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    Episode 104: How to Live Intentionally in 2019: Enjoy The Journey As Much As The Destination with – Ashley Matejka


    Ashley Matejka SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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    Episode Highlights:
    1. Why Ashley means when she says, “the vision is the puzzle and the goals are the pieces.”
    2. An explanation of the eight dimensions of wellness.
    3. Examples of how creating intentions around these eight dimensions have helped shifted both Ashely’s and my perspective about certain areas where we felt like we were failing.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    It’s officially 2019 and now is the time most of us are setting New Year’s Resolutions or our goals for the year. However, I challenge you to instead focus on your intentions for the year.

    Ashley Matejka is a passionate holistic wellness consultant and the creator of Wellevance; whose approach helps professional women struggling to prioritize self-care as they juggle all of life’s pieces to create healthy habits and align their lives.

    In this episode, Ashley is going to show us how to set intentions in the eight different aspects of life wellness and she’ll explain how doing so will help you reach your intentional and purposeful goals faster.

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      2. Start creating your vision and intentions for 2019 using Ashley’s advice.
      3. Post a screenshot of this episode, or of you listening to it, on Instagram, tag @wellevance8 and @sweetlife_entrepreneur, and let us know your 2019 intentions so we can cheer you on!

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