common saying of what got us here, won’t get us there. So our current beliefs are kind of any goddess exactly where you’re sitting with right now.

    [00:35:09] Danya: Beautiful. If we want different, we have to go within and create shifts and changes within ourselves. So awareness of where we’re at and look at the, um, where you want to go. And so asking yourself, what would I have to believe to be true about that? Right. What’s the identity of me? Who has that? Start to unpack that because even a shift of like, Oh, well, I wouldn’t think money’s evil if I want a butt ton of money.

    [00:35:27] Danya: Like I think money’s abundant, whatever. You can start to have the awareness and that can already start to shift things to something that’s going to be really helpful. Everyone here is before they take an action or do a decision, ask yourself what’s the intention behind that action or decision. Is it rooted in scarcity, fear, worry, proving myself, validation, knowing where that’s going to get us, or is it rooted in groundedness, present abundance, whatever your intention.

    [00:35:47] Danya: If you can just seriously before even making a business deal or having a conversation with your mom or whatever it is, ask yourself, what’s the intention behind what I’m about to do that pause and the interrupt and the pattern can already create a shift of like, well, hold on, I don’t need me. Maybe you need to do this, or maybe I can do this differently.

    [00:36:04] Danya: Or I’m looking at it from a different perspective. If we can’t uncover what we’re not aware of, we can’t start changing it. The third thing is practicing that mind movie. So look, if we’re going, you’ve maybe exposed where you want to go, but now there’s some fear, there’s some physiological in your body.

    [00:36:19] Danya: Okay. So I want you to say, well, what’s the worst thing that could happen and just take yourself down that scenario. It’s not going to say it’s going to happen, but until we expose the fear or the resistance on our way to our desires, guess what’s always going to show up until we clear it. The fear and resistance.

    [00:36:33] Danya: So on your own, you can start to ask yourself, okay, well, let’s say I have a belief about money and, um, a prompt you can use is in order to make more money, I have to just fill in the blank, sacrifice more time, uh, travel a lot. I’ve got to hire a bunch of people on my team, whatever it is. Start to take some time unpacking the fears and beliefs that are currently driving your decisions and watch what changes you start shifting your perceptions on them.

    [00:36:57] Danya: Do you want us to go over a couple of like, um, uncovering the resistance questions really quick?

    [00:37:01] April: Yeah, that would be great. Yeah. Let’s wrap it up with that.

    [00:37:04] Danya: Okay. So let’s, because we’re talking about money, um, ask yourself this question a couple of times. I believe you’ve done this before. So there’s general beliefs like money is fill in the blank.

    [00:37:12] Danya: Money is what is money to you? Scarce, abundant, a tool, resource, hard to come by. Notice where your current beliefs are and just to remind everyone to you didn’t choose these you’ve learned them, which means you can unlearn them neuroplasticity shows us that as neurons fire together, they wire together so you can shift them, but we can’t shift.

    [00:37:29] Danya: We don’t know. I want everyone to ask themselves, what is it going to cost me to get to my desires? Notice what comes up there. Is it time? Is it money? A sacrifice? Is it nothing? Or what might be the consequence of getting my desires? And you’re like, there’s no consequence. Look, if we don’t have them yet, there’s some part of your brain protecting you from receiving it.

    [00:37:49] Danya: So let’s uncover what’s the fear. What’s it going to cost us? What’s the consequence of getting it? And then as you start to uncover these, ask yourself, is this useful? Is this belief, is this way of being useful? And do I know anyone else? If myself is from past evidence or someone in my circle or someone who I’m looking up to as a mentor that doesn’t believe this to be true, start just unpacking it.

    [00:38:10] Danya: Um, another easy one to ask yourself is being rich means what, or rich people are what very simple kind of prompts to start uncovering the subconscious because your subconscious has to answer the questions that you give to it. So just to getting a thermostat of where your current programs are around money, what’s possible, et cetera.

    [00:38:30] Danya: Now look at your current environment and say, okay. Does this even ring true? Like my current results is these, can I see how these beliefs are actually driving these decisions and creating these results? Great. If I want different, we got to do something different within first to create different without.

    [00:38:44] Danya: I want to keep like asking a thousand questions, but I know we’re like kind of kept on time.

    [00:38:48] April: Yeah, we have to wrap it. Um, but, and I want you like, I’m just sitting here absorbing. And every time you do this, I always re ask myself these questions. And, and I, and I do think, I mean, even if you’re listening here and you feel like this is something that you have mastered and, and that you’ve already been through, like we can always keep breaking through, we can always keep noticing and understanding ourselves and, and rewiring our neuropathways and all of these different things.

    [00:39:15] April: And so, and to, to those next levels. And the thing that is so. Important about this is, is where we started out in understanding that all the strategy in the world is not going to help you if you don’t believe that you deserve to be there or you can be there or it’s, you know, that you, you have this ability to be there.

    [00:39:37] April: If you have to prove it to yourself or somebody else, you’re already starting, uh, with a disadvantage and it’s, And it’s really, really difficult in, in the, there’s no joy in that journey. I just got to say it there. There’s just no joy in the journey. And most people are entrepreneurs to, to have joy, not that there is no end result to entrepreneurship. Let’s just like, let me say that again. There is no end. It’s the journey.

    [00:40:02] Danya: And so the experience of the journey, right? It’s like we can, we’re on the journey, but what’s our experience of the journey and recognizing that we get to determine that. So how many of us are building a business, but we’re miserable as fuck.

    [00:40:13] Danya: Or like we’re stressed out. We’re not even enjoying what we’re doing. We feel like we’re building traps. Like, well, hold on a second. Your business is a game and you’re the game. Like you, you create the game and you create the rules. So am I enjoying this journey? Am I, am I experiencing the journey I want to experience?

    [00:40:25] Danya: Like most of us create, came here to create lives of fulfillment, abundant and choices and autonomy and impact. How many of us are actually experiencing that though, right? Like, so it is a journey. I love how you said that because there’s no destination. Look, you hit a goal. What happens next? Next goal. Are you enjoying this?

    [00:40:42] Danya: Is your experience of this journey, something that’s fulfilling you and like feeling like present and you can enjoy moments of it, lots of moments of it, or is it stressful, chaotic pressure trap feeling we can shift that or we perceive it. So great end point.

    [00:40:55] April: Awesome. Okay. Well, if people want to find you, where should they connect with you?

    [00:41:01] Danya: I’m most active on Instagram. So my name, Danya, D A N Y A Douglas Hunt, and in there too, you can find a bunch of free resources. I think we’re going to link up for everyone here, the Morning Mindset Prime. So in that really quick, um, audio is you’re going to understand the neuroscience behind how to shift your state and why it’s valuable for you to create the life of your dreams.

    [00:41:21] Danya: Again, we talk about results in the beginning, what actually creates our results, will we get our mind and body on board? Your pathway to the action strategy is a lot less resistance than having your subconscious mind come up and try and protect you from change, AKA your goals. So that would be the most valuable thing for people here to do.

    [00:41:37] Danya: You start shifting your state in your mind now and just watch how things around you become a lot easier and more effective as you shift your mind and body to align with your subconscious desires.

    [00:41:45] April: Awesome. Well, we really appreciate you being part of our team and in our community and pouring into me and all of our clients and, and just the work that you’re doing and the science backed work that you’re doing, um, is, is what differentiates you from, from a lot in mindset coaches.

    [00:42:01] April: So I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much for being on the show. I can’t wait for this. and I will actually see you this week and in our community. I’m really excited.

    [00:42:16] Danya: Me too. Me too. Thank you so much for having me. Bye.