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    Episode 78: Navigating the Complex Life of Entrepreneurship with Kids – with Sarah Boyd

    Sarah Boyd SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach
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    Are Your Kids Involved In Your Business?

    I’ve mentioned multiple times on the show how we actively involve our kids in our businesses. We do this to not only to help makes things easier now, but to help set them up for their future.

    We want our kids to be prepared for entrepreneurship and we’re doing everything we can to help facilitate that.

    In This Episode:

    Luckily, my guest this week feels exactly the same way!

    Sarah Boyd is a writer, speaker, and the Founder of Resilient Little Hearts; a children’s publishing house.

    As a mother of two, who also happens to be an expert in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, Sarah is deeply committed to equipping the next generation with the foundational life skills of resilience, courage, and kindness through using the power of story.

    In this episode you’ll learn:
    1. Sarah’s incredible story that saw her have a confrontation with her own mortality and her family make an international move.
    2. Ways to help your kids prepare for entrepreneurship.
    3. Ways you can support your kids through the transitions of entrepreneurship.

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Sarah Boyd’s Website

    Sarah Boyd on Facebook

    Sarah Boyd on Instagram

    Resilient Little Hearts

    The Boy Who Stood Up Tall Kickstarter Campaign

    Sarah’s ‘Mad-Lib’ Style, Plug & Play Bedtime Story (Which Can be Personalized for Your Child to Teach Them Concepts of Courage & Overcoming Fears)


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