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    How To Sell Your Online Courses B2B with April Beach (Episode 289)

    How To Sell Your Online Courses B2B



    If you’re a course creator and you’re ready to take your business and profit to the next level think about the power of adding a couple more zeros at the end of the price that you sell your program for. In this episode and in this entire podcast series we are unpacking how to sell your course and training program to corporations agencies organizations and other entrepreneurs.
    This is a powerful nextlevel move that is underutilized. In this show, April Beach is unpacking the five most common ways to package your online course or training program for sale to other companies and corporations. Think about the power of taking the work that you’ve already done and instead of selling it to one person at a time, selling it to one buyer and allowing 100 or 1000 people to access it. That is the power of licensing your online course and programs to other companies and what we’re talking about in this show. 
    In this episode, we covered the five most common ways to model and package your training program for other companies to license and utilize. Additionally, you will hear a specific case studies and examples of clients of the Sweetlife and how they have licensed their courses to corporations. This episode is an extension of our course licensing series, and course licensing made simple. 
    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    1. Understand the five most common ways package your online course and license to other companies
    2. Learn how to sell your courses B2B fast
    3. Be able to choose which method would best suit your current business
    4. Blow your mind by opening up the door of possibilities that you didn’t know existed to build millions of dollars in revenue from courses you’ve already created.
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    Full Show Transcript:



    [00:00:45] Hi guys, and welcome back to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur and Business Podcast. I’m Beach and I am excited about this episode. We are continuing to dive into the power of selling your trainings, your courses, your programs, your [00:01:00] frameworks, and your content to corporations, organizations, other entrepreneurs, agencies, even educational institutions. This is a nexts level business move. In the last five episodes on this podcast have been completely dedicated to unpacking the steps.

    [00:01:17] To help you move forward in this area. So if you are an established coach, consultant, speaker, subject matter expert, if you are a trainer, if you have a proven process and you have been selling your proven process with the results one-on-one, even if you deliver it in a group format and you’re ready to bring your business and your profit to the next level.

    [00:01:42] Licensing is the fastest way to do that. I can personally speak to that and I do unpack a lot of stories here on the Sweet Life Podcast about how I have changed my business and my life, and I’ve been coaching other entrepreneurs to do it for 10 years through licensing.

    [00:01:55] So you are getting trusted, proven, true take it [00:02:00] to the bank business consulting here on the show, and this episode is like all of the others. All of the resources you can find for this episode can be found by visiting sweet life Click on the podcast and this is episode number 289. In addition to this, we have tons of actual, actual actionable resources for you to start moving in the direction of licensing.

    [00:02:27] So if you aren’t even sure what licensing is and you just want to dip your toe in, we have videos that you can watch. We have resources that you can download. If you’re ready to get started, but you’re not really even sure you wanna commit to it, please cruise over to licensing where I will bring you up to the launchpad of licensing and help you determine if this is a good move for your business or if you are ready to totally dive into licensing or if you have had a business already approach you.

    [00:02:56] Who wants to license your program? You don’t know how to price it, you [00:03:00] don’t know how to release it. You’re not exactly sure how to navigate this. Cruise over to sweet life and apply to work with us in our licensing accelerator or with me privately, and I will take you through the finish line here on this podcast.

    [00:03:14] We are diving into the five most common ways. To package and release your license material, your license program. There are tons of questions regarding licenses and certifications and train the trainer programs, and we’re breaking those apart here on the show. Some of you might be thinking, Hey, you know, I kind of wanna do a certification, but what does that relate to a license?

    [00:03:39] And what if I wanna other, you know, certify other people in my method? And what about a Train the trainer program? Those questions should be clarified for you today on this show to help you be able to move forward and determine which one is best for you in your particular business situation. So if that’s what you’re here for, if that sounds good.

    [00:03:57] That’s what we’re downloading on the show. [00:04:00] So let’s go ahead and dive right on in. There are five common ways that our clients typically. Package up their courses, trainings, and materials, and license them to other companies. By the way, a little sidebar here, if you don’t actually know what licensing is, let me tell you.

    [00:04:18] It’s like renting your programs for other companies to use internally or client facing. And definitely go back and listen to all the other podcast episodes that I have recorded for you on this. You can even cruise a to our website and there are tracks on licensing where you can binge how to get started with licensing.

    [00:04:36] So let me make sure I created that, that foundational understanding for you here. So when we’re talking about taking your programs and you’re thinking, well, how do I do this? What, what, what does this actually look like? Here are the five most common ways, and granted, we can create anything, but I’m just covering the five most common ways here.

    [00:04:52] The first one is what we call straight As. It is licensing. It’s just a straight license. What that means is that [00:05:00] you take, we’re gonna take an example. If you have a course that you have created and you are ready to add a lot of zeros behind what you’ve been selling that course for, we can literally allow for other organizations to distribute your course.

    [00:05:15] And so what that is, is it’s literally packaging up your material and allowing other organizations to access it. They may want to deliver it in their own learning management system. A lot of our clients work with big corporations and they have their own LMS. They have their own internal learning systems where they wanna bring your content in, or you may end up hosting it yourself, but either way, how it works is you have an awesome program you have an awesome course, a company. Once they’re people getting those results, you sign a contract, you agree upon the number of users and the some parameters about that, and I talked about parameters in other episodes, and you take the money and you move on. And what’s so beautiful about a straight license [00:06:00] agreement is that then they come back to renew it and after the content is delivered, you literally get to walk away.

    [00:06:06] So lemme give you a case study of that. My trainings and my programs are literally licensed by other entrepreneurs in small businesses in 13 countries. They line up once a year. I have a waiting list and I approve or disapprove. People to license my courses. I have eight to different courses and I license.

    [00:06:26] I approve them or disapprove them to license my courses. I send them a bill. I take the money and I don’t see them again for another two years until it’s time to license that renew their license. That’s how it works for me. So think about that and think about that case study and how that could work for you.

    [00:06:44] The second way where you can release and model and package your training for licensing is a license plus consulting. This is really beautiful, as long as it works with your life, that’s where we do exactly as I said, it’s the license release [00:07:00] of the materials. But you are the expert and a lot of companies want you to help their people facilitate the expertise that they are learning from you in the license program.

    [00:07:12] So adding consulting or workshops or facilitating groups may be something that you may also wanna choose to add on top of licensing your training program. What’s so powerful about that is that. It really helps for organizations to get even better use out of your content. Now, one of the things that we always tell our clients is that you don’t have to do this in the license term for their content.

    [00:07:38] For the content usually lasts longer than your agreement to consult, so just make sure that you are creating a consulting agreement. Where other people can actually come in and consult for you. It doesn’t always have to be just you. We wanna build your teams and scale you and that it is not un, it is not just ever ending, right?

    [00:07:58] The consulting contract and the [00:08:00] licensing agreement are usually two separate agreements. So the second way you could release your training and course for licensing is the license of the material, but then adding on some consulting and workshops on top of it. The third way that you may choose to do this is again, starting with just the licensing of the material.

    [00:08:19] But then also creating what we call Train the Trainer program, where you may then level up their own team members to facilitate and deliver your training. It’s not a certification, but you can create a Train the trainer guide to guide their. Leaders to guide people through your trainings. It can be just a delivery of the guide, or you can add in some consulting and coaching and some support for their leaders.

    [00:08:45] So the third way that you can package your material is the course, is the content or the material plus some form of a train the trainer. The fourth way where you can package up your programmer course for [00:09:00] licensing is with the license, like I talked about for the material and. A certification on top of that.

    [00:09:07] So a certification is where we certify that people understand how to seamlessly execute your methodology, and you validate that, and you verify that. So it’s a step above that. Train the trainer. It still starts with the licensing of the content, but then you may want to certify individuals within their organization.

    [00:09:30] Or within a group or a business who you actually say, Hey, this person is absolutely excellent and understands the processes in which to keep people, get people results according to my training. And you actually certify that. You can even add continuing education onto that and build a certification bigger, which we’ll talk about here in a second.

    [00:09:52] But that fourth way of releasing your program for licensing can be. The license of the training program and then [00:10:00] adding a certification program for either leaders or individuals that actually complete your training program. And the fifth way, and I don’t want you to get confused, we’re gonna flip those two words, whereas number four is the licensing is the bulk, the primary product and the certification would be secondary in number five.

    [00:10:19] The certification is primary and the licensing is secondary. Now, let me explain this to you in the best way possible that I can do here on this podcast. What it means that your primary product is a certification program in your course, in your training, in your method that you’re teaching. That is the primary product you’re selling.

    [00:10:41] And then those individuals who are certified in your method then may have the ability to use your training. And so we’d license your training to them with your product. So hopefully that made sense. I obviously consult people on this [00:11:00] in much more details when we’re building this in your business, but I, I’m trying to simplify this for you.

    [00:11:05] Number four, option is we start with the licensing first. Usually releasing it to a corporation, an organization, university’s agencies, and we may certify individuals that are their employees. In your process. Whereas the fifth way is we first certify the in, certify the individuals, and then we allow for those certified individuals to license your content and deliver it within their services.

    [00:11:34] So the fifth way and the fourth way that they seem the same, but they they are not the same. They’re two separate business models. One is primary and one is secondary. So I wanted to record this show for you because out of all the questions I answer about licensing, number one, everybody wants to know how to price it, and I’ve talked about it in the other episodes, exactly the steps that we lead up to in understanding how to price your program.

    [00:11:57] This one is, How do I actually [00:12:00] package it? What? What am I giving them? What does that look like? And so let me recap the five most common ways. Now, there are many decisions within each one of these methods that we can not get into in today’s show. If you would like cruise over to sweet life, jump into our programs that I will tell you about all those other intricacies and help you get clear on them.

    [00:12:22] But for today, We are just recapping the five most common ways for you to get your wheels spinning on how you can release your content. Number one is the content itself straightaway license your content. Thank you. See you later. Bye. I’ll see you in whatever timeframe when you wanna renew it, and it is a beautiful thing.

    [00:12:41] The second way is licensing your content, but including consulting or support or facilitation, whether it’s for you from you directly. Or one of your team members. The third way is the licensing of the program or the process, and then building Train the trainer support on [00:13:00] top of that for people that may be facilitating that within a larger organization.

    [00:13:04] The fourth way is licensing your content. You’re training your course to a company and then certifying people who have completed that training within the organization. And then the fifth way is building the certification first. So first we certify people in the method, in your course, in your process, and then on the backside of that, we give those individuals the ability to license out your training because they are certified in your amazing genius method because you’re so amazing.

    [00:13:39] Ah, that is the summary of today’s show. I’ve tried to keep these shows very short and simple for you. I would love to help you move into the n Nick’s phase of adding ones and twos and zeros behind your sales on your established courses. Trainings, programs, [00:14:00] processes and methods through licensing it to other organizations, companies, small businesses, large businesses, mid-size businesses, agencies, nonprofit organizations.

    [00:14:13] I think I already said that the sky is the limit. Basically, what I want you to realize in the summary of all of this is there’s a lot of businesses out there that don’t have what you’ve created. Most people don’t know the value of their content and their trainings in companies. They don’t wanna create these themselves.

    [00:14:31] It costs them money, and it takes them time to try to create things that you have already had, that you’ve already created and built, and you’ve already tested your systems. It saves companies money to buy what you have rather than build it themselves, and that is the shift I want you to understand with the potential of where we can take your consulting coaching business to the next level through licensing.

    [00:14:58] It’s perfect for those of you guys who are [00:15:00] speakers, your advi, your advisors, or your subject matter experts as well. If you want more information on this, Cruise over to sweet life Just click on the licensing button and we have tons of resources there for you. And if you just wanna jump into licensing launchpad, you can do that right now by visiting licensinglaunchpad.Com and I will be there with three short videos at totals like 43 minutes max.

    [00:15:27] And the worksheets to unpack your, your genius out of your brain and move you forward into licensing. This is episode number 289 here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast, and we have some amazing experts coming up in the next few weeks on the show. I’m so excited to bring in these powerful people.

    [00:15:45] We’re talking about selling licensing programs, creating sales pitches, sales deck, how to close million dollar licensing deals, and then we’re diving into brand new series with. Other amazing well vetted experts here coming up on the show. So please [00:16:00] make sure you click subscribe and you share the show with your friends. We really appreciate you for, for you for being here, and I will talk to you guys next week. Bye-bye for now.