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    Episode 175: How To Create An Affiliate Program To Sky Rocket Your Sales – with Laura Sprinkle

    Laura Sprinkle SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

    Who This Episode is Great For:

    This show is for established companies with fantastic programs or services who want to increase sales as well as for new entrepreneurs who need to get the word out about your business and want to generate referrals from the get-go. 


    You’re really good at what you do, but your list of leads is small. Or… You have an amazing program, course, product, or service, and it’s time to 3x your sales. In both cases… your solution is an affiliate program. 
    But do you create one? 
    Where do you start? 
    Who do you ask to become your affiliates?
    How can you get them to agree? 
    In this episode, my friend Laura Sprinkle, the mastermind behind epic launches for Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, and Todd Herman and over 10MM in affiliate sales, dishes it all. 
    If you want your next product launch to be your best yet? Don’t miss this show. 


    1. Understand epic profit potential of affiliate sales
    2. Learn to find your best referral partners 
    3. Know how to pitch partners for mutual benefits 

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the suede life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Hey Darren, welcome back to the sweet life entrepreneur business podcast, April beach here, and we have a special treat today. You don’t need to just listen to my voice delivering business strategy. Have you been listening to this show for a while? You know that half of these episodes are me dishing out business trainings to you and the other half is when I bring in a guest and today is one of those special episodes when I have an amazing guest in the house.
    So much cooler than I am and I can’t wait to dive into everything we’re talking about today on this show. But let’s first make sure that we are making the most use of your time. So this particular episode is for you. If you are an established company and you have a super amazing program or service or course or product and you want to increase sales or you’re a new business and you want to get the word out about what you do, you want to increase referrals and you want to get started strong from day one.
    So in this show we’re talking about how to fast track your profit by building an affiliate program and not just any affiliate program. And that’s what’s so exciting about today’s episode because how you build your affiliate program is going to affect your brand and if you’ve been listening to the show for awhile, you know that there are three ways to increase your numbers, to increase your sales and to increase your list of leads. Number one is obviously through organic outreach in whether it’s social media or networking face to face. Number two is through ad spend in number three is through either earned media or partnerships.
    We’re diving into that number three today and I’m so excited about digging into this with you. This is not only something that I know that many businesses want to do. This is something that my company and my team, we’re in the process of working through right now as we speak, so this episode couldn’t have been more timely and we’re so excited to dive in and share with you as I learned myself. Very stoked about that. So for all of the links we’re going to talk about in today’s show, please visit Sweetlife
    forward slash one seven five that’s where you’re going to find everything that you need and also where you’re going to find a link so that you can work directly with our guests, which you’re going to hear about how you can do that. For those you guys that are really ready to take your business to the next level, you can hear about all of that in this episode and find all those links by visiting Sweetlife forward slash one seven five<inaudible>. All right, you guys, welcome to suite life entrepreneur and business podcast number one 75 and I’m here with my friend Laura sprinkle.
    I will tell you, I still remember the first time speaking to Laura on the phone. She was incredibly helpful and she was helping me take part in our friend Selena Sue’s business program and promoting her business program. And I was waiting in the carpool line for my kids at school waiting to pick my kids up from school. And I think Laura, you were expecting your daughter at the time.<inaudible> life was just such a different place in that I remember being like, this lady is so awesome. I can’t wait to connect with her further.
    She’s incredibly helpful and these are the exact kind of people that I want and need in my life in business. So I’m super excited to finally get her here on the podcast. So let me, let me give you her official introduction, her your and then we’ll, we’ll turn it over to Laura to phase in really who she is behind the scenes. So Laura sprinkle teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business through strategic high touch partnerships through her leading training rock, your affiliate program. She’s helped industry leaders such as Amy Porterfield,
    Selena, Sue, and Todd Herman. Build their partner programs has seen over $10 million in partner revenues come in through her methods and supported thousands of partners across dozens of industries. Her motto is partnerships first, fun always, and she sprinkles that message throughout every single thing that she does. A little bit more about Laura, even though you’re going to know this for yourself by the end of this show, she’s been mentioned in Amy Porterfield’s online marketing made easy podcast and has been, it’s a featured guest expert for Selena Sue’s year long mastermind at advance and on podcasts.
    So Laura, thank you so much for being on the show today. Give everybody a better introduction than me reading your bio could to you who you are behind the scenes and what it is that you actually do. Please. Thank you so much. April. I’m so, so honored to be here truly, and it’s always so funny hearing people read your bio back to you and I’m like, wow, I’m pretty cool. Yeah, I was definitely gotten a lot better over the years and it’s just so funny to think about the names that you were saying.
    The people that I get to work with that I have the pleasure of supporting and they’re just real human beings behind the scenes and you get to be friends with people and they become not such a big deal to you. But then you know, hearing them out in the world and it’s like, Oh wow, this is pretty awesome. So I’m just super, super pumped to be here. And I got into all of this really because I am a people pleaser and ended up turning, you know, what could be called a flaw into my biggest win.
    I mean obviously like, you know, I’m working on the people pleasing part, but really like I just love making friends with people and I’ve been able to turn that into a beautiful career, making friends with some top industry leaders. So yeah, it’s fun and you’re very, very good at it. Okay, so tell us what is your business? What do you do? So it’s really clear that people understand specifically what is your Ninja skill, your zone of genius. Yeah. So mine and just skill is,
    so I’ve done, you know, you read all the, all the stats there. Actually it’s closer to $12 million now. Super exciting. So over the course of dozens of launches, um, some of which have generated millions of dollars is very exciting. I realized that every single launch, I was behind the scenes as an affiliate manager at that time and I realized, well I’m doing the same thing every time, obviously with a different flavor for every client. But I had never seen out there somebody teaching how do you create an affiliate launch or how do you create a partner program to get other people to share your work for you,
    which is what I was helping clients do. And so then I created a training thing. Rock your affiliate program. Well actually even before I created the training, I created the system to use with clients, started implementing it, saw great results, started doing intensive days of people, saw great results there and consulting. And then now I have a training to teach people my exact system. So they create a core partner program. And then we have a four phase system that goes around it, which really loves people up in this beautiful way.
    And I love partnerships. I think that entrepreneurship can be lonely and it can feel overwhelming to do it all on your own. And so when you can have other people promoting for you, it’s just this beautiful win-win all around. I love that. Okay. And so oftentimes those of you guys that are faithful, sweet life listeners here, we talk about three different ways to gain an audience. And then Laura, you and I chatted a little bit about this behind the scenes before we started recording. So our audience knows,
    obviously you can generate organic traffic, you can run ads, which some businesses do, some businesses don’t. And there’s always this third way. And our mutual friend Cathy Hawn actually says it really well. She says, you know, when you don’t have your own audience, the best way, the fastest way to grow your business is to borrow someone else’s. And I love that. And that’s like the third way. But so many people are saying, cheese, you know, how do I actually do this?
    And so what you do teaching people how to recruit affiliates to sell their program or their services that really fits into that, Hey, let’s borrow somebody else’s audience. That third way. So for those of you guys that are listening, you’re aren’t really sure kind of where getting an affiliate onboard fits into your overall marketing strategy. That’s where, that’s this third way this, you know, borrow somebody else’s audience, you know, recruit friends and friends of friends and people that love what you do in your business and know that you’re a rock to actually sell your products and your programs for you.
    And so Laura, there’s a couple of like basic elementary questions. I want to make sure that we’re getting out of the way and we kind of hit the nail on the head before you dive into, you’re going to teach us about how to recruit people and the rings of recruitment, which I’m so excited about. Is there a certain definition for an affiliate or like we talked about a JV that you can explain here for those that might be really new to this type of business promotional model. Definitely. So for me,
    I like to call them partners in general and for me a partner is a very broad term and it can encompass a lot of different things because oftentimes when people hear the word JV or I guess those are you know, joint venture partners, what that means, a JV or affiliate, they think it has to be this like online course launch. You know like our friends, Lena does one in reality, a partner program could encompass referrals. It could be an affiliate, it could be a joint venture, but a partner in this sense and what you’re talking about is somebody who’s going to be promoting your product,
    program or service for you. And when they make a sale you are going to give them a commission. So it’s beautiful because with advertising, obviously you have to pay upfront and you’re not guaranteed a return on your investment. Whereas with an affiliate partner, a JV partner or referral partner, you’re only paying them a commission when they make a sale.
    I love that. Okay, so it’s a perfect segue. It just leads us right into, okay,
    great, how do we find these people? How do we find people that are interested in promoting our product,
    who want to sell this for, you know, really the right reasons, usually because they believe in it or they have used this before or they believe in me as a business person and a business owner.
    Can you kind of guide us through those steps of how to get people on board? Definitely, and actually first,
    even before I dive into that, I want to talk about why, and we’ve already touched on this a little bit,
    but again, why you would even consider this, because oftentimes the first initial thought when I say, Oh,
    and then you pay them a commission is, Oh, well I don’t want to pay people my hard earned money for this thing.
    When in reality, like you said, you’re borrowing somebody else’s audience, you’re cutting down the time. It takes tremendously to get a lead on board because if you were going to do that organically,
    it would take awhile to build up your list or to reach more people. So you’re getting a lead on board faster.
    Referrals are excellent customers because they’ve pre-framed, they’re excited about you and your offer. And it’s a faster sale because they’ve been referred.
    So it’s a sale that you probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. And that is the benefit of paying that commission out saying,
    thank you so much for sharing my work. Like I’m going to pay you for it. So I just want to get that out of the way first of all.
    No, I’m glad you said that too. So thank you. So that’s so important as you know,
    why are we doing this? And I will actually add to that that you’re so right. So we’re very picky about who we partner with as far as affiliates are.
    People we know and love and trust and we love their work. Like you, we, you know,
    we part with you. And I remember that, you know, as we go through and we recommend programs for our friends,
    so when we are acting as the affiliate partner, not as the main seller, I will get on the phone with people that I know the same.
    Listen, you really need this. I know where you are in your business, you really need this,
    this is that one key that you were looking for and I endorse this, I support you in this.
    And in most cases, you know we participate through that program with people that we refer. And so yes,
    a hundred percent because I’m doing that work for the owner of that program, I’m calling my clients personally and saying,
    Hey listen, I know you and this is going to be great for you. I won’t call everybody because it’s not great for everybody and it’s really,
    you know, we do this with integrity when we see, and we know we have clients where people we worked with,
    you know for a period of time and say, Hey listen, we know this is what you need.
    So a hundred percent and that is worth whoever’s program that we are recommending or selling it as an affiliate partner to have me get on the phone and have my endorsement of their program to my people directly.
    And that as an affiliate that is by far worth its weight in gold. You couldn’t buy that sort of endorsement with all the tea in China as having somebody personally pick up the phone or personally write out,
    you know, to somebody else saying, Hey listen, I really know that this is important for you.
    So I’m so glad that that you said that. Yes. All right. Okay. So anything else we need to know about like who can participate in affiliate program?
    So are there any regulations behind who can participate and who can’t in certain types of affiliate programs that we should talk about here in the beginning?
    I know we’ve kind of run into this in the past cause I own two companies. One of them does a lot of work in medical and so I know there’s kind of some gray area there.
    Yeah, I mean I definitely am not a lawyer or expert, you know, I’ll just clarify that on that end of things.
    And there are FTC regulations in place that everybody needs to be familiar with and agree to and I would always have a terms and conditions like for your partner program before you get started on recruiting.
    I do know that there are certain things, yeah in the medical space or in the health space and also in,
    you know for lawyers I have a client actually who’s a lawyer and so she has some, some different interesting things to be aware of.
    Excuse me. When it comes to partners, one of the big things though, because most people I’m assuming that are listening or not necessarily in those spaces is you always want your partners to disclose that they are an affiliate.
    Like that is super important and not only is it actually the law, which you know it is, it is also just integrity.
    You’re not going to burn relationships that way. Like if I’m saying, Oh my gosh, you have to go see this movie and they go see the movie,
    like that’s not a big deal. But if every time I recommend a movie to a friend, I get a thousand dollars and I don’t tell them and then they find out later like that’s going to be like,
    well did you actually like that movie or were you just telling me to go see it? And so when you say upfront,
    Hey, yes, go see this movie, it is the best. I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. And I am getting commission on the back and but I wouldn’t recommend it,
    you know, unless I was really behind it. Right. Yeah. I love that. Okay. So we are not attorneys talk to,
    you’re an attorney if you’re in one of those strange industries that you don’t have, whether or not you can do this.
    But thank you for letting me put you on the spot there. That’s what I usually say. You know,
    it’s always like go talk to your attorney. But you know, again, that’s medical and legal, medical and legal are the two primary industries.
    I think that that’s a case force. I wanted to make sure we made that. We talked about that upfront.
    So Laura and I don’t have all the perfect legal jargon on that, but this is, this is why,
    this is why for for 99 point 99% of you, this is an amazing way to go about building your business.
    Okay, so how on earth when we’re thinking about reaching out to people, how do we find people that are the right people?
    Because we don’t want to just find everybody, right? We want to find the right people that are invested in take the time to pay attention to what it is they’re selling.
    And actually am I asking too much for somebody to want to love what they’re selling of mine? Is that too much or at least believe in it?
    So talk to us about how we find these people. Your rings of recruitment. Yeah, for sure.
    So it is definitely not too much, I would say. So there are four qualities of an amazing partner and first and foremost,
    their values need to be aligned with your values. Like you need to want to be aligned with them as a human,
    as a brand, like in the world. I too often see like when people first started thinking about like,
    okay, who can promote my offer? The first thing they go to is how big is their audience?
    That’s like the first thing I think about or you know, what can they do for me? How much money can we make it together?
    Now a proper partner program can make a crap ton of money and you can’t want to make money together.
    Like that is a huge benefit of it. And at the same time, if the values aren’t aligned,
    you’re going to burn relationships so quickly you’re going to get the wrong people on board. I actually had a client who,
    it wasn’t even like their values were totally unaligned or anything, but she refer to her community in a specific way,
    had a very religious partner come on board and send his people to her program and they were really offended by how she referred to her whole.
    So it was just such a mismatch for her. So anyway, first of all, make sure that when you’re writing down your list of potential partners that your values are aligned.
    Oh, the second thing that the partner has is they know you and they know that your program gets great results.
    So exactly what you said. They love you and they love your program and they know that it’s doing amazing things in the world.
    And then they also have an audience that can be served by your program. They’re not just like knocking on doors down the street.
    They already have a relationship with people that can be served through your offer. I love that. It’s so true.
    Right? Okay. Yes. Not, not just anybody. The right people. Exactly. So those are the four qualities and then the rings,
    I’m recruitment. So the intermodal string are people that already have all of these qualities. So they know you,
    they trust you, they know your product gets free results. They know that they have people there, honestly,
    probably already referring people to you. Even if you don’t have a formal referral program in place, they’ve maybe sent you a couple of people or they’ve asked you about a partner program.
    Like they are just right for the pickup. They’re excited. They’re willing to shout it out from the rooftops.
    So they’re probably current students, former students, current clients for our clients, really close colleagues and friends and that is always where you should start again.
    People start thinking about, Ooh, partnerships. That’s really cool. I need to recruit somebody that has a list of 300,000 people.
    No you don’t. I’ve seen with our friends, we met some of the top partners on earlier board or people with smaller audiences that will go all in and get on those calls just like you mentioned.
    Absolutely. Yeah, a hundred percent so that’s the, that’s the first ring and us. Those are the people I’ve write down first on your list or as you think of them,
    but market one or something. The next phase of people is they know you but they need to know you better or they need to know.
    They need you to just learn a little bit more about your product that you’re going to be having as part of your partner program.
    When I say product, I mean it could be service, it could be physical product, it could be any kind of a product.
    This works across industries and potentially these people are former students of a different product or service or their colleagues that you have a relationship with.
    But you know, you wouldn’t consider them like super close. They’re not already knocking on your door asking you to partner with you,
    but you have some sort of a relationship with. And I’ll talk about what to do with those people in a moment.
    And then the next layer of people, and there are a couple more layers in between there, but the next layer of people are,
    again, they already are aligned with your values. You know that you would want to quote unquote be seen with them in public because that’s what a partnership is and they just don’t really know you yet.
    And this could be specific people like it could be names that you’re like, Oh, this person is on my dream list.
    Or it could also be categories of people. So let’s say that you are a chiropractor. This is like a very broad example.
    But like if you’re a chiropractor and you think who else is serving my audience? You know, maybe you write down like acupuncturists,
    Wisconsin. Absolutely. Personal trainers. Massage therapists. A nutritionist. Okay, got it. Yeah, exactly.
    So that would be like the categories of people. So let’s talk about what you’re actually going to do with those people.
    So in that first, in our own string, your very first step is to create what I call a partner promo page.
    So on this page you’re going to want to have information about your program. You’re going to want to have information about your commission structure.
    So what percentage are you offering? It’s like a sales page before your partner program. Like why do you believe that they have an audience that could be served through this?
    What’s in it for them? What’s in it for their audience? And you’re going to invite them. And honestly,
    I would keep it simple. So when you ask me like what is your, what’s your pitch tumble it be a human.
    It’s scary. It’s scary to go out there. And I do have templates, I do. And at the same time,
    the more that you can genuinely come from a place of like this is a win win. And let’s partner together,
    the better you’re going to do there. I love that. So just really you’re just saying, just create a page that says this is what I do,
    this is why I’ve invited you. This is why I think that you would be a special partner and why I think this would be really helpful to your audience.
    So super authentic and then of course talk about the numbers as well. Exactly, exactly. And we often will break things down into,
    I mean there’s a lot of different frameworks for this, but there’s like the gems test or there’s the disc method,
    but you know, it’s like what’s going to be fun in it for them? What are the specific details?
    What are the numbers? Who else has promoted? Like what are your testimonials? Like, Oh you know,
    what impact are they going to make? So all the different kinds of ways that everybody’s going to benefit is what we love to put on that page.
    And again, I want to be clear, you’re only sending us out and you’re only inviting that inner ring.
    You know, maybe some of ring too that just needed like a little bit more information potentially to get on board and and to figure out why this is going to serve their audience or how so the next ring of people that you already know but need a little bit more information,
    like you’re not going to just go in for the kill obviously, but you’re not going to go ask them to marry you right now.
    Maybe you’ve been on a couple of dates, but like you could go on a few more before you really popped the question and so for those people,
    you’re probably friends with them on Facebook, stalk them a little bit. What are they into right now?
    What do they, what are they passionate about? What projects do they have going on? How can you support them first with the caveat,
    huge caveat, never expecting that it’s going to immediately turn around and they’re going to partner with you. I truly believe that if you do that,
    like if you wrote down a list of 20 people and you’re like, I’m going to support the heck out of these people,
    those 20 might not even become your partners, but you will get 20 partners on board that is going to come back around.
    Maybe they’re going to refer a partner to you. Does that make sense? So it’s just like that visibility and being seen as that helpful person before making that.
    So you’re going to essentially what it is is you’re moving people into the inner rooms. Got it, got it.
    By serving them and supporting them totally makes sense by connecting with them, serving them, wondering what they’re up to,
    wondering how you can support them as well in actually being honest about why you’re reaching out, but in a way of giving first.
    I totally love that. Okay. It makes sense. Exactly. And then for the outer ring, so those categories of people,
    obviously we’re in an interesting time at this recording in the world and the events, you know, live events aren’t happening,
    but there are lots of online events, there are groups. So for those categories of people like just start to meet people in them.
    Again, not thinking like, Oh, I need to go send them my partner page the day after we meet.
    But the more people you meet in there, the more synergies are going to happen. The more people that are going to just say,
    well, YouTube is really cool. Do you have a partner program? Do you have a way that we can refer people to each other?
    Yeah. So if you’re looking to to meet and then to serve and then to make the ask and it is a little scary.
    And I know from personal experience having just that for myself, actually, I’ve been on all angles of a partner program now and it’s scary,
    but it’s so worth it. Oh, I love that. Thank you so much for breaking that out so clearly for us.
    You know, so people who are listening, if you guys are listening right now and you have a service that you’ve gotten people results with before you’ve created your system,
    you have a course or a membership community or a consulting package or an event, or it could just be an ongoing service that you offer within your business.
    I really think that this is an important way to grow your audience because one of the things, the reality is,
    one of the things that we know is that especially businesses in the first two to three years as they emerge on social media,
    they aren’t getting the same traction that businesses that launch for example on Instagram had, you know, six years ago,
    they aren’t getting to 10,000 plus followers right away unless they’re buying fake followers. You know, it’s, this is a process.
    It’s a, it’s a longterm process and I will tell you the very best way to grow your business longterm is to have people come alongside you who believe in you,
    who know what you’re doing and that are going to kind of stand shoulder to shoulder and say, yeah,
    this person right here, they have something great that you’re going to love. And Laura is the expert at helping you do that.
    I’ve personally seen this in the programs that Laura has spearheaded for entrepreneurs. I’ve personally seen the growth but not only the growth,
    not only the financial benefits, and there are many, but you’re up to $12 million that you’ve seen through the process of,
    of your work. But we’re talking about friendships. I mean, I will say some of the best friendships,
    some of the best business friendships I’ve made are by attending events that Laura organized, bringing together like-minded partners and these women have become some of my best business friends.
    So it’s super cool on so many levels to actually develop this type of a program in your business. And it’s something that I highly,
    highly, highly recommend. And so Laura, you mentioned you’re just now doing this for yourself and this is what I really want you to be able to share for people.
    You know, people are saying, Hey, how do I get involved in something like this? How do I start?
    I have no a partner page like affiliate commissions. They’re completely lost on the process of this and you have just created an amazing program that we are excited to be affiliate partners with called rock your affiliate program.
    I am so excited about it. My team is super excited about it. Kelly, myself, she’s like,
    Oh, you don’t do this. It is so much fun because again, it’s like this circle of awesome business people supporting each other through,
    you know, supporting you for rock your affiliate program. So talk to us about what is this program that you are developing that you have developed and it’s not just developed.
    This is the same system you’ve used for people like Amy Porterfield, Selena, Sue, and Todd Herman to have them just skyrocket.
    Exactly. Yes. Thank you so much. It has been so, so much fun. I actually did the beta in 2019 with Amy Porterfield’s partnerships manager.
    She hired somebody full time after I kicked, started the program and I got to train her with this.
    And then since then we’ve uh, you know, had a number of students go through it and be able to refine it.
    So it’s just so much fun to do. And in rock your affiliate program, we create the core of the partner program.
    They words, and you might not know these Lumbee, you’re gonna know what they mean. But we’ve created the tech and the asset.
    So we’re creating a legacy partner program so it’s not just one and done. It’s something that you can reuse time and time again and continue to add to turn on the tap of your referral engine.
    I just met mixed metaphors there, but you can turn on the tap of referral leads and sales when you want them.
    So we create that. And then we spent a lot of time where it really matters, which is the people.
    So I have a four phase system that just circles around the core of your partner program. Anytime you want sales or leads to come in the door.
    So first we focus on attraction, which we talked a lot about today, which is the recruitment piece.
    So actually attracting partners to you instead of like going out and knocking on doors, which a lot of people try to do.
    I get pitches all the time that are cold pitches and I’m like, delete, delete, delete, attraction.
    I have templates for everything I just talked about. So how to do campaigns in recruitment, how to create your partner,
    promo page, all of that. Then we focus on activating your partners so that they want to or not that they want to,
    that they know how to promote your products like it’s their own and get on board. We talk about amplifying their sales,
    so exactly what to say and when to communicate the value to cheer them on to do all that stuff.
    That’s like my favorite part of the launch is like actually in the launch or in the promotion period going into appreciation so it’s attract,
    activate, amplify. Appreciate which leads to partners to come back time and time again. So it’s every template that I’ve created for clients is in rock your affiliate program.
    We also have strategy sessions and the community, I mean you touched on this. Yes, the money is great.
    Yes, the visibility’s great. All of that’s wonderful when you’re a partner and it always comes back to the relationships and the people in the community and rock your affiliate program have supported each other.
    They become clients of each other and promote each other and just blown away by the community. Yeah, the community is amazing.
    All right, so I will say we as a company, we are participating in in rock your affiliate program,
    but we’re not only doing this, I mean I’ve seen your work. It’s amazing. We are applying the strategies to continue to grow the Sweetlife company,
    our business and my other company, I own baby planner inc and these are just amazing strategies and I will tell you it’s like I think that for,
    we’ve been in business now 15 years, I think for the last 15 years. We’ve used kind of some of these strategies here and some of them there,
    and I think a lot of people have, as you’re going through, you’re saying, okay, well I’ve done a little bit of this,
    but it’s never really been as organized. It’s never really been packaged that well because I’m not an expert at putting together all the pieces and that’s why we as a company really trusts you.
    So we are with you a hundred percent a rock, your affiliate program and it’s actually open. We recorded this podcast very timely.
    I wish we could have done a bit earlier, but due to coronavirus and all three of my boys being home on zoom and so many things crashing multiple times,
    this is where we are right now. I’m so grateful that you’re here. So for people listening to this show that want to be part of this program,
    they’re like, yes, this is it. I haven’t really taken off yet. So this is what I want to say.
    If you are new to business, but you’re very good at what you do, you’ve developed your program,
    your offer, your service, or you’re in the process of doing that and you haven’t really taken off yet.
    You’re struggling to get an audience. I would say this is something that I really want you to look into.
    And of course if you’re an established, like one of our established group of clients that we serve a lot of business owners that are just trying to scale online,
    which means they’re trying to grow their business, they’re trying to increase their sales online. They aren’t exactly sure how to do that.
    This is an amazing opportunity that I fully and behind and that, like I said, we’re not only behind it,
    we, our sleeves are rolled up deep in this with you this month and we’re excited to partner with you in this.
    So how do people get into rock your affiliate program? When does this actually kick off? Because it is timely based on where we are right now,
    what date we’re in. Yeah, actually. So when people register, they will get access to the first couple of modules right away to just dive on in.
    But the group kicks off on Monday, May 25th, uh, people can register up until midnight Eastern on Thursday,
    May 21st and because we are partnered together in this, you can go to Laura forward slash April and use April specifically.
    Cause that’s how we track everything. Yeah. And we’re really excited. And so most of you guys listen to this show.
    So my Ninja skill is helping you actually develop your programs, helping you develop your intellectual property, helping you turn your thoughts into reality and create a strategic system or offer or membership or course.
    And so we’re super excited because when people join your rock, your affiliate program, they’re also getting access to my,
    your leading offer program, which is all thousands of dollars in value. And so because that’s what it is,
    I know a lot of people want to be a part of your affiliate program, but they might not actually have the program yet nailed.
    And that’s where our Ninja skills come in. So this is a perfect example. You guys have just how partnerships work really well together because what Laura does is such like a glove fit for us and what we help our clients do.
    So we were super excited when we made that decision. We’re like, yes, okay, this fits perfectly.
    We’re going to give away this your leading offer, a masterclass that we teach to everybody who joins Laura’s program.
    So if you’re worried that you don’t have a program yet, we’ve got you covered. So we’re excited about that.
    Okay. Again, so tell people where to go. Register again, we’re going to be in there with you.
    Laura is going to be in there with you and we are looking at the last day to register is the night of May 21st so if you’re in Australia,
    the last day to register is May 20th free for you or no? That would be, yeah, no,
    it’d be may 22nd of May, 22nd for our Australian clients and friends. Okay. So that link again is uh,
    Laura forward slash April. Yay that your leading offer. I love that. So, so much.
    I really do believe that partnerships are the way to scale or get started much quicker than a lot of people are teaching.
    Yeah, yeah. We like really good fast mindful relationship building shortcuts to kids. Multiple six to seven figures.
    That’s what we’re into here. All right. Thank you so much for being a guest on this show and you guys,
    this is episode number one 75 so everything we talked about a summary of this where to find Laura across social media,
    fun pictures of me and Laura the last time we were together in San Diego and of course the link where you can register for this program will be all found in the show notes.
    I also want to say, if you are wondering if this program is for you, I or one of my team members will jump on the phone with you and chat about it first.
    So if you’re like, ah, I’m not really sure, then they’ll also be linked to jump on a call with us so we can chat with you more about this and really make sure it’s a right fit,
    because we don’t want you to dive in into something that maybe isn’t a good fit for you. So all the show notes can be found by visiting Sweetlife forward slash one seven five Laura,
    thank you so much. Thank you.