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    Getting Started with ChatGPT AI To Scale Your Coaching Business- with April Beach and Amy Yamada (Episode 277)

    Getting Started with ChatGPT AI To Scale Your Coaching Business- with April Beach and Amy Yamada



    This show is for established experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers who want to learn more about how you can grow your business, streamline your marketing, speed up your content creation and reach more clients using ChatGPT AI.
    ChatGPT and AI are quickly changing the world of content creation. From the way we create courses, to social media, to expert content, using AI is a powerful tool to save time and gain more eyes on your brand. In this episode, we’re diving in with Amy Yamada, ChatGPT expert on how to get started using AI in your business.
    In this episode we cover what AI content creation is, use cases for ChatGPT AI, considerations for use in your business, and the future of AI in terms of ethical content creation and the concern for fake coaches and untrained professionals using AI to market. 


    At the end of this episode, you will: 

    1. Understand ChatGPT use cases 
    2. Understand what AI content creation is
    3. Know how you may want to start leveraging ChatGPT or similar AI in your business now
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    Full Show Transcript:



    [00:00:45] April: Hi everybody. Welcome to episode number 277. This is the Next Generation of the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast, and you are in the right place if you’re interested in knowing how to use AI to create content and scale your [00:01:00] business. This particular episode is brought to you by the Ultimate Guide to Building Million Dollar Online offers, which is a huge 20 page guide that downloads every single online offer and how to customize it for your business to scale your business in profit past a million dollars. It’s an amazing tool. If you have not grabbed it yet, go to, or you can simply text the word guide to the number 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 8 8 0 and download this incredible tool. If you’re new here to the show. We don’t have any commercials. We dive right into the business training and the coaching that we have delivered here for now six years, and we are very, very glad that you are here. I’m April Beach. I’m the founder of the Sweet Life Company.

    [00:01:50] April: I’ve been a business coach and strategist for 27 years, and I am an offer engineer and a business architect, which means I help coaches, consultants, expert [00:02:00] speakers, and authors, scale their business by creating million dollar programs, courses, trainings, license programs, certification programs, and an offer ecosystem that gives you the life that you want. If you’d like to apply to work with us, you can do so by visiting sweet life

    [00:02:18] April: Okay, let’s dive into what you can expect from today’s show. So we’re talking all about ChatGPT let me give you a little behind the scenes. I’ve heard about this from my kids. You know, maybe you heard about from your kids too. That really wanted to use ChatGPT for school and then of course that was just, just nix right away as technically it should be. But you may have heard about using chat G P T or Jasper or another chat tool for a while and you know it’s coming, but you don’t actually know how to dive into it or what to do with it.

    [00:02:51] April: Well, that was a place that I was at. And finally, about a month ago, I dove in with our guest today, Amy Yamada. You are gonna absolutely love [00:03:00] her, and started exploring the world of AI. So in this episode, we are opening up to the, the beginnings of this. So we wanna make sure we’re having a great foundational entry point.

    [00:03:11] April: In this show, it’s an excellent episode for those of you guys who have an established business and you’re scaling. Okay? So we want to streamline your systems. You’re, you’re good at what you do, you’re a coach, you’re a consultant. You’re already very good at what you do, and we wanna utilize AI tools to help streamline your systems.

    [00:03:27] April: This episode is for you. We’re gonna dive into what chat G P T is, use cases for chat, G P T. And even the futures. I asked Amy about the futures and what we need to be ready for as an industry. We, in this show, at the end of this show, you are going to understand how you can use it in your business. You are going to definitely know whether or not now is the time for you to dive into using Chat GPT in your business, and you’re gonna hear some really powerful use cases on how other coaches and [00:04:00] consultants are using this.

    [00:04:02] April: If you don’t know Amy, she is absolutely a gem. She’s been a business coach for 11 years, as you’ll hear in her gold that she brings, is teaching entrepreneurs how to find their authentic voice. And so that’s why this is so special when we’re talking about using artificial intelligence with finding your authentic voice because n nobody actually could teach this, I think, as well as Amy, because that’s really her mission. And you also get to hear about that here. Uh, with years of experience in the industry and a reputation for excellence, Amy is a highly sought after coach known for her ability to help our clients achieve their fullest potential and live the life that they truly desire.

    [00:04:41] April: And so all of the show notes can be found by visiting, including. And let me pause here. This is not like a hiccup in the recording, including the tool, the actual ultimate guide for using [00:05:00] chat GPT that Amy is giving you with this episode. And frankly, you need to grab it to utilize these, this episode

    [00:05:08] April: I usually don’t tell you guys what to do. Uh, I usually say, oh, and it’s your choice, you know, but if you’re gonna take the time to invest and listen to this episode, uh, and in future episodes on this, You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t download this guide, so that can be found in the show notes by visiting sweet life 2 77, and let’s go ahead and dive in with Amy right now.

    [00:05:31] April: All right, you guys, I’m so glad that you’re here with us. This is episode number 277. And my friend Amy Yamada, is here and we are diving into probably the hottest topic. Actually, I was just telling Amy before we started recording that we literally moved around our content calendar here for this podcast so that we could talk to Amy about what we’re talking about here on this show.

    [00:05:55] April: So it’s really, really important. We’re so glad you guys are here joining [00:06:00] us today. So, Amy, You and I, we actually met joining a mastermind. I think we actually joined a mastermind at the same time, in the same month. A couple years ago. Yeah. But since then I’ve been paying attention and I’ve been following everything you’re doing and you’re leading with the one and only Chat G P T. Welcome to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast. We’re so glad that you’re here. Tell everybody a little bit about yourself, your business, what you do, and then we’re gonna dive into this very, very hot topic.

    [00:06:28] Amy: Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having me. And you know, it’s so funny. Had we been talking just a few months ago, I would not be talking about Chat GPT. Right. Like I, this wasn’t even right. I mean, I, of course, I’d been hearing about AI, AI’s coming, the future’s coming, and I was just, you know, doing my own thing with my business, coaching business and, uh, really focusing on, on helping entrepreneurs, primarily coaches, established coaches and, and, uh, scaling their businesses and focusing on VIP days, lifestyle experiences, destination retreats, cuz I love all that in-person, deeply connected [00:07:00] stuff, right?

    [00:07:00] Amy: It just lights me up and um, and then here comes AI. And, and I was looking at it, I was like, wow. My, honestly, my initial, uh, feeling was resistance, right? I was like, I don’t know about this thing, because even AI right, artificial right artificial intelligence, like this feels fake and I’m all about authenticity and being real.

    [00:07:18] Amy: And so I was like, I don’t know about this. And I, I started to play with it and I just was like, ah, like this isn’t really doing it for me. But then I thought, okay, I’m gonna be open to. And I’m gonna bring in all of my, my passion around messaging, deep connection and really being your authentic self with everything you do and see how I can use it with this tool.

    [00:07:35] Amy: And everything changed. So , so I’ve been, uh, doing this, you know, business coaching for the last 11 years. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love speaking and coaching and. And really at the end of the day, I love connecting with awesome people, finding out what their true gift is and making sure they’re getting it out into the world and, and having fun with, with it along the way. So…

    [00:07:54] April: uh, well, I think that’s so important that you said that because, and you’re, and you’re so good at what you do, [00:08:00] and then, that is why, that actually is one of the reasons why it makes you the perfect person to talk about and actually teach AI and AI content creation because you are known for helping people find their authentic voice.

    [00:08:14] April: And then you do exactly like I said, and then you look at something that is, that is artificial, uh, you know, software out there that is frankly, smart enough that it passed the bar exam for heaven’s sakes, you know, . Um, and, and, and how, and how do, how do we do that? How do we make it ours. And you know, a bigger question, which we probably should not dive into first, cuz it’ll just crash the whole entire episode.

    [00:08:36] April: But the bigger question is, is how do we differentiate between now you know, businesses that actually are established are expert businesses and those that aren’t. That are tapping into ChatGPT in other sort of software to create content that they frankly, actually aren’t even qualified to teach themselves.

    [00:08:54] April: There’s a whole, there’s a lot of ethical things around that. I mean, see what I mean? I’m like, we can crash this whole entire episode right now, [00:09:00] just going down that road. But let, let’s kind of talk about the basics. Let’s do an introduction to ChatGPT um, talk to us about like, first of all, explain to our audience. What is this thing?

    [00:09:11] Amy: What is it? Yeah, what is it? Uh, the, the, the, the most simplified version I can say is that it is a tool , like, just think of it as this emerging revolutionary technology. It is a tool that you can use in your business, in your life to streamline and simplify things. So technically it’s a, a type of artificial intelligence, you know, AI system.

    [00:09:35] Amy: Uh, if you look up the definition, you’ll see things like it’s a language model. What does this mean? So the, the way that I like to think of it is, This is a tool that all of us have access to. There still is a free version now. There’s a paid version for $20 a month. And it is, it is the wave of the future. I mean, it really is. And it’s here and it’s now, and I haven’t seen something as revolutionary as this since the invention [00:10:00] of our cell phones and then smartphones. Right. And before that, the internet. So it’s not some flash in the pan like buzzword, you know, that’s just like here temporarily. Like there will be early adopters and there’ll be late adopters and there might be someone like my friend’s dad who just decided I’m never getting a cell phone.

    [00:10:16] Amy: Right. , that’s very rare. . Right, right. Just like refused. Yeah. So anyway, but my point is, This is something that I, I truly can already see how it is changing the world, and it’s not here to overwhelm you. It’s a tool, just like the internet was probably overwhelming. I mean, it’s so hard, hard to remember what it was like without it, but I, I am dating myself, of course.

    [00:10:37] Amy: Right? I, I’ve been here. I remember. Yeah, I remember. I remember when email, when I first had an email, like I was in college and I was like, what is this email thing? Like, what? Right. , it’s just one another, another tool that we all have access to. And it’s incredible that now can do so much for you. And it’s beyond like using Google, right? It’s, it’s beyond that. So it’s, [00:11:00] it’s an AI tool that is designed to understand and generate or, and to understand, generate natural language. And then we’ll get into what that means. Yeah, yeah,

    [00:11:08] April: yeah. Okay. So a absolutely, and, and I agree with that. And, you know, we actually own multiple businesses and we do a, we do a lot with AI and, um, data kind of farming in, in one of our other companies. And it was really interesting because when I mentioned this to my kids in college and my kids on high school, they’re like, just a couple months ago, like you, they’re like, oh, yeah, yeah, we know about that. We’re not allowed to use that. It’s really, it’s really what they. Um, but it, it is interesting. I mean, these, these things have been slowly merging.

    [00:11:39] April: AI has been slowly coming, well, I can’t say slowly, it’s probably really fast, but, uh, you know, people like me have just really come to notice it. Um, and, and it is this wave that has definitely dropped into. Um, especially the coaching and consulting space. Just this week since we booked this show and Amy’s coming in to [00:12:00] work with our clients next week, you guys, and our intensive, I’m so excited about this, but since, since we actually plan this show, you know, I saw something, Kajabi has an AI thing and Discord has an AI thing, and you know, there’s all these, there’s all these things that are, that are happening, and so I’m like, okay.

    [00:12:16] April: I need to understand this. My team needs to understand us. We’re actually in one of your programs right now learning how to understand this. Mm-hmm. , but it is something that, you’re right, it is here to stay and it’s going to change the way that we do business. Mm-hmm. and change the way that we create content. So let’s actually go to that. Um, how, how are people using this tool? What, what are a couple of the, the use cases for ChatGPT

    [00:12:40] Amy: Yeah. Great question. One way that people are using it, especially in the coaching and consulting world, is for content creation. So think email, copywriting, social media posts, um, it can create like an outline of your workshop or if you wanna create a workbook for your workshop or worksheets for your workshop.

    [00:12:56] Amy: So it’s, it’s content creation. So [00:13:00] imagine going in, like, I know there’s people that are tuning in that have been using it, some that haven’t. So whether you’ve been using it or not using it, it’s all good. Just imagine being able to go onto a web page. And to type in and say, you know, I am a business coach and my ideal clients are established coaches, consultant, speakers, experts, and I am teaching them ChatGPT..

    [00:13:20] Amy: Uh, create an outline of a workshop that is about how to use ChatGPT to sound like your authentic voice. And boom, within seconds it will create a workshop outline that I can use and I can, of course, I can give it more in the initial prompt of what I want. So it’s, it’s more authentically me, but what it has access to is 175 billion parameters a database.

    [00:13:45] Amy: Billion with a B, right? 175 billion. And it’s, I mean, just imagine how, how resourceful this tool is to be able to bring in like what is going to be best for you and your ideal client for the outline of this workshop. Now [00:14:00] you can of course use and not use whatever you decide cuz I’m, the piece that is missing is authenticity, right?

    [00:14:06] Amy: The emotional right human element of it. And that’s where I come in with my heart speech model. But just imagine being able to use this tool if you haven’t used it yet, and say, Hey, I want this thing. And within seconds it creates it for you. Or then say, oh, now I would like for you to write a promotional email or a series of promotional emails for me leading up to this workshop.

    [00:14:24] Amy: Boom, it’ll create it for you. And then you give, if you give it more specifics in your prompts, it’ll be more aligned with your authentic voice. The, the, the list goes on. Blogs, people have used it even to write books. Um, it won’t write a book immediately for you, but it will, you know, if you say write a table of contents on this topic, it can do that. So there’s, it just is endless. But these are some initial ways that they can use it when it comes to content creation.

    [00:14:49] April: Yeah. Yeah. And again, I was just, um, getting ready to dive into something that Angela Laurie was doing about chat with book writing. Yeah. And I just wanna immerse myself in all of this. I [00:15:00] mean, because exactly like you said, and especially those of us that have been creating programs and trainings for decades, there are, these things took us months.

    [00:15:09] April: I mean, they’ve taken us forever to actually generate content. As a matter of fact, I just heard a statistic that it takes. I wanna, I’m sure I’m gonna butcher it, but it, you’ll get the point. It’s like 36 hours of work to generate. 20 minutes of teaching in a slide. You know, for, for us in the past it was just a statistic.

    [00:15:33] April: This, this company dropped it. Uh, and, and I was thinking, oh my gosh, this, but not anymore. Not anymore. This is, this is not the, not anymore. This is actually, this is actually not the case anymore. So, um, it’s certainly. , of course, my interest level being an offer engineer is it’s going to streamline the way that we’re teaching the world to engineer transformational offers and programs.

    [00:15:53] April: And so I’m very interested in, in, in hearing more about this and obviously diving in with your leadership and, and [00:16:00] having my team dive in as well, so, Now let’s talk about what do you think that those are amazing use cases. I’m sure everybody already is like, oh my gosh, how, how do I actually do this? How do I, and we’re gonna tell you guys how you can start with Amy and she has this amazing ultimate guide to get started that we’re gonna share with you guys.

    [00:16:17] April: So, um, what do you think that we. as entrepreneurs, as content creators, as thought leaders, what do you think we need to be ready for in the future? Now that we have AI tools like this? Yeah. Coming in and helping us, but maybe there is some little bit of competition with that as well.

    [00:16:36] April: For

    [00:16:36] Amy: sure. Just the sheer volume of content that’s going to be shared is going to to grow. I don’t have the statistics in front of me. Because people will have access to the efficiency and resourcefulness of this tool and be able to write content with within seconds, um, and repurpose it there. I mean, there’s so much you can do. So the volume of content is going to be [00:17:00] significantly increased to what it is now.

    [00:17:02] Amy: And recently I was, um, sitting at a, a round table, intimate circle of round table. Like people who are, who’ve been deep in AI way longer than I have. I mean, these, these men, I was the only woman there by the way. That was an interesting thing. I was like, yes, women in tech. Right? And so, but I was like, I can sit at this table.

    [00:17:19] Amy: And the thing that one of them shared was that, um, there is this statistic that says that in the near future, 90% of content that is out there will be AI generat. And so of course that can bring up something for all of us. Yeah. It’s like, well, what does that mean? And it, from my point of view, I, I know that there will be these elements that are like this content that is completely generated by ai.

    [00:17:44] Amy: And, and the, the, the negative side can be about uh, whether like there might be people that become fake experts. You know? Like I remember having a client of mine who just for fun, she tested, couldn’t write a book for me on this type of medical procedure. And she’s not even in the [00:18:00] medical world, but she was curious about right.

    [00:18:01] Amy: A friend that was dealing with this health issue. and she had to write a table of content. She’s like, okay, now tell me more about chapter one and chapter two and chapter. And sure enough, ul ultimately, kinda like what Angela, Laurie, I’m sure is speaking to, but with integrity, right? , um, it was able to like spit out ultimately a book that if my client Nancy decided, Hey, I’m gonna call myself Dr. Nancy, right? So there may be some, you know, some fake experts out there because, and it’s not that the content isn’t real, but who it’s coming from is not. There, there’s gonna be some of there. I’m sure there’ll be some of that. Um, and also like from my heart, the part that hurts my heart is that the piece that is most valuable from my point of view is the human being element.

    [00:18:43] Amy: So I am personally taking a sand for ironically, Humanizing AI and bringing in your authentic voice into it. I’ve been teaching authenticity and your authentic voice for over a decade, with your message, with your marketing, like being who you actually are, especially in the coaching and consulting [00:19:00] industry. Um, so that it we’re in a relationship based industry. So what’s most important Relationship? It’s trust, it’s honesty, it’s love, it’s compassion. Being real. And so this is the piece that I’m like, I want to help as many people that also care about authenticity to bring this into it. So, uh, so it is the, the world is changing.

    [00:19:21] Amy: I mean, not just in our industry, like truly the world. I mean, even, even like, Um, speeches are being written by AI, right? There’s, there’s so much, right? So it is something to, to keep an eye on, but I, I think that, you know, we’re standing for the good guys, right? The good guys who are gonna bring the authentic voice into it. They’re not saying, oh, the robots are taking over. It’s like, no. It’s a tool that we get to use just like we use the internet. So,

    [00:19:42] April: yeah. And, and I’m just taking notes as you’re saying this and, and humanizing AI and. That’s exactly why I wanted you on the show, and that’s exactly why I’m following your lead in this. And, and I’ve paid to have my team and, you know, learn how to use this. Yeah. And so this actually brings me [00:20:00] to, um, something else that I didn’t prepare you, I was gonna ask you, but That’s okay. Uh, but I, but I’m, but I’m sure you can answer it, or at least as, as much as you can project yet.

    [00:20:11] April: We talk about scaling companies, right? But you and I both do that. We teach coaches and consultants how to scale and a lot, a big part of that is our systems, our internal systems, our marketing systems. How do you see the activity and the roles within our internal teams changing? What roles have you had to like pivot some of your people to saying, Hey, listen. You know, chat, G p T is creating this for us. Yeah. And now we need to, you know, turn it into actual worksheets. It could be design or go back and, you know, plug it into our, our newsletter systems and our email marketing. How have you kind of had to rotate your team a little bit? Yeah. Frankly, to. I, I just feel like corral all this amazing content.

    [00:20:53] April: Yeah. And then we, in our company, we call it our content quarterback. Our quarterback takes our content [00:21:00] and, and she literally quarterbacks it out, right? Yeah. Like this goes to this, this goes to this, this goes to this. This is an event and this is a video. Right? And it’s a very important part of what we do. How have you seen your own team kind of changing in their activity in order to, to try to harness and, and frankly just get a grip on all of that? Could be, yeah.

    [00:21:19] Amy: Well, I like, I, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m very much glass half full , you know, kind of perspective. It’s like we can be that much more efficient with what we’re doing and so we can move faster and make a bigger difference. And I love. Um, now, uh, I’ll, I’ll do just a slight tangent in that, something that just as a, as a growing scaling entrepreneur myself with a team, something I learned over time was that, um, when it comes to managing money, you know, it’s, it’s about contract labor and I will just be vulnerable here. I learned over time that my contract labor percentage was too high for the size of business that I had.

    [00:21:54] Amy: So I had already started looking at that last year, reassessing my team, who I love and seeing [00:22:00] like what, what is it that I need to do to truly like lean out the team? So I just wanna share that because I know that, again, we’re about all about being real. Um, right. And then with chat, G P T and AI, it, you know, I know that there’s a also a fear around like AI is replacing jobs.

    [00:22:15] Amy: In some ways it is, you know, it can replace some jobs, but for those who are in fear of it, why not see the opportunity in it? So, for example, right, um, copywriters like I, as I started posting about chat, GPT, I literally have had copywriters messaging me like, Amy, you’re killing me. Right? Like, like, I’m like, I’m just one person.

    [00:22:33] Amy: Chat C PT is gonna be there whether I talk about it or not, but their fear has been this tool is taking over my job. And the way I like I respond to ’em is like, this is your time. Why? Mm-hmm. , because you can leverage this. So when it comes to team members, I would say to any team, anyone who is a team member, I would say leverage it and go to the person that you’re contracting for or working for and saying, Hey, I know we, this ChatGPT AI thing has become a [00:23:00] big deal.

    [00:23:01] Amy: I can see where you might think my job is replaceable. Here’s how I’m going to even bring more value to you because I know how to use it and to create a higher level of efficiency with what I do. So there’s just, yeah, these different ways to look at it, to use it.

    [00:23:14] April: Um, absolutely.

    [00:23:16] Amy: And uh, and really to me it’s like we can work so much faster. Create more time for other things. I mean, it’s, it’s just incredible what it can do.

    [00:23:25] April: Right. And I mean, we’re entrepreneurs, we’re gonna fill that time. It’s not like we, we create a chasm of time and we’re like, oh, all this time now we’re just gonna sit here , we’re gonna figure out something else to create and do with that time. For sure.

    [00:23:37] Amy: You know? Totally. Not like on vacation now, but, but I, but I love what I do, you know what I mean? Like, Isn’t this life about like finding what you love to do, whatever that is and just being mm-hmm. creating a life where you can just do it all the time. Like, why not? So I hear you. Absolutely. That’s so true. A

    [00:23:54] April: a absolutely yes. Like for me, I just travel more with my kids, you know? Just add on another month, you [00:24:00] know? I mean that, because that’s what we do, right? So it’s incredible. Alright, you guys. Okay. , Amy, first of all, well, we have a surprise for you guys. We’re actually recording two episodes here, so this is episode number 278.

    [00:24:15] April: Next week is episode number 279, and everything that we’re gonna be talking around here is going to be utilizing Amy’s ultimate guide to chat, G P t that she’s totally giving you for free, and it shouldn’t be free by the. With this show. Okay, so here, here’s one of the implementation steps. You guys know we always do implementation at the end of every show.

    [00:24:40] April: Go to the show notes on this page and you guys download it. And the shortcut, as you all know, to find the show notes is sweet life episode number 2 77. Or you guys can text Chat G P T to 8 0 5 2 5 4 0 [00:25:00] 8 8 0 and we’re gonna include Amy’s link where you can just download this ultimate guide.

    [00:25:05] April: So that is job number. If you’re serious about this, okay? Even if it’s the only thing you do, even if you don’t share this episode, which we want you to, and you should cuz it’s amazing. Um, but you, you have to go download this because next week we are going to be, and Amy and I are right now, y’all know how this works.

    [00:25:22] April: You get to hear next week Amy’s going to be. Walking you through how to get started with chat, g p t, how to humanize this AI to sound like you. And it’s amazing what she’s gonna be bringing you through, but you, you really need to have the download tool for it to even, even make it more worthwhile, um, in the meantime.

    [00:25:42] April: So you guys all go grab that again. It’s episode 2 77, suite life 2 77. Or you can text it like we said. Um, in the meantime. I really would love for people to follow what you’re doing, hang out with you, whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and, and [00:26:00] please let Amy know you heard this episode so that she can connect with you even more here as well.

    [00:26:05] April: How can people connect with you to go deeper like we have as a company?

    [00:26:09] Amy: Yeah, and keep it so simple. Just go to amy Just go to my website and, uh, and of course, you know, when you receive the ultimate guide to chat G b t for online coaches, um, you will then receive emails from me. You can unsubscribe at any time.

    [00:26:24] Amy: Um, and then if you wanna look me up online, everything is under my name. So just use my name for Facebook and . Instagram, I don’t really use Twitter, but I do have a Twitter around, you know, LinkedIn. Everything is under my name, so I kept it really simple. Okay.

    [00:26:38] April: Super cool. All right. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for part two.

    [00:26:42] April: Sorry you guys, you have to wait till next week. But, but go grab the guide and uh, and, and we’re gonna dive in further. Um, but you don’t, you don’t have to wait until next week to connect with Amy, so. Alright. Thank you so much and, uh, let’s, let’s do it again. Seafood.[00:27:00]