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    Episode 241: How To Make Money While Having Fun – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    As a lifelong entrepreneur, I can’t imagine a life where someone else directed my time, energy, location and schedule. So this episode like all others, is geared for people like me. The dreamers and doers. 


    Money doesn’t buy happiness. Yes, it definitely takes the edge off… but when it comes to being truly happy and fulfilled, most people consider time, family, health, love, giving, helping, and adventuring as the real prize of life. 
    In this show, I’m breaking down the two-punch formula for a profitable business that makes you really REALLY happy. 
    This episode is dedicated to my oldest son, who asked me this exact question over breakfast. He’s grown up in our lifestyle entrepreneur family and was the special guest in episode #84 “Inside The Life Of An Entrepreneur’s Kid”.  But now, two years later as a college student, he’s determining how he wants to design his life, and this question is at the forefront of his mind. 

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. What is a lifestyle entrepreneur? 
    2. How to engineer your offers so people always buy
    3. How to know if an open and close cart is really for you

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, April Beach, Come back to the show. I’m April beach. And today we are talking about how to make it money while still having fun. Now, I know that sounds like a Super cheesy title, and you might think that we’re not going to talk about anything very serious here,

    but that is definitely not the case in this show. I am breaking down the strategies to actually make this happen. So let me go ahead and set the stage for what we’re going to talk about today. First of all, this is episode number 242. So if you’re a new listener, all the things that we talk about, all the links that I share, oftentimes we give away these huge free resources with episodes can be found by going to sweet life clicking on podcast. And you can just search by episode number 2 42. So if you’re on the go, don’t worry about missing any of this because we will have it waiting there for you in the show notes at our website. This episode is great for those of you in any stage of business. So our company, the Sweetlife company, we consult entrepreneurs who are launching, scaling and amplifying a coaching consulting or service focused business. And usually I’d like to break up the episodes because we give you step-by-step business strategies that other coaches charge thousands for here on the show, totally free, but not every business strategy is great for every business, right? So where you are in your business tells us what strategies you need to be using to get to the next level. And so oftentimes I break up these episodes saying, okay, if you’re in this phase of business, listened to this show, or if you’re in this second phase and listen, honestly, this show is great for everybody. So regardless of where you are in our business growth system phase, this show is going to be really good for you because there are a lot of people that are making a lot of money that are not happy at all. And we talk about that on the show today. So your bonus resource, which is really powerful, which you can just pause and grab right now is the ultimate guide to online business models. Okay? So this means online offers. We have a massive ultimate guide that you can grab just by going to Sweetlife forward slash ultimate business guide. Okay? So that’s available for you now, again, anybody in any phase of business, this show’s going to be a great one for you as a lifestyle entrepreneurial lifelong entrepreneur. I seriously cannot imagine a life where somebody else has directed my time and my energy and my location, my schedule. So this episode, like all others were talking about how to make money while being happy, but it’s just for entrepreneurs. You’re not going to catch a drift for me here on the show about how to do this by working for corporate America. So the summary of what we’re talking about is the fact that money doesn’t buy happiness definitely takes the edge off. I hear you for sure, but when it comes to being truly happy and fulfilled, most people will consider time. Family health love giving, helping others, adventuring and traveling as the real prize of life. And so in this show, I’m breaking down a two punch formula for a profitable business that makes you really, really happy. And here’s a really quick behind the scenes. Okay? This show is dedicated to my son, Tim, and he’s actually been a guest here on the sweet life entrepreneur podcast. Before years ago, I interviewed my son, Tim beach on episode number 84. You can go back and listen to it about what it’s like growing up in a lifestyle, entrepreneur and family. But this morning we’re literally packing his car right now to take him back to college. I’m about to, I’m literally recording this episode. So funny share with you guys like ultimate beside the seeds. I’m recording this show because I didn’t get a chance to batch because we’ve been out having so much fun this week, I’m recording the show, sending it to my amazing producer. And I’m getting in the car with him and driving him all the way from Colorado to Delaware to go back to college. And so we’re sitting here and I’m thinking to myself today, man, I really need to record this great show. And I have this other show totally lined up that I was going to record for you guys today. And he asked me the question, which is the title of this show. And so this show is dedicated to him. He said, how do I make money while still being happy, mom? And I was like, yeah, it’s such a great question. And I will teach you. I’ll teach you how to do it. Just like I’m going to teach you guys here on this episode. So anyway, this show is dedicated to Tim. And by the time you listened to this, I will be somewhere in a car halfway across the country or on my way home from dropping him off. So let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show today. We’re going to talk about what is a lifestyle entrepreneur, how to engineer your offer so that people always buy them and how to know if an opening close cart is right for your lifestyle and your business. Ooh, that was a long intro. Thanks for hanging. All right, let’s go ahead and do it. So, first of all, how to make money while having fun. All right. So to answer that question, it’s also asking the question, how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. All right. So how to make money while having fun, AKA, how to be a lifestyle entrepreneur. So, first of all, we need to dive into the definition of a lifestyle entrepreneur. If you go right now on Instagram and you search the hashtag lifestyle entrepreneur, you are going to see like Ferrari’s and like half naked girls on the beach, all the things. I’m not sure where we went wrong, but expensive cars and huge mansions do not me, lifestyle entrepreneurship. So somebody hacked that hashtag, but I’m telling you, I grew up in a true lifestyle, entrepreneur family. I have a true lifestyle, entrepreneur family, and it’s not driven primarily by money. So what is a lifestyle entrepreneur, a lifestyle entrepreneur designs, their business in such a way that it enables the lifestyle they want to live true. Lifestyle entrepreneurs are not driven by profit. They’re driven by the ability to have the freedom lifestyle that they want. Oftentimes this freedom lifestyle is centered around action, adventure, sports traveling, and a flexible schedule. And while some lifestyle entrepreneurs have a primary business location, other lifestyle entrepreneurs want to be location independent. So it has to do with what you’re doing with your time. There are ways to make money working for other people, working for corporate America, but a true lifestyle. Entrepreneur is one where no one else is directing your energy, your location, your schedule. And so this lifestyle entrepreneurship is how we engineer your business to actually give you the lifestyle that you love. And so to answer this question, I am breaking this episode into two parts within this one show here where it’s just two punch right here. Okay. So first of all, we’re going to take on the question, how to make money, and then we’re going to dive into the question about having fun. Okay. So first of all, let’s talk about how to make money. So how you make money as an entrepreneur is by designing and delivering a highly valuable offer. Okay. So I’m an offer architect. I know that sounds so geeky, but it really all starts with your offer. You guys, right? All the marketing in the world cannot save you if you have a shitty offer and you’re not good at giving people amazing results. All right. So number one is designing this highly valuable offer and here are some steps to do that. First of all, you need to solve a big problem. So my, one of my amazing clients, I love her so much. Her name is Lauren lavender. She says it is a painkiller, Lauren lavender calls the solution to somebody’s problem, the painkiller like the medicine. And so I love that analogy and it just helps a lot of people see it clearer. And so I love to share that that’s what Lauren calls it. So solving a big problem. And this goes with identifying your ideal client’s struggles as it relates to your area of expertise. So really pinpointing this. And if you were new in business and you’re listening to this episode, this is also what we call your M P your minimum buyable product, okay. Or program, because we’re not, you know, making physical products here. In most cases, most of our listeners don’t do that. So this is the first solution that you need people to understand that you deliver and that they’re willing to pay for. So how to design a highly valuable offer, you have to solve a highly important problem, or you can fulfill a highly desirable solution. Okay. Number two, design, a winning customer experience. This is huge you guys. And especially as we’re seeing the evolution and the change in online business offers the growth in the coaching and the consulting industry over the last couple of decades, it’s really important that your offer is able to be personalized, that you have the ability to enable some sort of customization. That’s how we design highly valuable offers. It is not by doing it with cookie cutter solutions, unless your business model is to serve the masses. Some of the ways I know you’re probably thinking April, you know, highly customized offers. It’s really hard to scale. It’s actually not. When you break down your method and your framework, then you put it into a winning customer experience where that your customers, it’s kind of like those choose your own adventure books that, that many of us used to read as kids, your customers can pick their path and enabling things like artificial intelligence and bringing in like CX focused team members. For those of you guys that are scaling your business and allowing them to customize their journey through your leading program is how we design a winning customer experience. Even if you have 500 people in your program at once, we can still customize it. And I just challenge you right now, just if you have an existing offer to take a look at that and make sure that you are delivering that personalized, custom winning experience for your clients as much as possible within your content. The next step to designing a highly valuable offer is to determine your position on scarcity versus availability, right? So let me say that again, determine your personal viewpoint, your decision on scarcity versus availability. This is answering the question. Should I offer my product all the time, or should I offer my product on a limited time basis? This applies to those of you guys who are considering doing what we call an evergreen course or an evergreen program, or creating a program where somebody can join all the time, or is this something that they can only join once, twice or three times a year? And here’s why this is important when we’re talking about how to make money. If you are new in business, this is a warning to you. If you are new in business, open and close programs are tough for businesses that have not reached consistent 10 K months in businesses that have not hit list growth. Like you don’t have an audience yet. If you were brand new, open and closed programs are tough because it puts all your eggs in one basket and you can’t open your program and then close it. And then two weeks later say, oh yeah, I’m going to open it again because only two people joined scarcity versus availability. There is no right or wrong way, but I do want to make sure that you’re thinking about how that affects your life. And you have to determine, are you okay with only making money a couple times a year? Or does it bring you personally more peace to have a consistent revenue generation every single month or quarterly or whatever that flow looks like to you? So psychologically as a business owner, you need to think about how it affects you. But also if you’re a new in business, I just going to send a warning about being very careful about open and closed programs, because we need to make you known. We need to have you gain traction before you close the door and not letting any new clients in, just because some marketing person told you, you should do it for scarcity sales, the next thing nail your minimum viable product. Okay? So this is what you’re known for. You want to determine what it is that you really want to be known for. You can be known for all the things, but it’s going to take you a long time to get there, like a lifetime. We want to pick one. We want to pick one thing at first and I promise you, I promise you. You’re not going to get stuck at it, but you want to pick one thing at first that you want to be known for and you sell the heck out of that painkiller, you sell the heck out of that solution and you own that space. And then you can grow into other solutions and then you can grow into other ways. Here is an example of that. I bet you had no idea that my first consulting firm, oh my gosh. How long ago is this? Now about 17 years ago that I am the creator of the parent coaching and baby planning industry. The whole industry, I wrote the scope of practice for it. This company is still run. See, and you leave. You don’t even know that probably I have entire separate business consulting firm that coaches businesses, that market to new and expecting families. And we have clients in 17 countries. It’s crazy, right? I wasn’t stuck there. And so I’m just telling you this. I promise you when you nail one thing, right? It gives you a springboard to do all the other things. So make sure that you’re nailing this one thing that you want to be known for. And then you can grow into other things and really sit down the last step to designing a highly valuable oper is crunching your numbers. And we call this your profit matrix. You need to understand how many people you need to sell to at your determined program price. And then you need to decide, and these are kind of scary numbers that nobody really tells you. So I want to make sure, you know, you need to decide how many people that you need to reach in order to convert into sales at your goal number of people to sell each month, right? So if you want a 15 or 20% sales conversion, and you want to have 10 new people join your program each month, then that means you need to reach that total number with your marketing, taking into consideration, converting it 15, 20, 30%, whatever you believe based on your conversion strategy that you can convert at. And so you have to crunch the numbers. You have to know your numbers, and once you know how many people you need to reach, then that leads us into your marketing strategy. Do you do paid ads? Do you do affiliate partnerships or are you doing everything in sweat equity, content creation and posting, and it’s really going to give you some clarity on how you’re going to hit that highly valuable, highly profitable marker. You have to look at your numbers. And so that’s answering the first part of what we’re talking about today on how to make money. Again, we’re talking about how to make money while still having fun. So the money part is basically you need to have an industry leading rock star leading program. That truly leads the way. And as a complete side plug, don’t forget, we have our, your leading offer masterclass that is available for you to take at any time cruise over to And you can learn more about how to be involved in the, your leading offer masterclass. And we go through the whole process with you in developing industry, leading programs and offers. Okay, now let’s talk about the second part of this. How to have fun. Now I know it’s silly question, right? Like I’m not an expert in you. You’re an expert in you, but I’m an expert in the business modeling standpoint. So let me just give you some tips on how to understand how to really have fun doing what you’re doing and it all starts with your business model. Do you remember in the beginning of this episode, when I’m like go grab the ultimate guide to business models and online offers that is going to give you all of the answers that you have been looking for on what’s going to make me happy, what I should launch. So your business model is how you work with clients and deliver your services. So examples are one-on-one coaching group coaching hybrid coaching live courses on demand courses, hybrid courses, memberships, or re occurring revenue programs, live virtual events, local events, retreats, masterminds, accelerator programs, incubator programs, licensing programs, certification programs, train the trainer programs, just straight business consulting. This also helps you how you want to deliver your services. Are you delivering services that are done with you done for you or consult you? And what I mean by that is how are you taking the content that you’re giving to your amazing clients? And are you giving it to them in such a way that you’re actually doing the work for them? Are they hiring you just to do it all and say, here you go, fix it for me. Is it a hybrid way between you helping them figure it out and doing a little bit of the work with them? Or is it strictly where you were showing up and telling them how to do it? And they have to go out and do it all on their own. And so the very first thing to determine how to have fun is that it all starts with your business model. And let me pull back the curtain some more and share why I know this. So I have run successful programs and profitable programs in every single one of these business models. And I’ll be honest. It affects my life as a mom. They affect my life. As you know, just leading my family and wanting to travel. Each business model is going to affect your life. So your choice on whichever one of these, you want to release as your leading profit making program. Again, you know, courses, coaching memberships, masterminds in your ability to create your blueprint. So your suite of offers and bringing it together is totally going to affect your life. So we want you to start at the end and inside that ultimate guide, I break down each one of these primary leading online coaching and consulting business models for you. But then what you’re going to read in there, as I tell you how it’s going to affect your life, how it affects your time, how it affects your cadence, how it affects your family, how it affects your travel and how it affects your bottom line and your profit. So you’re not only going to get a list of those offers that you can choose from. I tell you literally how it will affect your life and you can bank on that because I have done it. And I want to make sure that what you’re building you’re really going to love. So I want to save you years of building something that you hate, because somebody told you to, or because it looks sexy on an Instagram ad. So first go grab that guide. Secondly, determine your weekly cadence. Okay? So this is how you flow through your perfect week. What do you want to be doing? And I know this kind of sounds a little pie in the sky, but this is very serious work. You need to determine what do you want to be doing in your perfect weekly cadence when your business is where you really want it to be? Do you work out in the morning? Do you work out in the afternoon? Do you go for walks? Do you go ride your horse, you know, to go surfing, whatever it is, what is your family time look like? What is your time in personal development? Look like? Do you want to be reading a book or reading a book? Do you want to be helping other people? Do you want to be really active in philanthropy and giving back to your community? What does that perfect weekly cadence look like to you? And then also ask yourself, how do I want to be working with clients? How do I want to be connecting with my team? How do I want to be connecting with my colleagues and other business partners? The answer to this is going to give you super power, vision and clarity on what business model is going to equal that for you. How many days a week will you work? How many months, a year do you work? There are some business models that are so powerful. This is content licensing that literally, I only work one month, a year in my other consulting business because of the fact that we license out our courses and our content to others, the companies and companies line up literally the way for me to work one month, a year to approve releases of content. You can do that. You can grade that business model. If you only want to work one month. Great, let’s build that for you. And so I want you to know that that is available to you. And you know, really another question I think is really important that isn’t discussed so much is we talked about it again a few minutes ago, but are you comfortable only making money a couple of times a year? That can be pretty scary, you know, needing to have a six figure launch because that’s, what’s going to sustain you for the rest of the year. How does that really work for you? Does that really work for you? Is that the way that works best for your clients? If it does awesome. We have so many clients that love their live launch business models. I’m telling you personally, I hate them personally for me, but it doesn’t mean that my clients aren’t great at them and they love them for them. That’s what’s the power of business design is deciding what works best for you and reverse engineering it to make sure it’s making you money and really diving into those questions and getting really real with yourself about how you feel about those. And then the next question I want you to ask yourself is what actually makes you happy? Like, what do you love to do in your work? Do you love working with people? One-on-one do you love hosting zoom meetings where your whole community is coming together? Do you love delegating and empowering all this stuff to your team? And what do you love to do outside your work? What are your sports for hobbies? What hobbies did you used to have when you’re a kid that maybe you and you haven’t done? And you’re like, man, I really wish I could take up this thing again, because I was really great at it. We want to that into your business future so that you will actually be able to do that. So to be happy in your work, you need to design your work to make you happy to make money in your work. We need to design your offers to make you money. And that’s how we go about it. So it’s offer plus business model equals how to make money while having fun. And it’s a simple formula and it’s super surprising how many people don’t do it. And so I want to make sure that you have the power and the insight and the knowledge so that you can do it. You know, most people think, gosh, if I make money, I’m just going to be happy and that’s not oftentimes the case. So we want you to make a ton of money and do it in such a way that you’re going to be super-duper over the top happy. And it’s going to be no big deal for you to jump in the car and drive halfway across the country. After recording a podcast episode, after taking three weeks off work, just to go play with your kids or whatever it is that you want to do, I’m here to support you and give you the proven strategies to do that. The truth is honestly, when you’re happy in your life and your work, that’s when you make the most amount of money. And so to recap, we talked about how to make money and be happy. We broke it into two parts. We broke out, offer architecture as the primary part of this, your offer is going to be the driver. And then your business model is the part that makes you happy. The offer strategy, the value of your offer. That’s how we get you to the profit benchmarks that you want to be at. Your business model is how we design it within your life in a way that you’re super going to love everything that you’re doing and the ultimate guide to online offers and business models. Just go grab it. It’s totally free is going to save you years and years and years of time by seeing behind the scenes of how each one of these business models has affected our family. And I just lay it all out there for you, for you to consider how that could affect yours as well. You can grab that by going to Sweetlife forward slash online business guide, or you can also get it by texting the word guide. So just one word guide to the number 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0. Again, text the word guide to the number 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0. And of course we’ll have all this in the show notes for you as well. All right. Thank you so much for tuning in. I have a very eager college student waiting outside in the driveway with his car, packed, waiting for mom to pile in and take another road trip adventure. So with that, I will talk to you guys next week. Be awesome. And I can’t wait to hear how you guys are using your business model and what you’ve chosen to be best for you. If we aren’t connected on Instagram yet hit me up. I’m April beach life on Instagram, and I would love to know your ultimate business model in the one you are building For high profit. All right. You guys be awesome. Talk to you soon.