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    How To Fill Your Programs Using Guest Speaking with April Beach and Heather Sager (Episode 297)

    How To Fill Your Programs Using Guest Speaking


    This Episode is Great For: 

    Entrepreneurs looking to get in front of your ideal audience and establish yourself as an expert in your space but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it through the process of speaking. 


    If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking to get in front of your ideal audience, establish yourself as a trusted source and solution, and sell more of your signature programs, services or offers, speaking as a great way to do that. However there are strategic steps that should be followed in order to achieve your ideal outcome, and what we learn in speaking to this weeks guest is that you can actually send clients away by saying the wrong things.
    And this weeks show, Heather Seger, strategic speaking advisor, guides you through her four step speak for authority method To fill your programs using speaking. Heather also dives into statistics speakers need to know, how to tell the right story, and expert insights to make sure you are speaking up in the right way, to the right audience, about the right topics. 

    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Understand the four steps to the “speak for authority method”
    2. Know how to nail your message
    3. And understand quick strategies to choose your signature talk topic
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    Full Show Transcript:


    00:00:00] April Beach: Hi guys, and welcome back to the show. You have tapped into the summer series here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast, and I’m April Beach recording this intro for you from my front porch here, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. If you’re watching this video, you’re gonna see I have a fire on and it’s actually raining here in Colorado.

    [00:00:19] April Beach: I don’t know, our climate’s totally changed. It is June and we have had rain every day. But I love recording podcast episodes for you guys. Where you can really see behind the scenes of how we do things. This, we’ve been recording this show for almost six years and and I love just kind of unpacking the behind the scenes for you, especially during summertime.

    [00:00:38] April Beach: So this is a special summer series we are doing for you and what we’ve done is we are. Replaying some of our most powerful and popular episodes here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast because they’re so good. I need to make sure you didn’t miss them. Don’t forget, we are known for delivering podcast episodes that other coaches will [00:01:00] charge you hundreds and thousands of dollars for, and everything we do here is to pour into you first.

    [00:01:05] April Beach: And so the episodes that I’ve picked to replay and bring that back up to the surface for the summer series are ones that you’re gonna be able to apply to your business immediately today. And make more money. Improve your programs, improve your operations, and generate more leads. And this is one of those episodes.

    [00:01:22] April Beach: So this is episode number 297, technically but is it is a replay of episode number 211. And so you’re gonna hear some other links in this episode. All of the show notes have been updated for you and can be found by visiting But if you go to the old links in the episode, in the past episode that we’re replaying, you’ll also find all the assets that we promised here for you. So never fear.

    [00:01:53] April Beach: Now we are diving into how to actually increase your program sales through speaking in our [00:02:00] guest is Heather Sager. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, if you’re one of our clients and you’re in our programs, you know Heather Sager, she was actually on the episode on a show a few months ago, and we recorded a similar episode specifically for you guys who are speaking to license your training programs.

    [00:02:20] April Beach: Now this episode is the version for those of you guys who are trying to bookkeep speaking engagements more to sell your B2C side of your business. We just did an episode recently about B2B. This one’s going back to B2C. So if you’re trying to fill up your courses, fill up your programs, fill up your mastermind, fill up your MRI, or your membership, or your live virtual event, or your retreat, this is the podcast episode for you.

    [00:02:43] April Beach: And I felt like it was important because we talked about the. Corporate B2B side of it recently to bring this one back up to light for the rest of you. Enjoy everything here can again be found by visiting Sweet Life, episode number [00:03:00] 297, and all of Heather’s assets that we have here for you as well.

    [00:03:04] April Beach: Thanks so much for tuning in, hanging out with me here on the front porch, or if you’re listening by audio. Thank you so much for listening over the summer. This is our Sweet Life Summer podcast series and I am so glad that you are here. Dive into the episode and enjoy.

    [00:03:22] April Beach: You are listening to the sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business, and launch a life you love faster. With business mentor and entrepreneur, activator a April Beach.

    [00:03:40] April Beach: Hey you guys and welcome back to the show. This is episode number 211 and I’m April Beach. Super great to be connected with you today we are diving in, we’re talking about how to fill your programs using guest speaking, and we have Heather Seger, the one and only in the house. So what you can expect from today’s show [00:04:00] is if you are a coach or a consultant and you’re really good at what you do, even the leading expert in your space, but you’re having trouble getting noticed, well, speaking could be a really powerful way. To establish yourself as a leader and get in front of the perfect audience.

    [00:04:15] April Beach: And so today we’re talking all about the steps to do that and giving you the methodology from the expert herself, Heather Sager. But real quick, before we jump into that, if you’re new to hearing this show, welcome. This is The Sweet Life Entrepreneur and Business Podcast. And we give you step-by-step business trainings that are so good. There’s no way they should be free. You can find all the resources we have by visiting sweet life

    [00:04:41] April Beach: And if you’re interested in scaling your business, developing your signature program, signature methods, signature offers in truly scaling your business to live life on your terms for massive profit, then we would love to help you get to that place. Visit sweet life That is our ninja skill and that’s what [00:05:00] we do. All right, diving into today’s episode. This is for entrepreneurs in all stages of my start to scale up system. So we like to tag these episodes in advance so you know whether or not this is really a good, good opportunity for you to learn and grow based on the phase of business you’re in.

    [00:05:17] April Beach: So if you aren’t sure what phase of business you’re in, and therefore what you should be focusing on right now, you can go and take a very short quiz just by visiting sweet life And we’ll give you a full download of exactly where you are in your business growth and development, and exactly what you should be focusing on right now so that you can grow your company faster.

    [00:05:41] April Beach: So that’s one resource I wanted to share with you. And along those lines, this particular episode is for those of you who are in phases two, three, or four of that start to scale up system. So hopefully that will equip you to know whether or not you should [00:06:00] hang out with us any longer. And I’ll tell you, if you’re in this phase, you are not going to want to miss this episode.

    [00:06:06] April Beach: And one other quick housekeeping announcement. I know that we have probably been talking about Clubhouse way too much, but I wanted to let you know that you can connect with us and connect with our Sweet Life podcast guest experts by following me on Clubhouse. I am at. April Beach on Clubhouse, and we now host a weekly room at 12 o’clock every single Wednesday.

    [00:06:33] April Beach: And that is Eastern Standard Time. So if you wanna be on the hot seat, if you want my eyes and your business to help you strategize your next steps, find us on Clubhouse and subscribe to our clubhouse updates. If you are not on Clubhouse yet, or if you just want the updates, you can visit sweet life

    [00:06:53] April Beach: And we’ll keep you in the loop of what’s happening on Clubhouse while you might be waiting to get on the app. And we’ll send you reminders and [00:07:00] invitations to our upcoming rooms. So I know that was a lot of information and you can find all the information I just shared with you in the resources for these show notes, which is going to okay.

    [00:07:17] April Beach: Let me introduce you to our fabulous guest on today’s show. You get to hear from Heather Sager. Heather helps entrepreneurs structure their ideas, clarify their message, and hone their speaking skills so they can deliver magnetic live presentations, videos, and workshops to grow their authority, whether on a physical or a virtual stage. She’s spoken on stages around the world teaching six to seven figure business owners how to grow their company using effective communication. She also works one-on-one with business owners to prep them for the stage and help you manage and prepare your message for the most impact. So, Let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode. Again, all of those [00:08:00] amazing resources that I shared and everything we’re talking about with Heather can be found by visiting Sweet Life one.

    [00:08:17] April Beach: All right, you guys. Welcome back to another awesome episode here at the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Business Podcast, and I am visited today by none other than Heather Sager. And what we’re talking about is something that’s so important, I know many of you guys have questions about. So we are immediately diving into how to fill your programs using guest speaking.

    [00:08:38] April Beach: So Heather, thank you so much for being on the show today. Give yourself an awesome intro. An intro that you deserve cuz you’re very powerful at gudy people. Amazing results. Anna, tell everybody about what you do.

    [00:08:48] Heather Sager: Thank you so much. I’m thrilled to be here. Thanks for the chance to serve your audience today and talk about pressure on an intro.

    [00:08:56] April Beach: I mean, I’m being honest. I will say behind the scenes, so I [00:09:00] have followed Heather on Instagram and it’s one of those things where you’ve been connected and a little bit connected, but not completely connected, and I knew that you guys needed to hear from Heather. So very excited to have you here.

    [00:09:11] Heather Sager: Thank you. Thank you for that. So as April said, I’m Heather Sager. So I’m a speaking coach for online entrepreneurs. And essentially what that means, I always joke that I teach people how to do the thing that most people fear more than death, which is public speaking. And in the online space, uh, it’s kind of funny because we think about public speaking back.

    [00:09:31] Heather Sager: If y’all worked in corporate ever, how you think about getting up in front of a group and giving a presentation or teaching a workshop, or we think about speakers as the people who live their life on the road at conferences, on big stages, and none of those things seem to really fit in the online space of coaches and course creators and and online entrepreneurs.

    [00:09:50] Heather Sager: And what I like to remind people is the fact that as business owners, we speak to people every single day. So we are already speakers. It’s not like a label [00:10:00] that we just all of a sudden adopt. We’re already speakers, and so I, what I do is I teach people how to do it with intention and purpose. So what they speak about actually connects back to not only what they’re passionate about, but also what they do in their business.

    [00:10:13] Heather Sager: I think your voice has the potential to be a magnet for other people, for them to go, Ooh, I, not only do I like her, I wanna learn more from her. And the more that you get out and use your voice on different platforms, the more you pull people back with you that they’ll want to join your programs and hang out with you more and buy from you.

    [00:10:31] Heather Sager: So that’s what I do. My background is like many entrepreneurs is in corporate where for years I spoke on stages around the world as a corporate trainer. Where I taught actually entrepreneurs in the medical space, so doctors and their teams. I taught them customer service and sales. Two very taboo topics in the medical space, right?

    [00:10:55] Heather Sager: Let’s tell you, as a 27 year old kid, it felt like [00:11:00] teaching doctors how to sell, how to talk about what they did, how to talk to their teams, how to talk to their patients. That was an intimidating task at hand, so I had to learn how to speak in a very different way. I had to learn how to be influential and persuasive with an audience who was highly skeptical of my experience, my age, everything about me.

    [00:11:22] Heather Sager: And so that’s where I got my like big girl chops around speaking. That’s where I had to fight through all my own insecurities about being a. I always talked about being like a baby nugget on a stage, being an unexperienced or inexperienced professional, like I had to work through all of those mental issues we go through.

    [00:11:39] Heather Sager: I had to do that in a very highly publicized, highly criticized space, but I did damn good job, and I realized that while I love my job as a trainer, what I really loved was. Teaching people how to use their voice for good. And I got really good at storytelling. I got really good at the body [00:12:00] language and the hand gestures and all those things that come with speaking that are more than just the message.

    [00:12:05] Heather Sager: And I started getting people asking me, could you teach me how to do that on a stage? Or could you teach me how to lead a workshop? And I found all of my free time in corporate was teaching my peers and other businesses how to do what I was doing. And at some point I was like, Ugh. I don’t wanna do this for anybody else anymore.

    [00:12:22] Heather Sager: Why don’t I just do this full time? So I made the leap like many do, which is let me start my own business and help other people do the thing that I love. But here’s the kicker. It wasn’t just about speaking, it was about speaking with purpose, because I think speaking is like gasoline on a fire. I think speaking is one of the best marketing strategies that we can use in our business, and I think people treat it as a skill, but speaking is actually a strategy.

    [00:12:48] April Beach: Mm. So many things that I wanna say, right, right now about all, about all those things. First of all, now you guys know I wanted Heather on the show. Fire. Fire, right? Fire, fire, fire. [00:13:00] That was like, okay, we can just end it. Just go work with Heather and she’s gonna help you be just this insane speaker. You know, really?

    [00:13:07] April Beach: You said so many things though. So as business developers, and obviously that’s what we do at the Sweet Life Company, we help. People develop their programs and we help them develop life-changing programs and offers and these amazing services. Right? And one of the things that they are always asking about is, but how do I separate myself from other businesses that are delivering these same type of results?

    [00:13:32] April Beach: Besides doing it within the. Framework of my program, like how do I stand out? And it always comes back to taking the authority on what you know, in stepping out and speaking about it. So that’s the first thing. And I can’t wait to dive into the strategies we’re gonna talk about here today on the show, but something else that you said that it’s so true is that you’re speaking to people all the time.

    [00:13:54] April Beach: It doesn’t always have to be a webinar or an actual live event, but when as an online [00:14:00] entrepreneur, when you have the opportunity to actually speak to somebody and take them on a journey that you have pre crafted, it is a skill and that’s how you get people to follow you that are the right. People and I, I wanna just kind of pause for a second saying, even if you’re listening to the show and you’re like, well, you know, speaking doesn’t fit into my business model, listen to what Heather’s saying because you’re already speaking, so let’s make it so you don’t suck at it.

    [00:14:24] April Beach: Right? Let’s make every single moment that you are having the, honestly, the privilege. Just like I just feel very blessed and privileged that people listen to the podcast, right? All of us, when somebody is listening to what we have to say. It is a very unique opportunity and a privilege to be able to speak to these people.

    [00:14:43] April Beach: So what we say and how we say it is incredibly, incredibly important. So just love everything that you said there and, and I appreciate how direct you are about the importance of this. So you help establish business owners really take the lead [00:15:00] in doing so by speaking and increase what I love, of course, is the sale of their programs.

    [00:15:05] April Beach: So, Talk about how you do that. You have a very special method, and I’m gonna tout Heather’s method here for a second. By the way, if you all don’t have a method we need, we want you to have a method to make you known and to gain the trust of the people you’re leading. Talk to us about your method in, what is that called, and can you guide us through your method today?

    [00:15:25] Heather Sager: Yes, 100%. I love methods. We were sharing our love of frameworks and methods and just easier ways to help people understand what it is you do, right? We all think things make sense in our own heads, but really our own heads are a very special place that only we understand. So we have to be able to articulate them.

    [00:15:41] Heather Sager: So my signature method that I teach inside my program speak up to Level Up. It’s where I teach online course creators and coaches how to leverage speaking in a way that’s gonna grow their business. We walk through something I call the speak for Authority method. And the reason why we call it the Speak for Authority method is every business owner has different [00:16:00] goals related to speaking.

    [00:16:01] Heather Sager: Some people might be like, Hey, I wanna get paid to speak $10,000 for a keynote, or $40,000 for a keynote. That’s one strategy. But when it comes to speaking, there are several strategies that you can apply. One can be growing your the revenue in your program, so selling from stages. Another could be driving leads to your social media accounts, or leads to your list, or leads to your offers.

    [00:16:22] Heather Sager: Another one could be just. Not peeing your pants when you go live on a platform. It could just be growing your confidence, but I think throughout all of it, speaking is like a business card for your business. In all of these, they’re authority boosting activities that when you grow your authority, you have the ability to.

    [00:16:41] Heather Sager: Charge more, get on better stages. Network with the people that you wanna network with, collaborate with the business partnerships you wanna have when you have authority, which is clout, where people see you as the go-to in your field. It seems like doors open naturally. So if you aren’t known, if people don’t know who you [00:17:00] are, you could be the best at what you do.

    [00:17:01] Heather Sager: But until other people point at you and say she knows what she’s doing, or he’s an expert in this, by the way, you don’t say you’re an expert. You let other people do that for you. Until that moment comes, it doesn’t really matter how good your program is. You have to articulate it, make it sound like a big deal, and get other people talking about it.

    [00:17:18] Heather Sager: And that’s where growing your authority becomes a really important thing.

    [00:17:22] April Beach: Wow. Okay. Yeah. So talk to us about this Speak for Authority method, and I love how you preface it by saying that the reason why it’s so important is because all these goals are absolutely important, and they do apply probably to every single person listening to this show.

    [00:17:37] April Beach: So what is the first part of this method? Where does somebody start when they wanna take action on this?

    [00:17:44] Heather Sager: Yeah, you’re gonna love this one cuz this right, goes right up your alley of what you teach, which is number one is nail your messaging. What do I mean by that Is you have to nail who are you talking to?

    [00:17:55] Heather Sager: What do you have to offer and how do you talk about those core [00:18:00] offerings, your messaging? So what’s interesting is the first time I, I taught my program, when I started working with groups of entrepreneurs versus one-on-one, I started by going, let’s create your talk. And I would start extracting ideas out of their head and formulating a signature talk with them.

    [00:18:17] Heather Sager: And what I realized pretty quickly was, oh my gosh, this was the first time they were vocalizing their ideas. And some of them didn’t even have their programs fully formatted or organized in a way that really got people results. So I found out, you know what? When people start moving from just writing down their ideas or drawing out their ideas, when they start articulating their ideas, That’s when they realize, oh, this either makes sense or it doesn’t.

    [00:18:43] Heather Sager: So step number one, nailing your messaging means that you are not just thinking off, like speaking off the cuff or winging it all the time. Here’s this big myth that happens a lot of times when we see experts or we see influencers on a podcast or on a [00:19:00] video or on clubhouse, we think, oh, they’re just so naturally gifted.

    [00:19:05] Heather Sager: But here’s the thing. These people have been talking about these things over and over and over and over again. Mm-hmm. They know what they’re talking about. It’s not by chance, it’s on purpose. Now, sometimes it’s by chance because they’ve just done it enough where they don’t know, but they have discovered what their core talking parts are.

    [00:19:19] Heather Sager: You have to understand what should you and what should you not be talking about to lead people into your business, not lead them to other people’s businesses. Like there is a difference. You could talk about a lot of things, but if you don’t have your messaging nailed, you could be providing a lot of education, but then serving them up open doors to have other people help them because they don’t realize how it connects back to you.

    [00:19:44] Heather Sager: So, Wow.

    [00:19:45] April Beach: Okay. I’m gonna totally put you on the spot here. Yes, please. Go. Because ev, because everybody’s saying like, oh my gosh, shoot. Am I doing this? Am I? Because everybody wants to be out there and sharing information and great value. Can you give us an example of how sharing some [00:20:00] information as in a particular way may lead somebody to go work with somebody else?

    [00:20:04] Heather Sager: Yeah, I’ll give you me as an example. Okay. I talk about speaking, right, and I want you to imagine, uh, speaking, this is like this giant ocean of information. It’s in the, the marketing ocean. There’s so many different things we can speak about and one or two times I did podcast episodes or interviews where people are like, oh, speaking on camera.

    [00:20:20] Heather Sager: Heather, will you come talk about getting over your fear of the camera? And I’m like, sure, I love this. This is within my, my wheelhouse. But what I realized is when I would start doing all these interviews that were specific to getting over your fear of the camera or going live on Facebook or all these things, which I, I do teach, what I realized was my messaging was really specific to social media speaking, and my offer is how do you speak on all kinds of stages?

    [00:20:48] Heather Sager: Get your messaging down. Use guest stages. Yes, use your stages. But the speaking on lives and Instagram stories was such a minute point. I don’t want people to know me as the person to help you get over your fear of the camera, right? [00:21:00] Like that’s not what my program is about. Even though I have episodes around it.

    [00:21:04] Heather Sager: Like the messaging, while it was a good relevant topic, it wasn’t core messaging that’s gonna drive back to my program, speak up to level up. I mean, it’s a lesson in my program, but it’s not the core concept, right? So I think a lot of times this thing that happens is we’re like, oh, it’s within the wheelhouse.

    [00:21:21] Heather Sager: Well, you have to think about is it like a neighbor down the block in your content or is it like on the block, like on your street, in the house that you’re trying to attract people to? Wow,

    [00:21:31] April Beach: that’s so important. Okay. I’m just gonna take a little left hand turn tangent here. Yes. Do as we are all diving into, or as many people as or possibly can, we’re driving into Clubhouse, for example, I just did the recording of this, hosted a a welcome.

    [00:21:47] April Beach: Event room for a bunch of women entrepreneurs last night and they were all asking, what should I be talking about in these rooms? And I feel grateful. Now, I didn’t totally lead them astray, but it was always coming back to, cuz [00:22:00] I’m obviously not the speaking coach, but it was always back, what do you wanna be known for?

    [00:22:04] April Beach: And I think that this is so exactly important, what you said, because. There are so many things that we can talk about. I can, you know, talk about a million components of, of our program as well in, in the ways and other things that are like supporting evidence, supporting document, but not that main nugget.

    [00:22:21] April Beach: So what I’m hearing you say in what I want all of you guys to hear is what Heather’s saying is that go for, go after what you wanna be known for. This is also important why we have your signature program created so we know what we’re selling people into. So it aligns with your program. So important. And I think that there are so many people that are just looking for any opportunity to get in front of an audience that they are willing to speak on.

    [00:22:44] April Beach: Oh, I can speak on that. Oh, sure. I can speak on that. Yeah. And what you’re saying is that is not strategy. Let’s be very strategic and make sure that in the little amount of time that somebody is willing to give you attention to hear what you have to say, that you are making a good [00:23:00] use of that and establishing an understanding of who you are, who your brand is, and the, and the end results you provide.

    [00:23:05] Heather Sager: Bingo. So powerful and let me give you a visual for that because I wanna make sure you aren’t hearing me say, don’t ever talk about those things. Right. Okay. I want you to imagine, do you remember back in, I don’t know, some kind of math class when we were in school, the something called a sca, I think it’s called a scattergram.

    [00:23:20] Heather Sager: It’s like the graph that you would draw with the dots and it’s like when you would have a point, it’d be like all these dots and you’d look for the trends of the dots. Maybe this is a terrible example, but go with me here for a second.

    [00:23:30] April Beach: I’m sticking with you. You guys should see behind the scenes in the recording. My, I’m like, uh,

    [00:23:35] Heather Sager: So if you think about like mapping the dots, like mapping different coordinates. Yeah. But I want you thinking about is you want to map. Like the bulk of your coordinates, i e the bulk of your speaking to your signature offer. But if you have a little dab like, oop, I’m gonna talk about this because it’s sexy, or oop, I’m gonna talk like, I’ll do a room talking about how do you do your voice on clubhouse?

    [00:23:54] Heather Sager: Not what I teach, but it’s a sexy topic that people want. Like if my little scattergram. Gosh, I hope that’s what it’s [00:24:00] called. If I have like a couple beeps and boobs of topics that are outside of my core, that is not gonna dilute what I’m known for. It’s just gonna expand it. But if I spend too much time outside of my core topic, then I will be unforgettable because there’s no repetition on my core topic of people seeing over and over again.

    [00:24:17] Heather Sager: Oh, I wanna speak on guest stages. Heather Sagers the speaking coach for online entrepreneurs. Oh, you wanna know how you speak into the strategy. Heather Sagers the coach To help you with that, like you have to make sure your repetition in your wheelhouse is happening in order to earn the right to have those scattered topics.

    [00:24:32] April Beach: Absolutely awesome visual. Thank you so much. I have no idea what you’re talking about because frankly I think I was skipping school in stoned every high school math class, but, but just keeping it real. With that being said, I can totally get the visual and that completely makes sense. My teenage boys are gonna listen to this podcast and

    [00:24:53] Heather Sager: yeah, it’s cool.

    [00:24:54] Heather Sager: Your mom’s super cool.

    [00:24:57] April Beach: At me. Oh, they, they’ve heard all the [00:25:00] stories. Okay. I am redeemed. Woohoo. Anyway. Yes. Totally makes sense. Okay, so you are going to be unforgettable. The closer you stay to what I’m hearing you say, the core of the center of that scattergram, like the primary message, so powerful. Super.

    [00:25:17] April Beach: Awesome. All right, so step number one is like we’re still at step number one, you guys. Yeah. This is how goal, the information that Heather has given you here. So nailing that message and deciding what we’re talking about. So the second step in that is obviously an extension of that. The second step you say is creating the actual signature talk itself. Share a little bit about how to go about doing

    [00:25:39] Heather Sager: that. Yeah, so for those of you who like cooking, I love cooking. Imagine step one is like your masen Plus, where you get all your ingredients out and you know what you’re going to make. Step two is actually following the recipe to build your delicious food, whatever you’re making your meal, so your signature talk.

    [00:25:57] Heather Sager: You’re not coming up with random things on the fly. It’s [00:26:00] strategic because you’ve already done that homework. So your signature talk needs to guide your audience from where they are. To where you want them to go, which doesn’t have to be like, haha, I’m gonna trick you to buy my program. You need to guide them in their thinking and equip them with the tools to be successful on whatever transformation they want.

    [00:26:18] Heather Sager: Your program just helps ’em do it faster. So your signature talk, it has to include stories. You have to be speaking to people’s beliefs. You have to be hitting that really good balance around insights and awareness and speaking to where they are. But gone are the days where you can just talk about the why fluffy stuff for your whole talk.

    [00:26:39] Heather Sager: People hate that. Yeah. They know when they’re being sold or when somebody’s bringing flas. So people in today’s market want tangible. Tips and strategies. So you have to balance your talk with both. How do you provide insights and teach people how to think differently about your topic? You can’t skip over that because if you do, when they go back in their business and try to [00:27:00] apply it and something’s off, you haven’t equipped them with the right context for them to be successful, to be able to maneuver it in the context of their business.

    [00:27:07] Heather Sager: So you have to teach ’em how to think, and then you have to give them some tips and strategies. How I recommend people do that. Is, uh, you teach the why and then you teach the what, and it’s gonna get a little technical, but I feel like your audience might love it. My format that I follow with people is you go, why, what?

    [00:27:23] Heather Sager: How? Easy model for a presentation and you sandwich it with an opening story and a closing story, like not rocket science. That’s what I work with every client on. Opening story. Closing story in the middle of the sandwich is the what, why, and how. And if you’ve worked with April and you’ve been around her world, the what section is essentially your method.

    [00:27:40] Heather Sager: So you’re almost there. You just need to work on, okay, how do I get this messaging in and what’s the right place to talk about in the how to make people hungry for more? But your signature talk should be like an accordion where you can deliver a signature talk in five minutes because you know your talking points, but you also can expand it and make it, I mean, a full day [00:28:00] workshop, maybe even a full course, right?

    [00:28:02] Heather Sager: So you should be able to know what your talking points are within your signature talk, and that becomes your business card on those guest stages.

    [00:28:10] April Beach: And it perfectly segues into purchasing your signature program. Yeah, and I mean, this is just absolutely the journey that you take people on it and how you nail and get it and get people really understanding what you do in your zone of genius.

    [00:28:24] April Beach: Couple of questions for you about the stories. Do you find, and maybe there isn’t a right or wrong answer, but I’m just asking the questions. I think that possibly your audience is hearing, we should totally do a clubhouse room on this, like in conjunction Yes. I’d love with this, with the, the week we dropped this, we should, we should do a clubhouse room and take q and a.

    [00:28:41] April Beach: I’m here for it and that would be so much fun. So, Talking about, really quickly about the stories, are they usually a story about another client? Personal stories about how the expert themself or the leader has overcome? Like what type of stories? I mean are we making people cry? Does it depend on the context when we’re talking about [00:29:00] stories in general?

    [00:29:00] April Beach: Is there a quicker, seriously, you guys follow us on Clubhouse? Cuz Heather and I are gonna do this. I’m just putting her on the spot right now. We’re gonna host a clubhouse room on this. So what, just join our clubhouse room and you can ask your story questions. Go to our Instagram bio. It’s go to Heather’s Instagram bio.

    [00:29:16] Heather Sager: I’ll give you, lemme give you a little teaser. The secret to good storytelling is knowing what emotion you want people to feel. That’s the key thing. You have to be intentional with the emotions you want to evoke. So for example, when I was working with Tyler McCall last month, we wanted people to feel heart, but we also wanted to laugh.

    [00:29:34] Heather Sager: So we talked, we did a story about the time he went to forestry camp and was too embarrassed to tell his father that he had to take a dump. So we had to go home. So like outside of the cont I very weird left story about like 11 year old Tyler. That was one story. But like you have to catch people off guard, but you have to know what emotions are you going for and obviously your stories have to have a point.

    [00:29:55] Heather Sager: There was a business lesson in that story, I promise you. Yes. I’m sure there was. Yes. We’re [00:30:00] too like on the nose. Mm-hmm. With our stories where like, I hate this people’s signature story where they’re like, let me tell you about my perfectly curated journey, which pumped me out of this perfect place to be your expert.

    [00:30:12] Heather Sager: No, I think it’s bullshit. Your audience is not in the exact same space that you were. You can’t say I was in your shoes, because I think it’s obnoxious and rude because you don’t know what their shoes are. I think we have to tell our journey stories differently in a more authentic way if we wanna attract the kind of clients we want.

    [00:30:29] Heather Sager: That’s if you wanna have, I think, authentic, ethical, meaningful relationships that make impact. You have to tell stories differently than what we’ve been told with the bro marketing online.

    [00:30:40] April Beach: Ah, here’s, here’s my clapping. There you go. Nice. Yes. There we go. Okay. Awesome. All right, step and we are gonna do a clubhouse room on this. So let me just say you go to sweet life which is this episode number, and we will make sure there is a link to how you can get into this [00:31:00] clubhouse room and ask, ask Heather your questions. Also, follow us both on Instagram, because we’ll post our events on our Instagram’s accounts, too.

    [00:31:08] April Beach: Heather, what’s your IG handle?

    [00:31:09] Heather Sager: @theHeatherSager.

    [00:31:11] April Beach: @theHeatherSager Awesome. Okay, so step number three. We’ve nailed this signature talk. We are on a roll. What happens next? What’s the next most important thing ?

    [00:31:23] Heather Sager: Okay. So I think as entrepreneurs, we get by a lot by writing things out and typing things in our Google Docs to post on our blogs or whatever else. But if you want to speak, you actually have to speak, which means the first time that you speak your signature talk out loud should not be on a stage. It should be in the privacy of your home office where you can sound like a blubbering idiot because you will. So, so step number three is, Becoming magnetic with our delivery skills.

    [00:31:47] Heather Sager: So you have to learn how to speak in a way that’s captivating and entertaining that serves your audience. Gone are the days where you can just show up and shoot a video on something good, on a how to People’s attention [00:32:00] span are short. Even on live events or like on clubhouse, people can jump in and outta rooms quickly.

    [00:32:05] Heather Sager: So you have to understand that your delivery skills, it’s not just the words you say, how you say it matters more. So you have to think about, am I speaking in just audio right now or am I also, do I have video? When it comes to communication, there’s three parts. The words that you say, how you say those words and your non-verbals, and I think people put disproportionate weight on those.

    [00:32:28] Heather Sager: What it works out to studies that came from Southern California universities in the seventies show that in marketing, when we’re talking about things that have an emotional message, which most of our marketing messaging does, 55% of what we communicate is our non-verbals. So our facial expressions, our gestures with our wow posture over half of what we communicate, which is why video is so powerful in allowing us to see, oh, she’s authentic or she’s not.

    [00:32:52] Heather Sager: Right? Like, video is powerful cuz you see those, right? But 38% of what we communicate is the how we say it. The [00:33:00] intonation, the pace, the volume, the emphasis, those kinds of things. It’s 38% leaving only 70% of our communication to our words. Now as online entrepreneurs we’re used to writing, we’re used to emails, we’re used to captions.

    [00:33:13] Heather Sager: We’re used to putting all the weight there. So it’s scary to think, oh crap, I have to focus on these others, but I see it as a gift. You don’t have to be so precious with your words when you’re speaking. In fact, I screw up all the time. If you rewind this back, I have misspoken, I have, I have strong words together.

    [00:33:30] Heather Sager: Didn’t, didn’t actually make a sentence. I speak like up all the time, wrong words, whatever. You just keep moving because your energy, how you deliver it, and your body language carries you and your message. So if you don’t get intentional with how do you wanna be received, what kind of energy do you wanna create for other people?

    [00:33:46] Heather Sager: What do you want them to feel when they hear you? See you listen to you? If you don’t practice that you’re leaving it to chance. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t, I don’t wanna leave to chance what people say about me. Like I wanna be intentional and be like, damn, I wanna work with [00:34:00] Heather. Or, oh, you need a speaking coach that’s gonna help you bring your energy up.

    [00:34:02] Heather Sager: Work with her. Yeah. Like I wanna be more intentional. Absolutely. I don’t wanna like be caught up and obsessed with what people say about me, but I know I can influence it, so I say, why not?

    [00:34:11] April Beach: Yeah. That’s amazing. Those stats are very interesting. I I had not personally heard those before, so super, super surprising.

    [00:34:18] April Beach: And then Steph number four. Okay. So how do we, how do we go about wrapping all this up together? And this is your speak for authority method. This is your unique. Ip, your methodology. You have gotten people results going through this process, going through these steps, time and a time again. So wrapping this up, what’s that last really important thing that people need to do?

    [00:34:40] Heather Sager: Yeah. So building your authority means you need to make sure that your speaking strategy fits your strategy that you’ve outlined. So if you determine that speaking’s going to grow your authority, you have to say, okay, what podcast stages do I need to be on? Right? Which live events do I need to be on? Who do I need to partner?

    [00:34:54] Heather Sager: How do you identify the right players in your industry to help position you in that way? If your [00:35:00] strategy was to grow your leads, all right, in this stage we’re gonna make sure the freebie that you offer on stages correlates with your signature talk. So it’s not just a one-off like, oh, go take my random free training about something.

    [00:35:11] Heather Sager: That’s not what I’m talking about. You’re not gonna drive that. So that’s where we’re gonna talk about how do we get results from our speaking determined by the strategy that you identified as your number one. So making money, if that’s negotiating a higher fee, great. If that’s selling your program, great.

    [00:35:24] Heather Sager: If that’s driving leads, great. Like it’s kind of a pick your own, uh, pathway. There. You have to figure out what strategy you want for you, and then we have the template to say, okay, how do I make that happen from a stage?

    [00:35:34] April Beach: Fantastic. How powerful is this, you guys? Alright, let me make sure that I can summarize your four steps. as clearly as possible because there was so much gold throughout this process. So your speak for authority method that you just laid out like a red carpet here, I mean, this is gold. You guys, you would’ve had to pay Heather a lot of money to get this information. And so make sure that you’re connecting with her more, both on [00:36:00] Clubhouse and we’re gonna give you some ways to work with Heather after this.

    [00:36:02] April Beach: So the first part of your method is really nailing your message. The second part is really creating that signature talk. The third is delivering it with confidence. In the fourth part of your method is elevating your authority. Did I summarize that correctly?

    [00:36:18] Heather Sager: You did great. You did great. High fives and applause for your articulation.

    [00:36:22] April Beach: Good students, good student. You guys should see my, see my notes behind the scenes. I’ll just share personally, you know, public speaking has just always been something that I love to do and once I get up there and once I get in a role, I’m great. But it is such a head trip for me to get up there in the beginning of it.

    [00:36:41] April Beach: And my biggest fear, I tried to figure out what I was afraid of. Cuz clearly I talk all the time. I’m not afraid to speak right. And I, I really don’t care what people think about what I look like. I’m, you know, one of the few speakers that usually takes a stage in some sort of flip flops, but, What I realized I was afraid of is that people were gonna leave that room, and this [00:37:00] is when we were having, you know, regular events that people were gonna leave.

    [00:37:04] April Beach: That room unchanged. And I realized that, wow, what if somebody says, that was the biggest waste of an hour I ever spent. And it scared the shit outta me seriously forever because I was like, gosh, I just want people to leave here and have some sort of a transformation. And I was taking that. I’m really an advocate for that, as you know, like that’s how we develop programs.

    [00:37:26] April Beach: Your program should deliver a transformational, measurable result. And I wasn’t really sure that my signature talk was doing that. And so if you guys are listening and you have whatever issues, like Heather said it in the beginning, people would rather. What, like die than speak on stage. What? What is that saying in the beginning? Like,

    [00:37:43] Heather Sager: yeah, it’s like a Jerry Seinfeld joke around. More people would rather give the eulogy or a be in the coffin than give their own eulogy.

    [00:37:50] April Beach: Right? That is awful. We were all given a voice for a reason. We’re all called to do great things for a reason. And using what Heather told you guys today in this show. [00:38:00] And her method is going to help you get clarity on all of this. And I, I’m super excited and appreciate your expertise and your time here today on the Sweet Life Podcast. So we’re gonna do a couple things to wrap up this episode. First of all, Heather has a way to get you started. Obviously, we wanna give you tools to take action right now. So Heather, where do people go to learn more about working with you directly?

    [00:38:22] Heather Sager: Yeah, so the Speak for Authority method we talked about today. I outline this in a little bit more detail and at a little slower pace. If you wanna head over, my free training is up right now. If you head over to heather, you can download that free training.

    [00:38:36] Heather Sager: You can watch it right away and go through it. And I teach you how to actually use this method to start driving leads into your program, so you can grab that now. It’s really designed for coaches, course creators, and small business owners who do not have a large following. But want to start establishing their self as authority.

    [00:38:50] Heather Sager: So that’s perfect for you. But also if today’s conversation was of interest and you’re trying to figure out what kind of stages would even work for me, like how does this even play [00:39:00] out? I think maybe we should go on a second date. So maybe let’s jump into a training. Let’s go on a second date so I have a podcast.

    [00:39:06] Heather Sager: It’s also on that page, heather Fest free. You’ll have two options. The podcast is the Heather Sager Show, and you get like a little besta playlist that you can hear a little bit more around how I speak. You can get used to my style a bit, steal it, use it for your own, and uh, start getting more comfortable with this concept of what does it look like to speak on other people’s stages, but also use daily opportunities to exercise your voice, build your confidence, and most importantly, be more intentional with your message that you wanna share so you can make a bigger impact.

    [00:39:36] April Beach: I love it. Okay, so I’m looking at my phone here. If you guys are watching the video behind the scenes, looking at the schedule, this show is live on January 25th. It is episode number 211. So that means sometime this week you and I are going to host a clubhouse room and we are going to implement and talk to our audience and answer questions for people that are listening to this show.

    [00:39:59] April Beach: So I’m so [00:40:00] excited. I’m so excited too. We’ve been talking about like, you know, doing rooms together. So here is how you find out when this room is happening. First of all, you can go to sweet life and you’ll get a list of events in the direct link to the event so that you guys won’t miss it cuz Clubhouse has a lot of fun things happening.

    [00:40:21] April Beach: If you are not on Clubhouse, then listen to my podcast that I recorded episode number 209 about how to get started. Started on Clubhouse and I just want you guys just to take a second here like me, I do have many notes. If you feel like you are struggling to be seen as a leader in your space, that you really wanna connect with people on a more personal, relational level, relationship sell, that’s what sells.

    [00:40:48] April Beach: And you want to get in front of your ideal audience and give them an experience, transform them through your speaking so that they can work with you more. I highly recommend. Speaking in general, but [00:41:00] specifically hitting up Heather to see how you could do that more confidently. So Heather, thank you so much for being on this show, so much Gold.

    [00:41:08] April Beach: Again, this is Sweet Life 211. So episode number 211, we’ll have all the links that Heather mentioned cuz we dropped a lot of gems in this. So all the links so you can find Heather and work with her more. And of course, a link to our clubhouse room when we get that scheduled.

    [00:41:33] April Beach: Hey guys. Thanks for tuning into the show. To get updates and join Heather live in our clubhouse room, please visit sweet life and follow me on Clubhouse at April Beach. If you would like to have Heather’s eyes on your business and ask Heather your questions, and also to join our weekly clubhouse rooms every single Wednesday at 12 o’clock Eastern time. Thanks [00:42:00] so much for tuning into us, and I will talk to you next week on the show.