How well are you Mastering your Mompreneur Skills?

Successful mompreneurs really appear to have their act together. From the outside they look perfect. Perfectly clean office, perfectly polite kids, perfectly nutritious dinners, perfectly built website…

Truth is- these ladies have busted their perfect little asses to build their business and their family. Being successful as a mom and an entrepreneur, requires a very special mix of grit and virtue, with a healthy combination of these 3 important skills.

3 Powerful Skills of Successful Mompreneurs

Successful Mompreneurs are Organized and Focused:
  • They set goals and are focused to reach them.
  • They aren’t side tracked by shiny objects and new ideas.
  • They make lists and follow them. They analyze their progress and adjust their goals and lists accordingly.
  • They’re patient and willing to stay on track to see their work pay off.
  • They don’t look at competition. They stay their own course and believe in themselves. When they get discouraged, they quickly get right back on track.
  • They know time is money. Their Block Calendar rules their week and they stick to it.
  • They’ve taken the time to develop systems and they’re committed to use them.
  • They know “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and they’re in it for the long haul.
  • They know their business is simply a means of achieving their personal vision. They fully understand what they’re truly fighting for.
Successful Mompreneurs Ask for Help
  • They know their weaknesses and admit faults.
  • They seek coaches and mentors to consult them.
  • They research, read books and study businesses they strive to emulate.
  • They search for answers and don’t quit when they’re stuck.
  • They delegate.
  • They see value in not recreating every wheel.
  • They hire childcare for consistent work time and don’t feel bad about it.
  • A housekeeper is not a luxury, she’s a necessity.
  • They allow others to love on their kids and don’t feel guilty about time away.
  • They teach their children self-management skills when appropriate.
  • They ask for help.
  • They say “yes” when help is randomly offered.
Successful Mompreneurs Take Care of Themselves
  • Their body is a temple and they feed it well.
  • Fitness time is scheduled and they protect it fiercely.
  • Their body powers their mind. They set physical goals and work to achieve them. They are their own best competition.
  • They allow themselves to dream and imagine their future life vision.
  • They set personal goals for quality-of-life, family, friendships and love.
  • They follow thought leaders they love and admire.
  • They make time for fiction reading and mental check-outs.
  • They know their fears and challenge them.
  • They forgive and love themselves.
  • They say “no”.
  • Faith is their rock and they can’t be moved.
  • They know the importance of enjoying the journey.


Like women always do, you’re probably reading this and being critical of yourself… Remember, “they stay their own course and believe in themselves”. Be kind to yourself and know the following:

Perfect balance does not exist. You’ll have seasons of greatness and struggles. 

Your journey is as important as your destination. 

Truth is, I’ve written this article for both of us! As my business grows, I find it harder to apply these skills consistently. I’m especially failing in the “Successful Mompreneurs Take Care of Themselves” category, and trying to “forgive and love myself” through that.

It’s time to re-center, re-focus and re-inspire yourself.

Join me as I dive in and take the Successful Mompreneur Skills Quiz.

Successful mompreneurs know they aren’t perfect. They know success is a process and they’re true to themselves to follow that path.

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