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    Leveraging AI-Powered Prompt Generators for High-Impact Content Creation – with April Beach and Bob Dietrich (Episode 280)

    Leveraging AI-Powered Prompt Generators for High-Impact Content Creation




    Unlock the Power of Personalized Content to Level Up Your Coaching, Consulting, or Expert Business
    In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, coaches, consultants, and experts need to consistently produce high-quality content that resonates with their audience. In this episode, we dive into the world of AI-powered prompt generators and how they can transform your content production process. We’re thrilled to have Bob Dietrich, founder of Unleash AI For Business Summit, as our guest expert to share his insights and experience in leveraging AI for content creation.
    Join us as we explore how to develop clear prompt generators for personalized outputs, learn the latest advancements in AI, and discover the hottest software currently used for video, audio, and content creation. By the end of this episode, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to level up your content production game!
    Specifically, we discuss the hottest software for video, audio, and content creation
    • Top AI-driven tools and platforms for various content formats
    • Integrating AI-powered tools into your content production workflow
    • Success stories: AI in action
    • And real-life examples of coaches, consultants, and experts who have successfully implemented AI in their content strategy


    At the end of this episode, you will:

      1. Have a clear prompt generator that produces personalized outputs
      2. Learn the latest in AI and the hottest software currently used for video, audio, and content creation
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    Full Show Transcript:



    [00:00:43] April: Hi guys. Welcome to podcast episode 280 and we are diving back into talking more about AI in your business. Why are we talking about AI and business? Because we are content creators. We are experts, we are leaders, and [00:01:00] we’re all people who lead other people. That’s why you’re listening to this show, and in the process, what we do is creating teachings and training and materials to help other people elevate according to our area of expertise, right?

    [00:01:12] April: However, It’s very, very time consuming to do. And historically engineering your offers, your programs, your content, has been one of the longest consuming tasks that we manage as CEOs in our company. Whether you’re still doing it yourself or you have a team that helps you create your content, it’s expensive and is time consuming.

    [00:01:34] April: And so with the inception of AI into our business, we can. Become more productive and create more transformational content according to our authentic voice and genius. And so that’s why it’s so important that we are continuing to talk about this because this show is dedicated to helping you level up your business.

    [00:01:54] April: And that’s why we’re bringing you more episodes on ai. Here’s what you can expect from this episode. [00:02:00] We are going to talk about how to engineer prompts, how to actually use AI correctly in a way that is going to save you time and still sound exactly the way that you need it to sound so you don’t sound like a robot.

    [00:02:13] April: And we’re also talking to today’s guest about the new AI is called Unleashing AI four Business Summit. And by the way, take a second right now. Pause this and go get your free ticket. I will be a speaker at the Unleashing AI for Business Summit coming up here in May of 2023, and I’m gonna be breaking out the framework on how to use AI to engineer transformational programs.

    [00:02:39] April: It’s gonna be amazing. You can get your free ticket by going to unleash AI for spelled f o r So pauses for a sec. Go grab your ticket, sign up for that, and then come back and listen to the show. At the end of this show, you are gonna know a very [00:03:00] simple, prompt generation acronym that Bob Dietrich, our amazing guest, who is the creator of Unleashed AI for Business Summit, walks you through.

    [00:03:09] April: It’s gonna save you hours and hours of creating the output you’re looking for. We’re also talking about the latest in. And Bob uncovers some really cool secret tools that I didn’t even know about that after we recorded this show, I immediately went and tested them on some of the content from this episode.

    [00:03:28] April: So if you are ready for all of this, then you are in the right place. You can find all of the show notes, a link to the behind the scenes video. Bob Screen shares in this. If you are not following us on YouTube, make sure you’re following us at Sweet Life Company on YouTube where you can see the behind the scenes.

    [00:03:46] April: But all of this will be available right at your hands in our show notes, which can be found by visiting sweet life Or you can just go directly to sweet life [00:04:00] This is episode number two 80. Let’s go ahead and dive in. Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur and Online Business podcast.

    [00:04:09] April: I am here. A new friend Bob Dietrich, and he has come into our orbit in all things ai. I’m super excited to have been introduced to him from Amy Yamada. You all heard Amy’s episodes a couple of weeks ago, and we are diving in more to AI for content creation. Bob, can you introduce yourself, let our friends know how you got into this world of everything AI over the last couple of months or maybe years. How, how long have you been diving into this?

    [00:04:42] Bob: Um, you know what, how long have we all been in it and not known it? Right? Right. That’s a real question because we’ve all been in it for so long and we’ve not known it. Um, everything from our Facebook feeds to the Google searches. I mean, as soon as the internet came out, AI was pretty much invented.

    [00:04:56] Bob: So, uh, so we’ve all been in it for a while. Uh, [00:05:00] but today, I mean, Now that we’re in it, now we’re more aware of what we can do and we have things like chat, g p t available. Um, but we got some really important questions like how do we get it to work properly? How do we implement it into our business? Um, I was at a party, uh, last weekend and I’m telling people about chat, G P T, like they should know.

    [00:05:18] Bob: And it’s like most people don’t know. I mean, we are literally at the bottom of the upswing of the curve, uh, you know, the bell curve of, of a product’s life, right? And. Just at the beginning, it’s like ages when, you know, dot coms are just about to start. So if you’re watching this, you’re just at the beginning of this huge bell curve that’s happening and it’s very exciting,

    [00:05:39] April: What a remarkable actually time in, in the world to live. And I know that there are a lot of people that are scared of it. Uh, in, in our entrepreneur world that we are part of, we tend to be total go-getters. We love the newest things. We love diving into them and. Why what you’re doing is actually so cool because you have [00:06:00] created these amazing summits that are all about unleashing the power of AI for thought leaders, for entrepreneurs. Tell us a little bit about those summits that you have been hosting and, and the ones to the, in the ones that are to come.

    [00:06:14] Bob: Yeah. So, um, a summit, if you’re not aware or familiar with them, is basically a group of interviews. A set of interviews anywhere from 10 to 15 to 30. I mean, even 60 interviews, depending on how about how large it is.

    [00:06:27] Bob: Uh, ours tend to be about a full day, so about 16 interviews, and we bring on top experts. And our, our strategy is really, To, um, we all know that chat G P T exists. If you’re watching this, you’re probably familiar with that. The question is, how do you make it work the way you want it to and what other AR tools are out there?

    [00:06:43] Bob: And so our program, our summit, is designed to bring in business owners and say, Hey, you’re using chat G P T, how are you using it to get. Information out to make your business run more efficiently, to, to reduce your cost, to increase your profits, to gain that competitive [00:07:00] advantage. Um, and also what other tools are you using that also help you, uh, excel in your business.

    [00:07:06] Bob: And so it’s been remarkable because each. Person, although, hey, we’re using chat G B T, here’s how I’m using it. And your mind is blown. Just like you first used, you know, first time you saw Jet Chat G v t, it was like, wow, my mind just got blown. Well, get get ready. It’s gonna get blown again and again and again.

    [00:07:21] Bob: Every time you see chat, G B T and somebody else use it in a different way, it’s just. It’s phenomenal. It’s, it’s, um, it’s the magic eight ball of the 21st century .

    [00:07:30] April: It’s, it’s so funny as you say that, I’m thinking that, uh, my husband and I were talking last week and he was having, um, his bio generated and then he had his bio generated in the Voice of Yoda, and it was absolutely hysterical.

    [00:07:42] April: I mean, just these funny things too that you don’t think about. And he goes, this is it. This is what I’m gonna put on my LinkedIn profile. This is it. This is what it’s gonna be. You know, so it it, like you’re saying, I mean, you just don’t even think of some of the things. I was just in a meeting prior to this with somebody who was talking about doing their whole entire task list and actually having [00:08:00] chat actually organize their order of operations of all the things they had to do in a day.

    [00:08:03] April: It wasn’t even. Externally facing content. It was literally helping them organize their own thoughts and ideas to be a more productive person. So I agree with you and I can’t wait to be a part of speaking at your upcoming summit that we’re gonna be having here in a couple weeks and, and we’ll be sharing information about that as well.

    [00:08:22] April: Me too. So one of the things that I’m most excited to hear about is what also tends to be stumping people, right? I’m of course, excited to learn your solution like all of our listeners are, and that is how do we actually know the correct inputs to get the right outputs for what we need? And. AI to do for us in our business.

    [00:08:47] April: And you call that prompt engineering. Can you explain just first of all, high level, what is prompt engineering and why is it so important for our users to under or our listeners to understand?

    [00:08:58] Bob: Sure, sure. [00:09:00] So prompt engineering, not my word, not my phrase, but I’m gonna give it to you anyway, because here’s what it means. Prompt engineer engineering basically means the creation of the prompt, the input that goes into an AI so you can get the output. Right. So that is the input, the prompt is the input, whatever you’re inputting in there. And, uh, if you input, you know, it’s kind of like the first time you, you went to computer class and you started learning about computers.

    [00:09:24] Bob: It’s like garbage in, garbage out. That was like one of the first thing you learned. And so if you put garbage into the chat, cheap pt, guess what? It’s not magic. It’s not gonna spit out good stuff. It’s gonna give you garbage out, right? So you have to give it, um, the right input, the right prompt to. Pull out the stuff.

    [00:09:39] Bob: When you pull out the inform information you want, when you give it the right prompt, it’ll blow your mind, right? And that, and if you don’t give it the right, uh, right prompt, uh, it’ll be a big disappointment. . Right.

    [00:09:50] April: Just, just can create more content. Yeah. And I would say nobody needs more content. Right? We need a transformation or, or what is the clear outcome of what we’re looking for.

    [00:09:58] April: Exactly. Uh, [00:10:00] really great to know about prompt engineering, and you actually have a very special formula that you guide people through in order to understand how to create prompts. Can you tell us a little bit about.

    [00:10:12] Bob: and, yeah. And it, and it’s not a hard, fast rule, um, but it is something that, uh, that I think it, it’ll be a good guide. So let, let’s go through it. Um, I’ve created this acronym. It’s not a pretty acronym, but it’s something you can remember. and I, I like acronyms because every letter stands for something, right? And so the word is Cats Paww, right? Uh, Cats Paww. Right, right. And so Cat, if you reme can remember Cats Paww, then you can probably remember every step here.

    [00:10:39] Bob: So let’s go through the, what is Cats Paww? So the first thing you wanna do when you’re generating a, a command, and probably by the way, I’ll probably get Cats Paww replaced with something cool. But for now, , I actually think

    [00:10:49] April: that’s, I, I remember it already. Right. There’s nothing in the coaching space that’s called Cats Paww, so nobody’s gonna go

    [00:10:55] Bob: forget that .There we go. All right. So, uh, so the first thing in the C [00:11:00] stands for command, right? You want to give it a command, like, write this or write code for this, or Correct this, or explain this or analyze this, right? So, A command, right? So C is the command. Um, a is the adjective. Write this emotional or compelling, or outrageous or thrilling or heartbreaking or whatever, right?

    [00:11:19] Bob: So write this adjective, right? So ca a is for adjective, right? Um, T is for tone. . So write this adjective in the tone of, right, and this is kind of your writing voice, right? This is it, the flavor of the, of the, uh, of the conversation. So you’re gonna write an email, uh, that is compelling in the tone of, um, a casual tone or a, uh, perspective tone.

    [00:11:42] Bob: Um, inter perspective or passionate tone. Or enthusiastic tone, right? So T is for tone. So it’s c a t s is for the subject. What is the subject, right? Um, write this adjective. Uh, write this emotional, enthusiastic sales letter [00:12:00] or email or subject or landing page, right? So s is for the subject. What is the subject?

    [00:12:05] Bob: What are you gonna gonna have it, uh, produce, right? Um, and then you wanna say, uh, from the perspective of. Who, the customer, the product, the competitor, the ex, you know, the storyteller, uh, the advocate, the influencer. The performer. Right? Who’s, who’s it in the perspective of, right? So now we’re at the P. So let’s go to the A.

    [00:12:26] Bob: So Katz, Paul A is for, uh, uh, the A and K Paul. And, uh, and then we’re saying what’s the, the ambition or the goal, right? Mm-hmm. . . And so the g the ambition or goal is to, uh, to have it sell or have it to maybe reverse the risk or make it easy to buy or make it impossible to say no or, or give it a sense of urgency or a sense of scarcity maybe, or, um, offer a guarantee or, you know, what’s the goal of the.

    [00:12:56] Bob: um, of the communication of the prompt, right? [00:13:00] Um, then w and w are with and without, right? So with this person, with this thing, with this qualifier, um, or with, and or without it, without being upsetting people, or without being salesy, without being boring, or without being dull, or without being tedious or without offending people or whatever it is.

    [00:13:22] Bob: Um, so that’s basically cat’s paw. So let’s go through it again. The command. The adjective, the tone, the subject, like sales letter, email, whatever, the perspective of from who, right? And the perspective of the goal, uh, like, like what do you want it to do? Make a person feel a certain way or produce a certain result. Um, and with or without something, with, with a qualifier and without being, say, salesy or boring or pushy.

    [00:13:50] April: Wow. What a framework. Yeah. I see as you, as you are breaking that out. In playing with AI in, in starting to [00:14:00] use it more regularly, I absolutely see the power in your structure and I wish I had had that before I had started playing with it because I think I have spent hundreds of hours just wondering what was coming up from what I was putting in.

    [00:14:14] April: So that is really incredibly powerful. What, in your experience do you find that entrepreneurs are using ai. For I, is it email marketing, social marketing article? Like what, what are the trends? I mean, I can’t even say trends. It’s also new, right? Yeah. What are the most common uses of the outputs of the content that you have seen so far?

    [00:14:38] Bob: Okay, so, um, uh, I’m gonna answer that before I do I wanna say, Most business owners are not using it, right? So this is your advantage right now if you’re watching it, right? Most businesses aren’t using it. The ones that are aware of it, maybe half of ’em are using it, maybe less than that. Um, and they’re not, so they’re not using it properly.

    [00:14:55] Bob: They haven’t figured it out. Some business owners are using it. So let’s talk about those people. [00:15:00] Who are you, who’s using it? How are they using it? Um, so those people who are using Chat G P T, most people are using, you know, uh, some form of it in Google and whatever, but when you really talk about, say, chat, G P T or some of the audio or video programs out there, um, they’re using Chat G P T for, you know, things like emails, things like sales letters, um, but you know what really is cool? Totally overlooked is the research. Um, do we have the ability to do screen share anything here? Um, yeah,

    [00:15:30] April: absolutely. Okay. We, we love, uh, let me make sure that you have power. Yeah. Can you, can you power it up from below?

    [00:15:37] Bob: I certainly

    [00:15:38] April: can. Awesome. And we’ll make sure this is on YouTube for you guys. Those of you’re listening in audio, make sure that you cruise over to YouTube and we’ll put a link to that in the show notes.

    [00:15:48] Bob: Okay. So I’m just gonna find the, uh, Uh, the entire screen. There we

    [00:15:52] April: go. Oh, this is so cool. This is so cool. Okay.

    [00:15:56] Bob: So, um, I am going to share my screen and what I wanna show you here [00:16:00] is, can you see my screen right now with chat g p t up? Yep, sure can. Okay. So I was working with somebody, uh, earlier and she was saying she wanted to create her program.

    [00:16:09] Bob: She’s, uh, she’s working with. People in recovery who want something more out of life, uh, to stay sober. Like they’re, in other words, they’re sober already. They’ve gone through the process of, of being through a rehab and now they wanna get really jump into life, right. Um, and really make something outta life.

    [00:16:25] Bob: So she’s doing a next level course. It’s like after you’ve conquered. Recovery, what do you do now? And so we put in something saying, uh, you know, that said, I’m working with people in recovery, want something more out of life now that they’re sober. Please write, uh, what people in recovery are most interested in.

    [00:16:40] Bob: And so what it does is it puts all the information out. This is what they’re all interested in, right? These are what they’re interested in after recovery. It’s like, okay, great. So please gimme some statistics around this. Right? And so what it did was it spit out all these statistics. I just did this this morning.

    [00:16:54] Bob: So this is fresh information. Um, so it says, okay, uh, 88% [00:17:00] of people, uh, reported making positive changes in their personal life since becoming sober, right? 62% uh, said that they pursued a new career. 67% said they had made new friends after becoming sober, 72% re reported spirituality or faith was improved.

    [00:17:16] Bob: Um, 80% of the people reported that they had positive changes in their diet, so on and on, and. . Um, you can use this if you’re building a recovery program to show people, Hey, you guys have a very, very good chance of succeeding if the right things are in place. So now the next problem is prompt, is what are some things that will help people be successful to continue their recovery and help them, you know, to help them become successful?

    [00:17:40] Bob: And so what it does is here are some things that individuals in recovery. Be successful and maintain their sobriety over the long term. So they need a strong support system. They need healthy coping mechanisms. They need a sense of purpose. They need avoiding triggers and accountability. I mean, that sounds like everybody, but especially people in [00:18:00] recovery, right?

    [00:18:00] Bob: Because without some of these things, they may go back to, you know, drinking or taking drugs or alcohol or whatever. Right? So, . So this is, this is where they focus, so this is what her course should be focusing on, right? And then we said, okay, well what are the pain points they’re experiencing? Well, they’re, the pain points are cravings.

    [00:18:17] Bob: Oh my gosh. Social isolations, financial and legal issues. Mental health issues, right? So mind blowing already, right? This is, and so, okay.

    [00:18:26] April: Right. So keep

    [00:18:26] Bob: going, keep going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s like, okay, so now create an outline for a program called Next Level Recovery. That’s her program. Right? So look for it.

    [00:18:34] Bob: It’s coming. It’s coming soon. It’s coming. It’s coming. And so it says, here’s the outline for your program based on everything we just talked about, right? And so it basically flows this outline, it gives you seven points to it. It’s like, you know what? We want a little bit longer, add three more modules to this outline.

    [00:18:49] Bob: And so now it’s 10 modules long and it spits out 10 modules of, of. Of, of, you know, her program based on what we, what we wanted to do. Now. She said, well, I wanna start, you know, [00:19:00] nurturing my email list before I start getting out there. I said, okay, well let’s do this. Um, but this is an email, uh, by the way, uh, I, I asked that, write me an email to potential expert speakings, inviting them to speak on a summit for this.

    [00:19:13] Bob: Product. So, or for this, uh, for a program about recovery. So, so we said, okay, make an announcement for this event and rewrote the announcement. And then we said, okay, write 20 subjects I can email to my audience in recovery in the next 10 weeks. You know, that would kind of, kind of get the email list warmed up a little bit.

    [00:19:29] Bob: Mm-hmm. , and it gives me these 10, uh, these 20 different, um, subjects that I could be talking about. And I, and I took the first one, the power of gratitude. I said, write me a, a blog PO. A 10 point blog. , right? You have 10 benefits of the power of, of gratitude in recovery and how they can implement these principles and it produces this blog post.

    [00:19:49] Bob: Now I can cut and paste this into my email and start warming up my list right away while I’m building out my program, right? And I did all this in about 10 or 20 minutes, right? And then, [00:20:00] um, and then, I mean, it goes on and on, so, so, Yeah, that’s, that’s what I wanted

    [00:20:05] to

    [00:20:05] April: show my mind is just absolutely blown.

    [00:20:07] April: I hope you guys are watching this video. If you’re listening to the audio, make sure you also watch the video replay of this. What a, as you were saying this, cuz what I’m gonna be speaking at, on, at your summit is offer engineering and how we actually extract genius to, to create methodologies and transformational programs.

    [00:20:26] April: I’m really excited to talk about that and mm-hmm. , we’ve been testing that a lot and, but what. made me think of was earlier today I was in with a group of businesses, so just kind of another use case where we are licensing their courses to corporations and our goal this morning was to come up with the sales deck and part of coming up the sales deck are coming up with statistics.

    [00:20:50] April: And numbers and pain points for the organization or corporation. And that was a, a real sticking point that has always in the past required a lot [00:21:00] of exhausting research. And I never once in this whole entire morning, so now based on this, I need to go back and tell all of our clients, you need to input this into chat G P T, because exactly.

    [00:21:11] April: We were struggling with coming up today is exactly what you just showed. Mind blown, absolutely

    [00:21:17] Bob: amazing. And so when I say research, it’s like start from the beginning. Start from your, you know, what are you, who is it that you’re wanting to talk to? What are their pain points? What are their, their, what are they looking for?

    [00:21:28] Bob: What you know, and where do you want to take? Them and what’s the name of your program? And insert all this information in, in a, in a, in kind of a, a logical chronological flow. And it’ll start to, you know, build it for you cuz it’s remembering what you just input. It’s remembering what, it just outputted based on all the information inputs that it got.

    [00:21:45] Bob: And then it, it kind of builds on itself. Builds on itself, builds on itself.

    [00:21:49] April: Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Um mm-hmm. , I’m literally, I am speechless. And this episode is dropping right away and even eight weeks from now [00:22:00] after. , there’ll be, there’ll be so many more use cases. And so I’m excited to be here talking to you and experiencing these things and learning from you and learning from the other experts you bring in.

    [00:22:12] April: And then hoping to, to spread the word on how we all can use this before we wrap up. And we’re gonna make sure you guys know how to get access to Bob’s Unleashing the Power of AI Summit. We need to make sure you guys get in there. Uh, they’re, I mean, I’m just so excited to be part of just. An incredible group of people that are spearheading this and we wanna make sure you guys are involved.

    [00:22:36] April: Can you share with us what are, what are just, we always talk about chat g P two, we’ve been talking about that a lot. But what are the other hot AI tools that are, are on the rise and people are using in addition to, um, hoping to ai.

    [00:22:50] Bob: Okay, so, so this is really, uh, fun to talk about because, uh, chat g p t I mean, I, I, I can tell you that, that without a doubt, somebody’s gonna [00:23:00] come up with this party game, uh, for chat G P T and you, and you just, you know, maybe you pull a card or something and then you type it into chat G P t and you know it does something, right?

    [00:23:08] Bob: Yeah. And it’s Cards Against Humanity on chapter media or something like that, right? Uh, although it won’t give you any information like that. So I don’t know exactly what it’s gonna be, but if it’ll be very fun. Anyway, so, um, some of the, um, , I know the idea right there. That’s funny, right? Yeah. So, uh, some of the things that, that you’ve seen out there, that I’ve seen out there, I mean, descript is, is popular if you’re not using descript and you haven’t looked it up, D e s c r i p t

    [00:23:36] Bob: It, it is amazing. It’ll take your videos, right? It’ll pull it up into the system, it’ll cut out all the ums and ahs in, you knows, and whatever all the filler words if, if. It’ll transcribe everything. And if you didn’t like something you said, you can take it out. And if you wanna say something different because you misspoke, you said, oh, it’s on April 15th, when you meant April 27th.

    [00:23:59] Bob: You can take the [00:24:00] 15th out, put the 27th in and it will change the video and it’ll change, even change your mouth a little bit. Look, you make it look like you said the 27th, right? And so, um, it is a super cool tool. For editing. Uh, it’s editing on steroids. It’s editing for a, you know, with ai. Oh my goodness.

    [00:24:17] Bob: And it’s super cool. So, . Yeah, it’s, it’s makes editing a lot more fun. And that’s kind of their theme. Um, I could even show you a, a link to a video, two minute video that’ll show you what, uh, what it does. Uh, even the video’s fun. Um, there’s another tool that I really like, Otter ai. Some of you have probably used it, but, um, and I have, I’m not using it yet.

    [00:24:37] Bob: This is like, I’m super excited to unwrap this. Christmas present. So Otter AI is basically a transcription tool where you put it on your computer and you, you flip it on and it’s on all the time. It’s transcribing everything, right? If I had it on right now, I’d be transcribing this, and when we’re done, I can go back and take what we just talked about and create a video on it, create a little excerpt on it, you know, whatever I want.

    [00:24:59] Bob: But it’s all [00:25:00] on. It’s all recorded audio and transcription on auto ai. So that’s another tool that’s pretty cool. Um, one of my favorites though is called Video ai. Now, video ai. If I was recording this, for example, what I would do is I could take this, uh, conversation, upload it onto video ai, and what it will do is it will cut it down into like small 32nd.

    [00:25:23] Bob: Reels. Now I can post those reels on Instagram and it, it, it’s already got an algorithm in there to say, Hey, what’s the, what’s the, uh, most interesting points of the conversation between April and Bob? And it’ll give me a little highlight reel and then I post it on, on Instagram and I don’t really need to do much of anything.

    [00:25:40] Bob: It’ll tell to give 10 of ’em. It’ll take 10 of ’em and it’ll just post it. It won’t post it for you, but you know, you do it yourself, but still it’s creating these. , these little video clips. And, uh, it is, it is super cool. And, you know, other people talk about like synthia and these other, uh, avatar things where you can get this, you know, animated looking [00:26:00] version of you to start speaking like, uh, like you.

    [00:26:03] Bob: Um, but that’s not quite there yet. And it’s kind of a little creepy and people don’t really want, that’s too comfortable with it. You know, . And so, uh, it’s like, yeah, okay. Um, it’s like the max head max headroom of, of 2023. Right?

    [00:26:18] April: Oh my gosh. How funny. Remember that? You have to, you have to be a certain age to remember that.

    [00:26:22] April: Yes, I remember that. Our, our listeners are of the age they remember, they remember Max Headroom. That’s so funny. Right. Um, you know, I’m gonna go to video AI after this and upload all this there, and Please do. I’m going to, and we don’t ever do this for the podcast, you guys. , but we will put these clips and then we’ll put it in the show notes of like what we came up with. Just playing with that. I totally am excited to do. Yeah. How amazing. ,

    [00:26:47] Bob: yeah. Yeah, do that and send them to me. Please tag me if you put ’em on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see those. And, um, uh, and the more you know, the more I find out, the more I’ll be sharing with you. And that’s the beauty, by the way, of these events.

    [00:26:59] Bob: Unleash [00:27:00] ai for Go there. You can register now. Um, and even though the summit’s over, you can still buy the summit for 27 bucks. I mean, it’s a, it’s a deal for that. And then you. Uh, you’ll be on the list to receive the invite for the next free summit and the free one after that, and the free one after that.

    [00:27:16] Bob: The more people I interview, the more applications I see. The more AI tools that come out, the better they get. I mean, by the time May tw, May 9th comes out, oh, let me tell you this. So we had it scheduled for May 9th, right? That was our original scheduled date. Mm-hmm. for a, uh, unleash ai. And this was in February.

    [00:27:32] Bob: And, and things were moving so fast and so many people were coming up and saying, Hey, I got this tool, I got this tool, I got this and that. We said, we gotta do it faster. So we moved it up to April and. And it was still like, April’s like a month, you know, a month and a half away. Let’s move this up to March now.

    [00:27:47] Bob: March was very ambitious and it still turned out killer. It was so good and, uh, and, and I’m kind of glad we did now that it’s over because, you know, it was a lot of work to produce it, but, um, it’s so. [00:28:00] Poignant right now, it’s so on target and it’s gonna change. And by May or yeah, by May 9th, it’ll things, some things will be different.

    [00:28:07] Bob: And by August or July some things will be different, right? So it’s moving that quickly. Things are moving so fast and things are changing so fast that um, you know, you wanna get it now and, but you know, things are gonna change. The rest of the world’s gonna catch up, then you’re gonna be ahead. Ahead of the curve, you know, in front of the wave. Right, right,

    [00:28:24] April: right. And I mean, and just the productivity for our team alone has just been incredible. Mm-hmm. , I’m the, the person where it, it will have taken me two hours to write an email. I’m just not naturally a writer and mm-hmm. . So some of these tools just in productivity and business are just gonna get so much faster and learning how to make it very authentic to who we are and not robotic and true to our brand voice and our, our leadership voice and our personality.

    [00:28:48] April: It. Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to be a part of your upcoming summit and speak at your summit. And I know that I’m so excited about the other speakers you have there that I can’t [00:29:00] wait to learn from as well. It’s just gonna absolutely be epic and um, thank you so much for coming on the show and yeah, I’m so glad we get.

    [00:29:07] April: Get this in here while we’re talking about AI on the show, and of course unleash, unleash AI for business coming up slash April. We can get you guys that ticket signed up. And uh, Bob, thank you so much. This has been awesome. I can’t

    [00:29:22] Bob: wait to much. You’re very welcome. I, I’ll see you guys all on Unleash AI four, not the number four, but f o r

    [00:29:29] Bob: Sounds

    [00:29:29] April: good. Thanks. Sure. What an amazing time talking to Bob. I learned so much and I already opened up some of the tools we talked about on this show to play with in order to produce this show for you guys. So here are your action items at the end of this episode. First of all, go get your free ticket.

    [00:29:47] April: I would love to pour into you as I’m going to be a speaker at the Unleash AI for Business Summit coming up here. I want you to get your free ticket to that, and I’m gonna teach you how to embark on offer engineering [00:30:00] using ai. Super cool. Grab your free ticket to the next summit by visiting Unleash AI for business.

    [00:30:07] April: Spelled, and we’re gonna make sure you get that free ticket and dive into all the things Bob talked about on today’s show. Play with them. Go to the show slash two 80 and we’re gonna have a recap of all this, including links to all the resources Bob talked about.

    [00:30:27] April: So I hope you do those two things. I hope you. Free ticket to this. This is new to me. This is new to you, but we’ve been playing with it a lot and we’re getting amazing results. Engineering transformational coaching programs and offers with the help of ai, and I can’t wait to show you that, and so I can’t wait to see you at the upcoming summit as well.

    [00:30:46] April: Again, unleash AI for No, I don’t make money from this. I just want you to be part of it. I can’t wait to see you there. Hope you guys have an awesome day.[00:31:00]