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    How To Personalize ChatGPT AI To Create Authentic Content To Grow Your Coaching Business – with April Beach and Amy Yamada (Episode 278)

    How To Personalize ChatGPT AI To Create Authentic Content To Grow Your Coaching Business - with April Beach and Amy Yamada



    This show is for established experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers who want to learn more about how you can grow your business, streamline your marketing, speed up your content creation, and reach more clients using ChatGPT AI. ChatGPT and AI are quickly changing the world of content creation. From the way we create courses, to social media, to expert content, using AI is a powerful tool to save time and gain more eyes on your brand. In this episode, we’re diving in with Amy Yamada, ChatGPT expert on how to get started using AI in your business.
    In this episode, we cover the first 3 steps to customize ChatGPT to sound like your authentic voice including a bio-generator to train AI to know and sound like you, how to find your writing style, and the importance of using prompts to customize the software for your business.


    At the end of this episode, you will: 

    1. Know the first 3 steps to get started with ChatGPT
    2. Understand how to use ChatGPT to interview you so it gets to know you and generates authentic content
    3. How to use your AI authentic generated content to expand your use of ChatGPT and stream your content, course creation, and marketing copy faster. 
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:45] April: Hi you guys. Welcome to episode number 278 here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m April Beach, founder of the Sweet Life Company, host here on this. Sweetlife podcast, and we are known for delivering business trainings and coaching that you would [00:01:00] pay thousands for if you went to buy them somewhere else. If you and I have never met before, I’m an online business architect and an offer engineer, and I help experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers scale your business past a million dollars by creating million dollar programs, courses, training programs, retreats, as well as content licensing and certification programs for high profit, deep impact lifestyle freedom.

    [00:01:26] April: So if you’re ready to level up your business and build your next level of your offer ecosystem and your million dollar genius programs, you are in the right place. And this episode is brought to you by our complete online guide. Two engineering million dollar online offers.

    [00:01:44] April: You can download the guide completely free by texting the word guide to the number 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0, or simply by going to [00:02:00] Welcome to the show. This is part two. Like, I’m gonna whisper . We had an amazing episode last week with our guest, and so frankly, if you’re here and you’re dropping in and you didn’t listen to episode number 277, you should actually take a second and go listen to that because last week. On the show, we dove into all of the foundational very important things that coaches and consultants and service-based providers should know about using Chat G P T to scale your systems and create authentic content.

    [00:02:36] April: This part two, and I’m so excited about having our guest, Amy Yamada back here on the show. If you do not know Amy, she’s a seasons business coach who empowers established coaches to grow their business in a way that is fully aligned with their authenticity and their desired lifestyle. And she has been doing this for 11 years.

    [00:02:58] April: What makes Amy so [00:03:00] special besides all the other things that she does, is she has, she has this model, okay, you’re going to hear about this today. She has a method, a proven method. You know, we talk about creating proven methods all the time. Here on the podcast. Amy has one, and her proven method helps coaches and consultants really develop a brand of authentic.

    [00:03:20] April: That that is lives its fullest, right? What is interesting, what we’re talking about here in the show is she is turned that framework of hers into using artificial intelligence, which frankly, you and I both know, we don’t have to say it here. That’s one of our concerns about AI is how do you make it authentic?

    [00:03:39] April: How do you make it unique to you? How do you keep it in your voice? And those are all of the things that we are talking about here on today. So I’m gonna stop talking so we can get right to Amy. Again, thank you so much for being here. This is one of those great episodes we would really, really love for you to share.

    [00:03:56] April: We don’t have any advertising on here. I have refused advertisers for six [00:04:00] years on this show, frankly, cuz they annoy me when I’m listening to podcasts. But we really rely on you guys to up arrow and share this episode on LinkedIn and Instagram. Please tag Amy, tag me and use the hashtag Sweet Life podcast because this show. Is a game changer and it would really mean a lot to us if you took a second to share it. Okay, we’re gonna dive in episode number 278 with Amy Yamada. All about getting started in setting up chat G P T to be your authentic voice. Let’s dive in.

    [00:04:34] April: All right, you guys, we are back for part two. This is episode number 278. I wrote down 288 on my notes, so sorry if I confuse you guys in the last episode, but this is episode number 278 with my friend Amy Yamada, who is a ushering us into the world of AI content creation and using, uh, Chat GPT. And listen, guys, frankly, I’m so new to this, I [00:05:00] was calling it chat like G B T for at least three weeks, and one of my kids had to correct me.

    [00:05:05] April: So, um, if you’re like me and you are as new to this as I am, then you’re definitely in the right place. If you missed last week, All right, so last week’s show we talked with Amy about what is this tool, um, special use cases right now for coaches, consultants, and service-based experts, what to be ready for, uh, the importance of, of, as Amy says, bringing.

    [00:05:30] April: Um, the human voice into AI, but, so we do want you to go back and listen to last week’s show, but we’re just gonna do a little catch up here and I want my friend, Amy to introduce herself again and share with you about what we’re diving into here on this show. Yeah.

    [00:05:45] Amy: Thank you for having me back for this second episode. I’m super excited about today’s episode. Um, uh, as I mentioned last time, I’ve been a business coach for the past 11 years and my, the core elements of what I’ve taught over the last 11 years have been all. Your authentic [00:06:00] voice, deep connection, and really having a message that is from your heart to your ideal client’s heart.

    [00:06:05] Amy: So I’m just all about the human element of being a, uh, of being a coach, a mentor and expert influencer. And what, cause I would notice that even when humans were writing their own copy or creating their own content, I would look at it, I’m like, wait, like you’re not connecting deeply enough. So I always love to bring in this deep connection element, like bring in who you are.

    [00:06:23] Amy: So when AI came to be what it is today with all the rage on Chat G P T. I initially was resistant to it. I’m like, this is artificial, right? It’s like this little robot that has no heart about, hold on. What if I was open to this technology and brought in everything that I’ve been teaching for the last 11 years, and bring in the messaging, the authenticity, the humanizing elements into this tool, and my mind was literally blown over and over and over again, and still is to this day.

    [00:06:52] Amy: So I am taking a stand. Ironically, humanizing ai, bringing in our authentic voice and knowing how to use this tool so [00:07:00] that we’re optimizing the input. And for those of you haven’t used it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get there in order to get the most quality output from the tool. So I’m excited to dive in today.

    [00:07:10] April: Uh, I’m excited too. So, and, and this is so important because. Of be besides the obvious, uh, a use case for me is when, uh, the very first time I tried to use it, before I started learning from you, I think I plugged in something like write me, uh, an article on licensing content. Right. And it, I mean the, the quality, the information in there was good.

    [00:07:31] April: But it would never be in a voice I used. And I thought, I, I said, my people would immediately know that that was never me that wrote that. I would never say it that way. It, this is absolutely not gonna work. And so I stopped and I was like, I’m not using this thing, this thing that’s never gonna work for me because it’s clearly actually not me.

    [00:07:48] April: And, and then you came along and, and you were talking about No, no, no. I’m gonna actually show you how to use it and have it really truly become your authentic voice. And that’s what we’re diving [00:08:00] into to today. Yes. Which I’m so excited about . So you know, which is also why, you know, my kids can’t use it to write their school papers cuz they’re teachers would be like you.

    [00:08:09] April: I know you don’t know that word. You really don’t know that word, right? , you know, so, so let’s go ahead. Let’s talk about what we’re gonna talk about today. Today. It’s super exciting. We’re talking about getting started with chat G P T in the way that Amy helps you humanize it and make it sound like you.

    [00:08:28] April: And by the way, before we get started, you all listen to me here. Look at me. If you’re watching this video. Pause this for a second and go download the guide. Okay. So if you haven’t yet downloaded Amy’s ultimate Guide to Chat GPT, you’re gonna want it because it’s gonna be important to combine what we’re learning about today with that guide, and it’s just gonna explode your results with this.

    [00:08:50] April: So you can text ChatGPT to 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0 or you guys can go to [00:09:00] where the show notes are for the slash 278, and you can download it right there. And it’s, believe me, it’s worth your time to pause us and then come back to us. So let’s imagine you just did that. All right, carry on, Amy. Let’s talk about W what are, how do we get started with this? You know where you’re in there and you’re looking at this prompt. I, it’s just like, and I, you know, it’s kind of this blank, what do I do now?

    [00:09:24] Amy: And that’s, that’s, that’s how I initially used it. I think that’s how most people initially used it. They put in some like, quick prompt and then what it, what it creates is like not us at all, and truly sounds like a robot because it is. And, uh, and so one, once I got really deep into this, I, I really thought about, okay, how can we make sure that it sounds like us? And so, just like anything in life, what you get out of it is truly what you put into it.

    [00:09:51] Amy: It’s a reflection, it’s a direct re reflection. And so ultimately, uh, I designed what I call the Heart speech model. And that’s all [00:10:00] outlined in the ultimate guide to Chat GPT for online coaches, which all of you now have access to. And um, and so I’m not gonna go into the all of it cuz we would need like a full day, but I’m gonna give you the highlight reel of what I consider the most important elements, uh, three elements that I’m gonna go through. So,

    [00:10:14] April: yeah, and it is important. So if you guys, if please, if you have the guide, make sure you have it handy. Otherwise, just pause and take notes while Amy’s taking you through this, because this is, this is direct implementation. Yes.

    [00:10:26] Amy: Yes. So, so the the, what we really wanna do is have ChatGPT get to know you. Okay. And you know what’s funny? When, when you were talking about even having a hard time, like saying Chat GPT or saying it, Uh, when I was doing a little voice transcription, I said it so quickly that the way it was transcribed was Chachi Petite . So ever since then, my community and I have nicknamed Chat GPT, Chachi

    [00:10:53] April: That’s why I’ve heard you say that. I like why they come up with it. That’s awesome.

    [00:10:57] Amy: Yeah. And so now I think of ch actually, [00:11:00] I, I think there’s like a deeper meaning. I would say there’s a deep meaning to. I’m like, oh, maybe I, it accidentally happened that way so I could already humanize this thing. So it has a name, right?

    [00:11:09] Amy: And so I like to lovely call it Chachi. And I imagine this cute little robot that sits on my desk and it’s like, and it has a little heart. It’s so cute. So Chachi, so hear me say Chachi. It’s ChatGPT, it’s the same thing. Um, so the first thing we wanna do is have Chachi get to know you. And one way that it can get to know you is to have interview.

    [00:11:28] Amy: So there is a section of the guide that’s called the bio generator where it’s going to write your bio and there’s a specific prompt in the guide where you are telling Chat GPT, Chachi, that you are an expert interviewer. I don’t have it in front of me, but it’s basically saying interview. Interview me with one question at a time about my business until you have enough information to write a Forbes profile on me like a Forbes level profile.

    [00:11:55] April: Yeah. So you’re basically sitting there telling Chachi that he or [00:12:00] she or it or whatever you all want your Chachi to be. Yep. Um, is, is is an expert interviewer. Yep. And then asking him to interview you. That’s right. Or to interview you. Fascinating.

    [00:12:11] Amy: Exactly. Mm-hmm. , and think of it this way, if you were to work with a human copywriter, for example, right? Yeah. If you, if I said to a co, like if I say I had a copywriter, Her name was Lisa, and I said, okay, Lisa, you’re my new copywriter. Um, I have a workshop coming up. Write some copy about it. I’ll see you later. She’d be like, hold up, . Right, right. Like, I don’t know you. Right. So a great copywriter would sit down with me like at least initially to interview me, get to know me, get to know my voice, my tone, my style, my point of view.

    [00:12:41] Amy: What, who am I, what’s my story, right? She would get to know me. And then she’d wanna know more specifically about the workshop and what is it about, what are we, what are the benefits to the audience? Who is the audience, right? So all these elements like you, you can also do with with Chachi. So the first thing I, I would have it do is just go to the bio generator [00:13:00] section.

    [00:13:00] Amy: You’ll see the exact prompt that you can then put into chat G P T, so it can interview one question at a time and you just answer it. You don’t have to be the nice thing, okay? The nice thing is you do not need to be polished in your. It is not here to judge you. It’s here to support you. So just be messy with it, right?

    [00:13:17] Amy: Just answer the questions to your best of your ability, and then as soon as it has, usually it’s like seven questions or so that you answer, and then it’s, I’ll say, thank you for answering my questions. Um, here is your bio, and boom, it’ll write a bio based on your answers to it. Now, the bio itself may not be in your voice, and that’s.

    [00:13:36] Amy: It’s just one element for chat PT to get to know you. It might be a little bit more too, like too formal or bland or whatever, but it will have like the essence of like who you are, what you’re about, how you got to be in business, right? So that’s, that’s one of the steps for chat PT to get to know you, have it, interview you.

    [00:13:53] April: Mm. Okay. So, and, and I was always wondering why you led with that first, cuz I’ve heard you say that [00:14:00] before and now it completely makes sense. Mm-hmm. , so the tool itself remembers the user. So let’s talk about that a little bit and about how that works for people that might not be familiar with that.

    [00:14:11] Amy: Yeah, totally. So, um, well it, it remembers you. If you’re using the same chat, so this will make sense for those of you who are using it. And if you have it, just you know how it is. Like anything else, it’s once you start playing with it, you’ll get to know it better. But on the left column, you’ll start to see, anytime you start a new chat, it’ll create its own title of that chat.

    [00:14:32] Amy: So if you have put your bio in a chat, then it’ll remember you. Otherwise, I would say save it, like copy and paste it into another document. We actually have created a tool called the Prompt Generator. There’s one section of it, one tab of it, that’s called personalized, and it’s where you create what I call your authenticity assets.

    [00:14:50] Amy: So your bio, your VO here are the four assets. Your bio, your voice, which is your writing style. Mm-hmm. , your target audience, and then your products, [00:15:00] which could be whether they’re free offers or paid offers. So once, once you save these different elements that I call your authenticity assets. Now we’ve also added this, the heart speech to that section as well.

    [00:15:11] Amy: I’ll get into that. But now you’ve got this, this great place. Whether or not you have the prompt generator, it’s not the point. But if you have one document that you paste, like copy and paste from, Chat GPT into this document that has starting off with your bio, then you can bring it into any prompt that you do when needed.

    [00:15:28] April: Wow. Wow. And so it’s already there in the way you’ve set this up, the way you’re guiding like a self, like I said, myself and my team to go through this and, and guys we’re learning at this, and I’m nowhere as far a advance in, into this as I wish that I was at the recording of this. Um, usually when we drop this, I will be though promising you and promising me, um, that we will be further into this practice.

    [00:15:49] April: Okay? So that fir the bio generator is really important. So once we have the bio generator and you have. Set up then you talked about, uh, [00:16:00] finding the, the writing style, like finding that actual writing style that is ours. What, what does that look like? What’s that step two?

    [00:16:07] Amy: Yeah, totally. So that, that section is called, uh, finding your Voice, which is identifying your writing style. So this is where, again, in the guide, there’s a specific prompt. and what you’re gonna tell Chachi, again, you’re, you’re telling Chachi who it is, right? Saying, okay, you are an expert writing style analyzer. Right? And then, and then you can tell it using the sample below. Describe my writing style, something like that, right?

    [00:16:33] Amy: And so what you do is you put in this prompt and then you, you copy and paste something you’ve written that sounds like you, right? So whether it’s an email, a blog, a social media post, something that you’ve written that sounds like you. So you put in this, this prompt plus. This writing sample, and then you push enter, and then it’ll, it’ll then re respond to you saying your writing style is, uh, has enthusiasm and, and is very personable and you use, it writes a little paragraph [00:17:00] that summarizes your writing style based on what you’ve shared.

    [00:17:04] Amy: Got it. Fabulous. It’s been fabulous. Like it’s plus don’t we all like learning about ourselves, it’s kinda like, right, what’s my horoscope today? Right? It’s like, you know, like, you know when you see those little quizzes on

    [00:17:13] April: like, I was gonna say, that’s we’re all addicted to the Facebook quizzes.

    [00:17:16] Amy: Click bait

    [00:17:17] April: wait, what friend’s character am I?

    [00:17:20] Amy: Exactly right.

    [00:17:22] April: This is so cool. I mean, come on you guys, this is so cool. And, and let me remind you when she says in the. That’s the guide that she’s giving you for free with this episode, . So let see how important it is for you to have that, um, at least have access to it. And then you can listen to this episode again with the guide by your side.

    [00:17:40] April: Uh, so very, very important. Okay? So it knows. Who we are. Yeah. It knows our, our bio at this point. Yeah. It knows what our, our writing style that, that authentic voice. Uh, so that, you know, I, I won’t put out content that my audience knows. Certainly did not come from me. Right. And then what is that third [00:18:00] important step that you wanna bring us through today? Yeah. To help our listeners get set up.

    [00:18:03] Amy: Yeah. This is my favorite part, . Selfishly, it’s the heart speech, so, This to me is the juice. This is my secret sauce that I’m so excited to share with. , which is to truly bring your heart into Chat GPT. And the way that that I came up with this was something that I’ve done with my clients for years, which is when whenever I’d say, well, tell me what it is that you do, they would give me their like elevator pitch version that was so bland and not their heart, right?

    [00:18:35] Amy: And so I’d say, okay, let’s just set aside marketing and messaging and sales and scale. Let’s just set aside all that stuff. And from one human to another, I would take them through an exercise and close your eyes. drop into your heart, like really connected on an intimate level and think about what do you really wanna say about this topic?

    [00:18:54] Amy: If your, if your soul could speak, if your, the deepest part of your being could speak and share your point of [00:19:00] view about this topic. What do you really wanna say without editing yourself? And I mean, there have been moments when I, myself, have been brought to tears to hear what someone’s true, authentic voice is.

    [00:19:12] Amy: And so now the way we brought it into AI ChatGPT is. Transcribing your voice. Now there are extensions you can use online, but just to keep it super simple, I just have used either the notes section on my phone or Otter, you know, the app Otter that transcribes what you say. And so I just always recommend, I’m like, just connect in like, and it can feel in so what you’re by yourself, whatever connecting like.

    [00:19:36] Amy: Just say like, start recording. What I really wanna say is, and just go there and think about what’s a topic that is relevant to what you’re doing. So for example, with me, I’m speaking into humanizing AI authenticity, deep connection ChatGPT. So I can easily go there, right? Drop in. Like, you know what I really wanna say is I am such a stand for your authentic voice and being who you are and bringing your [00:20:00] gift into the world and the way to use this tool.

    [00:20:02] Amy: And I go on and on, right? And say my truth without editing myself. Then you’ve got the transcription copy and paste it into Chat GPT and then give it ano a prompt of what you want it to do with it. Right? So I can say, write a social media post about my upcoming workshop using my voice. That

    [00:20:22] April: is that to me, and it remembers that. Like, I mean, this is mind blowing. Okay. . I don’t, I wanna make sure our listeners picked up on something. Yeah. This is Amy’s method. This is her Heart Speech Method. This is her proprietary method that she’s used with her clients for years. Yeah. To go deeper, to have them step into the leadership that they have in their spaces.

    [00:20:43] April: So what she’s taught, and she has figured out how to put this into ChatGPT guys, this is, this is not something she just came up with. This is something that’s proven. That has been used in coaching and consulting businesses that has catapulted businesses that you know Amy is [00:21:00] known for, and she has now created that framework to bring into this, which is exactly what all of us want, which is exactly what all of us need in order to actually keep using it and or even try to use it because there is that fear.

    [00:21:16] April: Of us being, you know, like thinking that’s, everybody knows it’s not gonna be me or I don’t really wanna fall into AI. I love, I love writing my own stuff. Well, you are. Yeah. And I just, I see. I just, this is so powerful. So. Let me understand this because I haven’t gotten this far yet, admittedly. Yep. In your, in your, in your program. That, that I’m super excited to be in. So when I do this, when I insert this, it actually saves that like as a file, like my authentic voice is how does that, what’s the text side of it? Yes. Help me understand this.

    [00:21:50] Amy: Yes. So the tech side of it is, it, it will save it in a chat that you’ve already done. So you can pull up an old chat that has it. What I [00:22:00] recommend is to also have it in a separate document outside of Chat G P T. So again, in our program we have the prompt generator and we have a tab for it. But even if you don’t have the program, you can just have a Google doc, have some doc right where you save it just so you have one place you’re not having to dig through.

    [00:22:16] Amy: I’m sure as it evolves you’ll be able to just do a quick search for it and the, you know, and I know there’s other AI platforms, Jasper and whatnot, but for now, to keep it simple, I would say just have another doc that you. These elements also, uh, I know we’re, we’re focusing on these three, but there’s of course the ideal client avatar.

    [00:22:33] Amy: You know, so you’re identifying that as well. But once you have your authenticity assets saved, then you can pull it into a new chat, pull whatever part of your authenticity assets into a new chat and just, and then tell it what you want it to do for you. Yep. Oh, I can’t hear you. Are you muted for

    [00:22:50] April: a second? Yes. Uhhuh. . Yeah, I was. I was, my dogs were barking. Oh my God, this is great. Uh, my little chihuahua, he wants to do, he wants to do chat. I wonder what his voice would be.[00:23:00]

    [00:23:03] Amy: at this, this AI round table that I was at recently, there has been ai, like these people are like, again, these are genius. There is AI that has, has been able to understand the language of bees and bats. What, so what, what’s doing is it’s because there’s patterns that they notice in the language. Like, so for bees, for example, I was like, are you kidding me right now? That sounds fake, but he’s like, no. They notice the patterns and what, what bees often say to each other are stop or shush.

    [00:23:37] April: That is, yes.

    [00:23:38] Amy: Bizarre. And then with bats, bats have, um, baby talk, like when they’re talking to the baby bat and they have names for each other. I was like, this, this has to be like, I’m pretty gullible. But like, no, cuz it’s, and it makes sense. It’s noticing patterns. And the renewable conversation about whales and patterns with the whale community..

    [00:23:54] April: I, I know I was thinking dolphins, dolphin. I can’t wait to understand. You know, I, I think there might be some of that already. I mean, this [00:24:00] is, this is amazing. Well, my chihuahua is saying that I want treats, or you have to get off this podcast cuz I have to go outside and go. Totally is saying right now, just keeping it real here.

    [00:24:12] April: Uh, so this, this is, this is just mind blowing. I mean, the whole entire idea. Um, as, as a content creator for me, I, I love creating content, but I’m not fast at it. It’s never been something that has been speedy for me. I can’t just sit down and, you know, type out some stuff unless I’m really in flow state and I really have something to say and I’m really fired up about it.

    [00:24:38] April: Right. It, it’s not very common, but yet content like here on the show and everything that we do is. Is the centerpiece of what we do as a company. And so being able to learn how to use this tool to create it authentically for, for my voice and for what our clients really connect with. And then our, [00:25:00] our established area of expertise is I can’t wait.

    [00:25:02] April: Uh, and I know that our listeners can’t either, and that’s why they are here listening to this episode. Um, so let’s talk about next steps. If you guys haven’t downloaded the tool, make sure that you do that. Again you can text Chat GPT to 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0. You can go to the show notes for this episode at, and you also can go to Amy’s website because I think it’s really important.

    [00:25:34] April: One thing that we know is that, frankly, what we’re talking about here on this show, uh, Is going to change drastically in the next couple of months. So I want you guys to be following along with Amy. So as we continue to evolve into this and there’s more use cases and mu you know, more streamlined processes, I know Amy and her team are gonna be on top of that. So how can, uh, how can people follow you and make [00:26:00] sure they’re connecting with you? Yeah,

    [00:26:01] Amy: so just very simply, just go to and every social media platform that I’m on is just my name. So if you just look me up at Amy Yamada on your favorite platform, it’s likely that I’m there . So, perfect. There’s anything that I dunno about, but . Yeah.

    [00:26:14] April: So perfect. Uh, and then I will also say, you know, I, I invested my team and I invested in Amy into her program to, to help us utilize this and we’ll make sure. The, the links to actually join Amy in her programs to accelerate your teams. It’s really what it is.

    [00:26:30] April: It’s an acceleration into this in the most wonderful way. Um, we’ll be in our show notes as well and we’ll make sure that that information is provided for you guys too, and certainly an investment that I was really excited to make. So, I think it, I think it’s good for all of us. Amy, thank you so much for being on the show.

    [00:26:45] April: If you’re watching on YouTube, she has this beautiful Puget Sound Ocean behind her.

    [00:26:51] Amy: It’s actually a nice day, day in Seattle. So ,

    [00:26:53] April: it’s a beautiful day in Seattle. Yeah, I know. It’s . It’s probably rare. This it [00:27:00]

    [00:27:00] Amy: Sunshine .

    [00:27:02] April: All right. Well you guys, thank you for hanging out. Please share this episode with your friends. Um, tag Amy in this. If you share this, make sure you tag Amy. You can use the hashtag Suite Life podcast to expand the reach of this as well. And we really appreciate your help getting this information out. Have a great day. Thank you so much.