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    Episode 73: LinkedIn Content Challenge – with Anna Sabino

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    Are You Utilizing The Untapped Market That Is LinkedIn?

    Now that we’re officially in June, it’s time to break-out the bathing suits and the business plans!

    Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, but it’s also a great time to grow your business.

    A fantastic, and underutilized, way to that is by taking full advantage of LinkedIn and this week’s guest, Anna Sabino, explains how to do just that.

    In This Episode:

    Anna is the designer behind the jewelry brand, Lucid New York; which she started over ten years ago after leaving her Wall Street career. She is the author of Your Creative Career, a contributor to Medium, and a certified business building coach who helps her clients grow their creative businesses.

    Anna is a firm believer in the power of consistently creating content and she’s currently focusing on publishing her content on LinkedIn since she believes there’s an incredible opportunity for growth on the platform.

    [Tweet “Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, but it’s also a great time to grow and scale your business.“]

    In this episode you’ll learn:
      1. The open landscape of LinkedIn and what that could mean for your business.
      2. What it means to “fill up your creative well” and why it’s so important.
      3. Anna’s personal challenge to produce content on a daily basis on LinkedIn.

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Anna Sabino’s Book: Your Creative Career

    Anna Sabino’s Free Guide: 12 Creative Career Insights

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    Anna Sabino’s Facebook Group: Creative Community for Entrepreneurs

    Anna Sabino’s Jewelry Company

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