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    Episode 54: How Your Health Affects Your Success

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    Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Body?

    There is a direct correlation between your body and your business.

    When you take care of your body, and your health, you’re also taking care of your business.

    If you’ve feel beyond exhausted, like you can’t think clearly, or are overly stressed, you’re probably not taking care of your body the way you should be.

    In Today’s Episode:

    While it’s important for every entrepreneur to take care of their bodies, self-care is particularly important for those in Phase 2 of my SweetLife Entrepreneur System.

    Science proves that exercise and self-care help you think more clearly, feel more energized, gain confidence, and feel less stressed; all of which translates into being better able to take care of your family and business.


    Why You Should Tune In:

    In this episode, I explain how scientific data proves you should be taking care of your body if you want to take care of your business and I also provide simple steps and strategies to help you start taking control of your health.

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Why Do I Think Better after I Exercise?

    How Does Exercise Improve Energy?

    8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    Physical Activity Reduces Stress



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