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    Episode 160: How to Choose Your New Business Idea – with Kat McLead

    Kat McLead SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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    Episode Highlights:
    1. Kat’s four steps to coming up with your business idea.
    2. Kat’s take on purpose vs. profit.
    3. Why you should focus on the skills you already have rather than trying to start a business that requires you to learn a new one.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:
    Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur: the proven framework for creating a highly profitable business that you love while working 2 hours a day.
    She started her first multiple 6-figure business 20 years ago and hasn’t slowed down since — not even after having her son. A fun fact: That business’s profits meant that she had way more money than her husband when they first got married, and was able to pay the entire $450,000 down payment on their home. Not that he minded!
    So, if you’re thinking about starting a business or you’ve already launched one, but it’s not doing as well as you’d like, you don’t want to miss this episode!
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