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    Episode 196: How To Use What You Already Have To Develop A Leading Program – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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    This show is for experts, entrepreneurs and businesses who:
    A) Want to know more about creating your Leading Offer
    B) Want to understand the fundamentals of what a Leading Offer or Program really is and isn’t
    C) Want to know how to get started in creating your company’s Leading Offer or Program and you’re wondering what to do first. 


    This show is part of a series called: How To Create Your Leading Offer, Program, Course, Service or Process. In this episode we discuss the problem most entrepreneurs have as you struggle to organize your ideas thoughts and expertise into an outline for your offer program for service. So if you’ve been working on building your first online course developing your first membership community are creating your first steps of service and struggling with taking what’s in your mind and getting it out on paper and then building it into your business model this show is for you. 


    1. Organize your ideas.
    2. Outline your first offer.
    3. Guarantee your clients results.

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Welcome to another episode on entrepreneur business podcast and April beach. Thanks so much for tuning in with me again this week, especially in this topic, I love talking about leading offers and programs, and some of the messages you guys have been sending me are so cool seeing what you’re building,
    getting your questions. I love it. So, so thanks for your feedback and insert connecting with me even beyond this podcast today, we’re talking about how to organize your assets into a leading offer program or worse. This is the third episode in our series on how to create your leading service offer program or, or methodology we’ve been talking about what a leading offer actually is and what isn’t a leading offer.
    We’ve talked about the two different kinds of leading offers that was in episode number 194. If you miss those, go back last week in episode number 195, we talked about the four prerequisites are the four things that you have to do before creating or even thinking about creating your leading offer. So make sure that you don’t miss those because they’re definitely a foundation for what we’re talking about here today.
    And on this week’s show, we’re diving in more in discussing how to use your current assets to develop your leading offer or program. And again, this show is part of this series we’re doing on how to create your leading offer program service or process. And on today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the problem that most entrepreneurs have as you’re struggling to develop.
    Your outline is you’re struggling to organize your ideas and your expertise into an outline that becomes your program or offer or service. So if you’ve been working on building your first online course and developing your first online membership community, or, you know, creating your first leading service, this is discussing the first steps. If you’ve been struggling with that outlining process. So today on the show,
    we’re talking about how to take what’s in your mind and getting it out on the paper, but then getting it from that step and building it into the business model that you actually want. Last week, I received a phone call from a woman who has been working to outline her leading offer for her course, for a year and a half. This woman is absolutely an expert at what she does.
    She’s super excited to launch her first online course, but like most creatives, she’s a business woman, but she’s still creating. She’s having difficulty staring at this black and white outline on a piece of paper and trying to figure out what am I really missing? And turning that outline into the magic that she knew it could be, and then taking it fully and actually building the course.
    And so she was missing so many aspects of what she really wanted to include in her course. And the reason was because the process in which she was taught to outline her course was not ideal for the way her mind works. And so she was just like, is this okay? I want to do this a different way. Help me, does this make sense?
    And this happens all the time. The hardest work you’re ever going to do as a business owner is strategic thinking. And the process of pulling your ideas, experiences, and expertise into creating this leading outline for your new online course or your new service, or you knew your new offer. It’s totally exhausting. And it can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have a system that works with the way your brain works.
    Okay. Especially if you are a creative person and you need to see things. And so I have a system and I teach entrepreneurs and experts to extract their expertise and ideas and put it into an outline that becomes your leading transformation, whether that’s a course or a membership community, or a service or a corporate program. And today on the show, I’m going to teach you the very first step in the process to start being able to outline your offer.
    And I wanted to share this with you in the phone call I got last week was just even more of an emphasis that I needed to talk about it on the show. So today we’re talking about how to organize your mind. All right? So once we take all of your expertise and we organize in your mind, that’s how we can pull it into your leading offer or program.
    And at the end of this episode, you will understand how to organize your ideas, pull from your assets you already have. And so let’s chat about that for just a hot minute here. We don’t want you recreating the wheel from scratch. Creating your leading program, entails pulling from your assets and your expertise. You are ready. Have we want to take what you’ve already done in scale your business?
    That’s what we talk about. We talk about scaling businesses. So we’re going to talk about organizing your ideas, outlining your leading offer, guaranteeing your client’s Results with your offer, but you’re going to understand the importance of pulling from your established assets. And like I said, that is how we scale your business. So whether you are a new company that’s going to offline to online,
    or if you’re an established entrepreneur, that’s really wanting to launch your leading offer. We want to pull from everything you’ve done already. And that’s what we’re going to talk about on today’s show. So all of the show notes for this episode can be found by sweet life And you can click over on podcast. And of course, this episode of like our other episodes here in our series,
    we’re talking about on how to create your leading offer program service or process comes with some serious, awesome bonuses for you guys. You can get them totally free. We have a cheat sheet to help, you know, the components of a true leading offer and a six minute video to get you kickstarted on building your leading offer. And if you are ready to take the lead,
    you can add your name to the wait list to join my next leading offer development masterclass. That’s coming up. So let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode, but don’t forget to grab all those bonuses by visiting leading<inaudible> Okay. Let’s go ahead and get started to help you outline your first leading offer and turn your thoughts and expertise into business reality.
    In this process, I’m going to guide you through a process that I call your asset inventory. And here is the gold in this. This is why this is incredibly important. And I mentioned it in the intro. We have to take what you already have. We’re going to scale your business by creating your leading offer and to do so. We want to pull from your assets.
    We don’t want to recreate the wheel a hundred percent. This is a process in which we inventory all of your expertise, the things you know right now, the things that you can turn into your leading offer and program right now, this is the golden it, okay, because here’s the deal. We literally don’t want to start you from scratch. If we’re starting from scratch,
    it’s not a leading offer. It’s a first offer and we need to get you more experienced in that leading offers are for those of you guys that are ready. You’ve gotten people experience in different areas before you really, really ready to dive in. If you’re a new business and you’re launching a foundational leading offer, then this is a great way to figure out maybe what new first offer you would like to launch.
    And I love helping experts launch their leading programs and scale their business with what you already have. So I totally geek out on this topic, and this is how we start. If you have a piece of paper and a pen, I highly recommend you take notes while I’m going through this episode. And you can even splash down out of your brain as I’m guiding you through the steps.
    So here are the six steps to inventory your assets. And after you do that, then you are going to be teed up to outline your leading offer. That’s going to make you the undisputed leader in your space. So step number one is asking yourself the question, what can I deliver right now? So what are services that you already can deliver? You already are delivering.
    What can you deliver to your people right now? Literally make a list on a piece of paper. What can you help people with right now, right now, right this second, it can be from cooking to walking the dogs, to developing a high level brand, to brewing beer. Literally, you’re going to splash down from your brain. Everything, not necessarily just as it applies to your business,
    because sometimes seeing what you can do right now in all aspects of your expertise, create some of the most amazing leading offers with your spin on them that nobody else has. So step number one is asking yourself the question, what can I deliver right now? What can I do right this second today and teach somebody else how to do step number two, then you look at that list and you say,
    what am I an expert at? What am I really, really, really good at from your first list? So first is what can you do right now? Step number two is what are you an expert at? And step number three is what do you feel most comfortable offering right now? So what do you literally feel the most comfortable with? If somebody,
    if I came up to you tomorrow and I was like, Hey, Cindy, I really need help in this area. I heard you do these kinds of a variety of things. What would I say that would totally freak you out? And you don’t know if you could actually help me. We’re going to cross those off the list, but what could you tell me that you could help me with and be super comfortable helping me get results in that area?
    Do you maybe need to work a little bit more on your process of giving me Results sure. Of course. That’s the process of developing your leading offer, but what are you feeling the most comfortable about offering right now in your business? I don’t care what anybody says. Your level of comfort totally matters. You want to feel confident and you want to feel comfortable moving forward.
    Are you always gonna fill out a hundred percent confident? No. Sometimes you just have to take a big leap, but if there’s like a feeling inside you and you’re like, yeah, I just don’t feel right about this. Or I just don’t feel like this is the right direction. Listen to your voice inside. That’s telling you that. All right.
    So what do you feel most comfortable offering right now based on the things that you can deliver right now and the things that you’re an expert at and step number four. What do you love so much that you would do it for free? Don’t freak out on me. I’m not telling you, you should offer your leading services for free. Most of you guys probably actually aren’t cause you’re my listeners and you love your business.
    You love what you do. Half of you guys actually probably love that question, but what do you love so much that you would do it for free? What lights you up? I’ll tell you when I get off a call with a new client, who’s just shared their business ideas and goals and the things they’re struggling with. And I’ve been able to give them steps to move forward.
    I am the happiest I ever am in my business. Nothing fires me up then talking to people. One-on-one I love it. I live for that. What in your business do you know, after you’re done doing it, you’re going to have a huge smile on your face because you’re just going to be like, this was so awesome. I love helping people that way.
    And so we’re going down this list of asking again, first, what can you deliver right now? Number two, what are you an expert at? Number three? What are you comfortable with? Number four. What do you love so much out of all those that you would do it for free. And now here’s when the real hard work comes in because that’s all mind work and decision making here is when you need your piece of paper and your pen,
    and you also need to give yourself a couple hours to do this. This is not fast work for some of you. It could take you a solid week of work to actually complete this process. And by the way, side note, this is a great thing to hire a VA to do for you. Step number five, what current offers, assets and deliverables do you have right now?
    Basically, what are all the things that you have are already created? We’re going to take an asset inventory of everything that you’ve already created. What do I mean by that? I mean, everything, videos, not just paid videos, your Facebook live videos, your Instagram live videos, videos on your phone that you recorded, that you never put anywhere,
    your articles, your current services, audio files that maybe you’ve put out into social media, PDF downloads, podcasts books that you have written or contributed to journals that you’ve kept over the years of ideas and things that you want to create and little outlines. And don’t tell me you don’t have a notepad or a trillion of them in your house with all your ideas.
    Cause I know you do cause we all do right. Some of those ideas, you’ve never done anything with you wrote them in a notepad and they’re still sitting there aren’t they? So it’s time to inventory those assets. That’s your mind, that’s your goal? That’s your intellectual property. And those notebooks could be Evernote files. It could be little audio notes.
    I literally leave a million audio recordings to myself on my iPhone. And I very, very rarely am great at going back and listening to them again. So it could be audio notes on your phone. Also, it could be many courses that you’ve created products that you’ve created and it could be infographics, different social media, graphics, branding, graphics, ideas of different branding that you might want to do.
    The list is endless. Step number five is literally going through the process and inventory. Everything that you’ve created, even if it is incomplete. And this is the gold, you are going to mine for gold within your own content because it is there. And this is a very first step in the process of really outlining a leading program and offer and scaling your business to the next level is inventory and what you’ve already done and taking a look at it and assessing it.
    And then the question is, okay, April, what do I do with all of that? Step number six is grouping together your common assets. So this is literally taking your inventory sheet and you can do it old school. You can pick up one of your kids colored pencils, or you can really organize it out and build an air table spreadsheet and drop each one of the assets under a common,
    similar topic, core area or the solution that it provides. Step number six is gathering together your common assets and organizing them into a common area, similar topic, or a solution that it provides. So I literally want you to go through the process of dumping your brain and then rebuilding it into common buckets. And once you complete this process, you’re going to have a clear brain dump in front of you.
    And you’re going to know exactly what you bring to the table with a clear direction on what you can deliver right now. You’re going to be surprised at how much you’ve created. I know so many of you out there have created and created and you felt the need and the desire and the pull to create something or to write something or to make a video on something or just to outline something.
    But there really wasn’t a place for it yet. And I believe that that’s all part of a bigger plan and a picture. I believe it’s God or whatever you believe that is, that is kind of saving and planting those seeds to come back for a time like now, where it’s time to scale your business and really created into your leading methodology or program or offer or course or whatever it is you’re building.
    Because those little hidden treasures that you’ve created over the years are what makes your program yours unique? Nobody can steal it from you because nobody else has that idea in those thought processes that they’re putting into their program, it’s uniquely yours. So once you create this process, you’re going to have a clear brain dump in front of you. You’re going to have organized columns or sheets of what you can deliver right now,
    your leading offer. And this is a very first process that I teach entrepreneurs and experts and that most people miss, and by taking an inventory of what you already have, we guide you through the process of then getting more clarity on the transformation outline that your leading offer will have. So we talk about transformation, our outlines in my masterclass. This means your outline and how you take your clients from point a to point Z,
    whatever your definition of how many steps in between those things are. The other thing that is so amazing is when you pull from your assets, you are going to be able to get a clear understanding of your niche and who you really want to serve because your assets and your ideas and the things that even haven’t been brought to the table yet, or maybe you’re going to tap into a list of other markets that you know,
    that you’ve always wanted to get into. You’re going to assess that list, going through this process and get more clarity and that moving forward. Remember though, don’t start this process until you’ve already completed the prerequisites that we mentioned in last week’s episode, number one 95. So this is hard work. This is not sexy. Quick button push work, you guys.
    And that’s why few people do it. And that’s why few people have industry leading leading offers because the work in order to do it and mining for your own gold and developing your own intellectual property is hard work. But I promise you it’s the best, most rewarding, and frankly, most important work that you’ll do in your business, but make sure you’ve checked out episode number one 94 on the two different types of leading offers and that you have connected and gone through the prerequisites of a leading offer that we talked about in episode number one 95.
    Okay. Let’s do a little recap here today. We talked about how to do an asset inventory in order to move forward and outline your leading offer course or program step number one was asking yourself what you can deliver right now. Step number two, what are you an expert at? Number three? What do you feel most comfortable offering right now? Number four.
    What do you love so much that you would do it for free step number five is getting to work in inventory and all of your assets, finding everything that you’ve created, the list of things that you want to create, things your clients have told you, they want from you. PDF downloads, podcasts, recordings, books, journals, Evernote, files,
    everything that you have done. Your current services, take an inventory of those. And step number six is grouping those back together into common areas. And I promise you when you see your assets, if you’ve ever had any question about how awesome you are, you will stop asking yourself that question. Some of the things that I get to look at with businesses when I see their asset,
    that I had no idea these entrepreneurs had just sitting in their back pocket and they had never shared it with anybody before. It’s insane. You’re literally sitting on a gold mine. So let’s go ahead and turn it into gold. Don’t forget to add your name to the waitlist for my next leading offer and program creation masterclass by visiting leading If you’re ready for that level of business development.
    And of course you can grab the free cheat sheet and the little six minute quick start video I have for you All right, you guys, I love chatting with you about this. Thank you so much for being a listener here on the Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast. And if you haven’t yet, please leave us a review. It really helps other businesses to find this show where it’s our goal to give you proven business strategies and trainings and different solutions you can literally take to the bank of your business at other business coaching firms charge thousands of dollars for we pour it into you here totally free on the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast.
    Check out all of our show notes and our other business services by visiting Sweetlife<inaudible> dot com. Thanks so much. Bye. Bye