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Episode 55: How To Find Your People & Grow Your Network

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Are You Taking The Time to Properly Network?

Social media has given us a false sense of connection.

We think we have a large network because of our social media “friends” and followers but the vast majority of these connections aren’t genuine.

In Today’s Episode:

It’s always a good idea to network and build relationships with peers but this especially important for those in Phase 1 of my SweetLife Entrepreneur System, entrepreneurs who’ve been doing at it for a while but feel lonely and disconnected due to working from home, and for entrepreneurs who’ve who are ready to grow their business in new ways.

Creativity is contagious.

When you take the time to build genuine relationships, you’ll be challenged and inspired in new ways.

Why You Should Tune In:

In this episode, I talk about three reasons why you need a network, how to build a network, and some of the reasons you might not have already built a network.

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