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    How To Run LinkedIn Ads for Coaches and Consultants with April Beach and AJ Wilcox (Episode 308)

    How To Run LinkedIn Ads for Coaches and Consultants



    Who is this episode for? 
    Established entrepreneurs (in Phases 2-4 of my Start To Scale Up Business System”)
    Have you been tempted to run LinkedIn Ads but don’t know where to start, what type of ads are available and if you have the budget to run them successfully? In this episode our friend AJ Wilcox is back on the show again, updating us on the latest changes to LinkedIn Ads and how you can make the most of them. We’ll dive into tactics, steps, and even how to plan your budget. You’ll know the latest cost per lead and so much more.  If you run a consulting business and you want to use LinkedIn to grow your reach and increase your sales, this show is a great one. 
    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    1. Understand the types of Ads available
    2. Understand which Ad type is best for you 
    3. Know what your budget needs to be and what you can expect from a solid Ads campaign
    4. Have simple steps to start using your LinkedIn Ads account effectively
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:44] April: Hi, you guys. I am absolutely delighted to bring. One of my friends, I want to call this guy my very good friend because I feel like every time I connect with him, we have such a great connection and such a great friendship.

    [00:00:57] April: But the truth is we’ve actually never really hung out in person, although I would love that. You know, this person that we’re going to bring back on the show today. is a LinkedIn ads expert. And if you’re thinking about LinkedIn, if you’re tired of Instagram ads and Facebook ads and you’re becoming more active on LinkedIn, as especially we’ve been going through this entire series on the podcast on how to build your business and generate leads through LinkedIn.

    [00:01:21] April: Well the next natural question we’re going to ask is what about ads? So if you’re thinking about running LinkedIn ads and you’re not sure how much they cost, you’re not sure what type of ads are available, you’re just not even sure how to get started. LinkedIn doesn’t make ads as easy as Facebook, like just click a button and boost this post.

    [00:01:42] April: And there is good reason for that. Because historically LinkedIn ads have been really pricey. However, because you’re listening here to the SeetLife Entrepreneur podcast and your products, meaning your programs that you’re building are highly valuable, then you are a candidate to run LinkedIn ads as long as the, we’re going to get into all the numbers, but as long as your product and your program has a minimum lifetime client value.

    [00:02:10] April: So we’re going to break out the numbers of what your minimum ad spread should be, what Your minimum product price should be how to expect that and estimate that within the lifetime value. And then our guest today is actually going to take you through the step by steps on actually how to set up your LinkedIn ads account.

    [00:02:26] April: So AJ Wilcox is back here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast. He’s been on the podcast before. And every time I get feedback and messages about how helpful his Interview here. His show was, so AJ is a LinkedIn Ads Pro who founded B2, which is the LinkedIn ads agency in 2014. He’s managed over $150 million in ad spend on the platform.

    [00:02:54] April: They’re officially LinkedIn partners. I remember when that happened, which was so cool for them. And he’s the host of the LinkedIn ads show. podcast. He’s managed five of the world’s top 10 LinkedIn ads accounts. So five of the 10 ads accounts in the world on LinkedIn have been managed by AJ and he’s a ginger and a triathlete and he lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and his.

    [00:03:21] April: Five adorable kids and his company car is a wicked fast go kart. You guys are going to love this guy. And I swear every time I talk to AJ, he’s on a treadmill and he, the man literally inspires me to be better at moving and working. So let’s see here. Who’s this podcast for? If you are looking at a place to generate leads and you have an ad spend and you want to be strategic about running ads and you’re considering running ads at the end of this episode, you are going to know the top type of ads you can run, the minimum ad spend, and how to get your ads accounts.

    [00:03:56] April: Set up. Also, AJ has a ton of free resources his, where you can go through a totally free checklist on how to set up your ads count. So without further ado, here is my friend AJ Wilcox. All of the show notes and links are found Just click on the podcast, and this is episode number 3 0 8. All right, let’s go. All right.

    [00:04:22] April: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. My friend, AJ Wilcox is here again in the flesh. Well, the vertical or virtual flesh here, and we’re going to dive into all things LinkedIn ads. We recorded this show years ago, and then here’s a little secret. We actually recorded it again, like 10 months ago, and And I didn’t fit it into our content calendar.

    [00:04:43] April: So AJ is such a good friend. He agreed to come back. So you guys are getting absolutely the most up to date information on how to use LinkedIn for ad strategy. So welcome back to the SuiteLife entrepreneur family of guest experts.

    [00:04:58] AJ: Oh, yeah, so excited to be here again. Thanks so much, April. And for the record, my virtual body is very fit. It’s very skinny. It’s very strong. So don’t pay too much attention to what you see on the camera. It was my virtual body is awesome. My virtual flesh.

    [00:05:15] April: I love it. I love it. Uh, we do have, this is in video now, so people can watch like behind the scenes on YouTube, which is so cool. And of course our traditional audio broadcast here.

    [00:05:26] April: So let’s dive into all things running LinkedIn ads, including who are they good for, what type of LinkedIn ads people can run, and what is a budget that That somebody actually needs to be able to come to the table is to even make this worthwhile.

    [00:05:44] AJ: Perfect. All right. So lots of little pieces here. Feel free to steer me back on the right direction, but starting with who LinkedIn ads are good for. Um, just so you understand about the LinkedIn ads platform, we have the best targeting on the planet for reaching business professionals. So usually that’s going to be in business to business, but there are business to consumer applications that we can talk about, but the reason why it’s so good. Is because we can target people.

    [00:06:09] AJ: I mean, it’s really the targeting. This is why people come to LinkedIn and are willing to pay a premium to advertise there. We can target by job title and department and seniority. We can target by company name, uh, by company size industry, all of that. And, and it’s absolutely incredible. But like I mentioned, we pay a premium to be here.

    [00:06:29] AJ: The average cost per click, if you’re targeting anyone in North America is like 10 to 16 right now. So yeah, that’s 10 to 16 per click, not per lead, not per conversion, not per sale.

    [00:06:42] April: Yeah, that, and that’s what let’s make really, really clear. I remember years ago when we were recording this, it was like 25. And I don’t remember if that was cost per click or cost per conversion back then. Well, that was like three, four years ago when we first started talking together. So about 10 to 16 bucks to even get somebody to click on your ad. Okay. Wowzer. Now, what are we looking at for an average actual conversion or a lead?

    [00:07:10] AJ: Well, this one’s actually really hard to, to express because what we found, you know, for B2B, uh, I would say probably 10 years ago, used to be very like, Hey, let’s take cold traffic. Let’s show them some kind of a, an offer, some kind of a lead magnet, and then sales will follow up once we’ve collected their, their info.

    [00:07:29] AJ: And over the last several years. That strategy doesn’t seem to work anymore. Uh, marketing teams will take a look at these leads that come in that are cold and, uh, they’ll call it an MQL or a marketing qualified lead, but they find that there is a 1 percent conversion rate from MQL. To SQL, which is sales qualified lead.

    [00:07:49] AJ: And this all comes down to the fact that a cold prospect, they’re not going to respond to someone that they don’t already know, like, and trust. So yes, if you want to show like a lead magnet to a cold audience, you can probably get a cost per lead down to like 75, but. If you have a whole bunch of these leads and sales cannot get them to respond on email, they will not hop, you know, agree to a meeting.

    [00:08:12] AJ: Or if they do agree to a meeting, they don’t show half the time. It’s not the best way to conduct business. So we’ve shifted our whole strategy to where now we are very much like, let’s be helpful. Let’s brand ourselves. Let’s get people to know, like, and trust us first before we start asking them to fill out a form.

    [00:08:30] AJ: And if you do all that, right. Yeah. You’re, you’re going to pay for the same person. 10 to 16 a click to interact multiple times, but by the time you get the lead, they’re going to be on the phone saying, where do I sign, which is so much better than a cold lead who is saying, okay, who are you? Why are you any better than your competitors? Who are your competitors? Just. Totally different conversations.

    [00:08:52] April: Okay. So that, that’s just across the board in marketing for any of you guys that are listening. I mean, we used to run, it doesn’t even matter, just LinkedIn or wherever, just the practices it, what you just said, summarizes the changes in online marketing that we have seen over the last.

    [00:09:09] April: Frankly, five, six, seven, eight years, right? That that know, like, and trust factor is so much more important. And it’s fascinating how people are really honing in on that because they can’t afford not to on LinkedIn. They might be able to run like crappy ads with terrible leads that are disqualified on other platforms.

    [00:09:25] April: But on LinkedIn, when you’re paying that much, you are not going to literally take a lighter to, you know, 100 bill per lead that you’re paying. Yeah. Probably according to what that data shows, isn’t even going to show up. What a waste of money. And so what I’m hearing you say is there’s so much more that needs to go into that relationship building on LinkedIn for brands and individuals.

    [00:09:49] April: Like let’s kind of talk about. Let me kind of take us there. Next. I’m thinking of the questions our audience has, is, has, is, has, while you and I are chatting, is it better to run ads from a business page or a personal profile?

    [00:10:06] AJ: Ooh, I love this question. Okay. So if you would have asked me. Three months ago, um, that’s the exact question. I would have said, Oh, well on LinkedIn, we can only run ads from a company page. Um, you can’t run from a personal account, but what we got on June 20th, this year in 2023, uh, we got access to where we can now boost personal posts. And they call these thought leader ads, and I’m so excited about it because, you know, I’m sure that the crux of the question here is that when you’re representing a company, no one will interact with the ads.

    [00:10:39] AJ: They won’t like them or comment on them because there’s no reason to interact with the company’s ads. There’s no human face on the other side of that when you show ads from a person. All of a sudden there’s reason to interact. And every time you get an interaction, it brings costs down overall. So this is a less expensive platform to advertise on when you’re using these.

    [00:11:00] April: Okay. That makes me so excited. And now I’m really excited. We re recorded this updated version because personally for me. That would be exactly the strategy that I would want to know more about. So, now, even with these thought leader ads, though, it’s still, we’re still looking at 10 a click up to, you know, 75, 100 per conversion. Or are we looking for the same, the same pricing on these thought leader boosted posts?

    [00:11:25] AJ: Yeah, it depends on how they perform. But if you had like from a company page, it’s really often that your ads will get a click through rate. That’s a little less than half of a percent. And that 10 to 16 a click is kind of based off of like, if you’re just performing average, um, these thought leader ads, it’s a lot easier to get high performance, higher click through rates.

    [00:11:46] AJ: And so what we see is like. If you have a thought leader ad that’s getting a click through rate of let’s say, um, three quarters, three quarters of a percent, or maybe 1%, all of a sudden now your cost per click drops and you might be paying more like seven to 9 per click. So it does, it, it becomes increasingly more efficient.

    [00:12:07] AJ: The, the higher the engagement rate, your ads get.

    [00:12:10] April: Okay, cool. And then Nick’s question is, are these just conversation starter posts or do these posts actually have a call to action? Are we trying to get, I mean, obviously if you’re going to pay, you know, 10 for a click, we want to, we want to generate a lead with that, but do people run thought leader ads literally just to establish themselves as a thought leader? So there’s more visibility in that, or are they all? You know, being really mindful of collecting a lead with each one of those ads.

    [00:12:41] AJ: They are pretty limited in how you can collect a lead. So I see this very much as being like maybe the first or the second step in the funnel where you are getting someone to notice you.

    [00:12:52] AJ: And it’s more like now they’re starting to like you, uh, before they kind of come to trust you. So we’re a little bit limited. Like I said, you can’t attach a lead gen form to it. Um, it can be a single image. Ad or text only, or now video. They just gave us a video a couple of weeks ago. So if you imagine if you personally, if you go and post something on LinkedIn, that’s either a video or text only, or with an image, you could then boost that post through the ads platform.

    [00:13:21] AJ: But that means that if you’re trying to get someone to convert. That post has to link to something. And usually if a post links to something, it’s not going to get great engagement. And so you might end up having to pay more for that. So I do see it as being very much like, let’s get you introduced to the brand before we’re sending someone to us.

    [00:13:40] April: Yeah. So, so good. All right. Let’s kind of go back to some basics. Cause I could get in the weeds about all of that. What are the types of ads right now that are available to be run? I know last time there was like sidebar ads and now we have this thought leader ad. What are the general types of LinkedIn ads that a company can run?

    [00:14:01] AJ: Yes. So the first option is the, the newsfeed. And that’s where I suggest everyone starts inside the newsfeed. You can do single image. Um, you can do video ads. Those are kind of my top two, but then you can also do carousels where someone can like scroll through, um, multiple pictures. You can do document ads, which are like a document post where someone could put a PDF or slides of a presentation.

    [00:14:25] AJ: Um, like a PowerPoint that someone can also scroll through. So lots of different variations, but for simplicity’s sake, I would say start with either a single image because it’s easy to create or video because it’s so good at making an emotional connection.

    [00:14:38] April: Okay, cool. And link, I mean, videos are doing really well on LinkedIn and we’re seeing that we’re seeing that traction. So that makes perfect sense. Okay. So in addition to the feed. And I know that the feed ads are the ones you can really target, we can really curate, right?

    [00:14:57] AJ: Yeah, and all of them get to use the same targeting, but they all have downsides to them that are pretty significant. Um, the next two ad formats are over in the right rail, but they’re only on desktop.

    [00:15:10] AJ: So it’s like, They’re definitely ads when you see them, and because they definitely look like ads, they don’t look organic. Uh, they have really, really low click through rates, but they also cost less, which is kind of interesting. Um, one of those is called text ads. It was the original ad format that LinkedIn came out with in 2008.

    [00:15:28] AJ: Um, it has a click through rate that is so, so low. The average is like two and a half clicks out of every 10, 000 times they’re shown. So. What I like about these, they cost next to nothing. Um, so they’re so good at like getting your brand out there. If every time someone loads the page, there’s this little thumbnail image of your brand.

    [00:15:48] AJ: It helps your other ads. So I do like those quite a bit, but the other one’s called dynamic ads. And it has a. It grabs your picture. So if you’ve ever been surfing around and you see LinkedIn took your picture and put it in an ad, that’s a dynamic ad.

    [00:16:02] April: I always laugh because they always tell me April here, here’s the job you’ve been seeking for. And I’m like, wait, what? I, I own, I’m not seeking for a job. So clearly I have my settings wrong somewhere. I’m like, well, I don’t need to apply for it was either Europe, whatever we see you working at, you know, some company that I would never work for. Right. Okay. Fascinating. All right. So we have the feed ads, we have the kind of old school text sidebar ads, and then we have dynamic ads.

    [00:16:28] April: So let’s kind of go to, first of all, some basics. What is an initial value? And you might not be able to answer that. And I don’t want to. Forced you to answer something that we’d actually don’t have a clear answer on, but is there, is there a minimum value of a product that you recommend a company have or a minimum cost per client or value, um, that you would recommend for any company who is like, you’re going to generate a minimum 5, 000 bucks or 10, 000 bucks per buyer, um, on with ads, like this minimum product price.

    [00:17:04] AJ: Yeah. Yeah, I would say LinkedIn ads make a lot of sense when the lifetime value of your product or service is 10, 000 or more. We found, I mean, just like reason through it, if we have to pay 10 to 16 per click and people have to click several times before they, they make a purchase and lots of other people are clicking who will never be a customer.

    [00:17:27] AJ: When you kind of add that math together, you really do need a pretty high lifetime value for it to make sense. But once you dial it in, I mean, that’s the beauty of an ad platform is once you dial it in and you find a pathway to success, then you can just scale it. It’s you turn a knob up and you go.

    [00:17:41] April: And about how long is it taking? I remember in the past, it would take LinkedIn about 30 days to actually learn an ad. Is it? Is it still that same length of time to actually start getting traction and for LinkedIn to actually, you know, learn and become more intuitive or is that different now?

    [00:17:59] AJ: When with LinkedIn getting to know your ads, when you very first launch, they usually figure out how much they like the ad and how much they’re willing to show it within the first day and a half.

    [00:18:08] AJ: So we call that the learning period. But then of course us as marketers, if you’re making changes every single day and the platform is like, I don’t know what change they’re going to make next. And this one. Really messed things up. Um, we tend to tell people like try to go at least a week or two weeks in between changes just so LinkedIn can kind of get its footing and go, Oh, okay, this is where they fit. And this is the kind of attention I can give them.

    [00:18:34] April: Okay. And is there a minimum? Account buy in like you have to deposit a minimum of 10 K into an ad account or is it? How is their billing actually work, you facebook and other ads you hit a certain threshold and then you get billed Does linkedin require a minimum investment into ads or a minimum period of time?

    [00:18:56] AJ: They used to they they used to make you put at least five dollars into it to create an ad account Thank goodness that’s gone away in the last several years. Um Now anyone can go and start up an account, even if you never plan on running an ad. So I would say, even if you never want to run a LinkedIn ad, go create an ad account.

    [00:19:13] AJ: It’s totally free. You don’t have to put any money into it. Uh, very similar to Facebook. Once you show ads a certain amount, that’s when they bill your credit card. I think. Facebook is billing me like every 500 right now. LinkedIn’s I think every 200 so somewhat similar. You can run an ad on LinkedIn as long as you’re willing to budget at least 10 per day and which to some might seem high, but that’s kind of the baseline to get started.

    [00:19:40] April: And that isn’t high, right? Especially if our products are valued at minimum 10 K and up from there. And so as I was going back through our notes from the last time, Uh, I, I remembered you’ll hear my, my dog sparking cause that’s what they do. Um, I remembered there was in this process and I would love for you to take our listeners through the process of just getting into the ads account.

    [00:20:02] April: I think many of our listeners haven’t even set up an ads account yet. They don’t even know where to go. And there’s a code in there. I remember you saying it from last time. And I was actually looking for it because shame on me. I actually never did this after the last time we talked about it. There’s.

    [00:20:17] April: Some darn code I need to put into something. And I’m remembering AJ said to do this years ago. I mean, this was years ago, man, I’m terrible student and I didn’t do any of it. And so I want to make sure that you’re going through that again with our listeners, how to get into the ads account, how to set it up in whatever this tracking pieces that you’re, you can explain so much better than me.

    [00:20:39] AJ: Okay. Don’t worry, April. This is a no judgment, no shame zone. We’re all good here. Here’s what you do. Just go to linkedin. com forward slash ads. That’s the fastest way that I’ve found to get in. Once you get there, there will be some button there that says something like create an ad or set up an account.

    [00:20:56] AJ: They’ve changed it recently. And so once you do that, the account is just, it’s set up. You have to be logged into LinkedIn to do this. And so they’re like, Oh, okay, here’s the account set up for you. And. It’ll ask you three questions. What kind of currency you’re using that can’t be changed. So if, if you’re in Canada, like choose Canadian dollars and realize like that’s never going to change or us, us dollars all pretty self explanatory.

    [00:21:20] AJ: You also claim your company page and you do need a company page to advertise on LinkedIn. So if you don’t have that, go set that up. It’s really straightforward to do. And the third thing is the account name that can change. So you can call it whatever you want. You can call it April beach right now and then go ahead and change it to your company name later or whatever.

    [00:21:37] AJ: So now you have this account. One of the best things that just like you’ve alluded to April, one of the best things that you can do once you have an account is you can go and install what LinkedIn calls the insight tag. Over in the left, uh, the left hand bar, the left hand navigation, there’ll be one of the options as you go through, uh, will be the insight tag.

    [00:21:58] AJ: It’s a little snippet of JavaScript code. They want you to install on every page of your website. What it does is every time someone comes to the website, to your website, LinkedIn gets to see like, hey, is this a LinkedIn member or not? And if it is a LinkedIn member, they Keep track on the back end and start giving you this reporting.

    [00:22:20] AJ: LinkedIn calls this their LinkedIn website demographics. I think they should have called it LinkedIn analytics personally, but what it does is again, you don’t have to spend a dime on ads in order to get this feature. You can log into your LinkedIn account. Click this button. That’s called website demographics.

    [00:22:37] AJ: And it will show you what the professional makeup of your website traffic is totally for free. It’ll show you like, where is the traffic on my website coming from in the world? Uh, what job titles do they tend to have? What companies do they represent? It might show you like your top 15 companies that have visited your website. Um, lots of cool demographic data that you just can’t get anywhere else.

    [00:23:02] April: That blows my mind. Okay. So no wonder why subconsciously I was saying April, you have to do this. And yet I have had to do that. So I will get up off of this and do it right away. So we can get those insights now when it’s time to run ads.

    [00:23:16] April: Can they retarget those people? Do they allow us to do any retargeting like the Facebook pixel of people who have come before? Cause I know there’s been so much security and privacy around that. So how does LinkedIn you do that?

    [00:23:31] AJ: Okay. So that was an expert level question. I’m so glad you asked now that this insight tag is on your website. The other thing, or there’s actually three things that LinkedIn can do with it. But the first we covered is website demographics, the free reporting. The second is your retargeting, just like you mentioned. So you have to go and set this up now because If you haven’t set it up, LinkedIn is not going to remember what happened in the past.

    [00:23:54] AJ: So go set up right now. What you do is you set up a retargeting audience, uh, it’s, it’s under plan and audiences, and then you, you click, I want to create a new audience of my website traffic and you basically just, your first audience is going to be anyone who lands on any page of my website, go, and it’s going to start tracking them.

    [00:24:13] AJ: Once that audience has over 300 people built up, LinkedIn’s going to say, okay, This is now eligible to be used in ads and you can start retargeting your website traffic.

    [00:24:23] April: Wowzer. Okay. I am, I feel so cool that I asked an expert level question. All right. So this is, I mean, already, I mean, we’re already at 20 minutes and I, and I knew that there was a thousand things that I personally wanted to know in this. So kind of let, let’s recap where we’ve come so far. Uh, we talked about updates and LinkedIn ads. We’ve talked about a minimum ad spend. We’ve talked about the fact that you need to have a lifetime value of a client of at least 10 K. We talked about the importance of.

    [00:24:55] April: Building the relationship with the audience before ever running LinkedIn ads, which is frankly just a best practice anywhere if you’re asking me, um, but totally makes sense. I know a lot of companies come with a big, huge ad spend and that’s how they launch and that’s fine. But for our listeners who are subject matter experts, Facebook.

    [00:25:24] April: Besides Instagram, where they can reach qualified buyers that want to really invest in being better at whatever it is that they teach. And so having a minimum product of 10 K usually isn’t a problem. As long as they’re very good at what they do. You know, having a, having a 10 K offer is kind of like now to a day is, is that base point really standardized investment to work with any expert and.

    [00:25:52] April: We talked about LinkedIn ads count, which we’ll come back to that in a second. But my question for you, as I’m remembering and unpacking what we’ve gone through, do you see very many consultants or coaches actually running successful ads on LinkedIn? Are they still brands products in, in larger, what we would consider actual smaller businesses, which could have a hundred employees, you know? So.

    [00:26:19] AJ: Yeah, I do think the majority of advertisers right now Our bigger companies, because they’re the ones that LinkedIn has targeted specifically like, Ooh, if you’re over a certain number of employees, chances are you have enough budget for LinkedIn. So let’s target you. So I think more of the solopreneurs and, and the smaller companies haven’t been targeted as much.

    [00:26:39] AJ: They may not know about it yet. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t ripe for it. Uh, just. They’re probably not the majority of those advertising right now. So I think what that means is there’s big opportunity for those who are going to say, okay, I know it’s an investment, but I’m going to make it because there’s not much competition out there of people.

    [00:26:58] April: Like that’s kind of what I’m getting at. Because in the past on other social media platforms, ads of consultants and subject matter experts have become so oversaturated that they aren’t even showing them anymore. So for those consultants and, and experts and coaches that have programs where the life, I mean, and we’re talking about one product value being 10 K, many of our clients, the lifetime value of some of their.

    [00:27:22] April: Clients are well over a hundred thousand after they work through them, especially those of our clients that are licensing their courses to other companies. Those contracts are 1. 1 million plus. And so this seems like a really great investment for the right people. So they’re established businesses are good at what they do.

    [00:27:40] April: They have great products. The minimum client value is 10 K. And of course, the last one is, is you have cash to spend in and actually invest for thinking, invest as far as putting it out there for that ROI. And so I learned so much about that. And then let’s kind of in your, do I, does that sound right? As I’m recapping that.

    [00:27:59] April: That makes sense. This is good information. Totally. So I want to make sure I’m not leading anybody astray because based on what you said, I mean, that fits where our company is and that would totally make sense. And of course I bring guests on here of things that I want to know personally about too. So it works really well.

    [00:28:16] April: And then, and then we go into the ads account. And again, um, that is called an insight tag. What was, what was the exact name of that again?

    [00:28:28] AJ: Yep. The insight tag you install it. It’s a little piece of JavaScript code and pretty much every ad platform you use has one of these. So every ad platform you use, it’s going to be the same process.

    [00:28:38] AJ: Take this little snippet of JavaScript, put it in your pages code. No one ever sees it except for the web.

    [00:28:43] April: Yeah, that’s absolutely. Absolutely. Fantastic. Okay. Awesome. AJ. And as we wrap up, I know you usually work with, you know, midsize companies, well established businesses that have huge, huge revenues, but how, how can our clients connect with you?

    [00:28:58] April: What is the best place for our clients to follow you, uh, our followers to follow you? To learn from you and to kind of take these little breadcrumbs at all of your big, huge clients, let fall on the floor. We’ll just eat them up and learn along the way. Like follow along AJ.

    [00:29:18] AJ: Feel free to come mooch for real. Uh, if you follow me on LinkedIn, I share almost daily, some tips, some strategy. Something that’s going to help you with your LinkedIn ads. We’ve got three awesome ways that we can help advertisers. Uh, the first is if you just want to do it yourself, if you go to our website, be two linked. com slash checklist, we published, and I don’t know how many pages, but let’s say it’s like a 14 page guide to walk you through exactly.

    [00:29:43] AJ: How do I get started advertising on LinkedIn? If you can do it all on your own, great. It’s totally free. It’s ungated like go get that guide. Um, the other thing is if you want to keep doing it yourself, but you want help, you want. Uh, someone to kind of do it with you or consult with you. We have a low cost community called the LinkedIn ads fanatics community.

    [00:30:03] AJ: That’s fanatics. b2linked. com. And it’s like 79 a month gets you access to our four courses that take you all the way from like beginner to expert. Plus gives you access to the community where other like minded LinkedIn ads experts are all bouncing ideas and and sharing and of course the third way is the done for you like which is like It’s the bread and butter of what we do as an agency.

    [00:30:26] AJ: Uh, but if you’re ever curious, belinked.Com and there’s pretty obvious buttons there on where to click to, to fill out the form and get in touch.

    [00:30:33] April: You are, um, a wealth of knowledge and you’re always so generous with how much you give and how much that you personally have helped me over the years.

    [00:30:41] April: And I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate your friendship and your wisdom and, and always being willing to come in here on the show. How can we thank you? How, besides finding you and going to those links, we’ll make sure they’re in all the show notes. Um, you know, is there a way that our listeners can come back and pour into you so it’s not just one sided and connect with you, uh, and, and actually elevate your voice more? What could we do for you?

    [00:31:07] AJ: Well, I love that offer April. Thanks so much. And first of all, I have to say a huge thanks to you for sharing so much and helping all of us like small entrepreneurs figure stuff out. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to me personally. For giving back. I mean, I, I just, I love to hear your stories.

    [00:31:26] AJ: So if you go out and test LinkedIn ads and you message me on LinkedIn, cause that’s free to do. Um, let me know about like what, what you’re facing and what you’re doing, what successes you’ve had. I love that stuff. And I’m also the host of the LinkedIn ad show podcast. And so if you’ve got stories that I can help share, I, I, You know, I’ll, I’ll take those clips and put you on the air and stuff. So I think that’s probably the best way I could get feedback from you.

    [00:31:48] April: Awesome. All right. We will do it. I’ll make sure all those resources are in there. Thanks for jumping back in with me, re recording this with the most updated version and always being who you are. We really appreciate you, AJ.

    [00:32:00] AJ: Oh, you know, April, I’ll have you back anytime.