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Episode 63: Faith & Entrepreneurship: Discovering God’s Purpose in Your Business – with Alex Miranda

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Today, We’re Talking About Something That’s Not Exactly Politically Correct.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Christian but I also don’t regularly talk about it on the podcast.

However, I do strongly believe in being transparent about your core beliefs when you’re in a place of leadership and, seeing that it’s Easter week, I felt the need to address the often-confusing dilemma of mixing your faith with your business.

In This Episode:

Alex Miranda is a former Miami nightclub promoter who, after having a “come to Jesus” moment, left the nightclubs behind to start the Daily Godpreneur; a personal development brand for Christian entrepreneurs.

One topic that’s always been of interest to me as a Christian entrepreneur, is the balance between needing money but not worshiping it.

During part of our conversation, Alex summed it beautifully when he said, “The profits are a byproduct of me doing what I’m born to do.”

Why You Can Expect:

In this episode, Alex and I talk about:

  • His professional and spiritual journey
  • How Alex sees the Bible as a book on how to run a business
  • The importance of discovering your calling and then shaping your business around it
  • How he takes his clients down the path of finding their calling
  • How to balance your business and being open about your faith
  • And 3 steps you can take right now to incorporate your spiritual life in your business operations.


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