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    Episode 146: How to Become A Speaker and Use Stages To Grow Your Business – with Pete Vargas

    Pete Vargas SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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    Episode Highlights:
    1. Pete’s four tips for overcoming your fear of speaking on stages.
    2. Pete’s four-part framework for using stages to grow your business.
    3. The power of sharing your message in relation to your overall purpose with your business and life.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    According to our guest this week, speaking is 20x more powerful for growing your business than online marketing.

    So, if you’ve ever imagined yourself standing on stage speaking to a room full of people, but you have no idea how to make that happen, this episode is for you.

    Pete Vargas teaches people how to grow their business and spread their message through stages. In 2003, his life was deeply impacted by one man who was speaking on-stage and he’s been dedicating his life to the power of stages ever since.

    Pete and his team have booked over 47,000 stages worldwide and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue through those stages. In 2016, Pete founded Advance Your Reach; a company with a mission to impact one billion lives through one million stages across seven spheres of influence.

    Pete believes your signature talk is the most powerful marketing tool you have and that stages are the fastest way to grow your business.

    I’ve personally utilized Pete’s strategies to grow my own business through speaking and I’m thrilled to have him on the show to share his wisdom with you as well.

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