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    Episode 217: How To Create A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

    Episode Bonuses:

    Entrepreneurs in all stages of my business growth roadmap. To find out where you are, please visit

    Who This Episode is Great For:

    Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow your list of leads using intelligent online marketing and business design.


    If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to grow your list of leads using intelligent online marketing, then this is the show for you. In this episode, we’re diving into how to use a quiz or self-assessment to grow your list of ideal clients and discard those who aren’t a perfect fit for your company. 
    We’re also diving into the steps to create the content, outcomes and questions of your quiz and wrapping it all up with the software we love and use for assessment creation.

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. Have the strategy of quiz list growth well understood
    2. Know if you should be using this strategy in your business
    3. Learn the exact process to design your quiz content

    Resources Mentioned:

    Text keyword QUIZHELP to the number 805-254-0880 for the link

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator April Beach. Hi, everybody. Welcome to episode number 217 here on this feet, life entrepreneur and business podcast. My name is April Beach and I am your host here on the show. Half of these shows are just you and I rolling up our sleeves together,
    working on online business strategies and the other half of our shows. We have amazing guests. So thank you so much for tuning in here. And today we are talking about how to create a quiz to generate leads for your business. It’s going to be a power packed episode, and it’s going to be pretty quick and short. And here is why I have a huge,
    really cool extra bonus with this podcast episode for you, I am including totally free a one hour video training and a worksheet that goes along with this episode that tells you exactly step-by-step in depth, how to create a quiz or an assessment to generate leads for your company. And you can totally get that. No strings attached completely free. I’ll tell you this right away.
    Here are two different ways. You can get it. You can go to sweet life forward slash how to create a quiz, or you can text the word quiz help. That’s all one word quiz help to the number (805) 254-0880. And that’s going to be a link where you can access this training right away. Why am I super passionate about this and giving you a bunch of stuff or it’s really highly valued because I know it works.
    We’ve had quizzes in our business for years, and they’re a powerful way for you to generate leads in your company. They’re also a really great opportunity for your clients, your potential clients. And so it’s a win-win situation for everybody. So here’s what we’re talking about today. This episode is great for those of you who are ready to generate leads for your small business.
    That means you are in either phase two or three of my start to scale up system. It’s my business growth roadmap. And of course I have a quiz that you can take that tells you exactly where you are in the process of growing your business. Again, I’m a huge advocate for this type of list growth, and you can take my quiz, our quiz,
    if you haven’t yet, by visiting Sweetlife forward slash quiz. Now this episode is for those of you guys who are looking to grow your list, but you want to know how to do so in a mindful way, we’re going to, into the steps to create the content of your quiz, the outcomes of your quiz and the questions within your quiz.
    And we’re wrapping it all up today, talking about software recommendations for where you can build your quiz. So the end of this episode, you’re going to have a strategy of whether or not quiz list growth is right for you. You’re going to know how you want to use this strategy in your business. Your wheels are totally going to be spinning here and about the next five minutes in a really good way.
    And you’re going to learn the exact process to design a quiz and the content within your quiz. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive in<inaudible> Today. We’re talking about the power of quizzes. So when you engineer a quiz or a self-assessment correctly, it’s a very powerful tool for both you and your audience. Quizzes, give you an amazing amount of insight into where your clients are right now and what they need right now,
    and also to where your marketing is landing. So we’ll talk about that here in just a sec, but with the knowledge that you get based on where people land and the results of your quiz, you can segment your list. You can decide to add more services. So how people are falling in the outcomes of your quiz is going to give you insight to whether or not you want to add more services or solutions or products for these people.
    And you can hyper focus on those that truly, truly need your services and your solutions. And what’s also amazing about this is with this type of lead generation. You can move people to other places. You can create a journey for people through your products and through your offers, and you can move them to other places in your business through the knowledge that you’re receiving from the outcomes of their quiz.
    Or of course you can completely remove clients all together. So based on your quiz results, you can disqualify those people that aren’t the perfect people for your business, and that is equally as powerful for you. And for them, we don’t want to waste their time if they’re not the right fit clients. And we certainly don’t want to waste your is either.
    So quiz a quiz really, really does this. So let me take you behind the scenes. I know if you’re a listener you’ve been listening to the show for a long time, you have heard of my sweet life entrepreneur roadmap. I created this roadmap about eight years ago, and we have two names for it. I’ll be really honest who I call it.
    In-house it’s a sweet life entrepreneur, a roadmap. The technical term is called the start to scale up system. Okay. So you might’ve heard it being called different names, you know, whichever one you like, it’s the same thing. Let me explain to you the quiz process of how we use this. So first of all, what it is is it is five phases of business growth starting from phase one.
    When somebody’s just thinking about launching a company all the way to phase five, which is a social entrepreneur. So it’s a company that has hit the financial benchmarks they want to hit, and they’re doing so well. They’re making a huge impact. Basically, they’re making a ton of money to give a ton of money away or to free up the founder’s time to go start a new company.
    So we have five phases in this literally roadmap to building a life first business. And within each one of these phases, there are different things that a company needs to focus on. So phase one is just figuring out starting phase two is launch phase three is scale. Phase four is also scale, but it’s a nix level scaling. There’s a difference between the first time you scale.
    And when you continue to scale as a business and then phase five is impact. And so we have this quiz that I share with you at the beginning of every single episode, because we actually tag our episodes here on the podcast, based on what we’re talking about in what part, what phase of outcome this episode is appropriate, because also that’s a benefit.
    I don’t want you hanging out here with me. If I’m talking about something that really only pertains to those entrepreneurs in phase five, and you’re in phase two, that’s how we get really overwhelmed in business and that whole shiny object syndrome. So that is our quiz. You can take it, you can find out exactly what phase of business development you’re in.
    So I’ve just shared with you how we use that even on the podcast. But now let’s go a little bit further behind the scenes based on the outcomes of where someone lands in our quiz, we have certain business programs. So we are able to strategically design business coaching and strategy programs and services and courses and offers and communities and masterminds based on the phase of business that somebody is in.
    So it’s helpful to me on the business side, because I know where the majority of our marketing is landing. For example, if we have marketing strategy and I put the quiz out there and the majority of people are, are in phase one, they’re just starting up. Whether they’re not our ideal clients, our ideal clients are businesses that are really ready to scale,
    or they’re going through from offline to online to scale. They’re launching their first online business, or they have been in online business are really ready to develop their leading offers and have scaled strategy in. So it’s really important that I know whether or not our marketing is hitting the right people are perfect clients. So that’s, what’s really cool for us on the back end.
    Now let’s also talk about, what’s really cool for the users of our quiz when they take our quiz. And again, if you’ve taken our quiz, you know, this, they get an entire list of exactly what they should be working on right now in their business. They get a summary that explains the phase of business that they’re in the highs and lows that pitfalls in the victories.
    And they get a very thorough checklist of exactly what they should be focusing on. Right, right now. So even if they aren’t one of our ideal clients to join our mastermind or to join our next level leading offer program, they’re still getting amazing value based on where they are in business. So it’s a win-win for us as a company. Again, we have insight into who is coming into our marketing funnels and who’s coming into our,
    our marketing efforts. We know exactly where entrepreneurs are. And so therefore we’re only going to offer entrepreneurs. The resources based on the phase of business are in, I’m not going to send an email to every single person about joining a program. That’s really only appropriate for those people and maybe phases four or five. So see how cool that is for us.
    We have amazing insights. We have amazing intelligence into what people need from us, and we’re giving it to them exactly based on where they are in business. And they are getting exactly what they need based on where they are in business. So now let’s turn this, you, what is it that you do? What is it that need to know about your clients or what type of clients,
    or maybe even phase of clients in their journey, do you serve quizzes, going to give you great insight into where your clients are and what they need? And with this knowledge, just like we do, you can segment your list. You can decide to add more offers or services, and you can hyper focus on those people that are coming your way.
    It is an amazing opportunity for you. And it’s really, really a win-win, there’s a lot of lead magnets that we can create out there. Obviously we always want them to be a win-win, but I honestly don’t think any are as powerful as a self-assessment or a quiz. And I’m just speaking from our experience. And so the users get the amazing results.
    You get the amazing results and it’s a win-win for everybody. So now let’s kind of dive in here for a minute and let’s talk about actually, how to create the content for you, your quiz. This is where people get stuck. They’re like, Oh yeah, I want to create a quiz. And then it’s like, they totally stop because yeah,
    think it’s easy, but it’s actually easier said than done. So just like everything else. Yes we do in your business. We want to give them a transformation, even in your quiz, in your lead magnet strategy and a call with you, everything okay. In. So I want to make sure we’re taking them from one place before they’ve taken their quiz to knowledge or a different place in the end.
    So the first thing that you want to ask yourself when you’re figuring out this kind of strategy of, okay, what’s my quiz on, like, what do I want to do here? What’s going to be awesome for everybody is what you know, really, what is the main topic of your quiz? How does your quiz relate to, or confirm your area of expertise?
    So how can you create a quiz that relates to what you have sick skills at, what your company is amazing at, in really think about that instead of just throwing a quiz out there. And literally the next question I really want you to ask yourself is what is going to be helpful to you? What insight is going to be helpful to you as the business owner to understand about your audience.
    For me, I need to know what phase of business somebody is in. When I know that I can deliver them pinpointed, perfect business coaching programs, to keep growing and scaling their company for you. What do you need to know about the people that are coming into your business to truly line them up in a perfect way for your services or your programs?
    And then the next question is what is the quiz going to tell your users about themselves? What can you share with them that they don’t already know? Or what can you confirm to them that they might’ve had a feeling about? They might’ve had a suspicion about already, but nobody ever made it that clear. Here’s the deal when somebody takes your quiz and the outcome that they receive is so right on,
    it blows their mind. They’re like, Oh my gosh, this person was in my head. I love them. They know more about me than I know about myself. I love this business. Like we’re creating super fans here when your quiz does this. So what do you need to know about the outcome of the quiz for your business and what do the users need to know about themselves or their situation.
    That is what creates a powerful quiz. It’s so good. You’re going to love it. You’re going to get, you’re going to have people. I have people emailing me being like, Oh my gosh, April, this is right on. And thank you so much. And that’s what I want for you as well. So now we’re going to dive into just a little bit about actually how to create the quiz itself.
    You know, me, I’m a program builder, I’m a service and it in a content course builder. So I have to teach you this side because this is where everybody gets stuck. I’m going to share with you the first three steps here. And then this is what the hour long training that is totally free with this podcast episode gets. And so it’s super duper important that if this is an area that you want to use in your business,
    go take that training. Like there’s no strings attached. It’s not even a whole hour. I think it’s like 53 minutes. And I dive in, in depth and help you strategize the answers to these things we’re talking about, but this is how to create your quiz content. So, number one, you start with the end in mind. If you’ve tried to create a quiz and you’re starting with the questions,
    you’ve probably struggled greatly. Instead, we want to start with the outcomes. Okay? So first you wanted to create the clear outcomes and give them unique names, give them names that people understand, but they’re unique names. You know, so our outcome is like phase one, planning phase two, launch phase three scale phase four, purpose phase five impact.
    So they’re clear words, you know, we want to get fancy, but not too fancy. Just make sure there are very clear outcomes that people understand. So the first thing you’re going to do is really define the end results and define your outcomes. Step number two is then write each outcome of your quiz in paragraph form. And this is really important.
    This is what’s going to go to them by email or what they’re going to find on a Results page on your website. You want to write it out. You want to say, Hey, listen, this is where you are. I hear you. I’ve got you. Like, that’s what this paragraph says. And you want to take your time to write out the response or the result for that outcome.
    And you want to include any sort of details that are necessary and you sort of specific outcome knowledge or whether it is psychological or whether it’s physical or whether it’s, you know, strategic, any of those things you want to include in this outcome, including tips and steps and actions and recommendations. And then the third part is going in and then creating the statements or the questions that lead to each one of those outcomes.
    And so that is a step-by-step process. Those are three of the six steps that we use to create an amazing quiz that converts and converts to the right people and just wows them. Even if they aren’t your right clients, we’re still going to wow them, right? Because you know what, they’re your right clients. Now. They might be a right clients next year.
    And that’s a really important thing to remember. And so those are the three steps to actually go through and create the content within your quiz. And again, that’s really high level. You guys here on the podcast to be very efficient and making sure I’m giving you great information in a short period of time. But if you want to access that free video training,
    all you have to do is go to Sweetlife forward slash how to create a quiz, you know, all squished together to make it URL friendly. And then I’m also going to make sure that we put the links for how to access this free training. And it comes with a worksheet as well into the show notes of this podcast episode. If you’ve never visited our podcast website,
    it’s like a whole entire business resource center. You can actually search anything by keyword and it’ll bring up exactly where we’ve taught that for the last four years on the show. This is podcast number 217. So that means the quick link to get to the show notes for this episode, all you have to do is go to sweet life forward slash two 17.
    So if that’s easier for you, then whatever’s easier. I want to make sure we’re getting the resources in your hand. Okay. So we talked about the importance of a quiz, the power of a quiz, showing you behind the scenes, on how we use our quiz and how we have for years and why we love it. And hopefully if you’ve taken our quiz before,
    that’s going to really make it even clearer for you. I love showing you guys behind the scenes on things you’ve already used, because I think those are the best examples that we can have as we’re learning and as we’re growing. So now let’s kind of talk a little bit about tech. Okay? So we use a software called interact. I love these guys.
    I love the software. I love the flow. I will go ahead and make sure that there’s a link or interact quiz boulders in the show notes of this episode. So if you’re wondering what we use, those are the guys we like we’ve been with them for years, but there are other places where you can create quizzes as well. Google forms is X for as an example,
    creates quizzes type form creates great assessments. And even Kajabi has an assessment tool. I would say we haven’t recommended that highly quite yet, even though is, you know, we’re big Kajabi fans. I just find that there’s some other software out there that’s giving a better user experience with quizzes. So I’ll go ahead and drop some of those tech links down here for you in the show notes as well of this episode,
    basically, here’s the deal I love self-assessments. I love quizzes are great for your business or a great lead generator. They’re highly valuable to those people that are either new to your list or already on your list. I mean, we have people coming back all the time in retaking our quiz to see where they are in this whole entire, you know, sweet life business roadmap in.
    So that’s what I want for you. I want you to be able to create a lead generating list, growth quiz. That’s going to be highly valuable for your new people, for your established people and for you as a business owner. So that’s a wrap today. We talked again all about quizzes showed you behind the scenes in ours. We dove into the first three of six steps in order to create a powerful quiz.
    And I gave you the tools and resources to access the free one hour training or a 52 minute training. It’s so good. You guys, it’s really helpful. If you’re serious about creating a quiz, it’s totally free. It’s on me. It’s my gift to you. I want you to be awesome at this. So go grab it again. You can grab it by visiting the show notes for this episode,
    which forward slash two 17. That’s where we’ll have all the tech links and everything as well. And if you just want to go directly to the place where you can get the training right away, you can go to sweet life forward slash how to create a quiz. All right, you guys, I love chatting with you. Thank you for being a listener of this show.
    Again, I’m April beach. If we haven’t spoken before, come cruise over and hang out with me on clubhouse. I know it’s hard. Not everybody can get there quite yet, but it’s the place where we hang out every single Wednesday at 12 o’clock Eastern time, we dive in deeper to entrepreneur business strategies. It’s a room that I host and I would love to meet you there.
    If you’re on clubhouse, follow me at April beach, come into that room on Wednesday and just say, Hey, April, I listened to your podcast and you are also welcome to ask me any questions about any of the business trainings that we drop here on the podcast, in that clubhouse room. So if you’re going through these business trainings and you’re using our podcasts,
    like a course, which is what it’s designed to be used for, and you have any questions cruise over, hanging out with me on clubhouse. That’s where I am every single week. And I would love to meet you all right. Have an incredible day. And I will talk to you guys next week.