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    Episode 74: How to Use an Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Business – with Primoz Bozic

    Primoz Bozic SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach
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    Are You Working Hard to Establish Yourself As An Expert, But Struggling to Get Noticed?

    You’ve been working in your industry for a while now and you know your stuff.

    You’ve got the experience and the expertise, but you still don’t have the recognition or the audience.

    This is a common issue for service-based entrepreneurs and, luckily, our guest this week has a solution for you.

    In This Episode:

    Primoz Bozic went from being a socially awkward programmer who made $7/hour to building a multiple 6-figure business online while traveling the world.

    Primoz now helps service-based entrepreneurs establish themselves as experts in their industry and attract more ideal clients by using a 10-25,000-word ultimate guide.

    According to Primoz, creating an ultimate guide is an extremely effective way to grow your audience, your email list, and even your client base.

    In this episode you’ll learn:
      1. Primoz’s inspiring journey into entrepreneurship.
      2. What an ultimate guide is and how to create one for your business.
      3. The importance of acting on your “crazy ideas” instead of ignoring them.

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Primoz Bozic’s FREE Ultimate Guide Checklist

    Primoz Bozic’s Ultimate Guide System

    Primoz Bozic’s Website

    Peter Nguyen’s Ultimate Guide to Buying a Leather Jacket

    Neil Patel’s The Advanced Guide to SEO

    Remit Sethi’s Ultimate Guide to Social Skills

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