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    Episode 75: How to Prep Your Family for Business Launch – April Beach

    SweetLife Entpreneur Podcast April Beach
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    Have You Been Properly Training For Entrepreneurship?

    Launching and developing a business without kids is totally different from launching and developing a business with kids.

    That’s not to say one is easier than the other, because that’s simply not the case. They just require you to go about things a little differently.

    When it comes to launching a business while raising children, you can’t just wing it. You, and your family, need to be properly trained.

    In This Episode:

    If you’re thinking about launching your business, or you’ve already taken the first few steps, I want you to stop right now and listen to this episode!

    Launching your business won’t just impact you, it will impact you’re entire family.

    That’s exactly why I created this episode to help you learn how to incorporate them into the process.

    In this episode you’ll learn:
      1. Why you should hold a pre-launch family meeting and the topics you should discuss.
      2. The value of creating a family dream board and why it shouldn’t be a virtual one.
      3. The importance of making healthy habits a new normal starting now.

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