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    Episode 33: How to Choose The Best Business Trainings & Courses For You

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    It’s Almost Course Launch Season … Are You Ready?

    We’re coming up on another season of course launches and program enrollments. Are you confident in your ability to look past the shiny bonuses and crazy discounts to pick the course that is the perfect fit for your life and business at this exact moment in your journey?

    Well, don’t worry if you’re not because that’s exactly what we’re covering in this week’s episode!

    Why You Should Tune In?

    I would venture to say every entrepreneur has been lured into purchasing a course or program they didn’t really need and, while it may have been loaded with valuable content, it didn’t yield the expected results.

    Taking the wrong course, or even the right course at the wrong time, leads to a loss of time and money.

    Both of those resources are extremely valuable and I want to make sure you never waster either of them ever again!

    [Tweet “Taking the wrong course, or even the right course at the wrong time, leads to a loss of time and money.”]

    What Can You Expect?

    I’ll explain five ways you can get really clear on what courses or programs are the perfect fit for you and your business right now so you don’t become distracted or lose any more time or money.

    What you won’t get is me telling you my courses are the perfect fit for you. They may or may not be, but after this episode, you’ll be able to determine that for yourself.

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