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    Episode 192: How To Create Services That Sell Right Now – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    Does your company have a right-now offer that is selling? If not, this is the perfect episode for you. This show will help you choose the best service to sell right now and make sure that your offer fits into your longer term growth model. Offers are any service or program you deliver to your clients and can include coaching, hands-on services, virtual consulting, online courses, digital products, membership communities, programs, events and other services that help your company expand and scale. Get 7 questions to ask that will lead to clarity on what you should focus on selling right now?


    1. Decide if you can alter a current offer or if you should create a new one
    2. Know how your offer fits into your future scale plan
    3. Deliver a service that solves your customers’ problems right now

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’ll listen To the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Welcome to episode number 192 Here on the Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast. I’m April beach. I love chatting with you. Thanks so much for tuning in with me for another episode, only eight episodes away from show number 200.
    So thanks for being a faithful listener. And if you’re new here, it’s great to connect with you on today’s show. We’re talking about how to make sure that what you’re offering is selling right now. So how to offer services that sell right now is the official name of today’s show. And this is who this episode is for. This is for those of you guys who are established businesses,
    and maybe you’re struggling a little bit with what you’re offering, maybe it isn’t selling, or this is also for you who are established businesses, and you’re ready to take the leap. You’re ready to strategically scale your company by considering different online services in ways that you can streamline what you’ve already done and scale it into a way that is more efficient and more profitable for you.
    And this episode is also for those that are new entrepreneurs. And we have a lot of new businesses to listen to this show as well. And this episode is going to help you determine what first services you might want to create in your business. So in the end of this episode, this is what you are going to have accomplished. I want to make sure that you always know what’s coming.
    So, you know, whether or not this is a great show for you to continue to tune into. I know your time is incredibly valuable and I respect that. So the end of this episode, you will be able to decide if you can alter a current service, or if you should create a new one, you will know how your offer fits into your future scale plan.
    And you’ll be able to deliver a service that solves your customer’s problems right now, or you will at least be able to identify what problem your customers need help solving right now. So this is a perfect episode for you, and it’s going to help you choose the best services to sell right now and to make sure your offer fits into your longterm business growth models,
    offers, or any service or program that you deliver to your clients. And that can include coaching hands-on services, virtual consulting, online courses, digital products, membership, communities, programs, events, and other services that could be an extension of your primary business, or they could be the primary business itself. So in this show, I’m going to give you seven questions to ask yourself,
    that’s going to lead to the clarity that you need to know what you should be selling right now. So if that’s in line with what you’re looking for, stick around and let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show<inaudible> All right, let’s go ahead and talk about how to offer services that are selling right now. First of all, I want to make sure that you have a very important and powerful tool at your fingertips.
    This is for those of you that are looking to launch a portion of your business and taught online services, and you aren’t really sure how to choose them. You can go and download my ultimate guide to online business models. Right now it’s a 14 page guide. It’s very extensive and it talks about all the different types of online services and programs that companies offer and exactly how that affects your business and your lifestyle by offering each one of the services,
    you can go grab that totally free ultimate guide by visiting April forward slash ultimate guide. And I’ll make sure that that link is in the show notes for you as well. So let’s go ahead and start really diving in here. So does your company have an offer that is selling right now? If you don’t, this is a perfect episode for you to be listening to.
    So your suite of offers that you create in your business, you might have three different packages or two or a really high end package and an entry package. Every business is strategically designed differently. So you could have all these different things that you offer, but what’s equally important, especially right now in today’s business economy is making sure that you have a service or a program or an offer that people desperately need.
    And that means they desperately need it right now. And here is why, this is what we know about are right now buyers. So people that are buying services, professional development, personal services, business services, marketing services, you know, design services, whatever it is that you do, healthcare services. This is what we know about are right now.
    Buyers are right now, buyers are spending money. They’re definitely spending money. There are some people that are doing really well financially right now, despite the fact that sadly, there are a lot of people that aren’t, but the right now buyers are spending money, but they’re spending it much more wisely. So they aren’t not spending, but they’re choosing what they’re spending their money on much more carefully than they did 12 months ago.
    We know that we also know that our right now buyers want to see a transformation. They want to make sure that they can see or feel or experience a transformation. And that transformation is much more important to them and their decision making to buy from you. Then it also was 1224, 36 months ago. So what do I mean by a transformation? That means that what you’re offering,
    they need to be able to see a start to finish. They need to be able to identify. This is where I was before I worked with this company or purchase this service. And they need to be able to remember and identify how that felt, maybe some of the pain or frustration or even hope. And they need to be able to see, wow,
    this is what it looks like in the end. This is what I paid for. This is what I got, and this is my injury result. So it’s incredibly important that what you’re offering is giving your customers the ability to see a transformation. There are a lot of great services that businesses offer out there. And I’m not saying that your company has to provide a huge transformation.
    It could be really, really small, fast, quick result, or it could be something more comprehensive. But our buyers today, we know that they need, and they want to see a transformation with your services. And they need to understand what that transformation is before they buy from you. So if you are not clearly articulating what the end result will be from working with you,
    they will probably not buy from you right now. You know? And a great example of this is my wonderful cleaning lady that come help me clean my house, frankly, because I’m a terrible housekeeper. I know what’s going to happen. I know what my house is going to look like. It is usually honestly a total disaster before they get here in three hours later,
    when they leave, it is the best place ever to be in for me. Right. It feels good. And it smells good. And it’s organized. It’s not just clean. I mean, they pick up stuff and fold laundry. So I know what that end. Result’s going to look like. And I look forward to it and believe me, it’s worth every penny.
    I pay for them to do that. So whatever your service is that you deliver, that’s the kind of feeling you want to give your people. And that’s what we know about are right now, buyers are right now. Buyers also want to make sure that every single service is all about them. It’s all around them. It’s around their time, their schedule it’s like TV on demand.
    Okay? So you, as a business owner might be struggling to figure out how to do that within managing your own company and your own teams and your own families. I get that. And that is a struggle because so many customers want things right on demand. That’s also one of the benefits of launching online business models, because it helps to solve those problems.
    So we know that our right now buyers want it all around them, their schedule, weekends nights, early mornings, whatever it is. And they honestly expect that from you. It doesn’t mean I’m telling you that your company has to meet those on demand needs. I’m just, that’s what they want. And that’s what they’re buying. And then the other thing we know is it right now,
    buyers are digging online a year ago. They might not have been as comfortable receiving consulting or therapy or taking a yoga class online. But now this is a way of the world. In those of you who have already tapped into online business are in this gold mine. If you haven’t yet, make sure that you download my ultimate guide to choose the online business model.
    That’s right for you. Again, I’ll put that in the show notes of this episode for you, because that’s going to really speed up the process to help you decide how to tap into the online business scaling market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a consultant or a professional, we need to be making sure that you are tapping into the way we know that buyers are buying now.
    And the way we know that they will in the future. So in this episode, we’re talking about really how to create these services that are going to meet the needs of our right and our buyers. And so we want you to look at your current offers and determine which one is the perfect one right now for you to sell. Or maybe we need to add a new offer,
    alter some offers, and here are seven questions that I’m guiding you through here. That’ll help you get clarity on what’s going on in your business and how to find the solution for your right now buyers. Okay. All right, here we go. And if you’re driving your car, you can always replay this. You can save this, you can stop this and listen to it later.
    And of course you can visit the show notes for this episode, which are forward slash one 92. It’s number of this episode. So here we go. Question number one. And you can just answer out loud. If you’re at the gym or driving your car, question, number one, what is your primary offer service program course or product right now?
    What is the main thing you sell? What is like your number one, go to package or, you know, delivery or service. So answer that question right now. Number two, is that primary offer selling? Did it sell in the past and maybe it’s dropped off a bit or is it currently selling? If you have answered your primary offer in it’s still currently selling and you are experiencing business growth,
    the way that we would normally expect for you to receive experienced business growth, then you can literally turn off this podcast right now. You don’t have to listen to anymore. You have a lot of things to do in your life, tune in with me next week and we’ll keep pouring into you. Okay? So if you have an offer in it’s selling right now,
    stop listening to this podcast, turned me off, make me shut up if you don’t, if you have your offer, but maybe it’s been declining or maybe you haven’t really identified primary offer that you’re selling or your primary offer, isn’t selling. Let’s keep going. All right. Question number three. Does your primary offer solve an immediate problem for your clients?
    Again? What do we know about right now, buyers? We know that they want to solve a problem and they want to see a transformation and a difference right now. So does your offer solve an immediate problem for your clients? Now media can be relative. I don’t mean you’re going to fix their world in an hour. Maybe you can. It could be a couple of months,
    could be six weeks, but we want to make sure that you are delivering an offer that is giving a transformation that in your client’s mind, based on what it is that you do as an expert, that they can see that there will be an end result and that end result feels fast and good. And sure. So does this offer solve an immediate problem for your clients?
    If you answer that you don’t even have a primary offer right now during this question, I want you to be thinking of what offer could you deliver to your customers that solves an immediate problem for them right now. Now here’s where we pivot a little bit, and this is equally as important as everything else we’ve talked about is your offer something that you want yourself or your company to become known for a lot of times,
    businesses will create services just because that might be the type of service that you offer based on your industry, but they don’t necessarily want to be famous for that. Maybe you as a business owner have a bigger dream for your company or a bigger goal or a different impact that you would like to give your customers. So ask yourself the question. Does your offer create a reputation for yourself in your business that you want to be known for?
    Now, if you’re putting out a big fire and we’re creating a new offer right now because nothing’s selling it’s okay. If the answer to that is no there’s more years ahead. Okay. If your offer is selling or you need to just ramp it up a little bit or make some edits to it, or maybe alter your offer a little bit, then ask yourself,
    the question is all this hard work that I’m going into in my team or my company is going into creating these services. Are they leading to what we as a company really want to be known for? And so I want you doing good work, smart work that has exponential results for your business in the future. Not just work, we don’t ever want to just do work and create things and do services just to sell them.
    We want them to be a greater part of your strategic business plan. With that being said, does this service allow you or your company to operate in your zone of genius, where you are just flowing, where things are just thriving and coming together, you love doing what you do. You love being within this element of creating this result for people. Does it operate in your zone of genius?
    Again, that’s more of a ideal if your company is struggling, but if your company really isn’t struggling and you’re looking to scale, that’s a very important question for you to answer. And then of course, question number seven is, does your offer make you enough money is what you’re settling, equaling the profit that you planned to make right now. Now this is a very right now question.
    There’s a lot of different things that have happened for businesses and companies right now. And so if you are creating a new offer, because that’s what we’re talking about in this show to sell right now, we want to make sure that the value of that offer is going to equal the dollar amount that you need your business to generate right now. So you might want to make some tweaks to your offer.
    And then along those lines are making sure you’re asking yourself, does this service, does this offer deliver an immediate result? Does it solve an immediate problem for my people, for my clients? So these are the seven questions. And when you ask yourself these questions, it’s going to give you clarity on whether or not you need to edit an existing alter,
    uh, offer or alter an existing offer or create a new one. You are going to know how that offer fits into your longterm business model in stop yourself. If it doesn’t stop yourself, if you really want to make sure that what you’re creating is going to fit into what you want your company to be known for. And let’s make sure that the offer you’re creating to sell right now.
    So it was an immediate pain problem for people because that’s what we know about are right now buyers. So going back through this, I’ll just repeat these seven questions really quick for you, and we can move on. I’m going to give you some tips here to keep going. So the question number one is what is your primary offer service program? Coarser product question.
    Number two, is, is it selling question number three, is, does this offer solve an immediate problem for your clients? Number four, what changes need to be made to alter or improve or update your offer to solve an immediate problem? Number five, is your offer something that you want yourself or your company to become known for? Number six, are you operating in your zone of genius and number seven,
    does your offer make you enough money? When you answer those seven questions, you are going to know exactly how to offer services that are selling right now. And you’re going to be able to take an inventory of what you’ve already done. I don’t want you recreating the wheel. I want you taking your expertise, your experience, your current services, taking a peek at them and making some tweaks.
    Unless you’re a new business, we’re going to start from scratch and answering those questions is going to give you incredible clarity on what you can and should be selling right now in your new market. And here’s some tips. If you feel like you’re a little stuck here, this is more advanced business tips. For those of you guys that are established businesses. The first thing is is you should highly consider creating a leading offer that you want to be known for.
    If you haven’t done that yet, consider what that leading offer could be and how you want to be known in your space. Tip number two, if you’re not sure what to do here, you guys ask your clients, get on the phone with people, pick up the phone, call clients, call past clients, call friends who might know people that could use your services.
    Literally get on the phone with people and ask them, what are you struggling with? What problem do you have right now? And how can I solve that for you? And listen, be a really good listener if you’re stuck and you aren’t sure where to start listening is the best market research you can ever, ever do. So listen, ask questions and create solutions and tip.
    Number three is if you haven’t yet now certainly is the time to scale your business by offering online services, programs, coaching, digital products, communities, so on and so forth. The list is endless. As far as the business model, you can choose online. The question is is what are you doing? What end result are you giving? The answer is not I’m offering a course.
    The answer is not I’m offering coaching or I’m having an event. The answer is I’m helping people solve this. So ask yourself, what problem are you solving? And then ask yourself what sort of method or business model is best for my business that I can move forward and deliver these results through an online business model scaling. And so again, I have that resource for you to give you the understanding of the different business models.
    And you can go grab that by going to April forward slash ultimate guide, and you’ll receive the ultimate guide for choosing the business, my online business model. That’s right for you. All right, today, we talked about how to offer services that are selling right now. I give you seven strategic questions to ask yourself, to get clarity on how to choose a service or an offer.
    That’s going to give your people results and they’re going to pay for it. And I gave you the link to download the ultimate guide, to choose the online business model. That is right for you. All of the information we chatted about can be found in our podcast. Show notes by visiting Sweetlife forward slash one 92. Thank you so much for being a listener to this show.
    I love that you’re here for only seven. Now episodes away from episode 200, and I really appreciate you sharing this show and trusting us to help you build your business. How do you guys next week.