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    Episode 200: How To Write A High Converting Sales Page In 5 Steps – Amisha Shrimanker

    Amisha Shrimanker SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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    Free Live Copywriting Masterclass with Amisha: November 19, 2020 and January 21, 2021

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    Entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, leaders, teachers and others looking to sell your service or program online.


    You’ve worked hard to create a great offer, and it’s time to sell it, but no one is buying. Chances are your copy is bad. Writing sales copy is a craft and not everyone can do it well. But, in order to sell your program, your copy has to be as great as your service. 
    In this episode, Amisha Shrimanker, founder of The Copy Crew, breaks down 5 steps to write a high converting sales page to increase those well-deserved sales. If you’ve struggled to sell your services online, this show/mini business training is a must-listen. 
    As a bonus, Amisha is also teaching two live How-To Copy Writing Classes for our SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast listeners. To join the live (or replay copy) writing class, join our online community at


    1. Have a 5 step plan to write great copy
    2. Know where on the page to start writing
    3. Understand how people buy
    4. Know what to say to separate and elevate your offer

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    Free Live Copywriting Masterclass with Amisha:  November 19, 2020 and January 21, 2021

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the suede life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Hi everyone. And Welcome to episode number 200. The Sweetlife entrepreneur in business podcast. My name is April beach founder of this Sweetlife company. And your host here on the show. This is episode number 200.
    Thank you so much for being a podcast listener of this wheat life for the last almost four years. We’re coming up on our birthday here soon in January, and we just appreciate your listenership and the reviews. You leave us so much. We are here to give you trusted, proven business strategy that other coaches and programs charge thousands of dollars for. And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.
    Yet again on the show. Again, this is episode number 200. So all of the show notes and everything, you can find that we talk about the summary of what we talk about and the gold I’m going to tell you. It’s gold that our guests gives you today can be found by visiting Sweetlife clicking on podcast. And this is episode number 200 today.
    We’re talking about how to write high converting sales page. Copy copywriting is a tough thing. You guys, copywriting is in fact, one of the hardest things that could stand in the way of success and failure. You could have an amazing program. You could have an amazing service or a course, but if your copywriting doesn’t really speak to the buyer, nobody’s going to buy it.
    And so it is a huge wall. It’s a huge barrier and a huge gateway for a lot of companies. That’s why today’s guest is so important to be on the show. Ameesha Sri Moncur is a conversion copywriter and founder of the copy crew, and she specializes in writing and sales copies for online product and online program launches. When she’s not whipping up persuasive sales copy in her to 10 X or clients launches,
    she’s busy, plane, mom, staying fit and catching up on her reading. You can connect with and at the copy crew on Instagram as well, just under a DM. She’s always happy to answer your questions here and on today’s show. We’re talking about the reasons why people struggle with copywriting, but honestly, we really dive into Results today’s show is going to give you five different steps on how to write,
    copy that converts for your sales page. But I’m telling you in step number one, you guys she’s diving into seven other sub steps. You need to know. So this is going to be one of these episodes. I know you guys have these episodes. I hear this all the time. These saved at Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, business training episodes, right?
    This is going to be of those. You’re going to come back to again and again, if you’re driving your car or you’re working out or you’re cooking dinner or whatever, no worries. You can come back and listen to it again. Also, I will say that Alicia is so amazing. She is going to be teaching a master class in our community.
    So if you aren’t yet in our online business community, cruise over to Sweetlife So if you want more help with sales and copywriting cruise over to Sweetlife, you can join our private online community app. It is not a Facebook group guys. We left Facebook a long time ago. It’s actually a separate app where we connect as a community. You can network with other businesses.
    We’d love to have you there. And Ameesha is going to be teaching, not just one, but two different masterclasses in November and in January for our exclusive community members. Just so you know. So let’s go ahead and dive into the episode. Again, we’re talking about five steps to write high converting sales copy. You’re going to get the goods here on today’s show and all of the show notes can be found by visiting Sweetlife
    This is episode number 200 and connect with us. Join Ameesha in the masterclasses by visiting Sweetlife Okay, let’s go.<inaudible> Super excited. You guys to be joined by a Nisha Sri mocker. When I saw her application for the show, I knew we needed her on here because she is a copywriting genius, and she helps those of you that are in the digital space.
    Really get it. What is in your head out into your sales page, which there’s this huge hang up usually between what you want to say and actually how businesses are able to say it, how well they’re able to execute it is a big problem in a copywriter is a must, I would say, on every single strategic online business team, you need to have somebody with excellent copywriting skills.
    And frankly, personally, I am not one of those people. So I have people that do that because I already know that that I’m one of probably the 90% of the people that are not great at this, but I think we can learn, right. And that’s why we’re kind of here on the show today and Ameesha is going to dive in. And today we’re talking about how to write a high converting sales page in five steps.
    But before we dive into that, welcome to the suite life entrepreneur podcast, and Meesha, I’m so excited that you’re here. Tell everybody who you are and why, why you love doing what you do. Sure. Well, thank you April so much for having me. It’s great to connect with someone who loves digital marketing and entrepreneurship, as much as I do.
    And it’s evident in the content you produce because I’ve been listening to some of your podcast episodes. So a little bit about me. I may conversion copywriter and I write launch copy for online entrepreneurs. So whether you’re Launching a digital course, a membership site or a coaching program, I’m your gal. If you things that set me apart from other copywriters, because there are a lot of launch copywriters,
    I bring my strategy skills to the table. I know how the overall funnel works. So with me, you get copy and my launch experience to launch your thing. I don’t just write pretty words on your landing pages and sales pages. I really dig deep into research. So I find out everything about your industry, you as a person, as the creator,
    your clients, I talk to them. I stop people in Facebook groups, find out everything before I write a single word of copy. And that’s why the copy converts. And lastly, the other thing is I have an eye for detail. So lot of copywriters, what they do is they write, copy, hand the Google doc a word, but I go deeper than that.
    I like to see the finished result on sales page. So tiny details like, Hey, what are your bullets? Symbols look like? So if I was writing for a makeup course, creator I have in the past, there are symbols. The bullets symbols could be something like lipstick, right? It’s a tiny details, but it makes so much of a difference when you’re kind of like trying to stand out there because copy your funnel is a package as a sales and a marketing package.
    So it’s got to stand out, not just with the words, but even with those little details. So those are three things. That’s a new part. Wow. So you are the copyrighting unicorn that everybody has been looking for. Just so you all now know you guys can, you can pause the podcast right now, go follow Ameesha at the copy on Instagram.
    And we’ll of course, make sure that all the links to connect with her are available to you guys in the show notes. So in this process that you have to help business owners to help experts and leaders really launch and sell their programs, launch and sell their methodology. There’s zone of genius and it’s in their head. They already have a struggle. People struggle with even creating the actual program itself.
    So there’s always kind of like this bigger picture we’re looking at, they’re creating their actual intellectual property into their program. That’s one step, but then we need to take it down a step further and actually talk about it in a way that an audience that might be a totally cold audience that has never experienced this company before understands. So how do we do that?
    Guide us through these five steps to write a high converting sales page, especially now that we know how much more you bring into it, then just a regular straightforward copywriter. I’m super excited for you to share these with us today. Sure. So I have five steps and the first step, really the step that proceeds before and in these five steps is obviously do your research.
    So if you’re writing for yourself, this should come a lot easier kind of because you know who your avatar is, who, you know, who’s your audience. So when you’ve got that nailed, let’s start with step one. Step one is you need to know the seven most things before you write a single word of copy. And this kind of digs into that research.
    The first thing is you need to know what’s your one offer. Like we’re not selling a bunch of things on that one sales page. So this is kind of like, you know, straightforward. What is your one offer? Is it a course? Is it a coaching program? Is it a membership site? So get clarity there. The other thing you want to know is what is your one promise,
    right? So like, what is a specific promise that if your avatar or your buyer does everything you tell them to do, what is the outcome that you can actually guarantee? And that’s important because you’re going to write about that on your sales page, every sales page offers a guarantee and the guarantee kind of ties into the promise, the big promise that you’re making.
    I see a lot of my clients who come to me and they’ve got an idea for this huge, amazing offer, like, Oh, okay, we’re going to do, it’s a 30 day program. I’m going to tell them how to set up an online business. That’s great. But what is the outcome? What does that one promise that after the end of 30 days,
    when they’re done with the program, what are they going to get? Are they going to get a website that they can show off? Is it going to be a landing page that they can show off? What is it to get clear on that third thing is, this is obvious. Who’s your one reader, one human being that you’re writing copy to like really know this person,
    you know, what are they like? What are their 3:00 AM sweats? You know, what gets them anxious, hopes, fears, dreams, all the good stuff you want to know. What is your one big idea? Now this may be a little tricky to wrap your mind around because I had a client whom I wrote a sales page for, because he was selling his Facebook ad course.
    And he wanted to kind of make this big promise. If you take this ad course, and it’ll help you scale your ad programs or your ad campaigns, and we’ll help you to X your ROAS and you know, all that good stuff. And I’m like, no, you’ve got to lead with one big idea. Like one promise. One thing that a person who reads it gets it.
    And here’s the other thing it’s a pro tip. The more ans you have in your big idea, the more confusing it is for your buyer to kind of connect with you. So let me give you another example, Nike, their tagline says, just do it. They don’t say just do it and also have fun and also take care of your health.
    Right? You’ll lose someone there who your one big idea is just this one sideline thing. One thing that someone can like instantly get it. And they’re like, yeah, I get it. Now I’m intrigued. I want to know more. So I’ll stop there. I love that. Thank you. Then comes your stage of awareness. Like how do you market to someone who’s unaware or even problem aware is very different to how you market write copy for someone who’s most aware,
    right? If someone who is unaware, you’re not going to write a sales page, selling them something. You’re going to give them top of the funnel stuff like a blog or a podcast episode and all that good stuff. But someone who is solution aware has a problem, knows it is looking for different solutions, has tried different things. They’re an easier sell.
    So kind of your copy, you know, follows that suit. The other thing is traffic temperature, are you running traffic or are you running your sales copy to a cold warm or hot audience? Know who you’re running into? If you’re just emailing your list about your offers, it’s an easier sell because your list, hopefully you’ve been emailing them consistently. They know you like you and trust you,
    right? So it’s easier. But if you’re running sales page to a Facebook ad campaign and it’s all to cold leads, they don’t know who you are. So you kind of have to like build that rapport. At the beginning of the page, the seventh one is your unique value proposition. What sets you apart from others in your industry who are offering the same thing or similar thing to a similar audience,
    you kind of want to set yourself apart. Know that what that one thing is, and kind of like go double down on that in your sales copy. So that’s step one. Okay. So just to recap, so for those of you guys who are listening this alone, we could do like two podcast episodes on this, this alone, a huge training you guys.
    And so if you get nothing out else, not that you won’t, you’re going to get a ton of value because that’s what we do here. But if you take away, if you can remember anything out of this episode, I want you to remember step one, come back to the show notes. I will make sure these are in the actual show notes of the episode for you.
    This is gold. You guys I’ve been a business strategist for 24 years. I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs and experts for 24 years. I’ve never once heard anybody explain it like this on a sales page. So I’m telling you like, pass’ replay this, these seven things, the seven most important things of going through and outlining your sales page. Literally take this to the bank.
    This is step number one. These seven things are within step number one, again, sweet life for the show notes for this. And we’ll make sure all the Meesha stuff is linked in there for you too. But, but just pause for a minute and saying the seven most important things are your offer. Your promise, knowing who your reader is,
    you know, being able to articulate clearly and simply your big idea, the stage of awareness, where people really, when they come to your page, what sort of solutions are they looking for? Whether or not they even know they’re even looking for a solution, your traffic I’m going to these new people are these people that know you, at least in some capacity who is actually landing on this page.
    And then of course your unique value proposition, which is always a fun part of figuring out, you know, how your business fits within the landscape of the rest of your market and your niche. So I just wanted to just pause for a second and say, that is incredible and incredibly powerful. So although it’s only step one, I don’t want people to,
    I don’t want people to overlook that. Yeah. Okay. Now let’s continue on is step number two, to writing a high converting sales page. So Step two is where you use the golden ratio of sales page copywriting. And I use this because it’s slashes writing time. It reduces blank page syndrome, and you can just overcome perfectionism, even as copywriters,
    we get this, you know, we do wake up with this like, Oh crap, I have this Google doc in front of me. It’s blank. I don’t even know where to start. So here’s a trick. So what this means is, you know, you should start writing your sales page from the introducing section. You know, that part where you’re like introducing,
    and then you announce your offer and the name. And then you kind of like dig into like, you know, number of modules or these are the benefits. And these are the features I would say, start your sales page, right from that point, which is, you know, midway down the page and this section and everything else that follows below is mostly logic based.
    And in fact, I don’t know what studies this is, but it was discovered that a lot of people who are familiar with a particular product or the creator will jump straight into this introducing section to find out, you know, what’s included in the course of the program. So it’s kind of like its own mini sales page, for sure. Yeah. I’m that person I’m like,
    just tell me what’s in here, girl. I just want to say, I could care less about anything else. Just give me the meat and potatoes. Okay. All right. Yeah. So it’s super fascinating. And then chance to actually start with that, first of all, understanding what you’re selling, having an incredible leading program service or offer and being able to articulate it.
    But how else do you recommend people kind of execute this stuff? Number two. So from the perspective of someone who’s creating the course, you know, your course very well, right. You know, the outline, you know, what is step one, step two. So you kind of like go into that. You write that because this is more logical base.
    It’s, it’s funny, it’s easier to write something that comes logically natural to us, sort of like, you know, Hey, this is what my course is and we know what our product is, so we can go on and on talking about it all day, it’s easier to do that than to switch tracks and kind of like, you know, talk about your reader and their problems and the agitation and all that stuff,
    which really happens at the top of the page. So when you’re at this part of the sales page, you talk about the benefits and the features you talk about the most frequently asked questions like, Hey, is this course for me? And you kind of know that if it’s you or not, you anticipate that you can write that out easier than, you know,
    anything else, which you’re talking from the perspective of emotions. Does that make sense? Totally. A hundred percent. So how do you define what the golden ratio is? That’s a very good question. So the golden ratio, I like to look at a sales page is the 80, 20, 20% Israeli, everything from the introducing section, everything down below.
    So that includes introducing, calling out your offer, talking about what it contains, the FAQ, who is right for this program or offer that you’re creating and who isn’t the guarantee. Is there a guarantee and the closing section, these are more logical base elements of your sales page, easier to write. So this is the 20%, the 80 Israeli, where you’re starting at the hero of the very top,
    which is your headline. You’re talking about the problems. You know, your avatar has the things that they’ve tried. You’re kind of crushing their objections. So it’s more emotional blocks, you know, crushing objections, getting into the mind space of the avatar. So that’s where 80% of your efforts should be dedicated. And that takes a little bit of time.
    And, you know, also comes with a little bit of practice too, the more, you know, your industry and your avatar. It gets easier with time, but this is more like an exploration into what really goes on into your avatar site and you know, what’s going on in their head and those emotions. So that’s the 80% Fascinating. And I love this approach because I think it’s so much easier than you were saying,
    just looking at a blank page and just saying, okay, I have to come up with this copy here, but really starting with the deliverables within the program and the facts and the things that are not so much emotionally based, it’s just black and white. Like I said, like, here’s the meat and potatoes. This is the deliverables. This is what it is.
    This is what it, who it’s for. So what a great way to overcome that initial, not even writer’s block, but just such overwhelm that I know a lot of incidents owners face and really figuring out how to start creating this content. So that is step number two. So what is step number three, Step number three is where you go back and write everything else.
    And you’re writing your page. You don’t edit yourself here after your 20% is done. You’re going back and you’re going to write your headline, your hero section, your body copy. You’re going to follow a framework. There’s a sales copywriting framework. And there are a lot of frameworks, but the one I particularly like, and I talk a little bit more about it in my program,
    it’s called PAs problem agitation solution. And you know, you write everything that you know about your avatar. This is where your research comes in handy. But what I find often is like a lot of people want to edit everything they write like, Hmm. You know, they’ll write something and they’ll want to edit it because, Hey, this doesn’t sound grammatically,
    right. Or how can I make this more sexier or, you know, more live with personality that doesn’t really work like that. Just write, don’t worry about editing because the editing will come, right? What you want to say first, then clean it up on how you want to say it. And the how is really your personality. And it’s really kind of like cleaning up the grammar and all that stuff.
    So that’s, those are later steps. So write, write, write, and then come back and clean it up. I even think about it. Just dump it all on the paper, put what you want down there. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t try to make it sound better than it is. I, it was really funny. I was, I came across an article or some,
    it was a graphic on LinkedIn about how a new entrepreneurs try to use really big words and their sales copy and really confusing. And like you were saying sexy wording and how it was actually a really funny graphic, but it actually showed that like the percentage of their success actually giving people Results is like 90% less than just the person that’s just putting out the basic sales of age there.
    I was like the educational level people that try to use big, crazy words that, you know, to prove they’re, they’re further along than they are. So you guys don’t need to do that. You know, we’re going to talk about how to get your personality in here in just a minute and the other steps, but just write the dang copy,
    write what you know about your program, right. Well, you know, by your people and just write it all out. So love step number three. There’s no judgment. There’s no grade on how well you did this paper. If you will, it’s just writing it all out. Okay. And then step number four is really then getting back in there and talking about editing that sales page,
    you’re talking to boost conversions. What does that really look like for our writers? So next comes the editing process, like you said, I use Grammarly to edit my work. I also have an awesome copy editor who understands my client’s voice. So when we get to work with clients, I have this other Ninja trick, which when I tell clients it blows their mind like,
    Hey, you know what? I can write exactly in your voice because I have it down to a science. I have tools to kind of like really understand what you sound like, and you know, how you write. And if you use long sentences, short sentences, are you writing a grade three level four level? You don’t have to be that Ninja,
    but you can analyze your own writing voice when you’re using these tools. So I give that kind of brief overview to my editor. Like, Hey, we’ve got a client. She writes great. Three-level she writes long sentences. That doesn’t mean that you don’t edit it because you want to make it punchier. So she writes at this level, she kind of has this optimistic overview of,
    in everything that she does. So like, if you sound, if you’re like Marie Forleo, you know, who’s like her tagline is everything is figureoutable. For example, she’s optimistic, she’s cheery. She’s happy. I do work with some clients who talk like that and have that personality when they write their emails or their newsletters. So we kind of take that and I give that briefing to my editor saying like,
    Hey, this is how she writes. So you want to kind of like have that zing factor onto the sales page. So use Grammarly. It’s a great app to edit all your work for paid version. If you can get a copy editor. Excellent. There are lots of amazing copy editors out there who will edit your copy, cut out the jargon.
    You don’t want to write jargon into your sales copy unless it’s some of the words that your avatar, your audience already understands, but you don’t wanna be too heavy with that. You know, obviously grammatical errors you want to correct that you don’t want any of that stuff. I’m known personally to write a lot of personality based copy in the work that I do to help my clients,
    you know, kind of reflect their quirks, bring it out into the copy. So my copy is alive with that. It’s not as dry, but I kind of like, you know, try to get that from the client’s like, Hey, how much humor is, okay. Can we use gifts in your copy? Do you swear in your copy?
    All that stuff. And last but not the least, you want to also do what? My copy mentor Joanna Wiebe from copy hackers does she uses what I, what is called the seven sweeps of clarity. And I’m just going to quickly go through what these are. Number one is clarity above and beyond. You want to make sure your messages are clear,
    so they’re not confusing and long winded. Number two, you want to check for voice and tone. Does your copy have appropriate tone? Is it angry? Is it happy? Is it helpful? And this goes in with your messaging and your personality. The third thing is you want to ask yourself every time you read a line of copy. So what our reader never re has to read a line and wonders.
    So what, so what if she’s telling me to do this? Or so what if she tells me this is how I feel? So for every, so what do you want to kind of like have that so that you can, because I’m kind of like have that explainer copy. The fourth sweep is approve it. And you know where every point is supported in some sort of proof.
    If you’re making a claim that using this Facebook ad Ninja strategy, you’re going to get to X row. As you want to back it up at some proofs, very important, because you will lose someone’s trust. If you can’t back that up on your sales page. The other thing is how specific is your copy? Anything that’s vague messaging. If you’re reading your copy needs to be replaced with something specific like numbers,
    think in terms of quantities, sizes, emotions, can you paint a picture, make it interesting, make it more specific, right? Like the whole thing, just, you know, show don’t just help. And then one look at your copy and check. If it has feelings, if it has emotions, do you think reading something will kind of compel the reader emotionally.
    We want to do that because copy, it feels like it’s an art, but there’s also logic. And there’s also emotion. Do you want the reader to feel a certain way to take that action? And then the last thing you want to do is have the zero risk would that means us. Have I given my reader everything they can today to take me up on my offer and that there there’s no risk involved,
    meaning you have to have a guarantee. So you want to look at these seven things. And I know this seems like impactful. So I’ll just recap Grammarly or an editing app. Copy editor. If you get one and the seven sweeps also call the Greek sweep or the seven sweeps check for clarity, your voice answered the so what with every line of copy,
    you read, prove it, whatever you’re writing on the page, you need to prove it. And back it up specific, be specific. Don’t be vague. You want to make sure your copy has emotion and last but not least, can you back up with a strong guarantee? So there’s no risk for a reader and they trust you. I know that was a lot.
    That’s. I mean, again, there’s just so much, there’s so much gold in this episode, you guys, this is going to be one of these podcasts that people come back and, you know, we have a handful of those they come back to and they listen to it again and again and again, because they’re really going through the process of training and learning how to do this.
    There’s so much information. So I just appreciate you being so generous. You know, a lot of podcasts you go on, people are like, well, I’m going to tell you three things. And then, you know, again, we’ll leave you hanging in and unless you work with me, I mean, you’re really just pouring so much into our listeners and we just,
    we love that. And that’s what we do here on the show. And I just appreciate you so much for this. It’s definitely not too much. W we’re all sponges here. So bring it on. We listened a bunch of times and that kind of ties into your final stab. That’s really well said. And the final step is bringing in your personality into your writing.
    And that is kind of that fifth step of creating high converting copy on sales page. That’s really going to increase sales and increase profit. And what’s so cool. And listening to this is a lot of times, you know, we work with companies that sell and they sell really well, but they don’t take the opportunity to really make sure that who they’re selling to is actually the people that they really want to be working with.
    So they might find out that they’re even incredibly lucrative or they have hundreds of people in their course or their membership, but it really, really isn’t that person that the founder, the leader, the teacher really wants to be connecting with. And so I love also the, what you’re saying is that it isn’t necessarily just going to increase the ROI of the sales page,
    but it’s really going to, you know, what we always want to do is disqualify at the same time as pre-qualifying people into, into our program. And, and I, and I love everything you said, because I can see how that is just naturally part of the process interwoven into how you copy. So you recommend people write copy on their sales page.
    So I, I appreciate that is from a business strategist standpoint, you know, making sure that our listeners are not only selling, but they’re selling to the people that they really want to be selling to. So is there anything else that, you know, our listeners really need to know as far as generally speaking, the psychology of writing? Great copy.
    I think it’s really scary because a lot of people aren’t great writers and then they really aren’t great sales copywriters. So w what else can you share with our listeners? Just an encouragement to kind of wrap this up, put a bow on it here at the end. It’s just encouraging them in the direction. Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s not encouraging them.
    We shouldn’t always do everything ourselves as leaders. You know, there are some things that I hire out because I know I suck at it. And as a leader, we might just need to identify, Hey, you know what? This is not your area of expertise. Hire it out, have somebody else do it for you. You know, what can you leave our listeners with and,
    and really deciding how to move forward from here? Sure. So I would ask you this copywriters come in all kinds of budgets and all kinds of price tags. Of course, if this is your first launch, if you’ve never launched before, and you’re on an unlimited budget, you could learn how to write your own copy. It is not next to impossible.
    In fact, I do have a little program that teaches people how to write, copy your own copy. It’s really takes you step-by-step right from the headline all the way down to the closing argument. And we talk about everything and how you can use the personality section of how you can pump up the copy with your personality, your quirks, because people want to not just know and trust you.
    They need to like you, the copy has to be engaging like you rightfully said, and you can do that. You don’t have to sound dry and corporate-y and sleazy. So yeah, I would recommend that you could do this on your own. It’s not next impossible. The other thing is, if this is not your first launch and it’s a live launch,
    or it’s an evergreen webinar launch, for example, there are a lot of moving parts in the funnels. There are 10 to 20 emails, there’s a landing page, there’s a webinar registration. There’s so much of stuff and I can keep going on and on if that is a whelming. And if you have a team to support you with the tech and the marketing,
    right. And if you can afford a copywriter to come on board and kind of like, you know, take over and say, Hey, you know what? I can write all this for you, hats off to you do that, because that will a good copywriter. Won’t just write the copy, but they will even interview your customers to find out what they feel about you and what they have to say.
    And, you know, sometimes I’ve given that to my clients and, you know, the recorded conversations and survey data, and they’re like, wow, I just got an idea for a new product. I never even thought of until, unless you would have interviewed my clients. And that’s like, it’s a huge deal. Like ask yourself. When was the last time you did a market research survey or even talked to 10 of your clients or buyers,
    if you haven’t done that, a good copywriter will do that packaged as a deliverable and give it to you like, Hey, this is what your clients want from you. And this is what they’re saying, and this is what they desperately need. They just don’t know it yet. And in this box of product ideas, here you go. And you know what?
    You just 10 extra return on invest. Right? So true, love that. And how can people find you? So I know that you have something you’re going to give our listeners here. That’s really going to springboard them to get started in the right direction. But also I want to make sure that we’re going to put in our show notes to a link to this,
    write your own copy program as well. So wherever our listeners are, they can connect with you. We’ll put it on the show notes too, but where people find you and what is this tool that you are giving to our listeners as a bonus for this episode? Sure. So I have a website, the copy You can find me there.
    I’m also on Instagram with that same handle, the free gift that I have for your listeners today, it’s called the ROI sales page outline. It gives you a sales page outline. What do you need to do first and what you need to do last 15 to 16 sections of a sales page that you’ve got to have if you’re writing for a digital course and the paid offer that I have,
    it’s a $37 course. It’s how to write your own sales page. It’s kind of serious sales page. You only charge seven 30, $7 to that. Oh, you guys, everybody should go grab that right now. Okay. Okay. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. That’s amazing. Okay. We’ll make sure there’s a link to that in the show notes for this as well.
    So finding, we’ll make sure a link to this ROI sales page worksheets are all there for you, as well as a link to this, write your own copy. $37 course. You guys, even if it’s not for you, maybe somebody on your team that would be an investment that I would certainly recommend as a CEO. Ameesha thank you so much for all of your time today.
    I have loved having you on the show. I have so many notes here. If you guys are watching this video on YouTube, behind the scenes, you see all my chicken scratch notes here on this piece of paper. I’m real old school like that. We really appreciate your time and your expertise. You know, really not holding anything back in orange is incredible wisdom and training and high level business and copywriting strategy and to our listeners.
    So we just appreciate you so much being on the show. Thank you. Thank you. This was a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. You are welcome. Sure. We’ll be connecting again soon.<inaudible> Thank you so much for tuning into this show. What an awesome episode again, if you would like to join a Meesha in our private suite life,
    business owners, community, then cruise over to sweet life, and join us. She’s going to be teaching a masterclass to you, diving in deeper and taking your questions about the steps we talked about on the show. And she’s going to be coming back in January and working through actually your copy tearing down your copy and providing some extra level, higher level services to those businesses within our community.
    So cruise over to Sweetlife to join us there. And again, for all the show notes and everything, we talked about cruise over to sweet life, Thanks for tuning in you guys. We’ll see you soon.