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    Episode 64: How to Get Focused with the SweetLife Business System

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    We’re Officially Finished With The First Quarter of 2018.

    How’d you do? 

    I can’t believe we’re already in the second quarter of 2018! When I realized that, I was simultaneously anxious about all the ways the first quarter didn’t go as planned, and proud of the amazing things I was able to accomplish.

    Are you ready to start a new quarter?

    In This Episode:

    Whether you’re feeling disappointed or excited with the results of quarter one… I’m here to help!

    If you didn’t quite meet your goals, let’s work on that for quarter two.

    If you did meet your goals, let’s keep that momentum going!

    Each quarter of the year is a fresh start so it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the last 90 days. What matters is what you’re going to intentionally do in your business moving forward.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, I talk about:

    1. The various phases of my SweetLife Entrepreneur Business System so you have a good foundation for your goals
    2. The steps you can take during each business Phase to help you either refocus your efforts or keep your momentum going


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