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    Episode 66: How to Infuse Purpose Into Your Business

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    Your Business Needs a Purpose

    There’s been a recent shift away from a complete separation of business and purpose.

    This shift is due to the fact that more and more consumers are choosing to give their money to brands and companies with missions or beliefs that align with their own.

    To consumers, why you do what you do is now more important than what you actually do.

    In This Episode:

    Earth Day is rapidly approaching and, as an environmental activist and non-profit founder, I felt it was important to help you understand how to make your business one that truly matters and connects with your ideal clients and customers on a deeper level.

    So, this week, we’re talking about three simple ways to infuse more meaning and purpose into what you do with your business.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, I talk about:

    1. The importance of sharing your why in the form of a Statement of Beliefs
    2. Why you should give first in addition to giving back
    3. How you can give of your time in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming
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