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    Episode 10: Find Your Powerful Business Sweet Spot

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    What we’re talking about today:

    In today’s episode, I’m talking about how to determine your business specialty. I use the example of my own story, to show just how confusing, and ever-evolving, the process can be. I understand this can be hard, and I am here to help you.

    Why is this important for your business?

    When you find your sweet spot, you’ll be able to do work that fulfills you, is in alignment with your greater mission, will help you make an impact on the world, and provides time freedom to live your life on your terms.

    Finding your business sweet spot will allow you to work on projects you love so much, you would do them for free.

    What can you expect from this training?

    You’ll learn a simple 3-step process to eliminate confusion and help you find your powerful business sweet spot. Dive in with me!

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